In the cold dark nothingness of infinite space, the Keeper of the Balance, Zodac, compressed in his own mind, monotonously thought, if thought it could be called. The thoughts wandered across his semi-omniscient intellect. Drifting in cosmic timelessness, these thoughts were finished in less than a trillion trillionth of a second. The balance must be maintained. For hundreds of years Eternia has been ruled, and its destiny defined, by powerful beings, armed with the power of magic, each gifted with abilities to change the lives of billions. No more, the Age of Mortals shall begin. Humans with normal lives shall each define their own fate, not the battles between heroic warriors and and villainous fiends. Viper Tower. Grayskull Tower. They are of no consequence, Grayskull Tower no longer exists... Central Tower contains great power imbued by the others and myself. Instilled with energies from all three not even I can destroy it alone. From that tower magic flows into the world. For magic to lose its influence on humanity the flow must be dammed up, not stopped, I have not the power, but the creation of new magic will no longer take place. An energy barrier of my own shall be erected. Thus none living, thus none dead may enter the tower itself. The magic existing still remains, waiting to be passed onto the next generation. Yet no mortal magic rivals mine and if I choose that the tower, remain sealed for all eternity, the others will not interfere. I am one of the three, theTriumbrate of Creation. But my hand must not, and will not, be suspected, for the events that follow will hide the truth. Existing magic must be purged from the land, its age has come to an end. The greatest magics are contained within these few individuals. They must die. Skeletor must die. Horde Prime must die. Hordak must die. The Sorceress of Grayskull must die. He-Man must die. She-Ra must die. Etheria steeped in magic, magic driven into its peoples psyches before they are born. After so many years of oppression from The Horde, their people will never disbelieve in its power. Their magic will never be forgotten by ignorance, or destroyed by the prejudices of their brethren. On Etheria magic is too deeply ingrained to ever be forgotten. Etheria must be destroyed, its people must die. Through the destruction of their planet, thus shall I accomplish the destruction of the Etherians. The Sorceress of Grayskull will die one day, until that day comes, I shall alienate her from the people, I shall destroy her only heir. Thus will the guardian and future guardians of Grayskull pass from this dimension, with the gaurdian's death Grayskull will be no more. As for Skeletor... He-Man will have no difficulty defeating him, and if he does, I will cause him to emerge victorious never the less... Adam is heir to the throne, for the age of mortals to begin they must have a strong ruler to guide them. At first, at first... He-Man must die. Adam must live. How can my task be accomplished with my interference unnoticed. I shall implant a seed of weakness in The Horde's defense, and a seed of intolerance in the hearts of good. No more will the virtuous be content to live and let live, they will proceed on a quest to annihilate their enemies. Thus, have I spoken. Thus, shall it be. Thus, shall the balance be maintained.