The Loneliest Being in All the Universe

The Loneliest Being in All the Universe
Copyright © May18, 1997 by Jennifer Thomas

I am everywhere, seeing everything, knowing all that hasand will happen from the beginning till the end of time. I am asancient as the universe itself. I know the name of every being ofevery planet of every galaxy. I remember them as good friends. Isee them from birth, growing up as children. I know their mothersand their fathers as if they were my own. I know every joyfulmoment in their lives, and every one of sorrow. I see them as theyage, fall in love, marry, and have children. I attend their funeral. Igrieve as they grieve, I rejoice as they rejoice, and yet they do notknow me. For I cannot interfere with any life in any way, nor speakwith any creature, nor touch a single being. I am the Watcher, theCosmic Enforcer, the Keeper of the Balance of Good and Evil.When this balance is threatened, I make myself known, but onlythen do my powers grant me.
If I could but reveal myself to one being, one single being inall the universe, it would be this woman, the Sorceress ofGreyskull, whose loneliness is second only to mine. Her power overmy soul is greater than all the four forces combined. I have spentcountless decades studying every curve of her delicate face, everyline, every wrinkle. I know the numbers of hairs on her head, thenumber of eye lashes, every thought that ever crossed her mind,every emotion, as if they were my own. For every dream and everyfantasy dwelling in one's heart, there is a place, and I know them all.And still there are undrempt of places known to me of such beauty,that even the most creative of minds, in all their wildest imaginings,can never even hope to imagine. But these sights are nothing to me.I marvel at them not. They pale to the beauty that is hers. Her warm, azure eyes outshine even the brightest of stars.
So many aeons have I been without love, what would I giveto love again? All my power and wisdom would I give freely,letting death and evil wreak havoc upon the world, if I could buthold her in my arms and love her till my life's end. Or would if Icould, lift her to my level, and make her as I am, a Zodiakian, to bemy eternal companion, watching the universe together. I couldmake her immortal, show her all the splendors of the universe, lushforests teaming with alien plant life, flowers the size of cities, andcities the size of planets. We could watch civilizations evolve fromprimordial ooze then collapse as their advanced technologydestroys them. Or we could sail to the farthest shores of space, tothe diamond blue stars circling the red super giants, the fields ofasteroids made of water crystals, riding the tail of the icy, speedingcomet, or the quasars whose light shines in the dark vast emptinessof space with all the luminescence of a thousand galaxies. We couldwitness the birth of a new star, or the brilliant death of one in ashowering display of color in the deepest hues of a super nova. Wecould travel back to the beginnings of the universe, see it as a tinyglimmering fleck, or its demise as it implodes at the end of time.But rather would I clasp her gentle hand in mine, caressing hersmooth, soft skin, embracing her moist lips, thrusting all my beinginto her, dwelling in every crease and crevice that makes herwoman. We would make love in a thousand different forms on athousand different worlds, atop the highest snowy mountain, ondesolate island beaches along the grandest ocean, under water fallsthe size of continents. Or we could go nowhere, swimming throughspace like two dolphins, into the coldest, darkest black hole, and fillit with our love. Or as two constellations forever joined, we couldmake love everywhere, for all the cosmos to see. And as a smalltoken of my affection, would I gather the most beautiful and radiantof stars and make them a necklace to grace her perfect and delicateneck, if it so pleased her. To give her pleasure and to ultimatelybecome one with her, then would my heart be full, then would Iknow not emptiness. But this can never be.
I have known the broken hearts of youthful poets, ofgreatest lost loves, yet no broken heart compares to mine. Noyearning, no heartache, can ever come near. For such unfortunatesmay end their lives and begin anew, though I cannot. I live onforever longing the thing I cannot have. Oh Sorceress, my sweetSorceress, never will you know the one who loves you. Yet Iremain faithful from afar, now and for all eternity.
I must watch. For I am the Watcher, the loneliest being in all the universe.

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