"Swift Wind! Come here!" She-Ra whistled loudly. Immediately her pegacorn ran to her, paying attention on not to be caught by phaser rays. She mounted. "To north! Quickly! Behind these mountains it has to be." "And the fight?" He took off. "He-Man will handle it." She couldn’t control her voice anymore. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She was absolutely sure, Bow hadn’t survived the fatal shuttle crash.

"There it is! Down, Swiftie!" These bastards of Snake Mountain had shot into the navigation systems. She hadn’t been able to do anything. Helpless she had had to watch, how the winraider had fallen down. Because of the shock she hadn’t even realized, that Tri-Klops had caught her with a phaser. Now, that she dismounted, her horse saw it and frightened. Her whole arm was covered by blood, the dress was colored red. "She-Ra!" She didn’t stop. The fear to come too late, to find him dead, let her run. She smashed the door of the shuttle- and stiffened. It was empty. "She-Ra?" she heard a familiar voice from outside. "Bow!" Crying she hugged him. "My god! Don’t do this ever again to me!" He seemed a little bit dizzy, but okay. "We can be glad to have Duncan’s technical tricks" he murmured. "Without the parachute..." "You’re hurt!" she said scared. "No..." He looked down on him, saw blood, pushed her a little bit away from him. "You are! Let me see. Oh, shit!" The parachute was still outside. He tore it and bandaged her arm tightly. She bit on her lower lip to prevent herself from screaming. "Sorry, babe." He looked worried. "What is it?" She-Ra asked. "I can see it in your eyes, that something is wrong." "I think, Swift Wind can tell you." She turned round to her steed. The injure didn’t hurt. Probably the shock. "What’s going on?" "We can’t get away from here" her steed explained. "I can’t bring you through the storm, which is coming. Only look outside. We have to wait for tomorrow." "Great." Adora rolled her eyes. She took her sword and contacted the Sorceress.
"All went well" she told them then. "The evil troopers are defeated. Zoar will tell our people, that we’re okay." "More or less" Bow mentioned. "You’re getting pale, Adora, that’s not good. Do you feel fuzzy too?" "A little bit." "Too bad, here are no medical gadgets. Well, at least some food I found. Eat something. That was an order! You’ve lost blood today. I don’t want you to collapse." She-Ra’s wound stopped bleeding only minutes later and Bow made a tight bandage. Outside the storm was howling, but the shuttle was safe. Suddenly it became nearly... comfortable. Bow said it. "I’d want you to have such comfortable pain" she growled. "You still have?" he asked quietly. She only nodded. "You seem to be tired. Come on, lay down. Then you don’t feel it." She really did it, that surprised him. Normally she didn’t show, when she wasn’t feeling good, but today she was relieved, when she could lay her head on his chest and close her eyes. He took away her headdress and laid two fingers on her forehead. "You’re running a fever." "Bullshit" she murmured, not the strict way, she had wanted it. Her arm was swelled up, she startled, when he touched it. He got worried more and more. She fell into a restless sleep. He leaned against the wall, deciding not to sleep himself. When her condition would get worse, he had to be there. But the day had been hard and he doze off. But the rest didn’t last long. An hour later he woke up again. Because of what? No noise had come from the room. But when he looked at his girlfriend, he knew immediately, something was wrong. She sweat and still fevered, even higher now. "Damnit!" He laid her down carefully. The arm was swelled up more. He saw, that the bandage nearly cut it now. And he saw something else: From the end of the dressing to She-Ra’s wrist there were several red stripes. Red stripes- sepsis! "Oh no! Swift Wind!" The horse already stood next to him. It had apparently felt, that his master was in danger. "We’ve got to do something!" Bow shouted. He was angry with himself. Why hadn’t he realized the signs earlier? "She must have penicillin." "But I can’t bring you through the storms. We all would be in danger." "Would you make it alone?" The stallion looked out thoughtfully. "Perhaps. But if I don’t manage it, she’ll die!" "If we do nothing, she’ll die anyway." That was enough. The pegacorn went outside. "I’ll come back" it promised. Bow looked at She-Ra again. If she would only be awake, so he could speak to her! But the sleep of a person, who was running a fever, was strong and looking on her painful face he saw, what memories tortured her again. Would she never have peace?

Adora stood on the pedestal to the throne room. She knew, she had to go to the sick bay, she nearly couldn’t stand. But first she had to go to Hordak. Unbelievable rage was in her, which suppressed the racing pain. Pain from open wounds on all her body. The dressings were already soaked through with blood again. Somehow she had managed it to bandage herself, after she had laid on the floor of the dungeon cell for hours, crying, trembling, not able to move. So hard the shock had been. Her left shoulder hurt too. The bastard had dislocated her arm. Good, it wasn’t the right arm. In her right hand she held her sword. Ready for fight. She would take revenge. Somehow. `Up!´ she said, with tears. She still cried, couldn’t stop. Two seconds later she stood before him. He just had a discussion with Shadow Weaver. When he saw her, he stood up. `Adora! What the hell did happen to you?´ That was enough. `You dare to ask that?´ she yelled. `How... how could you?´ She wanted to attack him, but she was to frail. She collapsed crying. `I hate you!´ she shouted at him. He looked at Shadow Weaver, who lowered her sight, seemed to hesitate. Threatening he raised the arm, turned to a canon. Only then the witch murmured a spell. A dark cloud covered Adora. She got unconscious. `Hordak, she’s hurt.´ `Hm.´ He stood up and turned round. `I’ll talk to Grizzlor. That wouldn’t have been necessary.´ Weaver shook her head slowly. `Why did you do that, Hordak? She’s so young...´ `Old enough.´ He made sure, the girl really couldn’t hear them, then he said: `Old enough to remind me on her parents every day. The same face. The same pigheaded kind of living. She shall know whom she has to obey. And someday the day will come, when I will show her Randor as my best and most loyal Force Captain. This old fool won’t take it to see, what his daughter has become. And then she personally will take revenge on him for exiling me from Eternia. She herself will kill her family and finally herself. I live for this day. Or why do you think, I handle with this bunch of clowns of citizens here? Do you really think, I like this poor planet? No, here I’ll enlarge the number of my soldiers, train them perfectly. As soon as I’ll find a way back to Eternia, I’ll triumph there, that’s what I swear. And nothing will be able to hold me! Bring the girl into the sick bay now, Weaver. Make sure, she’ll be alright. And don’t forget to delete her memories.´ `I’ve already done it.´ `Also...´ `Yes, Hordak. If she should ever break my spell, she someday will remember, what has happened tonight, this talk, we had now, too. But that won’t happen. I control her.´ `Safe is safe. If something happens, I want to be sure, she’ll never forget me. As strong as your spells are, they’re no match for the power of Grayskull.´ Weaver jerked. `I’ve made sure, this Sorceress will never find us.´ `I know. Nevertheless, as I said...´ He took Adora’s beautiful, today very pale face in one hand. `Safe is safe.´

"She-Ra! Can you hear me?" Slowly she opened her eyes. "Bow? What... happened?" Puzzled she sat up. They were still in the shuttle. Outside it was bright. The sun shone in. She felt much better than the evening before. "You got a sepsis yesterday night" Bow explained. "Thank goddess, Swift Wind managed it to reach the palace and bring medicine here. It could have become very dangerous." The memories of her dream came back to Adora. She had to fight against tears. "More dangerous, than you’ll ever know, darling" she said quietly. "Much more dangerous."


THE END...?-