Water Fight
    by Alexandra Spears

It was a lovely day on Eternia, as usual, and Eternia's princess, Adora, was riding her horseSpirit along the eastern shore of the main continent, near the small village of Selon.

Adora's twin brother, Prince Adam, was asleep under a tree not far away, his cowardly pet tiger Cringer asleep beside him. As their parents did not know about their powers as He-Man and She-Ra, Adam pretended to be a fun-loving, irresponsible prince. Anyone who claimed to know the twins would admit that they looked very similar with their blond hair and blue eyes but were opposite in attitude as well as gender. Adora, to the vast majority of people--those who did not know their secret--was the level-headed, responsible twin, though she was the younger by a few minutes. It surprised some people because they half-expected Adam to take on the role of big brother to Adora.

"Let's head back to where Adam's enjoying his nap, Spirit," Adora told her red-maned, white horse.

"What are you going to do?" he asked. "Throw water on him?"

"I'm almost tempted to...but it's hot out today and I have my swimsuit on underneath my clothes."

At the tree, Adora dismounted and went a distance away, where she took off her outer clothes. Underneath was a red swimsuit, the same color as the bodysuit she usually wore over a long-sleeved white top.

Spirit had given her an idea, Adora reflected as she placed her folded clothes next to her brother and tied her golden hair back. She grinned mischievously as she headed for the water. Once the water was up to her knees, she dove in gracefully and swam around for a little bit.

Spirit stood and watched his mistress as she played in the water like a little girl. She did handstands in the water, her legs poking up above the surface. "Really, Adora," Spirit chuckled when her head was above water and she could hear him.

"A girl's got to have some fun," she giggled. She was coming back out of the water, some of the water in her cupped hands--Spirit's idea about throwing water on Adam did seem like fun--when suddenly she felt a tug on her leg.

"Adora!" Spirit shouted as Adora was jerked underwater. "Adam, wake up!" He used his nose to nudge Adam awake.

Adam awoke with a start. He was wide awake a split second later when he saw a blonde head bobbing in and out of the water. "Something has hold of Adora!" Spirit told him.

Meanwhile, underwater, Adora was wrestling with Mer-Man. Adora was kicking like a woman possessed as he tried to take her further underwater. Finally she managed to kick him in the face.

Adam was running into the water when he saw his sister emerging, Mer-Man coming after her. "Spirit--Cringer--run for help!" he ordered them.

The two animals took off running. Mer-Man came out of the water, a weapon aimed at the twins. "Leave my sister alone," Adam ordered, maybe a bit timidly; he did have a reputation to uphold.

"I think I ought to take you. Either one will do," the green fish-like creature said in that watery voice of his.

"Take me, leave my sister alone," said Adam bravely.


The weapon was pointed more at Adam than at Adora, and Adam knew it. "Adora, get away," he said.

"Let me get my things," Adora said, catching on. Apparently Mer-Man thought that both twins might be a little too much for him.

"I'll let her go for now," Mer-Man said. "She can tell your father about any demands Skeletor might have. And I'll get a nice reward!" He pointed the weapon at Adam's head. Neither twin knew exactly what damage it might do. "You get out of here or I will blast a new hold in his head."

Adora collected her clothes--and her sword--and ran into a nearby forest. There she changed to She-Ra. Mer-Man would think that Adora was headed back to the Palace.

She-Ra ran towards the beach, where Mer-Man was dragging Adam along. "Let him go, fish-face," she ordered.

"She-Ra! What are you doing on Eternia!"

"I live here now, and I'm going to be helping He-Man. And since he's not available right now, I'm going to make sure Adam gets home safely."

Adam took advantage of Mer-Man's surprised reaction. He managed to squirm out of the ocean-dweller's grasp and fall to the ground. Mer-Man fired his weapon, and She-Ra neatly deflected it away with her sword. She then ran towards him, tackled him, and took away his weapon. She crumpled it in her hand as if it were paper.

Mer-Man, seeing that he was defeated, ran into the ocean and swam away. Once he was gone, She-Ra changed back to Adora. "Well, brother, we'd better hurry home," she said. "For once you'll be on time!"

the end