"Morning, Dad." Adam entered the dining room. The answer was a coughing about five minutes, which the Prince joined. With tears in his red eyes he sat down at the table. "God in heaven, what an pitiful bunch we are" he sighed. "Mom is in her bed, Duncan has 40į Celsius fever, you have an angina, I have one... Letís make a sick bay instead of a palace..." Randor tried to laugh, but he had to cough again. "Itís enough!" Suddenly Teela-Na stood behind them. "Go to bed! Both of you! Youíre running a fever!" "Funny" Adam murmured. "And whoís leading the palace? Orko and Cringer?" "Why?" His father apparently liked the idea better than the Prince did. "After all Adora and Bow are here too." Teela-Na and Adam looked at each other, sighing. "I think, thatís a rumor" He-Man murmured. "What?" "Well... you wonít like it..."

"Shouldnít we be in the palace?" Bow asked. "Tomorrow. Today theyíll still make it. Besides- did you ever try to turn down Mermista?" Adora smiled. "No." "Thatís it. I couldnít do it too." They were on horseback and reached a beautiful beach now. "Here we are. Actually... Oh, there!" A mermaid dived out of the dark waves. But it wasnít her friend, they saw astonished. This young lady here they didnít know, but she sure was as pretty as Mermista. "Greetings!" she shouted and put back the long dark blue hair. She-Ra shook her head. The hairstyle of Mermista was always that perfect too, and always totally dry. How did they manage this? She couldnít know that she should learn soon. "Iím Piscana. Mermista is very sorry, but she was so stressed that she could impossibly come herself. Iíll guide you in our city instead of her." "In your city?" The couple was totally puzzled. "Come on! Or are you scared of water?" "No, but..." Adora looked down on her. "Pull of the boots, thatís enough." They did, what Piscana had recommended, but then they stood there a little helpless. "And now? I mean... your city is under water, isnít it?" "Oh, silly old me! Wait for a moment!" She dived under again. "Do you understand this?" Bow asked. "Not at all. Mermista never asked me to come with her. I think, she isnít allowed to too." "Today is a exception." They startled. They hadnít heard Piscana dive up again. "Today is Mermistaís day. So the King has allowed her to invite you. But first..." She had a kind of powder on her hand and blew it at the Princess and her husband now. In this moment the changing began. The air got dry and the sun burned much more than before. "What was that?" Adora asked. "Your protection for the next hours. Your horses unfortunately have to stay here." The Princess gave Spirit a sign and he vanished with Arrow. Hesitating the couple went inside the water, which was very warm. They didnít understand anything yet. The Princess had a goose-flesh. "Just what you love most, ah, darling?" Bow grinned. Adora didnít feel well in the water, everyone knew that. "Enough!" Piscana shouted. "Dive!" She vanished. A last deep breath- then the couple followed her.
"No big deal, is it?" the mermaid smiled. "Just donít forget of breathing." After the first seconds of panic they were used to be able to breath under water too now, that the strange element didnít meant a resistance anymore. They could move as normal as on the dry land. Only the speed... "I think, weíre a little slow" Adora mentioned. Piscana nodded and raised her hand. "What...?" The Princess looked down on her. Instead of her long legs she suddenly had from the waist down a fin, as her husband had. "Ey!" "Only for now." The mermaid raised her hand again and changed Adoraís red body to a oyster shell-bra. "Better" she nodded. "No one would realize, you donít belong to us. Give me your hand." She guided them. Only slowly Adora understood that she was a mermaid now. Again and again she wanted to move her legs. She asked herself if Bow had the same difficulties. The first tries of swimming alone failed, but when they had reached the bottom of the ocean, it did work out better yet. Still Piscana hadnít told them what actually was going on. They reached a big underwater-cave. A third time Piscana used her magic to open a secret entrance. And finally they were in the world of the sea-people. It was a beautiful city. "Amazing" Adora murmured. "It is, indeed. And to keep it no one but you is allowed to enter" Piscana explained. "Weíre honored" Bow said seriously. "Whereís Mermista?" "In the last stress, I think. Okay, I think, Iíve let you wait long enough. Fact is: Mermista will marry today." "Pardon?" "You really didnít know, did you? A wedding is a special day here. Your friend has made a very good choice with this merboy, she is engaged too. We expect a big celebration." "Iíll bet" Adora grinned. What a surprise! She had always wondered why Mermista, who was such a pretty woman, had never showed interest in any men... now she knew. Probably she had known her fiancť long before... "When does the wedding start?" she wanted to know. "In a few hours. Until then you can take a look around, if you want. Mermista wonít show up until it starts." "Okay, weíll do that. Thanks, Piscana. Where shall we go then?" "See that big hall over there? Thatís the celebrating place. I donít think, you can miss it. Bye now!" The mermaid vanished. Apparently she was kinda stressed too. Bow and Adora looked at each other. "I wish, the others could see us" the Princess giggled. "Letís take a swim around. Iíd like to see the area." They took each others hand and followed a kind of road. "Iím just glad, Skeletor canít spoil this performance" Bow said.
"Donít count on it" something murmured. Something which had watched them since they had left the palace. It was a strange thing. At the moment it looked like a light blue fish. Now it dived up and as soon as it had left the water, it changed to a bird, flying back to the gate to Eternia. He shook himself to get rid of the water. "Blast" he murmured. "Why do they always have to go to the most uncomfortable places?" The bird flew straight to the gate, then changing into a fly, which was only millimeters big. None of the guards realized it, when he flew through the door. The animal headed for Snake Mountain, inside which he took its normal shape, a ugly little beast with a tail, wings and a pig-nose. "Imp!" Skeletor shouted. "Finally! What did stop you? Iíve waited for you for hours!" "You told me to watch the Princess and that was exactly what I did." Imp flew to the throne and sat at its side. He had never had problems with get used to a new situation. That he was still on Etheria and Eternia had just been chance. He had been on a fly over the Whispering Woods when the Fright Zone had disappeared. He sure missed Hordak, but this actually wasnít bad too. After Skeletor had found out what good spy he was he had accepted him and Imp had the same freedoms as in the Fright Zone. And the minions of the Lord of Destruction were as funny to annoy as Hordakís ones had been... "I had to follow them through half Etheria... But listen now..." Word for word Imp told him the news. Skeletorís mood got better immediately. "The whole Royal Family is ill? Well, thatís good news! Tri-Klops! Trapjaw! Call the troopers! Youíll attack the palace and keep He-Man and She-Ra busy! Understood?" "Right, boss." They left. "Keep He-Man and She-Ra busy?" Trapjaw murmured. "And the day started so good..." Skeletor called for Merman and Evil-Lyn. "You two get all merpeople ready, who are on our side. If Adora thinks, I wonít interfere in this celebration, she should better think again." "And how do you want to pass the gate?" Imp asked. "Itís heavily guarded since last you went through." "I wonít. Iím going there by our new space ship. Thanks to your information Trapjaw has rebuilt Man-At-Armís warp speed. Weíll be there in no time. You really are our best spy, Imp. Without your information..." The animal grinned. "You know, what thanks I like best... May I? Please!" "Of course. Beastman!" The warrior came immediately. "Here, Skeletor? What group shall I join? Do you want me to take care of the Royal Guard?" "Just stand, where you are." Imp pressed a button on the throne and a trap door under Beastman went open. Screaming he fell down and landed in the mud under the castle. Skeletor laughed. "I really adore this little trick! Where do you know it from?" "Never mind" Imp giggled. "What shall I do now, Skeletor?" "Go back to Etheria and keep an eye open. Iíll join you soon." "Yes, Skeletor." He vanished. And the Lord of Destruction prepared for the next attack.

"Itís wonderful. Itís clear, that the seapeople like to keep the location of this city as a secret" Adora said. "I donít even want to know, what would happen, if Skeletor knew, where it is." "Youíll find out soon enough, Princess!" Startled they turned round. Merman and his people! Damnit! Adora wanted to take her sword, as a reflex, but it wasnít there. Of course! Piscana really couldnít have known... The Princess would have had to change back- but for this she had no time. Not used to their new bodies yet and without weapons they had no chance against the enemies. Soon they got captured. Merman looked at them and gave a quiet snort. "How nice! Iím sure, Skeletor wouldnít mind if you keep this shape... Iím sorry to tell you that it doesnít fit you at all..." "Thanks for the compliment, fishface." Adora tried to free herself from the grasp of the fishman holding her but it was of no use. "Donít put too much effort in it" Merman laughed. "Follow me now, men! Skeletorís awaiting us!"

"Alarm! Major Attack!" Frightened Adam woke up. He still fevered and had just slept a little bit. Looking outside he was wide-awake immediately. Trapjaw! And Tri-Klops! An whole army came towards the palace. "What a day is this?" he moaned. "I think, god has learnt to be sarcastic... Cringer! Wake up!"

"Mermista! Mermista!" Excited Piscana joined her friend. "Come fast! You have to... itís terrible!" "What is it?" "Your friends! They got captured! And now weíre attacked!" "I knew it" Mermistaís father, King Mircea, shouted in rage. "You have only trouble if you deal with humans! This was the last time, Mermista!" He vanished, calling for his soldiers and leaving his daughter behind in tears. Piscana placed a hand on Mermistaís shoulder. "Heíll never understand it" the mermaid said quietly. "He thinks, humans are bastards. Iíve got a pretty good idea, whoís behind this. Bow and Adora have nothing to do with it. And thatís what Iíll show him. Will you help me, Piscana?" "Of course. Letís go!"

Adora and Bow were locked up in Skeletorís undersea boat and couldnít do anything but watching him attacking the sea city. They had been brought to a room filled with water. "This bastard knows exactly, what he does" Adora groaned. "I think, I know, how to change into a human, but if I do, I wonít be able to breath in here, not to speak either, even if I manage it to get my sword in time." "Wait!" Bow shouted. "Remember- Piscana has enchanted us with this powder. We were in the water before she changed us to merpeople!" Adora slapped herself. "Bow, you are an angel." "No, only a merboy" he grinned. "But I think, we can change that now." "No, stay the way you are. Iím going to try." Adora thought of how often she had seen Mermista changing her shape. Actually she should be able to do so too... She hadnít thought about it for long, when she felt the transformation again. "You did it!" Yes! She was an human again. "Now to show Skeletor that he isnít welcome here" she murmured and took her sword. "For the honor of Grayskull!" The second transformation took place. "I am She-Ra!" Satisfied she nodded and smashed the wall of the undersea boat. Bow and her got out. "Of course it would be good now, if I were a mermaid..." she thought loudly. "No sooner said than done!" "Mermista! Piscana! Am I glad to see you!" "Weíre glad too! Whereís Adora?" "Ah... Sheís... ah..." "Sheís save" Bow threw in. She-Ra looked at him and had to laugh. "Youíve definitely taken place in our way of handling things... Letís go!" "Wait!" Mermista reached out her hand and gave She-Ra a golden fin instead of her legs. "Thanks" the Princess smiled. "This will help to beat Skeletor back. Weíll have to hurry. Iím sure you donít want to be late at your own wedding, Mermista, do you?" "Youíre going nowhere, human." Mermista turned round. "Father!" "Iím disappointed to see you still hang around with this people, my daughter. I thought by now youíve understood." Her eyes flashed up with rage. "Yes, I understood. I understood that youíre stubborn and old-fashioned. Do what you want, Iím going to save our city. And my friends will help me." The King looked at her seriously. "Iíd only have to raise my hands to kill them at once, my daughter." "I know, Dad. But if you really love me, youíll have to give them a chance. Without them the Horde wouldnít be away from this planet." She saw, he still had doubts. "Father, please!" He sighed. "For you, Mermista. One chance. But if they fail, never again a human will come here, I swear." "We wonít fail, your majesty" She-Ra promised. "Thanks for your trust."

Skeletorís minions were not really a problem for the soldiers of the sea people. But his main ship was dangerous. He commanded the mermaids and merboys to surrender and be his slaves or he would destroy the whole city. Of course they didnít even think of it. Two of the soldiers headed for the ship bravely. "Oh no!" Mermista shouted. "Treno!" Without thinking she swam there too. "Her fiancť!" Piscana said to She-Ra and Bow and wanted to go. Bow held her back. "Let me handle this." She-Ra went away to take care of the canons of the ship. Unfortunately they both were too late. Skeletor shoot on the merpeople. Treno took aside his friend and got shot. "No!" Mermista screamed painfully. Satisfied Skeletor watched the scene. "Good! By now they should know that resistance is futile..." "Skeletor, watch!" Evil-Lyn shouted. They only saw something white-golden pass by on their view screens, then they heard several explosions. "What the hell was that?" Skeletor looked outside. "She-Ra!" "Hello, boneface!" she shouted. Normally she didnít do that, but now she fired at him. Taken by surprise he got caught with the ray of her sword and fell unconscious. She-Ra smiled lightly. The villain had attacked her friends. Next time he would think about before doing this. She saw Evil-Lyn at the controls of the ship. "What is it, will you go back to where you belong voluntarily or do I have to help you?" No comment. The undersea boat began to dive up. The Princess swam to her friends. Bow looked very serious. "What is it?" Adora asked. "Treno... heís been hit very hard. I think- heís about to die." "No!" She-Ra didnít know if it would help, but she touched Treno lightly. And it worked! Her hand began to glow, his wounds closed. "She-Ra! You did it!" Mermista shouted happily. Her fiancť woke up, apparently okay. "Thank goddess" Adora murmured. To Bow she whispered: "I think, itís time for a discreet leaving. Iíll be back soon." She wanted to go, but Mermistaís father stopped her. "She-Ra, wait! I want to thank you. Very much." "It was my pleasure, your majesty." she answered. "Youíll always be welcome here, I want you to know that." She smiled. "Thanks. I have to go now." Two minutes later she joined the others again, as Adora. "Is everything alright?" "Thanks to She-Ra" Mermista nodded. "I think, itís time for a wedding" her father smiled. "Before anything else happens..."
They didnít know that one enemy was left. Only minutes before the pair should become married, Adora saw a strange fish swimming around. It seemed very familiar to her... "Wait for a moment, my little friend." She took it in her hands, looked at it exactly- then her eyes grew wide. "Imp!" "Did you expect to see Superman? Let me go!" She grinned widely. "Not before you explain a few things... ouch!" She startled. That little beast had changed to a sea urchin. Away he was. Speechless she looked after him. "Bow... I think, weíve found our spy. Remind me, when we come back, to tell all our guards to capture anything, which is light blue..."

"It was a wonderful celebration" Adora said, as they were riding home in the evening. "Itís good to see Mermista that happy. I wonder, how the others in the palace are... Well, since Skeletor was here I donít think, they had any problems..."

"You failed? Everyone in the palace is ill and you failed?" Skeletor shouted with rage. "But... mighty Skeletor..." "Not `mighty Skeletorī! Youíll pay for this... I just donít know yet, how..." Imp landed next to him that very moment. "I have an idea, Skeletor." The Lord of Destruction laughed, agreeing. His new trap door was certainly going to have some work...


THE END...?-