Trouble in Eternos
  by Alexandra Spears

**part of The Journeys of Julian and Tamara**

Inside Castle Greyskull, Princess Jessalyn, who was fourteen, had a bad dream. But the girl knew that it was a premonition.

Her two cousins were in trouble, and she had to help.

After a few days of travel, Prince Julian and his younger sister Princess Tamara came upon the new city gates of Eternos. The city wall itself was also rather new, and it was painted a nice warm beige.

A guard stood at the gates. "Who goes?" he asked.

"I'm Julian, son of Captain Sea Hawk and Princess Adora, and this is my sister Tamara," the youth replied.

The guard grinned. "I remember you now! Your older sister Annabelle is Princess of Etheria!"

Julian and Tamara smiled as the entered the rebuilt capital city. They did not know that someone was watching them.

Jessalyn was in another chamber within Greyskull, watching her two cousins through a crystal ball. She was sure that the siblings were being watched by someone else, someone who intended to cause trouble.

The girl looked up as her mother, Queen Teela, entered the chamber. "What are you doing, Jess?" Teela asked her younger child.

"Keeping an eye on Julian and Tamara. There's trouble ahead, Mother."

"What kind of trouble?" asked Adora, as she came into the chamber, joining Teela and her daughter.

"Evil-Lyn's kind of trouble," said Jessalyn. "Mom, I have to help them! Julian may have strength and Tamara healing powers, but what good are they against magic?"

Teela looked at her daughter. Like her mother, Jessalyn had red hair with a temper to match. She was also impetuous. But Teela knew what her daughter was feeling. "Do you think you'll be all right?"

"I will, Mother. Aunt Adora can go with me," she added, jerking a thumb towards her aunt.

Teela hugged Jessalyn. "All right. Just be careful, please. Adora, keep an eye on her, and contact me telepathically if you need help."

Jessalyn was pretty independent, and her mother realized that she had to give her some room. Teela did have her misgivings, however.

"See you later, Mom! Come on, Auntie!" She snatched Adora's hand and ran, Adora trying to keep up with her.

Julian and Tamara wandered through the crowded and dusty marketplace. Stands were set up on either side of the dirt road, and a pleasant aroma from a nearby bakery stand filled the air. Here and there were carts filled with fruits. Around the two siblings was the hustle and bustle of people obtaining needed goods. Some turned to look at them, recognizing them as the children of Princess Adora.

"Tell your uncle I said hello, dear. He is a good king," said one elderly woman, as she passed by.

Julian and Tamara grinned. "We will," said Tamara.

The two siblings did stand out, making them easier to identify, as they didn't have on a peasant's usual garb. Tamara was in a blue bodysuit with silver wristguards and silver boots, a blue headband encircling her head. Julian wore just the usual fuzzy underwear and boots, along with gold wristguards. Both wore long hooded capes that cleared their ankles.

They neared an alleyway between two buildings. Suddenly, Leech and Trap Jaw ambushed them. Leech was draining Tamara's energy. Trap Jaw had his hook near Julian's neck.

"Let me go!" Tamara shrieked.

Evil-Lyn stepped out, her dark eyes gleaming. "The two younger children of Princess Adora," she said slowly. "I'm sure your uncle will turn rule of Eternia over to me in exchange for you two."

"Yeah, right!" retorted Julian. "Skeletor never defeated my uncle--what makes you think you will, you witch!"

Evil-Lyn threw back her head and laughed. "I'm no fool like he was!"

Julian threw himself forward, flipping Trap Jaw over his head. The villain's hook made a huge gash in Julian's arm and he cried out. And Tamara was too weak to do anything.

She-Ra and her niece Jessalyn flew on Swift Wind towards Eternos. Jessalyn appeared worried. "Aunt Adora, they're in really big trouble--I can feel it," she said anxiously.

"We'll help them, don't worry, Jessalyn," She-Ra said reassuringly. She was worried too. After all, Julian and Tamara were her children.

Soon they arrived in Eternos. She-Ra dropped Jessalyn off near the battle scene then Swift Wind retreated to a safe distance. She did not want them to think that she thought they couldn't handle it, that Mommy had to come help them when they were in trouble.

Jessalyn, wearing a skimpy top, a short skirt, and a cape that went to her waist, ran towards the scene. "You leave my cousins alone!" she shouted. Bolts of magic flew from her hands as she ran, striking Trap Jaw and Leech. She could see her cousin Julian lying on the ground, his right arm bleeding badly near the shoulder.

Tamara was starting to regain her strength. "Jessalyn?" she mumbled. She saw the other girl standing there, face-to-face with Evil-Lyn. She also saw her brother lying on the ground, and blood was everywhere.

After a moment, Tamara managed to crawl over to her brother. She laid her hand on his arm and that familiar pink glow surrounded her hand, and his wound closed. Julian quickly regained his strength.

Evil-Lyn and Jessalyn, meanwhile, were locked in a battle of magics. Evil-Lyn tried to stun Jessalyn with a magic bolt, but the girl blocked it with her own magic. While engaged in battle, they did not notice as Julian used his foot to trip up Evil-Lyn.

"Good going, cousin!" said Jessalyn. She then put a counter-magic spell on Evil-Lyn, effectively preventing her from using her magic.

At that point, She-Ra appeared. "Mom!" said Tamara.

"I think these three can use some time in prison," said She-Ra. "Sword to net."

After She-Ra and Jessalyn mounted Swift Wind and headed back to Greyskull with their captives, Julian and Tamara began setting out on another journey.

"I'm glad Mom came to help us," said Tamara.

"I noticed she let us try in on her own and came in when needed," Julian replied. "She's a great mother."