By Mike "Dolph Lundgren"

Trap Jaw was a descendent of a family having pride in possessing power. Trap Jaw had a common goal with the rest of his family: to eventually be one of the rulers of Eternia. Knowing that he would be of great assistance, he applied to be part of Skeletor's staff. Due to Trap Jaw's immense strength, Skeletor immediately hired him. Trap Jaw and Skeletor became best of friends, according to Trap Jaw, until he realized that Skeletor does not care one bit about friendship.

 This occured when Trap Jaw was summoned to lead Beast Man and Evil Lyn in a renovation project on Snake Mountain's exterior rear wall. They were to remove some of the rock and replace it with fresh new specimens of the same rock. Trap Jaw dug too deep into the wall attempting to strip of some of the rock. This caused a mishap, where all the rock above their work (remember, Snake Mountain is extremely tall) crumbled down. The accident destroyed ten percent of the entire building.

 Skeletor was enraged when he ran out to see what was causing Snake Mountain to shake. Trap Jaw, Evil Lyn, and Beast Man explained the entire scenario. Skeletor felt this was Trap Jaw's fault, so he drew his Power Sword. The sword was raised, in accordance with one of Snake Mountain's loud lightning bolts, and lowered it so rapidly it severed Trap Jaw's arm off. Skeletor then dashed back into Snake Mountain, refulsing to aid his injured servant. Beast Man nursed Trap Jaw to recovery. Evil Lyn, with the aid of her sorcery, developed a state-of-the-art mechanical arm for Trap Jaw to replace his lost arm with. It could hold all kinds of appendages, such as razor-sharp hooks, or be used to fire laser bolts.

 Trap Jaw had one thing in left in his leave Skeletor. However, he was afraid to do so due to any form of punishment that may result. But nothing would keep him from eventually earning the destiny he rightfully deserves.

 Five years later, the entire series of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" occured. Eighteen months after the events of the marvelous cartoon ceased, Trap Jaw had enough (beyond enough) tormenting from Skeletor for his failed attempts to defeat He-Man and his allies. An idea burst into Trap Jaw's head: to lie to Skeletor and mention that He-Man wants to have a one-on-one duel with Skeletor two hours later. He proceeded to tell Skeletor this, but Skeletor had doubts as to whether or not Trap Jaw was lying. Skeletor said, "Wretched one, how come I haven't been informed?" Trap Jaw responded, "Orko came last night and told me while you slept. When he finished, he left right away so I couldn't capture him right there." Skeletor than said, "Trap Jaw, if you are lying, you are dead." Trap Jaw replied by stating that he is indeed swearing the truth. Two hours later the evil lord of destruction left solo, looking for He-Man. Right at this moment, Trap Jaw started to leave Snake Mountain. He bid farewells to Beast Man and Evil Lyn. Then he hotwired Skeletor's only vehicle capable of leaving Eternia's atmosphere. Following the engine's ignition, he headed for the stars.

 After fifteen minutes of looking for He-Man, who obviously never showed up, Skeletor had a firm belief that Trap Jaw was lying. He headed back to Snake Mountain, preparing his Power Sword for Trap Jaw's execution. At Snake Mountain, he realized that Trap Jaw had left...forever. With no space vehicles, Skeletor decided not to look for him.

 Trap Jaw was free, and began a whole new life on another planet, Enolcys, consisting of friendly inhabitants. His relationships with these honest inhabitants inspired him that his life on Eternia was a wasted one. He finally learned what life could be like without evil. Life in paradise (Enolcys) replaced his dream of having power.  1