Time Out: Part One

By Adam

One sunny day, Adora and Spirit were walking thru the Whispering Woods. They were by a nice clear water stream, when Spirit whinnied.

"What is wrong?" Adora asked.

"I feel something. . . strange," replied the frightened philly.

"I feel it too, like I'm not really here."

Then the grass and sky began to fade.

"Oh, no ..." Adora was very worried.

Suddenly, everything became pitch-black. Then it all cleared up, but Adora wasn't in the Whispering Woods, she was in the Palace of Eternia. Spirit was not there, he seemed to have vanished.

"What?" Adora looked puzzled. She decided she should do her magic --- "For the Honor of Greyskull, I AM SHE-RA!"

"Now to solve this problem..." she walked thru the halls, and came upon what seemed to be a nursery. She walked in. Two babies wre crying, and outside, she could hear a battle brewing. It was the Horde fighting the Eternian guard!

Just as she was about to help out a man came thru the window. It looked like a young Hordak!!!

"Who are you, Woman?" he asked.

"What is it to you, Hordak?"

Before he could reply The Sorceress, and a young Man-at-Arms came storming in.
"Sorceress?" She-Ra asked.

"She-ra?" said The Sorceress.

"You know who I am?"

All of a sudden, Man-at-Arms yelled, "Hordak! Don't harm those children!" Hordak reached for one of them.

"No!" She-Ra grabbed the crying child from Hordak. He stole the other instead.

With a cackle, Hordak was gone.

"Adam ... we must notify Randor and Marlena ..." Man-at-Arms said solemnly.

Again, everything went black. When the light came back, She-ra found herself walking thru the Evergreen Forest, as Adora, with Cringer!

To be continued ...

Time Out: Part Two
By Adam

After a few months of living as Princess Adora and fighting Skeletor and his henchmen, Adora missed her old life. She missed all her old friends, Spirit the most, she missed Light Hope, and Bow, the list was endless.

She had to return things to normal. She decided to take a visit to Castle Greyskull!

"Cringer?" Adora asked.

The green tiger came in her room.

"I want to take a visit to Greyskull, will you join me?"

"Is it d-d-d-d-dangerous?"

"Of course . . . not," Adora lied.

When they reached Castle Greyskull, Adora commanded the draw bridge "Open!"

The Sorceress was waiting for her "I thought you might come."

"Sorceress, I shouldn't be here, on Eternia, I belong on Etheria."

"Yes, I remember, the day Adam was kidnapped. You tried to save him, and yourself but Hordak took your brother and now everything is mixed-up."

"Can you get me back?" Adora asked.

"Hey, y-y-you said this wouldn't be d-d-d-dangerous." Cringer complained.

"Yes," the Sorceress ignored Cringer, "but it will be dangerous."


"D-d-d-d-angerous?" Cringer ran out of Greyskull, and disappeared in to the Evergreen Forest.

"Come with me, Adora!" They went to the "Time Corridor."

"Adora, you must be careful, I will see you in Etheria . . ."

"Goodbye Sorceress," Adora went thru the doorway.

She appeared back in the Palace, where she had been before.

"By the Power of Greyskull, I am SHE-RA!"

She raced to the nursery, and picked up the two crying children. She carried them to a safe room with no windows, and melted the door shut with her ever-handy sword.

"Now, to foil Hordak's plans!"

She went back to the nursery. As before, Hordak came thru the window and Man-at-Arms and the Sorceress came thru the door.

Hordak looked puzzled. "Where are the children?" he demanded.

The Sorceress knew everything was fine; she reached her arm out towards Hordak, and looked away. Just as Hordak was about to go thru the window, a white beam came from the Sorceress's hand.

It hit Hordak, and with a bright flash, Hordak diappeared.

"Where did you send him?" asked She-Ra.

"The White-Void, where he belongs."

Man-at-Arms looked worried, "Where did you hide the children?"

"I put them in another room, I'll open the door for you. The trio went to the room and She-Ra opened it. Again, everything went black.

When it cleared up she found herself in the Evergreen Forest with Adam.

To be continued ...

Time Out: Part Three
By Adam

Adora put her sword into the lock at Grayskull and opened it. Inside, the Sorceress stood waiting.

"Adora, I had a feeling that you would come." said the Sorceress. "I love being with Adam, and my parents, but I miss my old friends."

"Adora, going back to change everything again would mean putting Eternia in danger, whereas the Horde is no longer there."

"But I changed it to begin with, is there no way?" Adora pleaded.

"I suppose there is, but it is your destiny to discover it - good luck, Adora." The Sorceress waved her hand, and everything grew dark.

Look for Time Out: The Series!