The Revelation
    by Alexandra

It had been a couple of weeks since the Sorceress had given Adam the go- ahead to tell his parents and Teela that he was He-Man. Right now he was visiting his twin sister Adora on her adopted world of Etheria.

"You mean you want to tell Mother, Father, and Teela?" Adora asked incredulously. When she'd first received her sword, Adam had told her not to tell their parents.

"Yes. It would make things easier on me--actually, on both of us." Adam looked around a little bit, at the trees of the Whispering Woods that surrounded them as they sat against one of the trees. He then looked at Adora. "I've been a bit jealous of you, Adora. Mother and Father talk about you a lot. They say how proud they are of you. I know that they never mentioned you at all until I found you, but still...."

"I think I understand," Adora told her brother sincerely. "I've been a bit jealous of you because you grew up knowing who your parents were. I told you about different times while I was growing up in the Fright when I was twelve. You helped break that spell on me, Adam. Until Shadow Weaver put me under another one...but I broke that one too. And you grew up with other children, like Teela. I had no one."

"Well, let's go home and suprise our parents, shall we?"

"Adam--do you think I'll be able to tell Sea Hawk?" Adora asked.

"Well, you'll have to ask the Sorceress that," said Adam. "I know--he cares for you a lot."

"Which leads to some more news--Adam, he asked me to marry him. I said yes. He asked me only yesterday."

Adam hugged his sister. "Congratulations, Adora!"

Adora took her place next to her twin brother in the throne room of the Palace of Eternia some time later that day. The twins looked at each other and smiled secret smiles. Adora's was a little wider because now she could tell her fiance her secret.

King Randor and Queen Marlena, the twins' parents, sat down on their thrones, which sat on a dais. Standing next to the dais were Man-at-Arms and his daughter Teela. Man-at-Arms knew the twins' secrets and knew that they were about to reveal them.

"Father, we have something we want to show you. You first, Adam," said Adora.

Adam lifted his sword. "By the power of Grayskull!" he intoned.

The King and Queen watched, stunned, as their son changed to He-Man. "I HAVE THE POWER!!!"

"My turn!" Adora said, smiling mischievously. She held up her own sword. "For the honor of Grayskull....I AM SHE-RA!!!"

The King sat there with his jaw dropped. The Queen put a hand to her chest. Teela gaped. Finally the Queen managed to say something. "He-Man and She-Ra... are my children...."

"All this time, and you didn't tell us!" Teela snapped when she finally remembered how to speak. "Why?"

"For your safety," He-Man explained. "But I wanted to tell you because I wanted you to be proud of me. Father, you wished you had me, He-Man, as your son. Now you know that he is."

"You were trying to protect us," Queen Marlena said. "I'd always suspected it."

"I have a destiny to fulfill on Etheria as She-Ra," Marlena's daughter said. "I couldn't tell you before."

"It's all becoming clear now," Randor said softly. "Son, I'm sorry I was ever disappointed in you. You humbled yourself so that we would be safe."

"But you must not tell anyone," She-Ra said emphatically. "There are only a few who know."

"I understand," said Randor. He gave a smile. "Now, if there's no more news...."

"Actually, there is," said She-Ra to her father. "Sea Hawk and I are engaged."

That evening, Adam and Adora looked out over Eternia from a balcony. "I think Mother and Father got more than a good share of good news today," Adora smirked.

"I'm thinking about asking Teela to marry me," said Adam. "As soon as she calms down. She's still pretty shocked."

"Now all Mother can think about is wedding preparations," Adora laughed. "Sea Hawk and I want to be married next month. And I still have to tell him I'm She-Ra!"

"Adora, what's going to happen when you want children?" Adam wanted to know.

Adora was silent. She hadn't thought about what would happen when she became pregnant. "I think I'll have to talk to the Sorceress about that one. Maybe she has some magic that can disguise me--or She-Ra may have to go away for a little while. I just don't want it to look too suspicious--She-Ra leaving for a while, during the time I'm pregnant."

"She-Ra could be needed on Eternia," Adam suggested. "Everyone knows that She-Ra is from Eternia."

"Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there," Adora said.

Adora knew that she would think of something. And Adam knew that as clever as she was, she'd find a way.

The twins turned their attention to the night sky and just stared out, realizing that their lives had changed again. Adora would soon be married and starting a family. And Adam would know that his father was as proud of him as he was of Adora.