The Gang on Earth
The First Days
by Alexandra

Thanks to the malfunction of one of Skeletor's devices, the
entire Royal Family was transported to Earth--specifically, Milltown,
Ohio, where Queen Marlena had relatives (she was originally from
Earth). Adora's boyfriend, Bow, had been transported with them.

So Marlena and her husband Randor, as well as their twin
children Adam and Adora, took on Marlena's maiden name
Glenn for a last name. They happened to win somewhere around
$12 million in the Ohio Lottery, so finances weren't a problem
at all. With the money they bought a house and furniture. Bow,
going by the name Bow Archer (he thought it was cute), was
staying with one of Marlena's cousins.

They had been there a month now, and Adam and Adora were
downstairs in the recreation room, listening to the stereo, which
was tuned to 96.5 FM, a local rock station. It was a hot afternoon,
as it was summer, and they were enjoying the coolness of the
air-conditioned room.

"In the middle of 40 minutes of continuous music--WKDD--Akron,"
the DJ was saying on the radio.

"Hey, let's shoot some pool," Adam suggested. "I'll rack, you

Soon the twins were immersed in the game. They didn't look
up until they suddenly saw their mother standing there, smiling.

"You two look so much alike," Marlena chuckled. It was true--both
twins were wearing blue jeans and light blue tank tops and Nikes.
Adora, though, wore a turquoise pendant around her neck--their
birthstone was turquoise for December.

"Want to play, Mother?" Adora asked.

"No, I came down here to tell you that you two are going to be
starting the twelfth grade this fall," Marlena said, getting right to
the point. "You'll be high school seniors, and you'll graduate
next spring. These are your class schedules--you two have
exactly the same schedule and here are your locker assignments.
They do that alphabetically so your lockers are right next to each

"Do we have to leave our swords at home?" asked Adam.

Marlena looked at him. "Of course you do," she said. "Besides,
I'm sure you'd be able to handle things just as Adam and Adora.
He-Man and She-Ra won't be needed....I don't think."

"This should be interesting," Adora said. "We would fit in a
bit better. Don't you think so, Adam?"

Adam nodded. "I've always wondered what it would be like to
attend school."

"Does Bow have to go to?" Adora wondered. He was a year

Marlena grinned slyly. "Yes he is. I think it's more out of
curiosity...and by coincidence he has the same schedule as
you two."

Late August came, and with it, the first day of school. Bow
lived only a block away from Milltown High, while Adam and
Adora lived across town and were driven by their mother.

"This is certainly different," said Adam as he and Adora climbed
out of their mother's new car. "Good thing they gave us a map
of the's more complicated than the layout of Snake Mountain!'

"I'll pick you up at three," Marlena told the twins. She drove off.

Adam and Adora gazed at the two-story building. Soon Bow met
up with them; he'd walked to school. "I think we're too old for
this business," he said.

"According to our mother, seventeen-year-olds normally start
their last year of school in this country," said Adam.

"I'm eighteen," said Bow. "Your cousin said I started school a
year late--that's what I should tell anyone that asks."

"It wouldn't be lying," said Adora. "More like eleven or twelve
years late."

"Well, we seem to fit in," said Bow.

Adam and Adora were dressed in similar outfits. Both wore new
jeans. Adam wore a white shirt with the top two buttons undone.
Adora had on a white blouse. Both had backpacks.

Bow was wearing jeans and a short-sleeved shirt. He also
had a backpack.

The bell rang, and the trio went inside.

First hour was homeroom. Adam, Adora, and Bow had American
history that hour. "This should be interesting," said Adora as she
took an empty seat up front. She was thinking about learning about
her mother's native land.

Bow sat on one side of her and Adam on the other. Adam
turned in his seat and looked around. A bunch of students in the
back were goofing off and shooting spitwads at one another.
"And Dad complained about me a lot," Adam said softly.

"Hey...check out that cute blonde up front," one of the boys

Adora was the only blonde girl in the front row. They were
talking about her.

"You mean my girlfriend?" Bow called back.

One of the boys snorted. "A wuss like you?"

"Ignore them," Adora said, putting a hand on his arm.

"She good in bed?" the first boy called.

"I wouldn't know," Bow said honestly.

"I wouldn't worry about them," said Adam.

"Yo--you another of her boyfriends?"

"Actually, her twin brother."

"I wouldn't mess with that brother of hers...he looks kinda big,"
another boy said to his fellows.

"Ain't worth our time anyway."

Finally the teacher, Mr. Sternes, came in. "Good morning,
class, and welcome to American History. Once we get settled,
we'll start with learning about the American Revolution."

Adora raised an eyebrow. She knew all about revolutions.

"First I'll take attendance." He called the names in alphabetical
order. "Adam Glenn?"

"Yo," said Adam, copying off some of his classmates.

"Adora Glenn?"

"Here," Adora said.

The teacher looked up. "Twins?" he asked.

They nodded.

He smiled and went back to the list of names.

Between first and second hour the twins put their new history
books into their lockers. "What an obnoxious bunch that sat in
the back," said Adora. "Of course, if they tried anything, they'd
be sorry."

"Well, our next class is math," said Adam.

"Advanced Algebra," Adora read. "Might be too easy."

"I think Bow was about to fall asleep in our last class," Adam

The day wore on. Third hour was biology; fourth was gym.
After fourth hour was lunch. After lunch the twins and Bow had
English fifth hour, chemistry sixth hour, and a computer class for
the seventh and final period.

At the end of the day, Adora was shoving her history, math, biology,
English, and chemistry textbooks into her backpack. In short, all
her textbooks. "What are you doing that for? We won't have homework
for a couple of days," said Adam.

Adora shrugged. "I want to do well in my classes." She put on her
heavy backpack. The history book was heaviest of all.

Adam said softly, "You'd probably have to change to She-Ra
to carry that load."

Adora laughed.

The Glenn family sat down to dinner that night. "How was school?"
their father asked.

"I think I'll like it," said Adora. "So many things to learn."

Adam stared at his sister. She always had been the more
responsible twin, probably because she'd been raised until age
sixteen by the Horde. "I got stuck with tutors while growing up,"
said Adam.

"Well, it's a chance for you two to fit in while we're stuck here,"
said Marlena. "I see Adora's already jumping at the chance to
get straight-A's."

"Maybe I should have brought my books," said Adam.

"I'll share," said Adora.

Later on that evening, Adora was sitting at the desk in her room,
studying. There was a knock at her door. "Come in," she called.

Adam came in, holding a comic book in his hand. "Check this
out--the Legion of Super-Heroes," he said. "Gave me an idea."

"Students by day, heroes by night?"

"You got it."

"Not on school nights," Adora said, closing her English book.
"Weekends, okay."

Adam shrugged. "Just an idea."

"I don't know...we'd be like vigilantes on this world," Adora said.
"From what I've seen of this world, they probably would not trust
us very much."

"Yeah, you're right," Adam said. He sat down on his sister's
canopied bed. "Well, since we have our computers networked,
do you want to play Civilization together?"

Adora smiled. "Sure," she said. Adam and Adora liked playing
the game; Adam had named his tribe the Eternians and Adora
had named hers the Etherians.

Adam went into his room, which was adjacent to Adora's. Adora
moved her mouse to de-activate the screen saver and selected the
Civilization game from her Windows95 menu.

Soon the twins were involved in the computer game. Five of the
opponents were computer opponents; the other two tribes were
the ones the twins had chosen.

"Adora, get out of my territory!" Adam hollered from his room.

"Screw you! I'm taking over!" she called back, laughing.

"Such language from a princess!" Adam called.

"I could do worse," Adora replied, laughing even harder. "Some of
those colorful metaphors."


"You were saying, brother dear?" She moved her chariot into his
unguarded city, destroying his civilization.

"I'll get you next time," Adam said as he came into her room.

"Kids, it's bedtime," Marlena called from the bottom of the stairs.

The twins looked at each other. They'd freed Etheria from the
Horde and had guarded Eternia from Skeletor and their mother
called them "kids?" "All right, Mom," Adam called.

"Good night, Adam," Adora said, shooing her brother out of the

"Next game I'm kicking your ass," Adam grinned.

Adora wondered who Adam had been hanging out with. He was
definitely picking up on the local language. "Whatever."