The End, the Beginning
   by Alexandra Spears

The Rebellion had won. Etheria was victorious. After an all-out, gigantic battle, the Horde was forced to leave Etheria. Horde Prime, seeing that it was a waste of time and resources to occupy Etheria, had called Hordak and his bunch back to Horde World. Bright Moon had been the ruling kingdom on Etheria before the arrival of the Horde a couple of decades ago, and now King Micah and Queen Angella would take their rightful places as rulers of Etheria. And some technology had been recovered during Etheria's reconstruction, and it would help the Etherians advance more quickly.

It was now a week after the Horde's departure from Etheria. Princess Adora and her twin brother, Prince Adam, were ready to go back to Eternia. Adora's husband of one year, Sea Hawk, had died saving her life at the beginning of the battle, which He-Man and She-Ra had helped fight. Not only that, but Imp, one of Hordak's cronies, had witnessed Adam and Adora transforming and now the secret was out. Emotions were waging their own battle within the young woman. Adora was happy because she would go home to Eternia, sad because she was now a widow, worried about the consequences of everyone knowing the secret. Adora had been kidnapped from the Palace of Eternia when she and her brother were a few months old. Adora had been raised under an evil spell and, believing the Horde to be good, had once been a Horde force captain. All that had changed when Adam came to Etheria looking for her. And Adora felt redeemed, now that Etheria was free, even though she had not served the Horde of her own volition. "Ready to go home?" Adam asked his sister gently. Adora sighed and nodded. "I'm ready." "Good luck, Adora," said her friend Bow. He and his wife, Princess Glimmer, hugged her. "Good luck yourselves. I want to know if your baby is a boy or a girl," Adora said. Glimmer was at the beginning of her first pregnancy. Adam shook their hands while Adora hugged Madame Razz. Tears were in Adora's blue eyes as she hugged her friends good-bye. She promised to visit them from time to time, especially since she'd want to come and put flowers on her husband's grave every so often. Soon they left Whispering Woods. Adam put an arm around his sister's shoulders as they walked to the place where the portal to Eternia would appear. "My work here is over," Adora said, glancing behind her, as if glancing into the past; walking through the portal would be like walking into the gateway to her new future. "Now I'll help you defend Eternia from Skeletor. Though He-Man's been doing a pretty good job on his own." "Still, I could use some help," said Adam as they walked, Adora's white horse Spirit and Adam's cowardly orange-striped green tiger Cringer following along. Adora was depressed, feeling useless, Adam realized, and a lot of that was due to Sea Hawk's death. "We're here." Adora took out her sword. "Sorceress--we're ready," Adora said to the jewel in her sword. The Sorceress' image appeared. "I am now opening the portal to Eternia. Welcome home, Princess." Soon the portal appeared, and the twins, the horse, and the tiger went through, appearing in Castle Greyskull, where the Sorceress awaited them. "Your parents will be pleased. But where is your husband, Adora?" Adora drew a shaky breath. No one on Eternia knew yet; she hadn't been able to let anyone know. "He's dead," Adora said flatly. "He--he died saving my life during the battle. And the Horde found out about our secrets." "Your husband was noble," said the Sorceress, who was also a widow. "In time you will heal. Remember the good times you had with him," she added, hugging Adora. Adora nodded. "I miss him so," she said. She took a deep breath. "It's going to be hard, going on without him, but I think I'll be all right." Adam hugged his sister. "You won't be alone," he assured her. As Adora hugged her brother back, she was glad that she knew who her real parents were, who her family was. They would help her through this rough time. "Well, Sorceress, it's time we went home," said Adam. "Come on, Cringer. You can sleep when we get home." "Farewell. And you had better tell your parents about your other identities. It's likely that Skeletor will gain that information." The way she said it, it seemed as if it had been destined to happen. Adam and Adora mounted Spirit and headed for the Royal Palace, Cringer walking alongside Spirit. Adora looked around as they went through the Evergreen Forest. This was the world of her birth, and it was a beautiful world, in a different way than Etheria. She was so used to Etheria; it was a bit hard to believe that she'd been born on Eternia. The day was bright and sunny, as if the planet were welcoming its lost daughter home.

King Randor and Queen Marlena were nothing less than ecstatic when their twin children appeared in the throne room. Adora was home for good now. The King and Queen had yet to get used to seeing their children standing together. They looked so much alike, both having blond hair and blue eyes. But Adam, being a young man, was muscular, and a little on the tall side. Adora had a much smaller build, being a girl, but she was a lot tougher than she looked. But Sea Hawk was missing. Adora's parents looked askance at her. "Mother, Father, Sea Hawk is dead," she told them. "He died saving my life." Marlena hugged her daughter tightly. "You poor girl," she said. Randor stood next to his wife and daughter and gently put a hand on Adora's back. "How terrible," he said. Adora's face was streaked with tears. "I'm happy to be home, but...." She couldn't continue. "I'm so confused." "I understand," her mother told her. "You don't know what to feel right now. You're happy to be here with us and at the same time you're grieving." Adora nodded. She was glad that her mother was understanding. Adam merely looked on. He wasn't jealous of the attention his sister was getting. After all, he'd had their parents to himself for years. Marlena saw him and pulled him towards her and hugged both her children. "Why don't you go and rest now, Adora?" her father suggested. "All right, Father," said Adora. She was emotionally drained, and some rest might do her some good. Randor hugged Adora, then Adam led her down the corridor to her room, which was right next door to his. Adam gave her a brotherly kiss on her forehead. "I'll be talking to Mother and Father if you need me. Since the Horde found out about our secrets, I'll have to tell Mother and Father like the Sorceress said." "You've always wanted Father to be proud of you. Here's your chance." Adora smiled slightly. "Well, I'll go rest now." She went into her room as Adam looked after her. Once inside, Adora threw herself onto her four-poster bed and began crying. "Hawk, I miss you so much," she whispered. She could remember their wedding day here on Eternia, their wedding night when they'd consummated their love. All those memories washed over her and made her even more lonely. She was starting a new life, and it was without her husband at her side. Like her life on Etheria, Sea Hawk was now relegated to the past. When she had calmed down a little, Adora went into her bathroom and began filling her bathtub. As she watched the water run, she reflected on what had happened at the beginning of that fateful battle. Adora had been on Sea Hawk's flying ship, which had been in the water at the time. Admiral Scurvy, who'd escaped prison in Bright Moon, had led his gang to battle with the Rebels who were in Seaworthy. Scurvy had aimed his laser beam at Adora and fired, but Sea Hawk had intercepted it--and had died in Adora's arms, his last words to her being, "I love you." That was when Sea Hawk's loyal crew went after him while Adora changed to She-Ra. Soon the water was at the desired level. Adora took off her clothes, pinned up her golden hair, and climbed in. She could imagine Sea Hawk coming in, seeing her like that. She closed her eyes and remembered those nights together. More tears came to her eyes and mingled with the water when they fell. Adora hadn't cried so much in her life. Then again, nothing had happened to her before that would warrant that. After she bathed, Adora dried herself off and put on a nightgown. She was almost afraid to go to sleep, because the nightmares would be there-- the dreams that replayed her husband's death over and over, endlessly, mercilessly. But that concern was groundless, for when her head was on her pillow, she slept dreamlessly, too exhausted physically and emotionally to dream.

Meanwhile, in the throne room, Adam was revealing He-Man's and She-Ra's true identities to his parents and Teela. "Now that the Horde has found out about it, that infomation may be passed on to Skeletor, and you may as well know," Adam concluded. "Is that why you've been behaving irresponsibly so much?" his mother asked, sounding amused. Adam nodded. "It was to protect us. I see that now," said King Randor. "I misjudged you, son," he said. "You were meant to. But I also wanted you to be proud of me, because I knew you wished He-Man was your son." "But he is," said Randor. Teela was shaking her head. "You sure had me fooled, Adam." "Adora didn't have the same problem I did. She could still act herself and no one guessed she was She-Ra," Adam chuckled. "Now I can behave more responsibly, like I've always wanted to." "Poor Adora," said Teela. "Losing her husband like that." "My guess is that she wants to be alone for a while," said Adam. "She really loved Sea Hawk. She took it pretty hard." He could sense how sad his sister was.

One morning a few weeks later, Adora woke up and was seized by nausea. She hurried into her bathroom, where she threw up. When it was over, Adora washed her face with cold water. She wondered if she was sick. She felt all right, considering. But then another thought came to mind, and she was almost afraid to hope. Adora got dressed and headed for the dining room. On the way there, she encountered her mother. "How are you, Adora?" she asked. "I'm all right, Mother," said Adora. "But I woke up sick to my stomach." Queen Marlena looked over at her daughter. That sounded familiar. "Why don't you see the Court Physician after breakfast?" she suggested. "I'm planning on it." Adora had no problem eating that morning. And she was encouraged by some news her father had. "According to our spies, Skeletor and his men have gone to Horde World. They were summoned by Horde Prime," said King Randor. "Looks like He-Man and She-Ra won't be needed," said Adam. "I don't like the sound of that," said Adora. "Hordak and Skeletor were once allies, remember. This could mean trouble." Her father nodded. "You're right, Adora. I say we enjoy the peace we'll have while they're gone; however, we should be on guard." "It'll give me a chance to work on new defenses for the Palace just in case," said Man-at-Arms. "And I'll have time to work on my magic," said Orko cheerfully. The Trollan hovered above his chair, since he didn't sit--Trollans looked like floating robes more or less with a pointed had and two eyes glowing from underneath the brim. "Not around me you're not," said Man-at-Arms. "However, you will have time to clean that room of yours." "I cleaned it, Man-at-Arms," said Orko. "When--last year?" Adam and Adora looked at each other and snickered. Little by little Adora was coming out of her depression, and scenes like this helped. When breakfast was over, Adora went to see the Court Physician about being sick that morning. "There's nothing wrong at all," the doctor told her. He smiled. "You're pregnant. And you're about six weeks along." Adora did a quick calculation in her head. Her husband had died around four weeks ago. She remembered that she'd missed her monthly cycle that week, but had attributed it to stress from the death of her husband. And all along it was because there was a baby growing inside her! So she had been pregnant during the battle and hadn't even known it. She smiled. "This is the best news I've heard in a long time," Adora said. "Thank you." "All I did was inform you," the doctor said, glad that he'd put Adora into a more cheerful mood. Adora had a little smile on her face as she walked down the corridor. She was going to be a mother--and she would have something left of Sea Hawk. But then her smile faded. Her child would grow up not knowing his or her father. Adora made a silent vow that she would be the best mother possible to her baby. She wished Sea Hawk were here to share in this. But he was gone now, buried on another world. So lost in thought was Adora that she ran right into Adam, who caught her before she could fall. "Hey, you almost knocked me down, Sis," he said. "What's on your mind?" Adora's smile returned. "I'm pregnant, Adam. Six weeks, the physician said." "Hey, congratulations! I'm going to be an uncle!" He hugged his sister. Orko came shooting down the corridor. He hid behind the twins, and no wonder--Man-at-Arms was after him. "ORKO! How many times have I told you to stop playing in my lab?!" "Too many to count?" Orko offered. "Exactly," said Man-at-Arms. "Now stay out of there!" "Orko into things again, eh?" smirked Adam as Orko high-tailed it down the corridor to his room, which still needed cleaned in a big way. Man-at-Arms chuckled. "Since when is he not into something?" "Oh, Duncan--Adora has some news she'd like to share," said Adam. "I'm going to have a baby," said Adora. "I just found out a few minutes ago." "That's wonderful, Adora!" said Man-at-Arms. He gave her a hug. "It's hard to imagine--you a mother-to-be. I remember when you and Adam were born."

Book 1, Chapter 2

"A baby?" Queen Marlena said, looking incredulous. "Oh, Adora, I'm so happy for you!" "As am I," King Randor added. "Just think, Marlena, we're going to be grandparents!" The family was at the table for lunch when Adora broke the news. "I'm happy, because I'll have a part of Sea Hawk with me," said Adora. "I'll be the only parent my child will have, but I'll make sure I'm a good one." "Will you remarry?" asked Adam. Adora sighed. "Right now I don't think so, Adam. I don't think anyone could ever replace Sea Hawk. But we'll see." "I'm sorry, Adora. It is too early to tell," said Adam. Adora smiled. "It's all right. I understand." Randor had a thought. "Adora, if Skeletor should return, you're not going to go into battle while you're pregnant, are you?" "I hadn't given that much thought. I'll ask the Sorceress if it would be safe, but even so, I'd prefer not to. Besides, Father, you dealt with the Horde years ago and managed to defeat them. And even if you had only He-Man helping, you should be fine." Randor had to smile. His daughter had confidence in him, and it was true that he'd managed without the help of He-Man or She-Ra; they'd been nfants at the time. And the Sorceress had helped by using the magic of Castle Greyskull. "I'd prefer you not be in battle, myself." "Only if it becomes necessary--truly necessary," said Adora. "I'll talk to the Sorceress, as I said. I'll see what she has to say." After lunch, Adora went out to the stable where Spirit was and changed herself to She-Ra and Spirit to Swift Wind. She-Ra mounted Swift Wind. "Up, Swift Wind. To Castle Greyskull." "Destination, Castle Greyskull," Swift Wind acknowledged. As they flew over Eternia, She-Ra told her unicorn the news. "I'm going to have a baby, Swifty. I want to talk to the Sorceress about that." Soon they arrived at Castle Greyskull. Dismounting, She-Ra lifted her sword and intoned, "For the honor of Greyskull, I command the jawbridge --open!" The jawbridge opened, and She-Ra and Swift Wind walked inside together. The Sorceress, seated upon her throne, smiled as the young woman and the unicorn came in. "She-Ra. What can I do for you?" "Sorceress, I just found out today that I am expecting a baby. What will happen to my powers during my later months?" "You will still be able to become She-Ra. The magic of Greyskull will protect the baby, should you choose to go into battle. But, knowing you, I believe that you'd prefer not to." She-Ra smiled. "You know me, all right. But it's good to know that if I'm needed, then my baby will be safe." She-Ra and the Sorceress chatted for a little while; then it was time for She-Ra to go. "Thank you, Sorceress," said She-Ra as she mounted Swift Wind.

Adora was in her sixth month of pregnancy, and so far there was no sign of Skeletor's return. She was starting to relax a little bit. Her baby was due in a few months. Adora and Adam were sitting on a blanket together, on a little picnic. Teela, the red-headed Captain of the Royal Guard, was also there, as were Spirit and Cringer. Teela gave Spirit an apple. "He's a good horse. Aren't you, Spirit?" "That apple is good, too," said Spirit. Teela laughed. Adam looked over at Adora, who had her hand on her belly. "You all right?" he asked. "I'm fine. My baby is kicking around so much. Here, feel." Adam and Teela went over and placed their hands on Adora's belly. Sure enough, they could feel the child within. "Must be a boy," said Adam. "I think it'll be a girl," said Teela. "Maybe one of each. Adora's more likely to have twins," said Adam. Adora smiled and shook her head. "Trust me, there's only one baby in there." "So it's a girl," smirked Teela. "Okay, Adam, here's the deal. If it's a boy, you get to skip training for a week. If it's a girl, you're going to do double sessions for three days." "I accept," said Adam, shaking Teela's hand. Adora laughed. Cringer, meanwhile, had wandered off somewhere. Suddenly, they heard a yelp. "That was Cringer!" exclaimed Adam. He ran towards the sound, leaving Adora and Teela to wonder what was going on. "Adora! Teela! Come here, quick!" Adam called. The two women went over to where Adam sat on the ground, cradling an injured Cringer in his arms. "He was attacked by a field beast," said Adam. "Apparently I scared it off." He looked down at Cringer, who looked very badly hurt. "I can help," said Adora. Lifting her sword over her head, she intoned, "For the honor of Greyskull." Magic changed the young woman, transformed her. "I AM SHE-RA!!" Adam and Teela couldn't help but stare at She-Ra's "maternity" outfit. It looked like a white maternity dress, but with a gold band under her breasts and over the baby. The rest was the same. She-Ra knelt by her brother and touched Cringer's head. Her hand glowed, and Cringer's injuries disappeared. Cringer looked up at his master's sister gratefully. "Thank you so much," said Adam. Teela, meanwhile, grinned.

A couple of months later, Adam and Adora went together to Etheria to visit their friends. The first stop they made was to a graveyard near Seaworthy, where Sea Hawk was buried. His tombstone stated that he was Captain Sea Hawk, beloved husband of Princess Adora of Eternia. Adora had brought some flowers with her, and she placed them on his grave. It was a little hard for her to bend down, as her baby was due in only a month. "I miss him so much, Adam," said Adora as she stood, looking out over the rest of the cemetery, at the trees and other things Sea Hawk would never see again. "It's too bad he never knew about our baby." Adam nodded. Sea Hawk had treated Adora very well and was almost like a brother to Adam. Sea Hawk had just about put Adora on a pedestal, he'd loved her so much. "He was a hero," said Adam. "If it weren't for him, you would have died--and your baby as well." Adora pondered that for about a minute. One life had been given to save two. "I'm sure he would have been happy to know that he saved our baby too," she said. She placed a hand over her unborn child. For a while the twins merely stood there, lost in thought. Then Adam gently put his arm around his sister's shoulders as they left the graveyard and headed for Castle Bright Moon. At Bright Moon, King Micah and Queen Angella were very excited. "You've come just in time," said Angella. "Glimmer's giving birth right now! Bow's with her." Micah and Angella led the twins through the spacious halls of Castle Bright Moon. Soon they came to a room where all four sat and waited. Adora was a bit exhausted and she sat back, her hand over her own unborn baby. Adam sat next to her. They didn't have long to wait, because minutes later, Bow came out looking excited. "It's a boy!" he said. "Adam, Adora--so good of you to come!" The archer motioned for them to come in. Glimmer was sitting up, her pink hair spread on the pillow, holding her newborn son in her arms. "He has red hair and brown eyes like his father," she smiled. "This is Prince Micah." Adora noticed a glow in her friend's eyes. "He's so cute," Adora said, peering at the newborn prince. Her own baby kicked inside her. Bow went over to his wife's bedside. "How far along are you, Adora?" he asked his friend. "Another month to go," she replied. She smiled. "I wish it were over-- this baby definitely wants out!" They all chuckled at that. "Maybe your baby knows there's a playmate waiting," suggested Adam. More laughs ensued. Micah and Angella were admiring their little grandson. Micah was tickling the baby under his chin. "My namesake," he said. That evening, there was a celebration in honor of the newborn Prince of Etheria, which Adam and Adora attended. All their friends were there, of course. Madame Razz carefully hugged Adora. "Almost time, isn't it dearie?" asked the kind old witch. She still had the same red top, the same purple pants, the same hat with the pinwheel. Adora smiled and nodded. "Adam and Teela have a bet going on as to whether it'll be a boy or a girl." She then elaborated. Madame Razz chuckled. Adora looked around the room and grinned slyly when she noticed Frosta and Castaspella eyeing Adam. And Adam was in love with Teela and she with him, Adora reflected. Would those two never give up?

After the celebration ended, Adam and Adora went home. That night, Adora had a dream. In the dream, the Horde was invading, and Adora saw herself in her mother's place, Hordak taking her newborn daughter away. Adora woke up screaming, "No--not my daughter!"

Book 1, Chapter 3 by Alexandra Spears

Adora's pregnancy was at its end, and Adora lay in bed in the part of the Palace that was a sort of medical center, trying to read a book. She'd been having contractions, but they were too far apart yet. The Court Physician had recommended that she stay there.

Adora was a bit nervous. She'd been having that nightmare lately about Hordak taking her baby away. She could not shake the feeling that something was going to happen, and soon.

Queen Marlena was sitting at her daughter's bedside, giving her moral support. "Pretty soon we'll be able to see your baby, Adora," the Queen said brightly. She planned to be with Adora while she gave birth.

Adora smiled and put down her book. "I can hardly wait myself, Mother," she said, hiding her anxiety.

Adam and Teela came into the room to see how Adora was doing. "Are you ready for double sessions, Adam?" smirked Teela.

"I could use the week off from training, actually," said Adam. Their bet was still on, apparently. If the baby was a boy, as Adam said, he would have the week off from training. If the baby was a girl, as Teela insisted, Adam would have to do double sessions for three days.

Suddenly, there was a terrible roaring noise outside. Adam rushed over to the window and looked out. "Horde flyers!" he exclaimed.

Adora wanted to scream. They were invading, and she was about to give birth.

"Teela--go assemble your guards. I'll stay here with Adora," said Marlena.

Adam, meanwhile, was changing to He-Man. "Let's go, Teela," he said. "Let's help my father defend the Palace."

Marlena held her daughter's hand. Adora winced as she experienced yet another contraction. "It'll be all right, Adora," Marlena assured her.

Suddenly, Hordak and Shadow Weaver appeared in the room. "Her child is ready to be born--I can feel it, mighty Hordak," the evil witch hissed.

"Leave my daughter alone!" Queen Marlena commanded. She would not let them take her child away again.

"Don't worry, Your Majesty," Hordak sneered, his tone sarcastic. "I'll raise your grandchild as I did your daughter!"

Adora was rising from her bed as Shadow Weaver cast a sleep spell on her mother. Hordak grabbed hold of her arm. "You will come with us or suffer the consequences," he threatened.

Adora tried to struggle, but it was no use. Her sword was in her room, in another part of the Palace. She was having contractions, and it made fighting next to impossible.

Shadow Weaver teleported them outside the Palace, where Hordak forced Adora into a Horde transport. A huge battle was going on outside; Skeletor and his men were distracting King Randor while Hordak and Shadow Weaver took his daughter and unborn grandchild away.

Adora was shoved into a cell within the transport. "Your child will be born at Snake Mountain," Hordak told her, his voice ominous. "And when it is born, you will die, and I will raise the child as I did you--and your baby will be a Hordesman!"

"NO!" Adora retorted. "You'll never get away with this. My child will turn against you upon learning about this!"

"And if your child turns against us, he will die," hissed Shadow Weaver.

Queen Marlena was coming to next to the bed where her daughter had been lying. Everything was coming back to her--Adora in labor, Hordak and Shadow Weaver just dropping in, the sleep spell. The slender, red-haired woman picked up her tiara, put it back on, and checked the chronometer. An hour had passed.

Outside, the battle was still going on. Queen Marlena hurried down the corridors to one of the many exits in the Palace. He-Man happened to be fighting some Horde troopers there. "Mother--get back!" he warned. Using his sword, he made sure the robot troopers were nothing but scrap metal.

"He-Man, Hordak has taken your sister! She may be at Snake Mountain!"

"What...! Has she given birth yet?"

Marlena shook her head. "But they're going to have her give birth there, and they're going to keep her baby. I don't know what they'll do to her," she sobbed.

"It won't be good, whatever they have planned for her," said He-Man. "Get back inside. Father and our friends can handle Skeletor's flunkies. I'll get Man-at-Arms."

He-Man's mother went to find her husband and let him know. Meanwhile, He-Man hopped on Battle Cat and went to find Man-at-Arms.

He-Man found his friend, who was using his wrist lasers to ward off some troops. "Duncan--Hordak's taken Adora, and she's about to give birth!" He-Man called.

Teela, who was fighting nearby, overheard. Adora was like a sister to her, and in her rage, she gave Leech a savage kick. The blue Hordesman with the suction-cup hands and feet took off running.

"Teela, stay here. We'll get the Attak Trak and bring Adora back," said Man- at-Arms.

"Yes, Father."

He-Man and Man-at-Arms rode off on Battle Cat and went to the vehicles' parking area. There the two men and the tiger got into the Attak Trak and were ready to go when Orko came floating up. "I want to go too," he insisted.

"We can use the help. Hop in," said He-Man.

Adora sat in her cold cell in Snake Mountain, in pain. She did not want to give birth here.

The young woman guessed what had just transpired. Hordak and Skeletor were once again allies, and apparently Horde Prime was seeking to gain control of Eternia.

Hordak and Shadow Weaver stood at the door to her cell. "You will die for your crime of treason, Adora," said Hordak.

"My brother will see that you pay!" snapped Adora. She was in pain and in no mood to be talked to like that.

"He-Man, your father, everyone--they're all busy with Skeletor, so they won't find out about you until it's too late!" Hordak laughed maniacally.

"Most of the Horde are near the Palace," said Man-at-Arms as the Attak Trak rolled to a stop near Snake Mountain. "We should encounter little resistance."

"Hordak probably figured that we'd be too busy to even think about Adora and her baby," said He-Man. "It probably would have worked if Mother was asleep under that spell much longer."

"Well, let's go," roared Battle Cat.

The two men, Battle Cat, and Orko entered Snake Mountain cautiously. Man- at-Arms was right--next to no resistance. Hordak, apparently, hadn't planned for all contingencies when he took Adora.

Sitting in her cell, Adora knew that her child would be born soon. Shadow Weaver was lurking about, waiting. "Don't worry, Adora, I'll be a good mother," the witch chuckled.

"I think Adora would be a better mother," said a familiar voice. Adora perked up.

Shadow Weaver whirled around. "YOU!"

He-Man, Man-at-Arms, Battle Cat, and Orko stood there. Adroa looked relieved. Shadow Weaver began casting a spell, her yellow lamp-like eyes glowing, but Orko, to his surprise, managed to block it with his own magic. And while Shadow Weaver was distracted, He-Man tore off the cell door and helped his twin sister to her feet.

With a howl of rage, Shadow Weaver transformed herself into smoke and disappeared. Since Adora couldn't walk very fast, He-Man carried her out, and they got out of Snake Mountain.

Adora was brought back to the Palace just in time. Her mother was at her side, holding her hand, as she struggled to give birth to Sea Hawk's child. Her brother, father, and friends were all waiting around; the battle had ended when the Horde realized that they were losing. Hordak had called them all back as soon as he got word that Adora had escaped.

Adora cried out as yet another contraction hit. She felt as if she were being squeezed with a giant fist, while at the same time being stabbed everywhere at once. "Come on, Adora, one more," said the Court Physician, who was delivering the baby.

The young woman summoned all her strength and gave a final push. She could feel something happening. A minute later, she heard the sound of her baby crying.

"Adora, it's a girl," her mother told her excitedly.

A tiny baby was placed in Adora's waiting arms. Adora smiled as she kissed her newborn daughter on her forehead. Somehow she'd known that she'd have a girl, and she'd already picked out a name. "Her name is Annabelle," Adora informed her mother.

A little while later, Adora was sitting up in bed, Princess Annabelle in her arms. Her parents and brother, along with Man-at-Arms, Teela, and Orko, were in the room with her, admiring the newborn princess.

"Would you like to hold your niece, Adam?" Adora asked. She grinned slyly. "Before you begin your double sessions."

Adam gently lifted the baby from Adora's arms. "She's beautiful," he said.

Orko was looking over Adam's shoulder at the little girl. "Awwww...she's so cute," he said.

"Too cute to be born at Snake Mountain," remarked Man-at-Arms as he held one of Annabelle's tiny hands.

"She has your eyes, Adora," said Marlena.

Adora watched happily as her parents, now grandparents, admired the baby. She wondered what the future held for her baby daughter.

end book 1

Book 2, chapter 1 by Alexandra Spears

Princess Annabelle was now a week old, and her mother, Princess Adora, was sitting in a rocking chair in her room, rocking her to sleep. Adora thought that Annabelle looked quite a bit like Sea Hawk, Annabelle's late father, who'd died just before Adora found out that she was pregnant. Annabelle already had some red-gold hair, but she had blue eyes exactly like Adora's. Sea Hawk had had red hair and green eyes. "Tomorrow I'm taking you to Etheria to see my friends there," Adora told her baby. "I'm sure they'll love you." Annabelle was asleep now, so Adora carefully placed her in her cradle. Worried that the Horde might try to take Annabelle away, like they'd tried to last week, mother and daughter shared a room. Adora gently kissed her baby and covered her with blankets. It was nighttime now, about bedtime, and Adora was already in her nightgown. She stared down at her child for a little while, remembering the child's father. A single tear slid down her cheek. She wondered what Sea Hawk would have thought of their daughter. She had a feeling that he would have loved his little girl. Adora climbed into bed, turned off her light, and laid her head on her pillow. For the past eight or nine months or so, she'd been sleeping alone, and even now it still didn't feel right, no husband to cuddle up against, to make love to. Finally, Adora fell asleep, and she began to dream.

Adora was in a meadow, and it was a bright, sunny day. She was dressed in some sort of white dress, and she was holding Annabelle in her arms, and the baby was wrapped in a white blanket. Adora barely felt the grass under her bare feet as she watched someone approaching. Annabelle was awake and quiet. Coming towards them was Sea Hawk, dressed in his usual outfit. "Adora, I've missed you terribly," he said. "And whose child is this?" "This is your daughter Annabelle," said Adora, tears of happiness flowing down her cheeks. "Weeks after you died, I found out that I was pregnant. I was so happy when I found out that I was carrying your child!" "She's a beautiful baby, just like her mother," he said, gently taking Annabelle into his arms and cradling her. "It's too bad I won't get to see her grow up. I love her already." He carefully placed the child in Adora's arms and kissed mother and daughter. "I've missed you so," said Adora. "I'll always love you." A gentle breeze tossed her blonde hair and dried some of her tears. "I'll always love you too," Sea Hawk replied. "I have to go now. I wanted to see how you're doing, and I'm glad we have a daughter." There were tears in their eyes as they kissed one final time. Then Sea Hawk backed away from his wife and daughter slowly, reluctantly, his hand lingering on her cheek. A bright white light was waiting for him, waiting to take him home. "I love you, Adora. And I love Annabelle," he said. "I love you too. I always will." Adora stood there, holding her baby girl, watching as her husband turned around slowly and walked into the light. Tears were flowing freely down her cheeks as she hugged her baby--all she had left of Sea Hawk-- to her chest. She looked so lost and forlorn as she held her baby, the wind gently lifting her hair. Then the light--along with Sea Hawk--was gone.

Adora jerked awake. Annabelle was crying, probably hungry, Adora guessed. Adora wiped the tears from her eyes, got out of bed, and lifted her baby from the cradle. Sitting down in the rocking chair with her, Adora fed her. "That seemed so real," Adora murmured to herself. "Too bad it wasn't."

After breakfast, Adam and Adora, along with Annabelle, rode on Spirit to Castle Greyskull. From there they would go to Etheria and isit their friends there. "So how did your three days of double sessions go?" Adora teased her twin. Because Adora's child was a girl, Adam had to do double training sessions for three days due to a bet he'd had with Teela. "It actually wasn't that bad," said Adam. Adora smiled and hugged her daughter, who was in a baby carrier, to her chest. "I had a dream last night, that Sea Hawk came to see me and Annabelle," she said. Adam knew that Adora was still working through her emotions concerning the loss of her husband. Not only that, she was also dealing with post-partum depression. So anything that made her smile was all right with him. "What did he think of Annabelle?" he asked. "He loved her," Adora said. "I know, it was only a dream, but it felt so real. It made it easier for me to say good-bye to him." Adam nodded. Going to Etheria to show off her newborn baby would be the high point of Adora's day. The horse and three humans arrived at Castle Greyskull. The twins dismounted, and stood at the archway. Adora held Annabelle, and Adam pulled out his sword and intoned, "By the power of Greyskull, I command the jawbridge--open!" The jawbridge of the castle lowered, and they stepped inside. "Ready to go to Etheria?" asked the Sorceress, who'd been expecting them. Adora nodded. The Sorceress went over to Adora, who let her hold Annabelle. "She is a beautiful baby, Adora," said the Sorceress. She held Annabelle for a little while. The Sorceress gently handed Annabelle back to her mother. "Now I will open the portal to Etheria." A yellow disk of light appeared, and the twins, Adora carrying Annabelle, stepped through it. Once in Etheria, they headed towards the graveyard where Sea Hawk was buried. "I wish Sea Hawk knew about Annabelle," said Adora as the twins stood at the grave. "I think he would have loved his little girl." "Somehow I know he would have," said Adam. He was silent for a little while. Then he asked Adora, "Would you like to head to Castle Bright Moon now?" Adora looked at her twin and nodded. "Let's go."

"Congratulations, Adora!" said Bow. His wife, Princess Glimmer of Bright Moon, held their month-old son, Prince Micah, in her arms. "This is Princess Annabelle," Adora announced. "Eight days old already." A lot of Adora's friends were there, and they all gathered around her, admiring her newborn daughter. She saw Spinerella, and Flutterina, and Netossa, along with Frosta and Castaspella. Kowl was hovering nearby as well; everyone had known that Adora was coming today. Adora's friends Lonnie, Sunder, and Mally, along with Sunder and Mally's daughter Telzie and Lonnie's father were there as well. "Look, Telzie, there's Adora's new baby," said Mally. Her husband Sunder smiled. Lonnie and Sunder had once been in the Horde along with Adora, except, unlike Adora, they hadn't been under spells of control. Yet Adora's departure from the Horde had inspired them to leave too. Shokra, Adora's nursemaid from when Adora was a child growing up in the Fright Zone, was there too. The grandmotherly woman hugged her "adopted" daughter. "I'm happy for you, dear," she said. "Happy that you found your parents and that you have a child of your own. And this is your brother Adam?" "That's right," said Adora. "Adam, this is Shokra, the woman I told you about. She raised me." Adam shook hands with the woman. "I'm glad someone was taking care of my sister," he smiled. "She did turn out rather well." "I'd wanted to tell her who she really was, but..." Shokra shrugged, a gesture of helplessness. "Well, I'm glad she found out. She was a good baby herself...Annabelle's so quiet, just like Adora was." Surrounded by friends, Adora forgot about her depression for a while.

Hours later, Adora wanted to go to Seaworthy. One of Sea Hawk's crew, Swen, a short fat man, was running the ship now. The twins changed to He-Man and She-Ra. She-Ra put Annabelle into the baby-carrying sling, and they rode on Swift Wind. "To Seaworthy, Swifty." As Swift Wind flew, She-Ra realized that there was another stop to make. "Sea Hawk's father, the Falcon, lives on an island. The enchanted air is the only thing keeping him alive," said She-Ra. "I"m sure he'd like to see his granddaughter." "That's right," said He-Man. "I hated breaking the news to him, that Sea Hawk is dead," said She-Ra. "You know, I think Hawk was living on borrowed time to begin with. When Scurvy tried to kill him the first time, it was nothing short of a miracle that Sea Hawk survived. I caught up with him." The twins were silent as Swift Wind landed near the dock at Seaworthy. The ship was there, and Swen was on the dock. "She-Ra! He-Man!" he exclaimed. "Hello Swen. This is my daughter Annabelle," said She-Ra. "So Sea Hawk has a daughter," said Swen. "She's so cute...he would have loved her, She-Ra." The other members of the crew came up to see their late captain's widow and child. Comments such as "adorable child" "future pirate queen" "beautiful little girl" could be heard. She-Ra and He-Man visited for a while, then flew off to the island that was the Falcon's residence.

Swift Wind landed on the island. Sea Hawk had shown his wife how to get into the secret grotto, and She-Ra pushed on a rock. Suddenly, they were greeted by a mouse by the name of Davy Jones, who wore a red-striped shirt and yellow kerchief on his head. "'Ey, it's She-Ra and He-Man! Wot you got there, She-Ra?" "A baby, Davy," she said. "Sea Hawk's child. And the Falcon's granddaughter. This is Princess Annabelle." "So you're Davy. I'm He-Man." "I 'eard all about ya," said Davy. "Come on in." The twins followed the salty little mouse to the Falcon's residence, which consisted of not much more than a bed, a table and a couple of chairs and a shelf with a few books on it. The Falcon sat on his bed. He smiled when he looked up and saw his daughter-in-law. "This is your granddaughter Annabelle," She-Ra said, gently placing the baby in the Falcon's arms. "And she's a beautiful little girl, She-Ra. My son would have loved her," he said. She-Ra and He-Man smiled. Everyone said that! The Falcon coughed. "I'm glad you brought me to see her, She-Ra...I'm dying...don't have much time left," he said, as She-Ra gently lifted her daughter out of his arms. "And this is your brother...nice to meet you." He shook the younger man's hand. The Falcon looked older than the last time She-Ra had seen him. His red hair, so much like his son's, was turning white. His brown eyes were dull. "I probably have...a day or so," the Falcon gasped, lying down on his bed. She-Ra looked at her brother helplessly. He-Man looked sympathetic. "Please...stay with the last thing I see is my little granddaughter when I go," the Falcon begged. "Of course," said He-Man.

For the next day, Adam and Adora helped take care of the Falcon in his dying hours. The Falcon enjoyed holding his granddaughter. He was holding her while Adam and Adora sat at the table. By the middle of that day, the Falcon was too weak even to hold a baby. He was dying in ernest now. "Adora...I'm glad...that you were a...good my son," the Falcon said. "Take care...of granddaughter." He closed his eyes and breathed his last. Tears fell down Adora's cheeks as Adam gently and respectfully pulled the blanket up over the old man's face.

The next day, the Falcon was buried next to his son. Adam put an arm around his sister's shoulder while the funeral went on. "At least he got to see his granddaughter," Adora sniffed. "Sea Hawk never even knew I was pregnant. They're together now, Sea Hawk and his parents." Sea Hawk's mother had died when Sea Hawk was around ten years old, and he was buried between his parents. "Now all the family I have left is on Eternia."

Book 2, Chapter 2 by Alexandra Spears

It had been a couple of weeks since the death of the legendary Falcon. Adora sat in her room, brooding. The Horde was responsible for that death too, she was thinking. Ever since the death of his son, the Falcon's health had deteriorated rapidly, causing him to die much sooner.

Admiral Scurvy was in prison in Castle Bright Moon on Etheria for the death of Sea Hawk, but that was of little consolation to Adora. It wouldn't change anything, wouldn't bring back her beloved husband.

Adora checked her chronometer. Time for training with Adam and Teela. Her mother always took care of little Annabelle during the twins' training sessions. "I'm not going," Adora said aloud, to no one. She didn't care what anyone thought at this point. She just wanted to be alone.

In Snake Mountain, Hordak and Skeletor were concocting yet another scheme. Evil-Lyn had just found something and was sharing it with the rest. It was a midnight-blue jewel with what seemed to be hundreds of facets.

"It's the Dream Gem, Skeletor," said Evil-Lyn. She didn't like Hordak very much, didn't like the way Hordak was in charge now. "Whoever possesses it and has magical abilities can cause any person to have whatever kind of dream you want him to have."

Shadow Weaver snatched it from Evil-Lyn. "Yes, I have the perfect idea. At least, how to get rid of She-Ra."

"I'd rather be rid of both those meddlers, but at least we'll have half the trouble. What do you have in mind, Weaver?" said Skeletor.

"If He-Man and She-Ra killed someone, they are to give up their swords--and their powers," said Shadow Weaver. "Adora is not too fond of us right now because her husband was killed by Admiral Scurvy."

"I see!" exclaimed Hordak. "So you want her to go on a murderous rampage and have to give up her powers as She-Ra! But what do dreams have to do with it?"

"What if she believed the spirit of her husband told her to do so?" Shadow Weaver chuckled.

"Only one problem. Who's expendable enough?" said Skeletor. "She should go after you, Hordak!" He laughed his high-pitched laugh.

"You wish, you bone-headed bog-waddler," Hordak retorted. "And have you in charge of Eternia? I don't think Horde Prime is that stupid!"

"What about Admiral Scurvy? He's useless," suggested Imp.

"Of course!" roared Skeletor. "That's the one who killed Sea Hawk. You still want him around, Hordak?"

"He's in prison. I don't care what happens to him. And it's perfect. Weaver--start tonight, when Adora lays her pretty little head on her pillow." Hordak laughed evilly.

Adora lay on her bed, half-asleep, not even caring about training. She'd trained while growing up in the Fright Zone. She had hardly had a childhood to speak of.

There was a knock at her door. Adora sat up. "Come in," she called.

Adam entered the room. "Adora, what's with you? Why are you holed up in your room all the time?"

"I just want to be alone," Adora replied. "Alone with my baby. Do you have a problem with that?"

"Yes, I do, as a matter of fact," Adam said, sitting next to her on her bed. "And so does everyone else. Adora, you're not showing up for things on time, we hardly ever see you--do I have to go on?"

"Adam, please leave," Adora said firmly. She lay back down on her bed. "You'll wake up the baby. I told you, I want to be alone right now. I need privacy."

Adam sighed as he stood up. "I don't know what to do, Adora. Mother and Father are worried about you. They're not angry, just concerned. Just do me a favor. If you need to talk, I'm available."

Adora watched as her twin left her room and gently closed the door. She'd had so much tragedy within the last year alone, first her husband dying, then her father-in-law, who only got to see his granddaughter once. Annabelle would never remember her paternal grandfather, and that made Adora sad, too. And now people wanted to bother her with schedules and things like that. None of that for her. She wanted to stay alone with her baby until she felt ready to join the rest of civilization.

That night, Adora was in bed, asleep. She didn't know it, but her mother was opening the door gently.

Queen Marlena looked at her sleeping daughter. Her granddaughter was asleep in her cradle, which was next to Adora's bed; in fact, that cradle had been Adora's when she was a baby. Even though Adora was asleep, she looked angry and confused, as well as depressed. Annabelle, on the other hand, being an innocent baby, looked content.

Marlena gently closed the door. Her husband was standing behind her. "I don't know how to help her, Randor," she said. "She's become so unreachable. It's like the death of her husband's father was the final blow or something."

King Randor put his arm around his wife's shoulders and sighed as he led her to their room. "I think we'll have to be patient with her, and not force her into anything."

Adora was standing in the meadow again, where she'd last seen her husband. This time she was alone, and she was wearing her nightgown. This time the sky was dark and threatening, and she could hear the rumbling of thunder.

The light appeared again, the same light, it seemed, that had taken him away last time. Out of it came Sea Hawk. "Hawk!" Adora cried, rushing into his arms.

Sea Hawk laughed merrily as he hugged her and whirled her around a couple of times. But when he set her back down on her feet, his expression was grim, serious, determined. "Adora, I need you to do something for me," he said. "I can never rest peacefully unless the man who murdered me is dead. If you don't kill him, he will go after our daughter. Annabelle's life is in danger."

"Kill Admiral Scurvy? But I could never kill anyone. If I were to, I would have to give up my power as She-Ra, besides. You know that."

"Adora, because he's still alive, I can never truly be at rest," said Sea Hawk. "And isn't our baby worth more than a magical sword? You may still have your power as She-Ra, but they won't bring back Annabelle if Scurvy gets to her. Adora, this is justice."

"I--I don't know," Adora whispered.

"Adora, do it. For me, for you, and for Annabelle. Because you love me."

Adora drew a deep breath. "I'll do it," she said. "No matter what it may cost me."

Book 2, Chapter 3 by Alexandra Spears

Adora sat down to breakfast the next morning with her family. She'd already fed, bathed, and changed Annabelle, and the baby was asleep in her cradle in Adora's room.

"Good morning, Adora," said King Randor to his daughter.

"Morning, Father, Mother, Adam," Adora said softly.

As Adora picked at her breakfast, there was a battle going on in her mind. She wanted to kill Admiral Scurvy for killing Sea Hawk, but she had never hurt anyone.

But it would be justice. And what if he escaped and came after her or Annabelle--or the rest of her family?

Adora turned it over and over in her mind. She had to protect her family. An eye for an eye, a life for a life.

She would kill her husband's murderer.

After breakfast, Adora hoped to get to Etheria and accomplish her self-appointed mission before anyone knew what she was up to. She changed to She-Ra and was starting to walk out the door when she heard Teela calling her. "She-Ra--where are you going?" asked the Captain of the Royal Guard.

"To Etheria. To see an old friend of mine," she said mysteriously.

Adora was like a sister to Teela, and Teela picked up on her mood. She-Ra was acting very strangely, she thought. "What friend might that be?" Teela asked her friend.

"Just someone I know," She-Ra said dismissively. She started to walk away. She was not taking Swift Wind with her because he would try to talk her out of what it was she wanted to do.

Teela grabbed her arm. "Look, She-Ra, you've been behaving quite out of character lately. All you do is hide away in your room with your daughter. We're all worried. Why won't you talk about it?"

She-Ra jerked her arm away. Teela knew better than to fight with her. In her state of mind and with her strength, She-Ra could be dangerous. "I'll be back soon," she simply said as she walked away.

Teela watched as her friend walked towards Castle Greyskull. Then she went to tell She-Ra's parents and brother.

She-Ra arrived on Etheria via the portal in Castle Greyskull. "Even the Sorceress can't let me be," She-Ra said to herself as she began walking towards Castle Bright Moon, where Admiral Scurvy was imprisoned. "Well, once I do this, I'll be fine. I'll find a way to keep my powers. This is justice--it's the right thing to do. To protect my family." Deep down inside, however, she knew that she was trying to convince herself that what she was doing was right, that it was justified.

Suddenly, she saw Madame Razz flying above her. Whirling around, She-Ra watched as Madame Razz and Broom crashed into a tree. "Madame, are you all right?" She-Ra asked, going over to the old woman and the broom.

"Yes, dearie, I--She-Ra! What are you up to, dearie?"

She-Ra merely stood there, trying to think of something to say. "I want to see Admiral Scurvy. I have a score to settle with him."

"Well, it just so happens that I have news," said Madame Razz. "Scurvy escaped from the prison again."

She-Ra withdrew her sword. "Where is he?" she asked.

Madame Razz was a little intimidated by She-Ra's tone. She knew that Scurvy was the one who'd murdered She-Ra's husband. "That's not all, She-Ra. He went to Seaworthy to try to gain revenge on Sea Hawk's crew for capturing him and turning him in to King Micah. The crew managed to recapture him, and Scurvy committed suicide to prevent being imprisoned again."

She-Ra gripped her sword tightly. Part of her was relieved, as he wouldn't ever be able to come after anyone again, and that she didn't have to go through with this little mission. However, another part of her was angry--she'd been cheated of her revenge. Sea Hawk had wanted her to kill Scurvy herself; that was the impression she'd gotten.

"Thanks for the information, Madame. I'll head back to Eternia now." She-Ra decided to go after Hordak, who was Scurvy's boss. She would get her revenge one way or another!

"See ya, dearie," said Madame Razz.

He-Man arrived at Castle Greyskull after finding out from Teela that She-Ra had gone to Etheria. He-Man knew that his sister was not herself lately, and there was no telling what she would do. Her husband's death, and that of her father-in-law, combined with her post-partum depression, had taken its toll on her. She needed help.

"I worry about your sister, He-Man. She seems to be...obsessed," said the Sorceress. "Wait--I'm getting a message from her. She's coming back."

Soon She-Ra came through the portal. "Scurvy's dead," she said

"You didn't--" He-Man began.

"No. He committed suicide, Madame told me." She looked furious, as if she'd been cheated of something. She breezed past them and headed for the entrance to the castle. "I'll see you back at the Palace, brother. Good-bye, Sorceress."

He-Man and the Sorceress watched as She-Ra left. "I have a feeling that home is not where she's headed," said He-Man. "I'm going to follow her."

She-Ra arrived at Snake Mountain. When she thought about Hordak, fury overwhelmed her. Hordak had kidnapped her, lied to her, indirectly killed her husband, tried to take her child. No more.

She entered Snake Mountain, unaware that her twin brother was not far behind. Tears of anger were in her eyes as she went through the entrance to the mountain.

In Snake Mountain's throne room, Hordak sat on the throne, his feet propped up on the table where a crystal ball was embedded. "Anytime now, and we won't have to deal with She-Ra. And then we'll think of something for He-Man," Hordak chuckled.

Skeletor, Beast Man, and Shadow Weaver were in the room as well. Shadow Weaver was chuckling. "Adora will be out for revenge, and it'll work in our favor."

Suddenly, the door burst open, and She-Ra stood there, her face a picture of rage. Beast Man took a few hesitant steps then bolted away.

"It's over, Hordak," said She-Ra. She held her sword in her hand.

"Get her!" roared Hordak.

She-Ra charged at the throne and swung her sword in an attempt to behead Hordak, who fell out of his chair and landed on his rear end, saving his pathetic life.

Suddenly, He-Man barged in and grabbed his sister's arms, causing her to drop her sword. At the same time, Skeletor was shouting, "We've created a monster!"

She-Ra's back was to He-Man, and she strained forward, trying to break his hold on her arms. "He's responsible for our suffering--my suffering," she raged.

"All right, Skeletor, what do you mean you've created a monster?" asked He-Man, still holding on to his sister.

Shadow Weaver slunk out of the room. "Evil-Lyn found the legendary Dream Gem and Shadow Weaver used it to create Adora's dreams so she'd kill Scurvy and have to give up her powers!" Skeletor confessed, evidently afraid that He-Man would turn She-Ra loose if he didn't tell.

"She-Ra, did you hear that? You were being influenced. Now calm down," He-Man ordered.

"Just get her out of here!" Hordak whined. "The plan backfired, Skeletor--it's your fault! She's after us now!"
"Sea Hawk told me to kill Scurvy--but he killed himself," She-Ra said. "I figured Hordak would be a good substitute."

"Sea Hawk is dead, She-Ra. And I seriously doubt he'd tell you to do something like that," said He-Man.

Shadow Weaver, lurking in the doorway, began casting a spell that would paralyze the twins. He-Man and She-Ra would be captured.

She-Ra saw what Shadow Weaver was doing. She shoved He-Man out of the way of the spell, and it wound up paralyzing Hordak on accident. "Let's get out of here, He-Man," said She-Ra, blinking back tears.

Back at the Palace, Adora was having a long talk with her parents. She apologized for the way she'd acted. "I was just so angry," she said.

"You need to talk to someone, get it off your chest," Queen Marlena told her daughter.

"We were so worried about you, Adora," King Randor added.

"I was vulnerable. That's how they were able to use the Gem to control my dreams and make me want to kill someone," Adora recalled. "I'm glad it didn't work. It did backfire on them."

Randor and Marlena hugged their daughter and let her cry on their shoulders for a long time. Given time, Adora would heal emotionally.

Book 2, Chapter 4 by Alexandra Spears

Adam and Adora walked around the Palace grounds, Adora carrying her infant daughter Annabelle in her arms. It had been only a few days since she'd nearly lost her mind and tried to kill Hordak.

Adora seemed to be better, Adam noticed. At Snake Mountain, when She-Ra realized that her emotional state was making it easy for Hordak and his cronies to manipulate her, she'd lost the desire to kill Hordak. And it had shocked her that she could be so easily controlled. She'd been under spells of control while growing up in the Fright Zone on Etheria, and she was determined never to let anyone control her like that again.

"I can't believe I was acting like that," Adora said as she kissed her baby on the forehead. "I was just feeling sorry for myself."

"Adora, no one's perfect. You're only human, and you can only take so much," said Adam.

"I should have been able to see through that. You were right. No way would my Sea Hawk have wanted me to kill anyone, or to take revenge. He wasn't like that."

"I'm glad you're better," said Adam. "You know, I think Sea Hawk wouldn't want you to just isolate yourself. I think he would have wanted you to try to be happy, do the best you can to go on without him."

Adora nodded. "I guess I wanted to believe he was still alive somewhere. I miss him so much." She sighed. "I realize that he's dead and that I'll never see him again. But I'm glad I have Annabelle--she's part of him as well as part of me."

"May I hold her?"

Adora carefully placed Annabelle in Adam's arms. Adam cradled his little niece in his arms. Annabelle woke up, looked at him, yawned, and went back to sleep. Adam smirked. "She must find me boring."

"No, she's comfortable with you," said Adora. She held her child's tiny hand.

"So, how are you feeling now?" asked Adam.

"Depressed," Adora sighed. "I know it sounds heartless to say this, but in a way I'm glad Scurvy's dead. It makes me feel better." She looked away. "And when I found out, I felt I had to kill someone, and who better than Hordak?"

"Good thing I decided to follow you. But you had a change of heart real quick--suddenly you decided just to come home with me. Why was that?"

"When I heard that they were controlling me. I didn't want to give Hordak the satisfaction." Adora gently took Annabelle from Adam's arms. "I remembered the times Shadow Weaver put spells of control on me. I did not want to be controlled or manipulated. I'm glad you destroyed the Gem."

"As am I. And I'm glad you're returning to your normal self." They turned back towards the Palace.

"I've also considered suicide," Adora added suddenly. Adam turned his head so quickly he almost pulled a muscle. She continued speaking. "But every time I'd think about it, I'd look at Annabelle and realize that she needs a mother--she doesn't have a father. I don't want her to be an orphan. But if something does happen to me, I want you to be her father as well as her uncle."

Adam nodded. "I'll do that. But please make sure nothing does happen to you, Adora. We all love you."

Annabelle woke up. Suddenly she started coughing, then crying. Adora was alarmed. "Annabelle...Adam, there's something wrong with her!" She put a hand on her baby's forehead. "Adam, she's sick!"

"Come on, let's get her to the medical center," said Adam.

Adora bit her knuckles nervously as the Court Physician examined her baby. "What's wrong with Annabelle?" she asked, not sure if she wanted to know.

"Your daughter has pneumonia. Children under two years old are more susceptible to it," said the Court Physician.

"Is she going to be all right?"

"We'll have to wait and see. Annabelle is only a few weeks old."

Adora wanted to scream, to lash out. She did not want to lose her child. But she kept herself composed.

Queen Marlena entered the room where Adora sat next to an incubator. Inside the incubator was Adora's infant daughter. Adora's hand was inside, and it held the baby's hand.

"Mother, I don't know what I'll do if Annabelle dies," Adora said, looking up and seeing Marlena.

"Adora, I think Annabelle will make it. You love her too much."

Just then, Adora's father came in, Adam behind him. "Adam told me about Annabelle," said King Randor. "How is she?"

"The physician doesn't know if she'll make it," Adora sniffed, tears running down her cheeks, as they always seemed to do nowadays. She clenched her fist. Why was everything happening to her? Annabelle was the one bright spot in her life right now, and now it looked as if all the light would be gone from Adora's life.

Randor put an arm around his daughter's shoulders. "Annabelle is receiving the best medical care possible, Adora."

Adora nodded. She hoped that it would be enough to save the child.

The next morning, Adam was looking for his sister. He had an idea as to where she might be, and he made a beeline for the medical center. Sure enough, there she was, sitting at her daughter's side, still holding a tiny hand. "Adora, you've been up all night?"

Adora straightened up, startled. "Adam! Yes...I've been with Annabelle all night. I just can't leave her."

"How is she?"

"She still has a high fever. Adam, I'm so worried about her. Her life hasn't even begun, either. She's too young to Sea Hawk was."

"Are you going to come to breakfast?"

"I'm not hungry. I'm tired, though, and I'm going to take a nap."

Adam and Adora walked down the corridor together, where they met up with Man-at-Arms and Orko. "I heard about your little girl, Adora," said Man-at-Arms.

"Maybe I can help Annabelle feel better?" suggested Orko.

"Annabelle's too young, Orko," said Adam. "She's too little to know what you're doing."

"And I'm too tired to stand," said Adora. "I'm going to go to bed."

"You look like you've been up all night," Man-at-Arms observed. "Go on to your room. I'll let your parents know. They'll understand."

Adora headed for her room, where she lay on her bed and cried in frustration. Her mind was in turmoil once again as she wondered whether her baby girl would live or die.

Book 2, Chapter 5 by Alexandra Spears

After breakfast, Adam went to the medical center to check on his niece for Adora, who was in her room sleeping. Teela went with him.

"I can understand how Adora feels," said Adam. "Annabelle is all she has left of Sea Hawk. And I can sense what she feels to a certain extent."

"Just when Adora was starting to pull herself back together," Teela murmured as they entered the room.

The Court Physician was giving medicine to little Annabelle, who cried out when the needle penetrated her skin. He looked up and smiled. "Annabelle's going to be all right. Her fever just broke."

"Let's tell Adora," said Adam, grabbing Teela's hand and hurrying out the door.

"Wait. Do you think she wants to be awakened?"

"I'm sure Adora would want to know about Annabelle."

Adora woke up to the sound of someone knocking on her door. "Come in," she called, her voice wavering. It had to be about her daughter. She was afraid of what the news might be.

Adam and Teela came in. "Good news. Annabelle's fever broke, and she's going to be all right," said Adam.

Adora went over and hugged her brother. "Thanks, Adam."

"I didn't do anything," he said. Teela was smiling. "All I did was bring you the news."

As soon as Adora bathed and put on some fresh clothes, she went down to see her daughter. Annabelle was still sick, but with her fever down, her chances had improved dramatically.

"Mommy's here, Annabelle," Adora said to her daughter. The baby, hearing her mother's voice, turned and looked at her. Annabelle definitely knew who her mother was, what she looked like, even at a few weeks old.

Adora gazed down at her child. Annabelle was in a clear glass crib now, instead of the incubator, and someone had put her pink sleepers on her. The baby was covered with warm blankets.

Adora looked up as she saw Adam approaching with a stuffed animal. "I thought Annabelle might like her favorite toy," he said as he placed the toy in Annabelle's crib.

"Thank you, Adam," said Adora.

Annabelle coughed. Adora gently pulled her baby to a sitting position and patted her back, careful not to hurt the child.

"Whenever I got sick, I was forced to ignore it," Adora said to Adam. She shook her head. "I won't do that to Annabelle. If she gets sick, she's going right to bed."

"You mean you had to train even if you were sick?" said Adam, sitting down next to Adora in another chair.

Adora nodded. "No weakness was allowed." She carefully laid Annabelle back down on the pillows and pulled the blankets over her. The baby went back to sleep.

Adam looked pensive. No wonder Adora was never one to talk about how she felt. She hadn't been allowed to. She'd had to keep it inside, though she'd been getting better. Adora was learning that she needed to talk. And apparently, to the Horde, doing that was a sign of weakness.

The twins looked up as their parents entered the room. "Teela told us that Annabelle's getting better," said their father.

"I'm so relieved," said Adora. "I don't ever want anything to happen to Annabelle."

As the days went by and Annabelle recovered from her illness, Adora reflected on what had happened in the past year, which had been marred by tragedy.

Adora had once heard her mother say that the darkest hour is before the dawn. Adora felt as if her life had just been in its darkest hour, and that things could only get better.

Several days after Annabelle became ill, she was better. Adora carried her child back to her room, where she placed the baby in her cradle. The Court Physician had commented that Annabelle was a strong baby.

Adora sat on her bed and used her foot to rock Annabelle's cradle. Adora had been a few months old, a couple of months older than Annabelle's age now, at the time of her abduction. She could imagine herself in this cradle, her mother rocking her as she was rocking Annabelle.

Annabelle was soon asleep. She was no longer sick, and Adora was slowly but surely coming out of her depression. She had a feeling that the darkest hour had passed and that dawn was here.

Book 3, Chapter 1 by Alexandra Spears

Princess Annabelle was now six months old and fast becoming an adorable little girl. She had strawberry- blonde hair that ended in curls like her mother's did, and she had her mother's bright blue eyes.

Annabelle was a happy baby who laughed a lot. Her mother, Adora, was glad to see that.

Adora was pretty much back to normal, though she was in tears once in a while whenever she thought of her late husband, Captain Sea Hawk, the father Annabelle would never know.

Adora no longer desired revenge. The villain who had murdered Sea Hawk was dead by his own hand. Adora came to realize that revenge wouldn't accomplish anything--it certainly wouldn't bring back Sea Hawk.

Adam was happy that his sister was pretty much back to her old self. He was discussing that while on a little picnic with Teela.

"I'm glad Adora's managed to pull herself together," said Teela. "You should have seen her, Adam, when she was headed to Etheria that day." She paused. "Well, that's in the past now. You managed to stop her from doing something foolish, and she's all right now."

"My little niece is cute as a button, too," said Adam. "I think Adora's a great mother."

"I can tell she loves that baby," said Teela.

"There's someone I love," said Adam, smirking a little bit.

"Oh really?"

"You." Adam reached over and gently kissed Teela on her lips. Teela was a bit shocked. She'd been a bit suspicious when Adam suggested that they go somewhere alone--he was up to something.

"Adam, I have to admit it. I've always been in love with you," said Teela.

They sat there for a bit. Everything was quiet except for a breeze gently blowing through the trees and the sounds of birds and other animals.

Adam broke the silence. "Well, I've been wanting to ask you something, Teela." His cheeks were a little pink.

"And what's that?"

It took more courage to do this than to fight Skeletor, Adam was thinking as he pulled something out of his jacket. "Teela, will you marry me?"

Teela looked even more shocked than when Adam kissed her. "Yes," she said. "Yes, I will!"

The two threw their arms around each other and kissed. Adam started to kiss her neck when Teela said, "How about we save this for the wedding night?"

"Oh--of course. Got a little carried away there," Adam chuckled. The something he'd pulled from his jacket was an engagement ring, and it was a nice-sized diamond. He slipped it onto her finger.

"What's this?" asked Teela.

"An engagement ring. An Earth custom. It shows that you're engaged to someone."

Teela smiled. "That's right--I forgot. When Adora was married to Sea Hawk, she wore two rings on her finger. She doesn't wear them anymore."

"She's a widow. She put them away somewhere--she said that they remind her of him too much," said Adam, suddenly feeling a pang of sorrow on his sister's behalf.

Adam and Teela kissed again. They would be heading back to the Palace soon.

Adora was out in the courtyard, playing with her daughter. Autumn was just beginning, though the days were still warm.

Annabelle was able to sit up now. She was also starting to crawl and get into things.

"So, here are my granddaughter and great-granddaughter," said a familiar voice.

Adora looked up, and smiled, surprised. "Grandfather!" she exclaimed, seeing King Miro standing there. King Miro was Randor's father, and he travelled all over Eternia.

King Miro bent down and hugged his granddaughter, who was sitting on the bench in the courtyard. "I decided to come and stay here. With the Horde around, along with Skeletor and his men, it's not safe to travel anymore."

Annabelle crawled over to the bench. Her great-grandfather bent down and lifted her up. "Hello Annabelle--is that her name?" he said.

Adora nodded. She hadn't seen her grandfather since her wedding. "She's six months old now, Grandfather."

"I heard about your husband. I'm sorry," said Miro.

"I miss him. He would have loved Annabelle," said Adora.

"I liked him. He was a good lad. Speaking of good lads-- where's your brother?"

"He's out on, shall we call a date, with Teela," Adora told him. "Do Mother and Father know you're here?"

"Yes, they do. They told me you were out here with your daughter. And this little one's a cute one."

Annabelle started tugging on her great-grandfather's white beard. She was laughing as she did this.

"She does that to Father all the time when he holds her," Adora laughed as she stood up and gently took her daughter from Miro's arms.

"You did that to me when you were a baby. Both you and Adam," Miro chuckled.

Just then, Adam and Teela came out onto the courtyard, holding hands. "Grandfather!" exclaimed Adam, going over to him and hugging him. "What brings you here from your travels?"

"The threat of the Horde," Miro told his grandson. "I'm going to be living here now. And I see that you and Teela have fallen in love."

"That right--and we're going to be married," added Teela, beaming.

"Oh, Adam, Teela, congratulations!" exclaimed Adora, hugging Adam and Teela while holding her baby. "Now you will be my sister, Teela!"

"We have yet to tell Mother and Father. And we have to be in the throne room in a few minutes," said Adam.

King Miro walked between his twin grandchildren, his arms around their shoulders. Adam held Teela's hand, and Adora held Annabelle in her arms as they walked down the corridor to the throne room.

King Randor and Queen Marlena sat upon their thrones and watched as King Miro, the twins, Teela, and Annabelle entered. Randor smiled at his son. Adam wasn't late--but then again, Adam could be his responsible self, now that he didn't have to hide his He-Man identity anymore.

Teela went over and took her place next to her father, who stood next to the dais at the King's right. She was smiling, and Man-at-Arms had a feeling he knew what was up. It was confirmed minutes later.

"Father, I have an announcement to make," said Adam.

"Well, tell us what it is," Randor encouraged.

"Teela and I are engaged. We wish to be married next month."

His parents smiled. Man-at-Arms was grinning. Teela was blushing.

Adora was happy for her brother. She remembered nearly two years ago when Sea Hawk had been visiting, and they'd been assembled like this. Without warning, Sea Hawk had formally asked King Randor for Adora's hand in marriage. "Only if she says yes," Randor had said. Which she had.

"Well, we'll have to start making wedding plans right away," said Queen Marlena.

Adam and Teela smiled at each other. Adora sincerely hoped that Adam wouldn't become a widower. She wanted her brother to be happy. But she was confident that Teela would be around for a while--Teela was destined to be the next Sorceress, a fact that only Teela's mother (who was the Sorceress), Man-at-Arms, and the twins knew.

"Adora--would you like to be my maid of honor?" Teela asked. Teela had been at Adora's wedding, and she figured she'd return the favor.

"I'd love to," said Adora. "I take it you're going to do this Earth-style, like Sea Hawk and I did?"

Adam grinned. "That's right."

Book 3 chapter 2 by Alexandra Spears

Teela was a bit excited as the tailor took her measurements for her wedding dress. Weddings on Earth, it seemed, were much more interesting. Here on Eternia, the couple merely went to a priest, who did little more than pronounce them husband and wife, and there might be a celebration afterward. But when Sea Hawk and Adora were married, Earth-style, all of a sudden a lot of couples were imitating the ceremony. The Earth-style had suddenly become more popular, especially since the Queen was from Earth.

Teela, Adora, and Queen Marlena were in a sitting room. Adora sat on a sofa with her six-month-old daughter Annabelle on her lap; her mother sat next to her. It seemed that Adora constantly had Annabelle with her.

"I'd like pretty much the same style Adora had, but with short sleeves," said Teela. She smiled at the young woman who would be her sister-in-law, and Adora smiled back.

"Mother, what was it like when you married Father?" Adora asked.

"Well, since it was obvious that I'd never get back to Earth, I decided to go ahead and marry him. It was a big event, though, because until I came along, he hadn't been able to find anyone he'd really wanted to be married to. I was dressed in a pink dress, and we went before a priest, he pronounced us husband and wife, and we had a party afterward. I remember asking if there was a stereo system anywhere." She chuckled.

"What's a stereo?" asked Teela.

"A sound system. A radio. It could also play little things such as 8-track tapes and cassette tapes. We also had black discs called records. And we had a wonderful thing called television. It's like a viewscreen, and you could watch a variety of shows. One of my favorites was Star Trek. That inspired me to become an astronaut."

Adora and Teela looked at each other. Adora shrugged. Marlena chuckled. "When we have time, I'll use Duncan's memory projector."

Adam stood on a balcony that was at the end of a corridor, looking out over the city of Eternos. He was deep in thought, his elbow on the railing, his chin in his hand. Cringer lay at his feet.

"In a few weeks I'll be a married man, Cringer," said Adam. "I wonder what it's like?"

"Ask your sister," whined Cringer, who was apparently trying to sleep.

Adam snorted. "Adora's a girl, Cringer. She'd probably have a different perspective on that."

Cringer got up and headed for Adam's room. Adam was a young man in love, and all he could think about was his fiancee. Cringer would rather sleep.

At Snake Mountain, Hordak sat on his throne, Skeletor at his right side. Their various lackeys were gathered together. "We must find a way to stop He-Man and She-Ra once and for all!" Hordak roared.

"I've managed to re-create the portal that will take us into the Palace," said Skeletor.

"I'll go there and take Adora myself," said Hordak. "I want her first. Her brother I'll get later."

That evening, Adora sat in her rocking chair in her room, giving Annabelle a bottle. The infant, dressed in pink and white sleepers, looked content to be in her mother's arms.

Life was certainly different for Adora since becoming a mother. For one thing, she didn't take as many risks as She-Ra, for fear of leaving her daughter an orphan, though the child's grandparents and uncle would take good care of her. It was bad enough that Annabelle never had a father; the child needed her mother.

When Annabelle was done, Adora sat her on the four- poster bed that seemed to dominate the room. Adora sat down on her bed, across from her daughter. Annabelle looked up at her mother.

Suddenly, Adora began tickling Annabelle, and the baby laughed, Adora laughing with her. Adora enjoyed these moments with her child.

Soon Annabelle was tired out, and Adora put her in her cradle. Tired herself, Adora put her sword behind her sliding bookcase, undressed, put on a long-sleeved white nightgown, selected a book to read, and got into bed.

Before long, Adora was asleep, the book next to her on top of the blankets.

Suddenly, Adora thought someone had turned her light back on. She was half-awake when she saw a portal forming in her room. She was fully awake when she saw Hordak coming out of it. "Adam!" she shrieked just before she was stunned.

Hordak ignored the baby, who was starting to cry, and lifted the child's mother from her bed. "At last, I have you now, traitor!" He carried her through the portal to Snake Mountain.

Adam was half-asleep when he thought he heard Adora calling his name. A beat later, he heard Annabelle crying, and he wondered what was going on.

The young man quickly dressed and went next door to his sister's room. He opened the door and found little Annabelle lying in her cradle, crying. Adora was nowhere to be seen. Adam gently picked up his niece. "It's all right, Annabelle--we just have to find your mother," he said.

His heart was pounding. Adora had to have been abducted--he remembered hearing her calling for him.

When Adora came to, she was lying in a dungeon, a manacle around her left ankle. "Welcome to Snake Mountain, Princess!" said Hordak. "Your brother will be forced to come here and be my prisoner along with you, and your father forced to turn over rule of Eternia to me!"

"You monster," she said, glaring at him. "You know you'll lose."

"Oh, no, my child. It isn't I who will lose--it's you who will. And what you will lose is your life."

Book 3 Chapter 3 by Alexandra Spears

King Randor and Queen Marlena had been sleeping peacefully when there was a knock at their door. They sat up in their bed. "Who is it?" asked Randor.

"It's me--Adam--there's an emergency!"

"Come in," said Marlena.

Adam burst into the room. "Adora's gone," he said. "I heard Adora scream and when I went into her room, Annabelle was in there crying but I couldn't find Adora."

"Go tell Man-at-Arms and Teela," said Randor, getting out of bed.

Adam obeyed, and he ran from the room. Meanwhile, Marlena started crying. "Can they never leave our daughter alone?" she asked.

"You know the Horde thinks her a traitor, though she never served them willingly. A daughter of ours would never be with them of her own volition," Randor replied. "Hordak wants revenge because Adora managed to break the spell on her and she helped free Etheria."

"What about Adam? He helped." Marlena paused. "Then again, they'll probably use Adora to get Adam too." She stood up and began taking her nightgown off and putting her clothes on. She couldn't sleep if someone knocked her out, so worried was she about her daughter, the baby of the family--the younger twin by five minutes.

Randor had just finished getting dressed. "I'm sure we'll think of a way to help Adora."

Adam had just located Man-at-Arms, who was putting in some late hours in his lab. Teela was with them. There was a communication device in the lab, and Hordak was on the screen, having contacted them. "Prince Adam is to come here, alone and unarmed, by dawn, or Adora will die," said Hordak. The screen went blank.

"Hordak just wants to make sure He-Man and She-Ra don't interfere with his plans," snorted Teela. She took Adam's hand. "You're not really going to go, are you?" she asked.

"If I don't, Adora will die." He took Teela into his arms and hugged her. "I promise to be careful. I'll think of some way to free Adora. Duncan, at dawn, could you, Teela, and Orko bring the Attak Trak to Snake Mountain?"

"Of course, Adam."

Just then, Adam's parents came in. "Sire, Hordak has contacted me. He has Adora, and Adam is to go to Snake Mountain, or...." Man-at-Arms let it hang.

"I'm going," Adam said. He was determined. If it were Teela as prisoner, he'd feel the same way. He loved both his sister and his fiancee, though in different ways.

Marlena hugged her son. "Be careful, Adam," she said.

"I will, Mother, Father."

They watched as Adam walked away.

Meanwhile, in Snake Mountain, Skeletor and Tri-Klops dragged Adora to another room deep within the mountain. There she was shoved into a glass chamber that stood in the middle of the room, and the door was shut and locked.

At the far end of the room was a console with some buttons, dials, and switches. Hordak presided over this console, an evil grin on his face. "Welcome to my pain- inducer chamber," he said to Adora, who was still in her white nightgown.

Adora began pounding on the walls. Skeletor merely laughed. "Foolish woman, that glass is too tough for you to break--without your powers as She-Ra!"

"Allow me to demonstrate this new toy," said Hordak happily. He flipped a switch and turned a dial. Adora immediately fell back, crying out in pain.

"As you can see, Skeletor, she can feel any amount of pain I want her to feel. And it can kill her."

Tri-Klops merely stood there, amused.

The pain stopped. Adora knelt on the floor, supporting herself with her hands, catching her breath, when suddenly the pain came again.

Suddenly, it stopped again. "At dawn you will die," said Hordak. "And that's in a couple of hours of so. I'll just leave you in here, and if someone wants to try this out, they're welcome to it!"

Adora lay crumpled on the floor of the chamber, panting. She didn't know if she could take anymore of that--the pain just overfired her nerves. She tried to relax. Her throat hurt from screaming so much.

She saw the three villains leave the room. So this was it--she would die a slow, painful death in this chamber. Thoughts of her child, of her brother and parents, filled her mind, and a tear streamed down her cheek. "Adam, please take care of Annabelle for me," she whispered. The pain of knowing that her daughter would be an orphan was the pain that hurt the worst. "Annabelle, please forgive me for not being there for you."

An hour till dawn. Adam arrived at Snake Mountain, completely swordless. He had a feeling that Hordak would execute his sister regardless of who showed up when. Still, if Adam had brought his sword, or had come as He-Man, any chances of Adora surviving probably would have gone down. If Hordak actually would let Adora live, then her life depended upon Adam's cooperation.

Man-at-Arms and Teela, along with Orko, would be arriving in an hour. This was just in case Adam couldn't get to Adora, or was captured. Sure, Adam had come alone, but that didn't mean he wouldn't be followed!

Adam quietly entered Snake Mountain and looked around cautiously. He had become a bit confident that no one was around when suddenly he was ambused by Grizzlor. "Ha! Got you!" he said.

Beast Man and Trap-Jaw came out of the shadows. "Let's get him to the torture room," said Trap-Jaw.

Beast Man laughed dumbly. "He can watch his sister die."

Adam was outnumbered. It was no use struggling as the three lackeys dragged him down corridors. Finally they came to a room, and the door was opened.

"Welcome, Prince Adam!" greeted Hordak.

Adam could see his twin in some sort of glass chamber. She was curled up in there, and she barely managed to lift her head as he was dragged into the room. "What have you done to her?" he demanded.

"Just showed her what happens to traitors," Hordak explained. "And I think you'd like to watch, too! Then we will take care of you!"

Adam was chained to a wall. Manacles were on his wrists and ankles. He was force to watch as Hordak started his device, as Adora screamed in pain.

Adam struggled against the chains, but it was no use. He wasn't He-Man.

Book 3, Chapter 4 by Alexandra Spears

It was almost dawn. Inside the Attak Trak, near Snake Mountain, Man-at-Arms, Teela, and Orko waited for any sign of Adam or Adora.

Snake Mountain was on the dark side of Eternia--one could not tell if it was dawn. Teela checked her wrist chronometer. "I say it's time we go in there," she declared.

"I have a spell that will make us invisible," said Orko.

"I don't know if that's such a good idea," Man-at-Arms balked.

Orko was already waggling his blue fingers. "Scapity dap, scapity deen, let us go and remain unseen!"

Magic surrounded the trio. But they weren't invisible-- they were in a secluded part of Snake Mountain! "Oops-- at least we're unseen, though," said Orko.

Suddenly, from above, they could hear the sound of a young woman screaming. "That's Adora!" cried Teela. "Up one level--let's hurry!"

Adam watched in despair, helpless, as the execution began. Hordak was clearly enjoying this, too. Adora would be in terrible pain, then he'd let it ease up--and then he'd induce pain again, more terrible than before. All Adam could hear was his sister screaming--and he could almost feel the pain.

"You'll be next, Adam!" Hordak laughed.

One level below them, a fight was breaking out. Mer-Man, Grizzlor, and Two-Bad had attacked Teela, Man-at-Arms, and Orko.

Two-Bad tried to catch Orko, who made himself transparent--and Two-Bad went right through him, stumbling. Grizzlor was trying to give Man-at-Arms a bear hug that would crack every single rib he had. Teela was flipping Mer-Man over her shoulder.

Orko flew behind Grizzlor and put his blue hands over the furry monster's eyes. Grizzlor, who wasn't too bright to begin with, wound up letting go of Man-at-Arms to swat at Orko, whereupon Man-at-Arms shoved him away.

Orko then managed to get a sleep spell to work, and he and Teela and Man-at-Arms went to rescue the twins.

Adora didn't know how much more pain she could possibly stand. It felt as if she'd been in there for an eternity, as if she'd always felt this pain. She couldn't even scream anymore. She knew that Adam was chained there, helpless to stop Hordak from harming her.

Adam, meanwhile, was still struggling uselessly. He wanted so badly to help his twin.

Suddenly, the door seemed to open by itself, and in came Teela, Man-at-Arms, and Orko! Skeletor leaped into action while Hordak remained behind the console. He began firing his Havoc Staff at the intruders, who ducked the blasts.

Teela threw Adam's sword at him, and it was nothing short of a miracle that he managed to catch it--and change into He-Man.

He-Man broke his chains--and went over and broke the console. He took Hordak by the scruff of his neck and hurtled him viciously to the other side of the room. Then he opened the door to the chamber and pulled Adora out. Adora was alive, but barely conscious.

"Duncan--get Adora out of here," said He-Man.

Man-at-Arms went and lifted Adora into his arms. Teela shoved Skeletor into the chamber, which was no longer functioning, and locked him in. Hordak was lying against the wall, a bit dazed and in no mood to mess with anyone at the moment.

He-Man took Teela's hand, and they followed Teela's father and Adora out of Snake Mountain.

Castle Greyskull was closer, so that was where Adora was taken. He-Man sat in back with his sister. She lay on the back seat, her head on her brother's lap. He-Man couldn't help but think that Adora looked like an angel, with her white nightgown, blonde hair, and peaceful expression. Adora's eyes were closed, as she was trying to relax.

Teela sat next to He-Man on the way. He-Man had his arm around Teela, and his other hand was holding one of Adora's.

Finally they arrived at Greyskull. He-Man carried his sister, and he was followed by Man-at-Arms, Orko, and Teela. The Sorceress was waiting for them.

"In here," said the Sorceress, when her friends had come inside. She led them to another room, which had a concrete slab in it. He-Man laid her down there. "She must rest for a while," the Sorceress told them. "I will give her something to help."

"I'll head back to the Palace to let your parents know," said Man-at-Arms. "Teela, Orko, are you coming with me? I'll be back soon."

"I'll come," said Orko.

"I'll be here with Adam and Adora," said Teela.

Man-at-Arms and Orko left. He-Man and Teela sat down near the slab.

The Sorceress came back with a potion she'd made. "Here, Adora, drink this. It will relax you and make you heal more quickly."

Adora managed to sit up and drink the potion. Then she lay back down and drifted off to sleep. "How are your wedding plans coming?" the Sorceress asked. She was happy that Adam would be her son-in-law. "I plan on attending."

Teela did not know why the Sorceress was so interested, unless it was because He-Man was a great warrior. Actually, it was that and the fact that Teela was the Sorceress' daughter. "I'm glad you're able to come," said Teela.

"As am I," replied the Sorceress, a tad mysteriously.

A couple of hours passed. Adora woke up, feeling pretty much her old self. She sat on the slab, talking to her brother and Teela.

"I knew you weren't able to help me," said Adora. "I'm not angry with you at all."

"That's good," said Adam, who'd switched back to his Adam persona a while ago.

Man-at-Arms and Orko came in. "I got some clothes for you to change into," said Man-at-Arms. "I think you'd feel better wearing these rather than your nightgown."

Adora smiled. "Thank you, Duncan."

Man-at-Arms handed Adora her clothes; then he, Adam, and Orko left the room. Adora was alone with Teela and the Sorceress. She began changing into her clothes. "Well, I can hardly wait until your wedding, Teela," said Adora. "I just want to put this ordeal behind me."

After Adora was dressed, the Sorceress hugged her and Teela farewell. Then the twins, Teela, Man-at-Arms, and Orko departed for the Palace.

Randor and Marlena hugged her daughter the moment she came in the door. "We're so glad you're safe, darling," Marlena told her daughter.

"I'm working on tighter security," said Man-at-Arms. "I'm going to see about an invisible shield around the Palace that will prevent travel through a portal into here."

"Very good, Duncan," said the King. He hugged his daughter. "Right now I'm just glad that both my children are home safe."

Book 3, chapter 5 by Alexandra Spears

Adam was awakened to the sound of someone knocking on his bedroom door. "Come in," he called, yawning.

Adora burst into his room. "Are you forgetting what day it is, brother dear?" she asked. She was wearing a pink robe with matching slippers and her golden hair was damp.

The young man sat up in his four-poster bed. Next to his bed, Cringer jumped and headed elsewhere, having been startled. "That's right--I'm getting married today! No wonder you aren't dressed!"

"Because I'm getting ready as your maid of honor," Adora smiled. "And people from Etheria are going to be arriving in a few hours, so you'd better start getting ready!" Adora waved and sailed out the door.

"And last night was my last night for sleeping alone," Adam murmured, a smile coming to his face. "All right, Cringer, you can come out of the closet. Adora's gone," he teased.

Adora and Teela were in Teela's room, getting ready. "Well, it's good-bye to this room when I move into Adam's," she remarked.

"I don't think I'll hear much through the wall," Adora teased.

"I'm a bit nervous about tonight," Teela admitted.

"It's not nearly as bad as you think," Adora said, recalling her own wedding night. "Just don't rush into things, take your time." She applied some pink lip gloss to her lips. "And you look really beautiful with your hair down."

"You think?"

"I know."

Teela applied some red to her lips. Adora was brushing out Teela's long red hair, which fell to the middle of her back.

There was a knock at the door. "Could we come in?" asked Glimmer's voice.

"Come in," Teela called. In came Princess Glimmer, carrying a lavender dress; Adora would be wearing pink as maid of honor, and Glimmer was a bridesmaid. Queen Angella, another bridesmaid, and Queen Marlena were right behind her. Following them in were Castaspella and Frosta, the other two bridesmaids. By now they'd gotten over their crushes on Adam and/or He-Man.

David, Duke of Avalon, who used to play with Adam and Teela, would be best man in this wedding. Adam had been throwing hints around to Adora, but she just didn't seem to be interested.

Bow, King Micah, Fisto, and the twins' cousin Jeremy would be the groomsmen. They would be wearing Eternian-style outfits, which included robes and leggings, and they would match the womens' dresses.

Queen Marlena, who was holding seven-month-old Annabelle, and Queen Angella, who was holding her eight-month-old grandson Micah, sat down on the bed. "I'll watch Micah for you, Angella, while you get ready," said Marlena.

"Thank you, Marlena. And those two get along so well," she added, referring to their grandchildren. She gestured to the two infants sitting on the bed, starting to play together with some toys they had.

Marlena smiled at the two babies. They were so adorable, playing together. She looked up and saw Adora fastening Teela's wedding dress in the back. The whole room was a flurry of activity, with women eagerly getting ready for a wedding. And not just any wedding--a royal wedding.

Meanwhile, in Adam's room, the men, along with King Randor and the twins' grandfather King Miro, were all gathered around, getting ready for the ceremony and the celebration.

"You have nothing to worry about, Adam," Bow was saying, giving him a light slap on the back. Adam blushed, and Randor chuckled.

"A bachelor party is something I didn't want to do," said Adam. "That Earth tradition doesn't sit right with me."

"Or with your mother," Randor replied.

"Or any of us," added Miro. All heads nodded.

"I can hardly wait to see what Teela looks like," said Adam.

The wedding was being held in the courtyard, and it was a cool autumn day, bright and sunny, the sky a deep sky blue.

A priest was presiding over the ceremony, and two by two the wedding party came down the aisle. First came Frosta and Jeremy, then Castaspella and Fisto, then Micah and Angella, then Bow and Glimmer. And bringing up the rear were Adora and David.

Behind them, Adam came down the aisle. His heart was beating so loudly, he was sure that everyone could hear it. He took his place at the altar. Orko was hovering there, as he was ring bearer.

Soon Teela came down the aisle on the arm of Man- at-Arms. Adam was just staring at Teela, in her pure white wedding dress. It had short, puffed sleeves, and the neckline was a little on the low side. The dress ended in a full skirt with a train about a mile long (or so it seemed). A tiara on her head held the veil. Her red hair was down, making her more feminine.

Adora unconsciously fingered the locket she was wearing--Sea Hawk had given it to her before they were engaged. She remembered her own wedding day....

Adora came down the aisle on the arm of her father, King Randor, her heart racing. This was it--she was about to be married to her first and only true love. And tonight they would do things they'd never done before.

Sea Hawk stood there at the altar, looking at her lovingly, and admiring her white wedding dress that had long, form-fitting sleeves and a bodice that showed off her narrow waist. Their eyes met, and he held out his hand, and she took it.

"You look beautiful, darling," he whispered.

Adora's mind came back to the present. Sea Hawk was no more than a happy memory. She did, however, want her brother to be happy. She hoped that he'd never lose Teela like that.

The priest was just pronouncing Adam and Teela husband and wife. Adora smiled with happiness for her twin as Adam and Teela kissed. Cheers went up. Adora hugged her brother and sister-in-law.

Later on that evening, Adam and Teela were going to take the Attak Trak to their wedding night destination. "You can come get me if you need me," said Adam.

"I think She-Ra can handle things here," said Adora as she hugged her brother.

Adam and Teela climbed into the vehicle, which rode off into the sunset with a banner on the back saying Just Married.

Book 3 Chapter 6 by Alexandra Spears

The following morning, She-Ra and Swift Wind were flying over the plains and forests and mountains of Eternia, patrolling. She-Ra's long blonde hair streamed out behind her as they flew.

Adam and Teela, her brother and sister-in-law, she knew, were in a little cabin on the main continent's eastern shore. Adam had given his twin sister permission to come get him only in a dire emergency, which this definitely was not. She-Ra was glad that all was quiet so far. A honeymoon was something not to be interrupted.

Adam was just waking up. He was holding something-- no, make that someone--in the crook of his left arm. Looking over, he saw Teela sleeping peacefully next to him, her head and one arm on his chest.

Memories came rushing into his brain. He'd slept like a baby last night, and no wonder--last night had taken quite a lot out of him. Not that it was bad. Never before had he experienced such pleasure.

This little cabin wasn't half-bad, either. It was more of a vacation cottage, not elaborate, but quaint. It had a living room, a den, and a bedroom, as well as a small dining area. He and Teela would live here for a week.

Gently laying Teela down on her pillow, Adam sat up. He'd let her sleep.

After a moment, her blue eyes fluttered open. Teela looked up at Adam, saw a flicker of surprise cross her features for only half a moment, then saw her smiling up at him. "Morning, darling," he said to her.

Teela sat up next to him, the blankets covering her chest. "That was...great last night," she said, blushing slightly. Adam hadn't known that Teela could blush. What with that, and her red hair down, and that glow that seemed to be coming from her eyes, she looked even more feminine than before.

"How about a repeat performance?" suggested Adam, taking her into his arms again.

There was no way anyone could have disturbed them for a few hours after that.

However, there was someone who did want to disturb the young lovers. Mer-Man was prowling around along the shore. According to Skeletor, they should be along the beach somewhere, in a little cabin.

Mer-Man was still pretty miffed from a while back, when he'd failed to sacrifice Teela. Now he was going to try that again. He'd get even with He-Man--Mer-Man would sacrifice He-Man's wife, that's what he'd do. He'd do what he'd set out to do and at the same time gain revenge on He-Man. Double duty. And Skeletor and Hordak would be pleased as well. Make that triple duty.

Finally, Mer-Man located the cabin. He had a long, sharp, silver sword in his green hand, and he was prepared to use it.

She-Ra and Swift Wind flew eastward, towards the ocean. Some sixth sense had warned her of danger, and she wanted to make sure everything was all right.

"Dive, Swift Wind. I see something along the beach," She-Ra said.

Swift Wind flew just inches above the water. "Sword to spyglass," She-Ra ordered. She held her hand steady as she lifted the glass to her eye. "It's Mer- Man. And it looks like he wants to disturb Adam and Teela."

"Well, let's disrupt his plans, shall we?" suggested Swift Wind.

"Let's sneak up behind him, Swifty," said She-Ra. "Spyglass to net."

The silver spyglass transformed into a silvery-colored net. Mer-Man, holding his sword, didn't even bother looking behind him, so intent was he on carrying out his evil deed.

"Okay, Swifty, let's fly past him. I've got a fish to catch."

Swift Wind sped up and was practically a blur when they caught up to Mer-Man. She-Ra snagged him with the net, sword and all. "Hey!" Mer-Man cried out in his watery voice.

"I think we ought to throw this fish back, don't you think, She-Ra?" said Swift Wind.

She-Ra held up the net, in which Mer-Man was struggling. He tried cutting the net, but the net was indestructible, as it was She-Ra's sword. "Hmmm. You're right. And where shall we throw him back at? I know--fly way out over the ocean."

Swift Wind headed farther eastward for several miles. There She-Ra swung the net over her head, and Mer-Man was flung out into the ocean.

Mer-Man's head poked up, and he waved his fist, cursing She-Ra. "I'll get you yet!" he shouted.

"Famous last words," She-Ra retorted, smiling, as she and Swift Wind flew away.

Later on that day, Adam and Teela, wearing absolutely nothing at all, came out to go skinny-dipping. Adam saw a note on the door. "It's from She-Ra. She says she apologizes for interrupting, but she wants us to be careful. Mer-Man was around here earlier."

"I'm glad She-Ra was here," said Teela. "Well, look at it this way. No matter where we go, Skeletor's always going to have his cronies around. We should be careful."

"Well, let's go for that swim," said Adam. He picked up Teela, walked into the water with her, and tossed her in, laughing.

Teela's head came up from the waves. "I'll get you yet," she smirked.

Adam came wading into the water, towards his bride. When he was in chest-deep, her head disappeared under the water. He wondered where she went--until he felt a hand grabbing him. Her head popped up. "Teela--that's my--"

"I know what it is," she said coyly. Her head disappeared again, and this time she pulled his leg, and he went under.

When they came up again, they jumped into each other's arms and kissed passionately. This began a lovemaking session that lasted for several hours, just them and the waves.

end book 3

Book 4, Chapter 1 by Alexandra Spears

Adora was in the den, playing with her nine-month-old daughter Annabelle. The child, wearing pink overalls over a white blouse, was crawling around, playing with some blocks.

King Randor and Queen Marlena, Adora's parents, were also in the den, relaxing. Adora's twin brother Adam and his wife Teela were elsewhere in the Palace.

Annabelle picked up two blocks, crawled to her grandparents with the blocks in her hands, and set one on Randor's lap and one on Marlena's. They thought that was cute and laughed as Annabelle crawled away.

Adora was kneeling on the floor, keeping an eye on her baby, whose father had died before she was born, before Adora knew that she was pregnant. Annabelle crawled over to her mother and looked at her. "Ma-ma," she said.

"She's said her first word!" exclaimed Adora, as she hugged her baby. She looked every bit the proud mother. Her own parents were smiling.

Just then, Adam came rushing into the room, holding Teela's hand. "Mother! Father! Adora! I have some news!"

"What is it, Adam?" asked Adora, holding her baby.

"I'm going to have a baby of my own," Teela said, smiling. "Annabelle's going to have a cousin to play with!"

The elderly King Miro sauntered into the room. "What's this I hear? Another great-grandchild?"

"That's right, Sire," Adam confirmed.

"And how is Annabelle today?" he asked, gently taking the baby from his granddaughter's arms.

"She said her first word. Mama," Adora said proudly. She felt validated somehow.

"She's starting to talk?" said Adam. "Hey, that's great!"

About an hour later, Man-at-Arms got wind of the news that his daughter was pregnant. "Congratulations you two," he said, slapping Adam on the back. "And Teela--you'll have to temporarily resign from your post as Captain of the Royal Guard, you realize."

"I know, Father," said Teela. "You said you would be my replacement meantime?"

Man-at-Arms nodded.

Just then, Orko came into the lab, where Man-at-Arms, Teela, and Adam were gathered--and stopped dead. Apparently he was wanting to goof off in here. "Hey-- what's going on?" he asked.

"Teela's going to have a baby," said Adam.

"Oh boy! Another baby to play with! I hope this one is as fun as Annabelle!" He liked Annabelle, who often tried to crawl after him.

That night, Adam stood out on a balcony at the end of a corridor, staring out and thinking. He wouldn't have to worry about becoming He-Man like Adora hadn't wanted to become She-Ra.

He wondered what it was like to be a father.

Suddenly, he heard someone behind him. Turning around, he saw his twin sister standing there. "Am I interrupting anything?" Adora asked.

"No--no. Come on out and join me."

Adora stood next to him and leaned on the railing. The blue-eyed blond twins looked so much alike, both of them standing in pretty much the same position. "So, what's on your mind, Adam?"

"Being a parent," Adam said, turning around and leaning back, his elbows on the railing, one leg crossed over the other.

"Annabelle was a bit unexpected. In fact, she was a nice surprise," said Adora. "I didn't expect to become a mother."

"Is it hard, raising Annabelle by yourself?" asked Adam.

"Yes...but you, Mother, Father, and Grandfather have helped a lot. I appreciate that." She leaned over and gave him a sisterly kiss on the cheek. "I wish Sea Hawk were here to see our daughter, and play with her, and love her. Your child will have a father around, provided nothing ever happens to you."

"I'd say you've done well raising Annabelle so far," said Adam.

"Thank you, Brother." Adora sighed and stared out at the lights of Eternos. "At least Annabelle will have cousins to play with...she'll never have any brothers or sisters."

"I take that as you're not planning on remarrying."

Adora shook her head. "I loved Sea Hawk too much. What if I remarried and something happened to him? I really don't think I could take that. It's much too painful. I don't think I'll ever fall in love again."

"I think I can understand. No one can ever replace him," said Adam gently.

Adora nodded. "That's exactly it. Maybe one day I'll consider it, but not now."

"Whatever you want, Adora."

"I'm tired. Annabelle's in bed already, and that's where I'm headed." Adora hugged her brother and went inside, down the corridor to the room she shared with her daughter.

Adam looked after her.

Book 4, Chapter 2 by Alexandra Spears

Today was Annabelle's first birthday. Adora spent some time giving her daughter a bath and dressing her in a pretty dress, for she would have a small party with her family and closest friends. It would be small because she was only a year old.

Annabelle was also getting very good at walking, and Adora had to keep a closer eye on her. She tended to get into everything, she was such a curious little girl.

He was just remembering who he was. A family in the oceanside town on Etheria had been taking care of him for almost the past two years.

It was coming back to him--a woman who'd knocked him out, who'd accidentally hit him too hard, causing him to black out and wake up with amnesia.

"I want to thank you for taking care of me," he told the husband. "Now to look for my wife, if she hasn't forgotten about me. I still don't know why that woman knocked me out, but she was pretty strong."

"Take care. We hope you find your wife."

Adora carried her little girl to the dining room, where the party was being held. Annabelle looked so cute, wearing a blue dress, a blue ribbon in her red-gold hair, which ended in curls like her mother's did.

Annabelle looked very curious. There was something going on today that had to do with her, but she didn't know what. But everyone was happy, and that was what mattered to her.

He found Skydancer Mountain. He had with him some rope and a grappling hook. She had told him the location of the Crystal Castle, and he'd been there before--he could remember.

He tossed the grappling hook upward, and it latched on. The young man began climbing the mountain. He needed answers. He knew Etheria had been freed by She-Ra and the Rebellion, but he'd been so busy recovering and gaining back his memory.

Standing on a ledge, he tossed the grappling hook even higher. The ledge broke off under his weight just as he got hold of the rope, and he swung a bit. He managed to stabilize himself and climbed on.

After many hours had passed, he made it to the top. "Crystal Castle--I wish to enter!"

The party was over and clean-up was going on when Adora received a telepathic summons from the Sorceress. "It is important that you come right away," the Sorceress' voice echoed in her head. "And bring your daughter."

"The Sorceress needs me and Annabelle at Greyskull," Adora told her family.

"Do you need us to come?" asked Teela. Her pregnancy was showing now, and she had her hand on her belly. Adam stood next to her.

"I don't think so," said Adora.

Adora went out to the stable with Annabelle. There she mounted Spirit, held Annabelle, and rode off.

Adora received quite a shock when she entered Castle Greyskull. Standing there, next to the Sorceress, was her husband, Captain Sea Hawk! "How--?"

"Remember the Maylog, Adora?" asked the Sorceress.

"Yes--Shadow Weaver's creation. She was a shapeshifter with my powers."

"She took Sea Hawk's place hours before he 'died,"" the Sorceress explained. "It was she who was killed, not Sea Hawk."

"I had amnesia," Sea Hawk explained. "A family was caring for me. She hit me pretty hard. She knew somehow that my life was in danger."

Adora ran into his arms. Tears of happiness were spilling down her cheeks. The Sorceress went over and took Annabelle's hand, to keep her out of trouble. "Oh, Hawk, I've missed you so," she wept.

"Did you--find anyone else?" he asked, sounding nervous.


The Sorceress led Annabelle to her parents. Adora took the child's hand. "Sea Hawk, this is your daughter, Annabelle. Today is her first birthday."

"I--we--a daughter?"

Adora nodded. "When I thought you were dead--I was already pregnant. And when I found out I was going to have her, I was so happy!"

Sea Hawk crouched down and looked at her daughter, who seemed to be a bit shy of him. She did look a lot like him. He hugged her. "I had a baby all this time...oh, she's so cute, Adora."

Sea Hawk picked up his daughter, and the little family hugged. "So, what's been going on?" he asked.

Queen Marlena laughed as she hugged her son-in-law. "You remind me of Captain Kirk," she said.


"He was a starship captain on a show I used to watch on Earth. He seemed to have a whole load of second chances."

"We're glad you're here, son," said King Randor. "Adora was so lonely without you."

"Adora and I have nearly two years of catching up to do. And I have to get to know my daughter," Sea Hawk replied. He turned to Adam. "You and I will both find out what it's like to be a father!" he joked.

"Annabelle doesn't know it, but for her first birthday she got the best present she could ever receive," said Adora. "Her father."

Book 4, chapter 3 by Alexandra Spears

That night, after having made love for several hours, Sea Hawk and Adora lay together in her--their--bed. "I'm so sorry I couldn't come here sooner. I just now regained my memory," said Sea Hawk.

"I understand," Adora said. "I was just so miserable when I first came back here. I'd swear I'd never remarry."

"I'm glad." Sea Hawk kissed the top of her blonde head.

"Maybe deep down I knew you might come back to me. But we were so sure that you were dead."

"I don't think your friend meant to hurt me that much. After all, she did have She-Ra's power, so that was likely on accident. Some fisherman found me lying there," said Sea Hawk. "He didn't know who I was and I sure didn't remember."

"I'm glad you came back to us," Adora told him sincerely. "Now I have my husband, and Annabelle has her father."

"Annabelle's cute as a button," Sea Hawk said, grinning. "I'm glad I'm her father."

"Hawk, while you had amnesia--did you--do anything with any other women?"

Sea Hawk was about to protest that, but then he realized that Adora wanted her mind set at ease, so he told her the truth. "No. I might have lost my memory, but I wasn't stupid. I realized I might have a wife or someone out there, so I didn't do anything you wouldn't have wanted me to do." He kissed her forehead. "You are the only lover I ever had." He held his left hand up and studied the gold band. "I always wore this--I knew there was a meaning behind it."

Adora smiled and snuggled up against him. Across the room, in her crib, little Annabelle was sound asleep. She looked at her own left hand, at her ring finger, where her two rings resided once more.

"So tell me--why were you happy to have Annabelle, even though you thought she wouldn't have me around as a father?" asked Sea Hawk.

"Because she's a part of you," Adora replied. "And she's a good baby."

Sea Hawk hugged Adora more tightly. "I love both you and Annabelle. My two girls," he said as he closed his green eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Adora laid her head on his chest, and the sound of his heartbeat lulled her to sleep.

The next morning, Adora woke up to find Sea Hawk sitting in the rocking chair, holding their baby. "I think we should see my father," he said.

Adora took a deep breath. "Hawk...there's something I have to tell you. I didn't want to spoil your homecoming yesterday."

"What is it?" he asked, looking up.

"Your father--he died when Annabelle was only a week old. Adam and I were there. He thought that you were dead, and it killed him." She got out of bed, went over to him, and put her arms around him. "I'm so sorry."

"I must visit his grave," said Sea Hawk. "Visit with my father one last time...."

"Well, I'll get dressed, we'll have breakfast, and then we'll go," said Adora. "Oh--and there's something else. Scurvy had been put in prison for your--uh--murder, and he escaped. Your crew re-captured him, but then he committed suicide rather than be a prisoner of the Rebels again."

"Well, we don't have to worry about him anymore," Sea Hawk remarked.

"Your father got to see Annabelle before he died, by the way," Adora said as she pulled her clothes on. "He really loved her. Adam and I were with him when he died, and so was Annabelle, so he wasn't alone."

"I appreciate that, Adora," Sea Hawk told her. "You and Adam took care of him, then?"

Adora nodded. "Adam and I had taken Annabelle to Etheria to see our friends, and the crew, and we just happened to visit the island where your father lived. He died the next day."

"I'm glad you stayed with him. I don't know how I managed to get such a wonderful wife. So, what is the crew up to now?"

"Last time I was there, Swen had been voted in as captain."

"Good. Because I intend to stay here, and not make you move back to Etheria. I know you've always wanted to come back here--you were born here. But I basically have no one on Etheria anymore."

Later that morning, Sea Hawk and Adora, along with Annabelle, rode Spirit to Castle Greyskull. They did not know that Grizztor, one of Hordak's cronies, was watching them from behind a tree in the Evergreen Forest.

"The Sea Hawk is alive!" he muttered to himself. He immediately turned tail and headed towards Snake Mountain. Wait until Hordak found out about this!

Meanwhile, the little family was entering Castle Greyskull. The Sorceress was standing there, and she smiled when they came in, Sea Hawk holding his daughter in one arm, while his opposite hand held one of Adora's.

"We wish to go to Etheria," said Adora.

"Of course," said the Sorceress agreeably. She led them to the room where the portal awaited behind a door--the same door that Adora's sword, hovering in the air, had opened just before Adam was sent to find her.

"Thank you, Sorceress," said Sea Hawk.

"Anytime," she smiled. It made her happy to see Adora happy. Too bad her own husband was truly dead; Adora's had never died.

Grizzlor arrived at Snake Mountain some time later. "Hordak--oh great Hordak," he stammered. "I saw the Sea Hawk! He was with Adora and her brat!"

"WHAT!" roared Hordak. Trap-Jaw and Modulok, who'd about to get into a fist fight in a corner, looked up, startled.

"I--I--I saw him. They--they were going to Castle Greyskull, O Mighty One," said Grizzlor.

"How can he be alive? He died when Admiral Scurvy tried to kill Adora. He got in the way," said Modulok calmly.

"IMP!" shouted Hordak.

The blue creature fluttered in. "Yes, Mighty Hordak?"

"Find out how on Eternia the Sea Hawk could be alive," Hordak ordered. "Then we'll find a way to deal with him. He'd been a major thorn in my side before that I thought I'd removed."

"Yes, Chief." Imp flew away on his mission.

book 4 chapter 4 by Alexandra Spears

"I really like this tombstone you put up for me," Sea Hawk smirked. "Beloved husband of Princess Adora of Eternia."

"It was the Maylog," Adora said. "She'd changed her name to Lyrana. And she'd found out that she was a shapeshifter. I didn't understand how she could be, but then she showed me."

Sea Hawk's eyes lit up, as if an idea had come to him--which it had. "You said you used your sword's magic to give her a human appearance. Your sword can transform into a variety of things. Maybe, because of that, she could change her appearance."

Adora thought about that. "Could be."

"She was a great friend, to do that for you," said Sea Hawk.

"Her plan did backfire a little, but at least we're together again," said Adora, letting go of little Annabelle's hand and hugging her husband.

It had only been yesterday that Adora had been summoned to Castle Greyskull to be reunited with Sea Hawk. There was no question in her mind that this was her beloved husband--none at all.

"We really should change the name on that headstone," said Sea Hawk.

Adora nodded. Seeing that Annabelle was wandering off, she went and got the child.

"I'm also wondering--why did she choose that time to take my place? How did she know that I would die if I had been there?" Sea Hawk asked.

"Intuition," Adora replied automatically. "I have a pretty strong sense of it, and she was almost my twin sister in that respect." She grinned. "Or triplet...."

"One of you is enough," said Sea Hawk. "So she acted on intuition, like you do a lot." He rubbed his head. "She sure hit me hard enough...."

Imp disguised himself as shrubbery when he saw Sea Hawk and his wife and daughter coming out of Castle Greyskull.

"I still can't get over how Lyrana disguised herself as you," Adora was telling Sea Hawk. "I'm sorry she's gone, but she gave me you."

Imp almost reverted back to his normal shape, so surprised was he. The little blue creature waited until they had gone by, then he headed for Snake Mountain at top speed.

"Lyrana--the Maylog," Shadow Weaver hissed. "So she's the one who died, not Sea Hawk."

Skeletor looked over at Hordak, who was comfortable in his throne. Skeletor wanted that throne back, but he'd wait until the time was right. "What is that witch talking about?"

"Some time back, Shadow Weaver had created a creature called the Maylog, who can absorb the powers of anyone it touches. It touched She-Ra and obtained her powers, plus a few more, apparently. But then she turned against us--like She-Ra did--and joined the Rebels." Hordak frowned at the memory. "Apparently, she disguised herself as Sea Hawk."

"Another disgusting act of good," Skeletor snorted.

"So what are we going to do?" asked Beast Man.

"Go after them all," said Hordak. "From here on out, this is war. You see any of those do-gooders, get them! Capture them. Kill them. Whatever. I want Eternia, and Horde Prime wants Eternia as part of the Horde Empire."

Book 4, Chapter 5 by Alexandra Spears

Months went by, and Teela was at the end of her pregnancy. She and Adora would talk together about the upcoming birth; Adora was just full of first-hand information.

"I'll be glad when this is over," Teela said. She and Adam were taking a walk with Sea Hawk and Adora through the Evergreen Forest. Adam and Adora's parents were happily watching Annabelle, Sea Hawk and Adora's daughter.

Suddenly, the group was ambushed by Catra, Beast Man, and Modulok. "Kill them," said Modulok. "Reward to whoever kills someone."

Sea Hawk still had the weapons bequeathed to him by his late father, the Falcon. He clenched his right fist, and the impact ring on his middle finger glowed, and something like a yellow force field surrounded his forearm. He punched Beast Man, who wound up hanging high in a tree.

While Sea Hawk distracted the villains, Adam and Adora changed to He-Man and She-Ra. "He-Man-- protect Teela," said She-Ra. "Sea Hawk and I will handle these goons."

Catra had just changed to cat form and had pounced on Sea Hawk. "I think I'll scratch your eyes out first," she purred.

"Sword to rope," said She-Ra. She lassoed Catra. Meanwhile, Modulok was going for He-Man--and Teela was going into labor.

Sea Hawk, now free of Catra, used his photon cutlass to stun her and Modulok. "Well, that takes care of them," he said, catching his breath. He looked over at He-Man and Teela. "She-Ra...look."

"Teela's about to give birth. Let's get her to Castle Greyskull; that's closest," said He-Man.

"Looks like it's going pretty quick," She-Ra observed. She helped her sister-in-law to her feet. "Come on, Teela, let's get you to safety."

Adam was at Teela's side as she lay in a comfortable bed in Castle Greyskull. The Sorceress would be acting as midwife--and she would be delivering her own grandchild.

"It's too bad I wasn't there for you when Annabelle was born," Sea Hawk said to Adora as they sat on the other side of the room.

"You're there for her now," said Adora.

"You're doing fine, Teela," the Sorceress was saying to her daughter. Oh, how she wished she could tell Teela about their relationship--but one day she'd know.

Teela gave a final push, and her baby was born. "It's a boy!" Adam exclaimed.

Adora went over and hugged her brother. "Congratulations," she said sincerely. "Eternia's future king." She looked at her nephew, who was now in his mother's arms.

"His name is James," said Teela. "Adam and I had a name picked out already."

Suddenly, the Sorceress looked troubled. "Hordak knows we're here," she said. "The Horde is attempting to attack Greyskull."

Everyone could hear the noise outside. "It looks like they really mean business," said Adam.

book 4 chapter 6 by Alexandra Spears

Teela sat up in bed in Castle Greyskull, her newborn son, barely half an hour old, cradled in her arms. She watched as her husband Adam and her sister-in-law Adora changed to He-Man and She-Ra.

"We need someone to go for help," said He-Man.

"I will," said She-Ra. Outside the castle's walls, the Horde was gathered in an attempt to conquer it. They desperately needed reinforcements.

"Well, since Swift Wind isn't here, I'll have to give you a ride," said She-Ra's husband, Sea Hawk.

"How?" she asked.

"Remember these seven-league boots...?" He grinned. "I could jump right over them! And I'll carry you."

She-Ra smiled coyly. "Okay...let's do it!"

Sea Hawk and She-Ra went to the highest point of Greyskull. Far below them they could see Destructo- Tanks and Horde troopers by the scores. Bat Meks were also flying around.

"I wonder if the Palace is under attack?" She-Ra wondered, thinking about their daughter, who was not much more than a year old.

"Somehow I don't think so," said Sea Hawk logically. "They could easily take over the planet if Greyskull were to fall to them." He lifted her up in his arms and kissed her lips. "Ready?"

She-Ra wrapped her arms around his neck. "Ready," she confirmed.

The boots glowed as Sea Hawk jumped and sailed over the Horde army. They landed not more than ten feet behind it--and were spotted by some troopers. "Hey! Over here!" a robot shouted.

Sea Hawk ran and jumped again, landing himself and his wife a good distance from the army. He had to be careful not to run into any trees; they were in the Evergreen Forest.

Sea Hawk continued his leaps. As they soared through the air every few seconds, She-Ra's long golden hair flew over his right shoulder. "This is faster than just running," said Sea Hawk.

They landed again--and met up with Fisto. "Fisto!" said She-Ra, as Sea Hawk set her down on her feet. "There's big trouble at Greyskull, and we need all the help we can get!"

The huge, bearded warrior with a gigantic, metallic right hand nodded. "I'll head for Greyskull right away," he said. "Is He-Man there?"

"With Teela," said Sea Hawk. "Teela just gave birth, too."

"I'll see you there," said Fisto, as he took off running towards Castle Greyskull.

At that moment, Stratos landed. "I saw you leaping, and talking to Fisto. I overheard you saying something about Greyskull...?"

"The Horde is attacking," said She-Ra. "We're going to the Palace for reinforcements."

Finally, She-Ra and Sea Hawk arrived at the Palace. The first person they saw there was She-Ra's father, King Randor. "Father!" gasped She-Ra.

"What's wrong? What's going on?" asked Randor, placing his hands on his daughter's shoulders.

"Greyskull is under attack!"

"Where are Adam and Teela?"

"They're still at Greyskull. Teela gave birth to a son."

King Randor turned on his heel. "I'll get Duncan and the guards," he said. "I'll have them meet you there."

Sea Hawk and She-Ra went to the stable, where She-Ra let her horse Spirit out and used her sword to change him to Swift Wind. "Now this will be quicker yet," said She-Ra.

As Swift Wind launched himself and his passengers into the sky, they could see the Palace guards assembling. Hopefully they could get there before anything happened.

At Greyskull, He-Man could do nothing more than wait for his sister to arrive with help, because even he could not hold back the entire Horde army by himself. He'd tried that once and got hit with freeze rays.

All he could do was watch over his wife and newborn son.

book 4 chapter 7 by Alexandra Spears

Queen Marlena rushed into a corridor, holding her year-old granddaughter Annabelle in her arms. She spotted Duncan and went up to him. "What's going on?" she asked.

"The Horde is launching an all-out attack on Castle Greyskull," Man-at-Arms--Duncan--replied.

"And Teela?" Marlena knew that her daughter-in-law was due to give birth any day now.

"She-Ra and Sea Hawk came for help. They told King Randor that Teela had a boy. She and He-Man are in Castle Greyskull now."

King Miro, Marlena's father-in-law, came up to them. "I think they'll be all right, Marlena," he reassured her.

"Duncan, can you take me to Greyskull?" Marlena requested.

"It's too dangerous, Your Majesty," Man-at-Arms warned.

"I want to be there--for Adam and Teela. Sire, could you please watch Annabelle? I won't risk her life."

"Of course," said Miro.

Man-at-Arms sighed inwardly. "All right. I'll take you there."

Now that She-Ra and Sea Hawk were back, He-Man joined them in battle at Castle Greyskull. She-Ra and Swift Wind were in the air, destroying Bat Meks and robot troopers on sky sleds, with the help of Stratos.

Ram Man and Sea Hawk used their respective powers to crush yet more robots. "Get these guys, Ram Man," Sea Hawk said to his comrade. "I'll handle these."

"Okay," said Ram Man. He sprung forward, and the top of his head made contact with a robot and created a domino effect. While he did that, Sea Hawk used his impact ring to smash more robots and his photon cutlass to cut through even more.

The Attak Trak cut through the confusion near Greyskull. Man-at-Arms led the Queen to the entrance of Greyskull, and from up above, She-Ra saw them.

"Mother! What are you doing here?" She-Ra wanted to know.

"I came to be with Teela and my grandson," she replied.

"Well, let's get you in the castle. It's not safe out here. And by the way, the baby's name is James."

Marlena mounted Swift Wind and held on to her daughter as they flew to the top of Castle Greyskull. There the Sorceress awaited them.

"Be careful, Adora," Marlena told She-Ra.

"I will," She-Ra promised her mother.

Marlena waved as She-Ra and Swift Wind returned to battle. She then turned to the Sorceress.

"Teela and James are in here," the Sorceress told Marlena as they came to the room.

Teela looked up and smiled when she saw her mother- in-law come in. "How is the battle going?" she asked "I hate not being part of it."

"I think we're winning," Marlena said, though she was uncertain.

Man-at-Arms had thought to bring Cringer along in the Attak Trak, and He-Man used his sword to change Cringer to Battle Cat.

Now He-Man, riding on Battle Cat, was up against Skeletor. "Greyskull is MINE!" Skeletor declared. "I won't let you be victorious today!"

"Funny, I didn't see your name on it anywhere," smirked He-Man. Inwardly, he was concerned. He had just become a father hours ago.

"Nor did I," said Hordak, stepping in. He stunned Skeletor with a blast from his hand-turned-cannon. He then fired at He-Man, who deflected the beam with his sword, stunning Mantenna.

A dozen robot troopers advanced towards He-Man, who swiped at them with his sword, turning them to scrap metal. And while He-Man was distracted, Hordak lifted Skeletor up, changed to rocket form-- and threw Skeletor into the abyss that surrounded Greyskull. He laughed maniacally as he did this. Now he'd gained the ultimate revenge on a much-hated enemy!

He-Man barely caught that, and didn't know whether to be glad or angry--glad that Skeletor was no longer a threat, or angry because Hordak had so callously murdered another living being. "Hordak, that was really unnecessary," he said.

"You'll be next, golden boy!" Hordak threatened. "You and your sister--and your family and friends!" The evil Horde commander changed shape and became a tank, in order to force He-Man and Battle Cat into the abyss.

He-Man picked up the Hordak-tank and threw it as far as he possibly could. In fact, Hordak landed at Snake Mountain, changing to rocket form at the last second.

Meanwhile, Orko was using his magic on the Hordesmen. He was happily changing them to giant tin cans. That was not the way the spell was supposed to work, but still, it was effective.

The battle went on for hours, and thanks to the help of He-Man and She-Ra, the Horde realized that they were not going to win, and they retreated--whoever was left--and headed back to Snake Mountain.

"Hordak threw Skeletor into the abyss," He-Man told the Sorceress. "I would have stopped him if I could."

"It was not your fault," the Sorceress reassured him. "Hordak has become more murderous since he came back to Eternia. He is more dangerous than ever. I suspect that he's planned to betray Skeletor for quite some time now. And I'm sure Skeletor would have done the same to Hordak, given the chance."

They stood on the jawbridge. She-Ra and Swift Wind joined them. "Skeletor's gone," He-Man told his sister.

"I heard a rumor about that," said She-Ra, looking into the abyss. All she could see was pitch blackness. "So it's true. And if Hordak could so casually kill like that, imagine what he'd try to do to us."

King Randor and Queen Marlena emerged, along with Teela, who was holding Prince James. Randor gently lifted his newborn grandson. "Someday James will rule Eternia," Randor said. "After Adam, or course."

James looked around--at his grandparents, his parents, his aunt. He was unaware of the destiny that lay before him.

end book 4.

book 5 chapter 1 by Alexandra Spears

A few months went by after the battle at Greyskull. Skeletor showed no sign of surviving the lethal fall into the abyss; he'd been stunned by Hordak when he'd been thrown in.

Things had been quiet for a while now, and the Royal Family was enjoying it while remaining on guard.

Adora and Teela were in Teela's room, taking care of their babies. Annabelle sat on Adam and Teela's bed, watching as Teela dressed James in his sleepers. "Nap?" asked Annabelle.

"That's right," said Adora. "And it's almost time for yours."

"So are you and Sea Hawk going to have more children?" asked Teela.

Adora grinned mischievously. "That's something I wanted to tell you. I'm pregnant again."

Sea Hawk was grinning from ear to ear when Adora told him that they had another child on the way. "This time I get to see what you look like pregnant," he teased as he kissed her.

They were sitting on their bed that evening. Adora was wearing a filmy blue negligee that oftentimes drove Sea Hawk wild.

"Oh, and by the way, I tend to want sex more when I'm pregnant," Adora told him. "It's too bad you weren't here when I was pregnant with Annabelle. I sure could have used your company!" Like many women, Adora's sex drive increased during pregnancy.

"Keep wearing that every night and we'll have a good time," Sea Hawk grinned.

Annabelle had gone for an evening stroll with her great-grandfather, so her parents were free to make love for several hours. Annabelle's crib was still in her parents' room, as Adora was afraid that her little girl might be abducted. But the room across the corridor was being remodeled into a nursery, and Adam and Teela's room was right next door to Adora and Sea Hawk's, so it would be more convenient. There were no windows in the room.

After they had made love, Sea Hawk and Adora lay together for a while. "I've missed this while you were gone," said Adora.

"So've I," replied Sea Hawk. He kissed Adora's lips. "I was so surprised to find out I had a daughter. And she's so cute."

In the room next door, a little while later, Adam and Teela were putting their son to bed. Little James looked just like his father, with his blond hair and blue eyes. "Adora's going to have another baby," Teela said, smiling.

"I know. And barely a few months ago she was so sure that Annabelle would have no brothers or sisters."

"Maybe she knew deep down that Sea Hawk was still alive," Teela said thoughtfully.

"Maybe." Adam reached into the cradle and pulled the blankets over his son. "I just hope I never lose you, Teela. Not even for a little while."

Teela sighed. "There's always a possibility that James will be an orphan," she said.

Adam glared at her. "Please don't talk like that."

"I'm being realistic, Adam," Teela said. "As long as the Horde is around, no one's safe. You know that, I know that, everyone knows that."

It was Adam's turn to sigh. "You're right. I'm just glad your father created that force field over the Palace. Poor Adora's so worried that someone will attempt to abduct Annabelle."

Teela wound her arms around his neck and kissed his lips. "I love you, Adam."

"And I love you too, Teela."

Teela sat down on their bed. "I'm tired, Adam. I'm going to turn in early. I have training sessions with some of our new recruits tomorrow, and James will probably need something in the middle of the night."

"I'm going to take a walk with Father," said Adam. He bent down and kissed Teela, his hand on her thigh. "Maybe when I come back, if you're not too tired...," he said suggestively.

"Maybe." She got up and started undressing; Adam decided to hang around and watch, and when she got into her nightgown, Adam kissed her again and left the room.

Adam walked down the corridors, feeling safe. The force field had proven its worth. Even so, the nursery for the children wouldn't have windows--a precaution. That was how Adora had been abducted--Hordak and Skeletor popping in through the window. Adam almost shuddered when he recalled that he had nearly been abducted along with his twin.

Along the way, Adam saw Adora and Annabelle coming towards him. "It's Annabelle's bedtime," Adora said. "I told her that she's going to have a brother or sister soon, and she wants to know where the baby is." She chuckled.

Little Annabelle reached up her hands, indicating that she wanted a hug from her uncle. Adam obliged by crouching down and putting his arms around his niece. "You're a cute little girl, aren't you?" he said.

Annabelle giggled. Adam gave her a little kiss on her forehead. "Well, let your mother put you to bed," he told her. "Good night."

"Where are you going?" Adora asked.

"To take a walk with Father. He wants to tell me some things, have a father-son talk. Probably about when I become King."

"I think you'd be a good king," Adora told her twin sincerely. She gave him a hug, then led Annabelle towards her room. "Mother was keeping an eye on her for a while...Sea Hawk and I had something to do."

Adam smiled slyly. "I bet...."

Adora laughed as she led Annabelle down the corridor.

Adam continued on his way. He went out through one of the many entrances and began walking along the Palace grounds. The sun was setting, and Adam watched it for a while.

"Here you are, Son," said Randor.


The two men walked together. "You know, Adam, Hordak is more dangerous than ever," Randor began. "Which means that something may happen to me. I've also made provisions. If I die, you will be King. If you die soon afterwards, while James is still a child, Duncan will be adviser until James is old enough. If something happens to James, Adora will be Queen."

"Let's just hope that nothing does happen," said Adam.

"With your power as He-Man, and Adora's as She-Ra, I think you'll be fine," said Randor. "Also, I believe you have what it takes. I know, I was always disappointed in you before--when you were hiding your He-Man identity. Now I realize that you were doing that for everyone's protection. And that makes me proud, that you would humble yourself like that." Randor smiled. "You're behaving like a son of mine should--plus I have He-Man for a son. And She-Ra for a daughter--can't leave her out."

"Why did you never tell me about Adora when I was growing up? The Sorceress said she'd put a spell on the people so they'd forget."

"Your mother and I believed that Adora was probably dead," Randor said. "We saw no need for you to mourn needlessly, especially since you were too young to remember her. You have no idea how happy we were when you brought Adora home. You know, we had no idea she was carrying twins until Adora was born. It had been a fantasy of hers when she was a girl to have a boy and a girl--and she had both at once."

"Teela was the closest I had to a sister," Adam remembered. "I always wondered why you and Mother never had more children."

"We felt that no other child could ever replace Adora," Randor replied. "Each year, on your birthday, your mother cried herself to sleep because that was Adora's birthday too."

Father and son chatted for a little while longer, then headed back to the Palace. "I'm going to walk around a little while, Father," said Adam.

"All right, son." Randor went back inside.

Adam looked at the stars, especially the one She-Ra had once used to contact him when she was in trouble. He and his twin had a bond between them, and that star had somehow amplified it, enabling her to contact him almost telepathically.

So much had changed in the past couple of years, he reflected. He and Adora were married with children of their own. Everyone knew their secrets. Skeletor was gone. The Horde was on Eternia after over two decades.

Adam turned to go back inside--and ran smack into Kobra Khan and Spikor. "Where are you going, Prince?" Kobra Khan hissed.

"Out of view of your ugly faces," Adam retorted, reaching for his sword.

Spikor grabbed Adam's arm and grabbed his sword. He threw it away from them. Kobra Khan used his sleep gas on Adam.

"Hordak will reward us well," said Spikor.

book 5 chapter 2 by Alexandra Spears

Teela woke up to the sound of her baby crying in the middle of the night. The first thing she noticed was that Adam wasn't sleeping next to her--he wasn't in bed!

She didn't like the feeling of this, not one bit. She felt uneasy as she fed her son. Maybe there was an emergency and He-Man was needed.

No. He would have left a note--or at least awakened her to tell her.

After James was fed, Teela put him back in his cradle and covered him with the blankets. The little boy was soon asleep, blissfully unaware that his father was missing.

Teela put on a robe and went out into the corridor. She wondered if she should knock on Adora and Sea Hawk's room next door.

Suddenly, Adora came out of the room, also wearing a robe. "I'm going to check on Adam. I just had a dream that he was in trouble," she told Teela.

"I was going to ask if you knew where he was," said Teela. "He wasn't in bed, and I don't know where he is."

Adora looked worried. "Let's search the Palace first."

"I'll get my father," said Teela.

When Adam came to, he was in a familiar place--a dungeon in Snake Mountain. He lay on the floor, a shackle around his left ankle. He hated this place-- it smelled of decay, very likely from prisoners who had long ago died here. Not to mention it was dark and dismal.

Adam sat up. The floor was cold, so he decided to sit on the wooden bench that ran along the rear wall of the cell.

His sword wasn't with him. It was very likely still lying on the ground near the Palace. Hopefully one of his friends or relatives would find it and know that something had happened to him. He knew that Adora would be the first one to sense danger. Even though they were fraternal rather than identical twins, they had an uncanny bond between them that bordered on telepathy.

Moments later, Grizzlor appeared. "Ha ha, think you're so smart. Hordak wants to see you, Prince!"

Grizzlor unlocked the door to the cell. Beast Man came down the corridor and lurked behind Grizzlor, who put handcuffs on Adam, put a noose around his neck, and undid the shackle surrounding his ankle.

"This way," said Grizzlor. Beast Man followed them. The noose was in case Adam attempted to flee--it acted as a leash.

Adam's heart pounded in his chest. Hordak had changed for the worse, become more evil--if that were possible. He had a feeling that Adora would probably be an only child before dawn.

The two villains and the prince came to the throne room. There Hordak sat on his throne, grinning evilly. "I wonder if I should keep him as bait to capture that traitor?" Hordak mused aloud.

"Maybe you should kill him," Beast Man suggested.

Hordak's right arm changed to a cannon, and he shot Beast Man with a ray, killing him and leaving nothing but a pile of bones. "I am the brains behind this," said Hordak. "I come up with the plans. You fools merely carry them out."

Mantenna, who was hanging around, started to take off.

"Where are you going?" Hordak asked dangerously.

"N-nowhere, G-great Hordak," Mantenna stammered.

"Good. Stand--oh, right there," Hordak said.

Mantenna obeyed. Hordak pushed a button, and Mantenna fell through a trap door. "I only keep him around for entertainment," Hordak remarked. "Now-- what to do with Prince Adam."

The assembly, which included Mer-Man, Shadow Weaver, Trap-Jaw, Grizzlor, and Evil-Lyn, stood perfectly still, lest they join Beast Man. Skeletor's old cronies glared at Hordak. They hadn't liked Skeletor much, but they'd liked him better than Hordak, and planned to one day avenge their former master.

Adam looked at the pile of bones that once belonged to Beast Man. Would Hordak kill him so casually? Adam wondered.

"I think some form of punishment is in order," said Hordak conversationally, as if discussing the weather. "For influencing Adora's decision to leave our ranks."

Hordak got up and took the rope from Grizzlor's hand. He pulled as hard as he could, jerking Adam to the floor. Adam wondered if Hordak would break his neck.

"All of you--out of here. I want to enjoy this by myself," ordered Hordak.

Hordak's lackeys cleared out, leaving him alone with Adam.

Dawn came, and that was when Adora found her twin brother's sword lying on the ground. The feeling of dread she'd been experiencing grew within her and she tried to beat it down; she was afraid that her anxiety would cause her to miscarry.

Adora knew that her brother was in trouble. She could feel it. "He's in trouble, Spirit," she said to her horse.

A hand was on her shoulder. Looking around, Adora saw Sea Hawk standing behind her. "You were afraid of this," he said.

Adora nodded, tears coming to her eyes. "Adam must have been captured. He'd never just leave his sword here like this."

"I think it's time to use yours," said Sea Hawk, as he picked up his brother-in-law's sword and handed it to Adora.

"Let my parents and Teela know that I've gone to Snake Mountain to rescue him," said Adora, taking her brother's sword. "I believe that's where he is, and I know he needs me."

Adora could feel hatred welling up inside her, as it had done shortly after Annabelle's birth. She tried to quell it.

Sea Hawk patted her shoulder and went to tell the others what was going on. A moment later, Adora held her sword aloft and changed to She-Ra, and changed Spirit to Swift Wind.

She-Ra mounted Swift Wind. "Up, Swift Wind. To Snake Mountain," she said.

Teela didn't know what to do. Sea Hawk had just told her about Adora's discovery.

"Well, I'm not going to sit here and let She-Ra handle those goons by herself. I'm going to help," she told Sea Hawk.

"Me too," Sea Hawk said. "I don't particularly like the idea of my wife being in battle while she's pregnant."

Man-at-Arms was standing there in the corridor with Sea Hawk and Teela. "I, too, will go," he said.

She-Ra and Swift Wind arrived at Snake Mountain. "Careful, Swifty," she said softly.

Swift Wind landed near the base of the mountain, and She-Ra dismounted. The young woman quietly entered the mountain and was immediately met by Tri-Klops and Webstor, whom she flung through a door. She had no time for their antics; she had to get to her brother.

She-Ra fought her way to the dungeons. She had been expected, apparently, and soon she found herself face-to- face with Hordak.

"I had a feeling you might show up, traitor," Hordak growled.

"I had a feeling you were behind my brother's disappearance," She-Ra countered. She braced herself for battle, keeping her unborn baby in mind.

Hordak's hand changed to a weapon, and he fired a ray at her. She-Ra neatly deflected it, and it nearly hit Hordak. Quickly sheathing her sword, she took her fists and pounded the floor, causing waves, which knocked Hordak off his feet.

"Sword to ice-maker," She-Ra ordered, unsheathing her sword. She encased Hordak in an ice prison that would have made Frosta proud.

A Horde trooper attempted to grab her. She-Ra quickly spun around, giving it a karate kick, and grabbed his stun baton, which she used to stun Hordak and a bunch of other troopers.

Changing the ice-maker back to a sword, She-Ra sheathed her sword again and searched the dungeons.

She-Ra found Adam in one at the end of the corridor, and was horrified at what she saw. Adam lay on the floor, apparently unconscious, and he was bleeding from many wounds. She could see blood at the corner of his mouth.

Afraid that her brother was dead, She-Ra ripped the door off, entered the cell, and knelt by her twin. She put her ear to his chest and heard a faint heartbeat; he was still alive, but barely.

"Hordak beat you, didn't he?" She-Ra asked as she placed her hands on his chest. Her hands glowed as her healing power kicked in.

Adam's blue eyes fluttered open, and he saw his twin sister looking down at him, looking concerned. "She-Ra," he said.

She-Ra cradled her brother in her arms. "Adam, we were so worried about you!"

Just then, Sea Hawk, Teela, and Man-at-Arms came in. Teela ran over and hugged Adam.

"Hordak beat me pretty badly," Adam said. "He left me in here to die."

"Your healing power saved him?" asked Teela.

She-Ra nodded. She then withdrew Adam's sword. "We found this," she said, giving it to her brother.

Adam took the sword and changed to He-Man, in case Hordak's minions decided to cause trouble for them on the way out of Snake Mountain.

The group made their way out with little trouble. Sea Hawk and She-Ra flew back on Swift Wind while the rest of them went back in the Attak Trak.

book 5 chapter 3 by Alexandra Spears

It was now shortly after Princess Annabelle's second birthday. In another month, Adora would give birth to her second child, and in a few months Prince James would have his first birthday.

Annabelle was probably the cutest toddler on all Eternia; at least, that's what Adora thought. The child had beautiful red-gold hair that fell to the middle of her back, and her blue eyes were just like her mother's. And she had the cutest little smile.

Queen Marlena was watching her two grandchildren as they played in the nursery. James was sitting up, watching as his cousin Annabelle played with her favorite doll.

James held his hand out, indicating that he wanted to see Annabelle's doll. And Annabelle, being a sweet child, decided to let him see it.

Marlena gasped as the doll sailed through the air and into James' waiting hands. Annabelle giggled. "Look, Gramma!" she squealed.

"Did you do that, Annabelle?" Marlena asked.

Annabelle nodded, still smiling prettily. Marlena, being from Earth, was not quite used to such a thing going on. She realized that she would have to tell Sea Hawk and Adora about their daughter's talent.

At that moment, Adora came in the door, her hand on her belly. "Mother, I'll be glad when this is over. This baby is more active than Annabelle was!"

"Adora...Annabelle seems to have a special talent," Marlena told her daughter, plunging right in. "James wanted to see the doll she was playing with, and next thing I knew, it was sailing over to him--through the air! And when I asked Annabelle if she did that, she said yes!"

Adora did not disbelieve her mother. Eternia was a magical planet, and it was impossible to tell if one's child would be born with magical powers. She went over to her daughter. "Annabelle...please hand me that ball over there," Adora asked. "Make it fly through the air."

Annabelle looked at the ball, and next thing Adora and Marlena knew, it was sailing through the air, and it landed in Adora's hands. "Thank you, Annabelle," Adora said calmly. Inwardly, though, she was a bit excited. Her daughter had a special talent. And Adora decided to take Annabelle to see the Sorceress.

"What?" asked Sea Hawk, when Adora told him that she wanted to take their two-year-old to Castle Greyskull. "She can make things move by thinking about them?"

"She may only be telekinetic, but I want to see if she has other powers we may not know about," said Adora. "That's why I want to take her to see the Sorceress."

"I'll go with you. You need a man around," he grinned, kissing her cheek.

"I'd like you to come," Adora agreed. She knew that he was only teasing. He often liked to think that he was the one who protected her, which was fine with her.

The family went out to the Attak Trak. Annabelle was excited--they were going on a trip somewhere! "Where we go?" she asked.

"To Castle Greyskull," Sea Hawk told her as he pulled her onto his lap.

"Castle G'eyskull?" Annabelle echoed.

"That's right," said Adora. "To see the Sorceress." She was sitting at the controls. Inside her womb, her soon-to-be-born baby kicked hard. She winced.

"Baby kicking?" asked Sea Hawk.

"It must be a boy this time," Adora replied.

"Where baby?" asked Annabelle as the Attak Trak pulled out of its parking space.

"Here--put your hand right here," said Adora.

Annabelle placed a hand on her mother's belly. She felt her unborn sibling kicking. "In there?"

"That's right. The baby will be coming out next month," said Adora. "Then we'll see whether it's a boy or a girl!"

The Attak Trak arrived at Castle Greyskull without incident. Things had been quiet lately, and Adora was glad.

Sea Hawk and Adora were a bit surprised when the jawbridge opened. The Attak Trak went over the jawbridge and entered the old castle.

The Sorceress was waiting for them to come out of the vehicle. When they did, she greeted them. "I have been expecting you," she said. "It's about your daughter."

"My mother told me that Annabelle is telekinetic-- not in those words, though. And I saw it for myself," said Adora.

Annabelle looked up at the three adults. They were talking about her, but she didn't know what they were going on about. She held her father's hand.

"Your daughter has the potential to become a great sorceress," the Sorceress told Annabelle's parents. "As Zoar, I overheard your conversation. I could also sense latent power within Annabelle."

"She's only two. How do we teach her to control her powers?" asked Sea Hawk.

"I would like to work with her on a weekly basis, if you'd like," said the Sorceress. "If what I sense about her is true, she will need me to guide her."

Sea Hawk and Adora looked at each other and nodded. It would help, especially with caring for another baby. "We'll do that," said Adora. "Annabelle, you'll be coming here once a week so the Sorceress can show you some things, okay?"

Annabelle nodded. She liked the Sorceress.

The next month, Adora started having contractions. She was in the throne room, where the family was assembled, when they began.

"Adora, what is it?" asked Randor.

"I'm going into labor, Father," Adora gasped.

"I'll get her to the medical center, Sire," said Sea Hawk. "Come on, darling."

Annabelle, who'd been standing in front of her parents, wondered what was going on. "Come here, Annabelle," said Teela, who was holding her son in her arms.

Annabelle went over to her aunt. "Mommy hurt?"

"Your little brother or sister is coming," Adam said.

Adora was glad that Sea Hawk was there holding her hand as she gave birth to their second child. Sea Hawk was finding out what it was like. He regretted having missed Annabelle's birth, but that hadn't been his fault.

Sea Hawk watched, fascinated, as Adora gave birth to a little boy, who cried loudly the minute he was able to breathe on his own. Adora smiled as her newborn son was placed in her arms.

"Look, he has your eyes," she said. The baby's eyes were the same shade of green as his father's.

A little later, Adora was sitting up in bed with her son, Prince Julian, in her arms. "Want to hold him?" she asked Sea Hawk.

Sea Hawk carefully lifted his son from Adora's arms. That was when Adora's parents, daughter, brother, and sister-in-law came in. Teela was holding James.

Annabelle climbed onto her parents' bed and sat next to her mother. "Look, your daddy's holding your baby brother. Can you say Julian?" said Adora.

"Julian," Annabelle repeated.

"Very good, honey," said Marlena. She went over to her son-in-law. "He's so cute. Just like his sister," she added, gazing at her granddaughter.

Sea Hawk carefully placed the baby in Adora's arms so Annabelle could get a better look at her little brother. Annabelle surprised everyone by moving the blanket away from his face and kissing him on the forehead.

Once a week Annabelle was taken to Castle Greyskull for her lessons with the Sorceress. She didn't mind going, especially when her mother was She-Ra. Then Annabelle got to ride on Swift Wind with her mother, and she loved it.

Mother and daughter were flying through the air now. Sea Hawk was back at the Palace, caring for their son.

"You'll be able to do magic, Annabelle," She-Ra told her daughter. "The Sorceress wants to show you how. So be a good girl and pay attention to her."

"Okay, Mommy."

Swift Wind landed at Greyskull, and he and She-Ra and Annabelle went inside. Orko was inside, paying a visit to the Sorceress.

Annabelle jumped off Swift Wind and began chasing after Orko. She laughed as Orko flew away from her playfully. She-Ra, Swift Wind, and the Sorceress laughed as the little girl chased after the Trollan. Better to let her run around a bit, they figured.

Soon Annabelle and Orko became tired of running around. The Sorceress led everyone to another room. "Now, Annabelle, I want to see what you can do," she told the little girl.

Annabelle was just over two, but she could pretty much understand directions. She smiled sweetly as she used her power to lift her mother's sword in the air.

"Can you do anything besides make things move?" the Sorceress asked.

Annabelle shook her head.

"I think her power will manifest itself a little at a time," the Sorceress told She-Ra. "For now we'll work on her telekinetic powers."

That night, Annabelle was in the nursery, asleep. Her baby brother was in a cradle next to her crib, and on the other side of the room, their cousin James slept in his crib.

Adora, wearing a nightgown, robe, and slippers, quietly opened the door to the nursery to check on her babies. Annabelle looked so adorable when she was asleep, Adora thought as she kissed her daughter on the forehead. Next she checked on little Julian, who was asleep also.

Satisfied that her children and nephew were safe, Adora left the room and quietly shut the door. She went across the corridor to her room, where Sea Hawk sat up in their bed, waiting for her.

"Kids asleep?" Sea Hawk asked.

Adora nodded. "Though that will probably end in the middle of the night. Julian and James." She climbed into bed and into Sea Hawk's arms.

Sea Hawk pulled the blankets over the both of them. Before long, they were asleep in each other's arms.

Suddenly, Adora woke up to the sound of a child screaming. "Annabelle! Julian!" she cried as she leaped out of bed. Sea Hawk sat up, stunned, trying to figure out what was going on.

In the nursery, Annabelle was sitting up, crying. She had just stopped screaming. Adora lifted her child from the crib and sat down with her in a rocking chair, trying to calm her down.

Sea Hawk stood before them, not knowing what to do, as Adam and Teela came in. "What's going on?" asked Adam.

"I think Annabelle had a nightmare," said Adora. Annabelle clutched her mother, and she was trembling.

"Annabelle, what happened?" Sea Hawk asked gently, crouching down so he was at eye level with her.

Annabelle merely started to cry again. She had the fingers of her left hand in her mouth, and tears were streaming down her cheeks. Adam and Teela stood there, wondering what had Annabelle so scared, and feeling sorry for the child.

"Was it about Hordak?" asked Teela, wanting to get to the bottom of this.

Annabelle nodded.

Adora didn't like the sound of that. Annabelle knew who Hordak was, but had never met the villain personally. It seemed to Adora that Annabelle had precognitive powers--she could see the future. "What was Hordak doing?" Adora asked gently.

"Grandma...Grandpa..." Annabelle whimpered. "Me grown up...."

Adam and Adora exchanged looks. Something was going to happen to their parents when Annabelle was older, according to the dream the child had just had.

"Maybe it's just a bad dream," Adam suggested.

"Maybe...but Annabelle's powers are just starting to manifest themselves," Adora said. "What if seeing the future is one of them?"

No one knew what to say.

book 5 chapter 4 by Alexandra Spears

A couple of months went by, and Prince James had his first birthday. And several months after that, another surprise that had been waiting came out.

James was walking in the nursery, basically wandering around under the watchful eyes of his parents. His cousin Julian was asleep, but his other cousin Annabelle was still awake and playing with some dolls before bedtime.

"Look Aunt Teela, Dolly," Annabelle giggled, showing Teela the doll she'd gotten for her second birthday; she was nearly three now. "I make her fly!" She laughed as she made the doll fly through the air.

By now, Adam and Teela were getting used to their niece's powers. Annabelle could also find things. If something was lost, ask Annabelle. Even though she was not much more than two, she could find it.

Annabelle went over and attempted to pick up her cousin James. He was a bit heavy for her.

James seemed to like that idea--and to everyone's surprise, he lifted his older cousin clear off the floor!

Teela gasped. Adam just stood there, not knowing what to say.

Annabelle laughed. "He strong," she said as James put her down.

"No kidding...," Teela murmured. She looked at Adam. "Do you think James could have somehow inherited He-Man's strength?"

Adam nodded slowly. "It's possible. And look at what Annabelle can do. I wonder if it's merely coincidence, or if our powers are affecting our children."

At breakfast the next morning, Adam and Teela told the family about James' strength. King Randor and Queen Marlena exchanged glances. Their grandchildren, it seemed, would not be ordinary children.

"You mean James lifted Annabelle?" Adora almost couldn't believe her ears.

"Makes me wonder what our son will be capable of," remarked Sea Hawk.

"Or our next child," Adora said, smiling.

All heads turned towards Adora. "Another baby?" asked Orko, looking excited. He enjoyed playing with his friends' children and often played tag with them.

Adora nodded. "Due around Julian's first birthday-- maybe a little bit after," she confirmed.

"It looks like we're full of good news tonight," remarked King Miro, who was at the table with his family. "You know, my great-grandchildren's powers may one day be extremely useful."

Sea Hawk kissed his wife on her lips. "Congratulations, darling," he said.

"You helped!" Adora said, as she and everyone else laughed.

"Speaking of good news, we haven't heard from Hordak in a long while, and we've found out why," said King Randor. "He's been called back to Horde World, though why that is remains unknown. And his minions are nowhere to be seen--it appears that they, too, are on Horde World."

"I say we enjoy it," said Cringer in his whiny voice as he lay near Adam's chair.

"I don't like the sound of it at all," Adora remarked. "Horde Prime wants Eternia too badly. I hardly think he'd suddenly abandon that goal. Remember when Hordak came back to Eternia, allied with Skeletor? Who knows what will happen next?"

"A valid point, my daughter," said Randor. "We will be ready for them, should they return."

book 5 chapter 5 by Alexandra Spears

During Adora's third pregnancy, all was still silent on Eternia. It seemed as if an era of peace had begun.

Shortly after Julian's first birthday, Adora gave birth to another daughter, Princess Tamara.

Julian had the same power as his cousin James-- super strength like He-Man. Adora wondered if her son hadn't inherited She-Ra's strength somehow, and wondered what her younger daughter might be capable of when she was older.

Annabelle was now three years old and becoming cuter with each passing year. She had a way of charming people, with her wavy red-gold hair and bright blue eyes.

Julian was now a year old, and he had his mother's blond hair and his father's green eyes. Tamara was the opposite: she had inherited her father's red hair and her mother's blue eyes.

The children's cousin James was now two years old and getting into everything. He looked just like his father, Prince Adam, with his blond hair and blue eyes.

Three more years passed, and still Eternia was enjoying the peace and quiet. Still, many wondered what Hordak was up to; he'd been away for some time.

Teela was pregnant with her second child, and her son James was five years old. James' little brother or sister was due any day now.

While Sea Hawk and Adam were hanging around with Man-at-Arms, testing Man-at-Arms' latest invention, Adora and Teela were in the courtyard with their children.

Annabelle was a six-year-old beauty. She was becoming more powerful, it seemed, with every passing year. She could now do simple magic spells and was tutored by the Sorceress. Because of her powers, Annabelle was forced to take on more responsibility than a normal child her age.

Julian was an adorable four-year-old boy who enjoyed getting into mischief--"just like his father," as Adora often said. He wanted to have his own ship when he grew up; that was his goal.

Tamara was a cute three-year-old with blue eyes like her mother and older sister and red hair exactly like her father's. So far she showed no sign of any special powers like her siblings.

Adora was sitting on a bench when Julian came up and lifted the bench--with his mother sitting on it! "Julian, you can put me down now. I know how strong you are," Adora said sweetly.

Julian decided to chase his cousin James around, and soon the two boys were engaged in a game of tag. Suddenly, James tripped over something and fell, scraping both his knees and making them bleed. He started to cry.

Adora and Teela both rushed over to him. Tamara also went to where her cousin sat, blood running down his knees. "He hurt?" she asked.

"Yes," her mother replied. "We'll take care of him."

"I fix," said Tamara. It was as if the little girl knew what she could do, and she placed her hands on James' legs, just over the knees. A soft pink glow surrounded each of her tiny hands, and the cuts healed themselves.

Teela and Adora looked at each other. "That must be what Tamara's ability is. She's a healer," Teela told Adora. "That's one of She-Ra's abilities."

James hugged his younger cousin. "Thank you, Tammy," he said. Tamara merely giggled.

Annabelle went over to where the others were. "Tamara has powers too," she said proudly.

Suddenly, Teela winced and placed her hands over her belly. Tamara went over to her. "Aunty Teela, I fix," she said.

"No, Tamara, this is okay. Your new cousin is about to arrive," Teela gasped.

"Annabelle--go get your uncle Adam," Adora told her eldest child. "Come on, Teela."

In the vehicle parking area, Adam, Sea Hawk, and Man-at-Arms were testing a new Wind Raider remote-controller. Orko was hanging around, watching. Cringer was lying next to the Attak Trak, happily napping.

Suddenly, Annabelle came running up. "Uncle Adam! Uncle Adam!" she gasped.

"Annabelle, what's wrong?" asked Sea Hawk.

"Nothing. Aunt Teela's going to have her baby now!"

Sea Hawk, Adora, and the King and Queen were in the den in the Palace, waiting for word about the
new baby. King Miro had taken his great-grandchildren back out into the courtyard.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Adam and Man-at-Arms came into the den. "It's a girl, named Jessalyn," said Adam. "And she's just beautiful. She already has red hair."

Soon the entire Royal Family went into Adam and Teela's room to see the newborn Princess Jessalyn. Teela was sitting up, holding her newborn daughter and smiling. The child had her mother's red hair and blue eyes. Adam and Adora knew that Jessalyn was a future Sorceress of Greyskull.

end book 5

book 6 chapter 1 by Alexandra Spears

Twelve-year-old Princess Annabelle was fast becoming a powerful sorceress. Her younger sister, nine-year-old Tamara, was a healer. Their six-year-old cousin Jessalyn was almost a powerful a sorceress as Annabelle.

Annabelle and Tamara's brother, ten-year-old Julian, was every bit as strong as He-Man--and so was their eleven- year-old cousin James.

Adam and Teela, along with Sea Hawk and Adora, were at Castle Greyskull with their children. Annabelle and Jessalyn were being tutored by the Sorceress.

At the end of the girls' lesson, the Sorceress led them to her throne room. "The time has come," she told the group. "Teela, I sense that my time is limited. I must now tell you who your mother is."

Teela's heartbeat quickened in anticipation. "Who is she?" Teela asked.

A tear appeared in the Sorceress' eye. "I am your mother. I could not tell you before; it was too dangerous."

"So that means...Jessalyn is your granddaughter," said Teela, almost too stunned to speak. "Why do you tell me this now?"

"You are the next Sorceress of Greyskull, Teela, upon my death," the Sorceress replied. "And your daughter will carry on for you at some time in the future. It is time for me to train you, my daughter."

"Why haven't you told me?" Teela demanded. Her temper could oftentimes be as fiery as her hair.

"There were those who would seek to use you as a means of getting what they wanted. And had I raised you on my own, you would have had to remain within these walls, and that was no life for a little girl. You needed to be with other children."

Tears streamed down Teela's cheeks. "I understand... Mother," she said. It hit her what the Sorceress must have been going through, sacrificing a lot for her daughter.

The Sorceress turned to James and Jessalyn. "You may now call me Grandmother," she said, hugging her two grandchildren.

"You're our grandmother?" asked James, clearly awed.

"She just said she was," snapped Jessalyn. She was like her mother in many ways, temperament included. "Grandma!"

Sea Hawk and Adora stood with their three children, watching a reunion of sorts. "The Sorceress is James and Jessalyn's grandmother?" Tamara asked, her jaw dropping.

"That's right, Tamara," said Sea Hawk.

"The Falcon was our grandfather," Julian said quietly. "We have a really neat family, don't we, Dad?"

That night, Annabelle woke up screaming. Her father and mother rushed into her room. "Annabelle, darling, what is it?" Adora asked, throwing her arms around her daughter.

"Grandma and Grandpa are going to die," Annabelle sobbed.

book 6 chapter 2 by Alexandra Spears

James and his little sister Jessalyn were walking along the Palace grounds one autumn afternoon. They were worried about their cousin Annabelle. She'd been having terrible nightmares lately, different ones, foretelling a grim future.

Jessalyn loved summer best. She had been born in late summer and didn't like autumn too well, when the leaves were dying. This autumn in particular bothered her, though she didn't know why. "Jimmy, why does Annabelle keep having bad dreams? Is it the same reason why autumn bothers me?"

James looked over at his baby sister and took her hand. "Probably," he said. "Look--there are Mom and Dad. Let's go to them."

Adam and Teela, James and Jessalyn's parents, were walking towards them. "How would you like to go for a ride in a Wind Raider?" Adam asked his two children.

"Sure!" said James, while Jessalyn jumped up and down in excitement.

Jessalyn hopped onto her father's back so he could give her a piggyback ride. James walked between his parents--at eleven, he felt he was too old for piggyback rides.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the grounds, Sea Hawk and Adora sat on a blanket, watching their three children. Tamara sat in front of Annabelle, getting her long red hair braided. Julian was playing with Cringer--or rather, trying to get Cringer to play while Orko looked on.

Finally, Cringer ran off, not wanting to roughhouse with Adam's nephew. At least Julian's sisters weren't so rough.

"I'm tired, Tammy," said Annabelle as she tied a ribbon in her younger sister's hair.

"Okay. I'm going to go play tag with Julian," said Tamara as she got up and ran off.

Annabelle laid her head on her father's lap and soon fell asleep. Adora reached over and gently pushed Annabelle's hair back from her face. "Hawk, I'm really worried," Adora said to her husband. "Annabelle hasn't been sleeping well the past week."

"Maybe she's having those dreams as a result of...umm... growing up," Sea Hawk said. Annabelle was going through changes that would make her into a young woman.

"I wish that were it," Adora sighed. "The Horde hasn't been around in years. What if her dreams are telling us that the Horde is coming back? You know as well as I do that her premonitions come true sooner or later."

"Well, I'm going to put Annabelle to bed so she can have a nap," said Sea Hawk, as he lifted her up, careful not to wake her. "I'll just take her shoes off."

Adora looked after them. For a few moments she stared off into space, thinking; then she turned her attention back to her younger two children, who were laughing and playing like normal children, with hardly a care in the world. And Sea Hawk didn't want to believe that Annabelle's dreams foretold anything terrible.

Annabelle woke up just as her father laid her down on her bed. "Daddy, why are you putting me to bed?" she asked as he took her shoes off her feet.

"You need a nap. You haven't been sleeping well."

Annabelle sat up. "No! I don't want to sleep! I'll only have those dreams again! I wish I never had these powers!"

Sea Hawk didn't know what to do. He was growing increasingly concerned about his twelve-year-old daughter.

Suddenly, they heard loud explosions. "The Horde is attacking!" Annabelle shrieked. "Just like in my dreams!"

The room started to cave in. Annabelle used her magic to create an invisible force field to protect herself and her father.

Adora gasped when she saw the new and improved Horde flyers. Julian, Tamara, and Orko looked up in awe.

The flyers, it seemed, were now bombers, and they were dropping bombs on the Palace. Adora took out her sword and changed to She-Ra. "Orko--take my children to safety," she called.

A moment later, He-Man came up with his two children. "I've got to help--they're bombing the Palace! Orko! Take these two with you!"

"Annabelle! Sea Hawk!" She-Ra exclaimed. "I've got to find them--and everyone else!"

The room finally stopped collapsing on Sea Hawk and his daughter. Annabelle removed the force field from around them. "I know where Grandma and Grandpa are," she said. "And Great-Grandpa."

"Where?" Sea Hawk asked gently.

Annabelle took her father's hand and they began wading through the wreckage. Annabelle used her telekinetic powers, which were now very strong, to move anything out of their way.

Finally, they came upon what was left of the throne room. "They're here," she whispered. "Just like in my dream."

Sea Hawk began digging through the rubble, afraid of what he knew he would find. Annabelle helped by using her telekinesis.

Lying on the floor in front of the dais were the bodies of King Randor and Queen Marlena. "No...," Sea Hawk moaned.

Annabelle started to cry.

While She-Ra and Swift Wind were in the air, battling the Horde, making their way back to the Palace, He-Man and Teela, along with the guards, were battling on the ground. He-Man was unaware that he was now King of Eternia as he fought Hordak.

"I've been waiting years, Prince," Hordak hissed. "Horde Prime had us on Horde World, preparing us for this day, when we will conquer Eternia!"

"I really don't think that will happen," said He-Man as they fought hand-to-hand. Hordak knocked him down, but He-Man used the momentum to throw Hordak over his head.

"You leave my daddy alone!" came a child's voice.

"And who might this be?" Hordak smirked, taking notice of the red-haired little girl.

"Jessalyn--go back!" He-Man shouted.

A second later, James appeared beside his sister. He-Man wondered what his son and daughter were up to. Jessalyn reached out her hands and appeared to concentrate. Suddenly, Hordak was imprisoned in a bubble!

"I've been working on that for a while," said Jessalyn.

"Let me out you little brat!" Hordak howled from within.

"I don't take too kindly to your calling my daughter that," He-Man said casually as he threw the bubble, with Hordak still inside, towards Snake Mountain.

"All right Dad!" said James.

Horde troopers were coming towards them. He-Man decided to let his children help, though he wasn't wild about the idea of an eleven-year-old and a six-year-old being in battle like this.

James was more than happy to demonstrate his power by using his fist to smash a few troopers. Jessalyn was turning some of them into trees.

She-Ra had found her way through the wreckage of the throne room and saw her husband and daughter there. Annabelle was crying.

"What's happened?" She-Ra asked, not sure if she wanted to know.

Sea Hawk put a hand on She-Ra's cheek. "Your parents are dead," he said quietly.

She-Ra knelt beside the bodies of her parents, which were entwined, as if they'd known that they would die together and wanted to die in each other's arms. She touched them and attempted to use her healing power, but to no avail; they were beyond help.

For a while She-Ra was silent. Then, suddenly, she let out a scream of rage. Her husband and daughter were quite startled by it.

Without a word, She-Ra hurried out of the throne room. "Come on, Annabelle. Your mother may do something foolish. We have to go after her," said Sea Hawk. He'd heard about what had happened to Adora shortly after Annabelle was born. It might be happening again.

Orko was trying to lead Julian and Tamara to safety, but they kept running into Horde troopers. Julian was, however, having fun smashing them with his fist.

"She-Ra!" exclaimed Orko.

"I thought you were taking them somewhere safe?" said She-Ra.

"Mom, we can't get out of here," said Tamara.

From a distance, Man-at-Arms saw them and ran over to them. " there something wrong?"

"My parents are dead. They died in the throne room," She-Ra said, tears appearing in her eyes.

Julian, Tamara, and Orko overheard this. Tamara started to cry. Julian looked stunned. Orko patted Tamara's shoulder in an attempt to comfort her.

Sea Hawk and Annabelle came running up. "She-Ra, you're not going to try anyone, are you?"

She-Ra shook her head. She knew what he was talking about. "No. I can take it out on those troopers that are coming toward us."

The battle raged on all day. Tamara proved to be useful. Guarded by her older brother Julian, she used her power to heal wounded soldiers.

Annabelle and her father worked together on defeating another few dozen troopers and Hordesmen. She-Ra, meanwhile, was fighing in the air along with Stratos.

It wasn't until after the battle was over and the remaining Hordesmen had retreated to Snake Mountain that Adam discovered that his parents were dead. It was sunset, and he and Adora, along with Man-at-Arms, carefully removed their parents' bodies from the rubble and respectfully covered them with sheets.

"Where's Great-Grandpa?" asked Julian.

"I--I don't know," said Adora. King Miro was now in his eighties--could he have survived the battle?

"I'm now King of Eternia," Adam said dully. He still couldn't believe it. "And since the Palace is destroyed, we will have to move to Castle Greyskull, where we will be safest." book 6 chapter 3 by Alexandra Spears

King Miro had managed to make his way to Castle Greyskull during the battle with the Horde. Right now he was anxiously pacing back and forth in front of the throne where the Sorceress sat.

The Sorceress was not looking very well these days. Her headdress hid the gray streaks in her red hair, but not the wrinkles forming on her attractive face. She was worried about her daughter and grandchildren, which made her look older yet.

"I just hope everyone's all right," Miro said, as he continued to pace, hands behind his back. The spry old man stopped directly in front of the throne and looked up at the Sorceress. "Do you think they'll be all right?"

"I--" The Sorceress' reply was cut short by the jawbridge opening. He-Man and She-Ra came inside, along with their respective spouses and children. There were tears in She-Ra's eyes. He-Man looked stunned.

"Mother and Father are dead," She-Ra blurted.

For a moment Miro could not speak. It was just starting to hit him--his son was dead. Then the moment passed, and Miro went over to his granddaughter and held her.

"Grandfather, we were wondering where you were," said He-Man. "Thank goodness you're safe."

The following evening, a memorial service was held at the ruins of the Palace of Eternia. The bodies of King Randor and Queen Marlena were cremated there.

The survivors of the battle watched the flames and bowed their heads in respect for the deceased rulers of Eternia. Husbands held wives, and children were comforted by their parents.

Adora seemed to be the most affected by the loss. It really hadn't been so long ago that she'd found the parents she hadn't known. She was crying almost uncontrollably, and Sea Hawk held her.

Adam held Teela's hand. A few tears streamed down their cheeks; however, Adam's face had a determined look. He was now King of Eternia, and he would lead his people to victory against the Horde. He would avenge his parents.

Little Jessalyn was crying in the arms of her grandfather, Man-at-Arms. "Why did Grandma and Grandpa have to die?" she asked.

"They didn't deserve to," Man-at-Arms replied. "The Horde thinks it's fun to hurt people. Your father and aunt have been leading the fight against them for years." He hugged the six-year-old even more tightly.

"Where are we going to live now?" asked Julian.

"Castle Greyskull," Teela told her nephew.

An aura of sadness settled over the people of Eternia following the deaths of King Randor and Queen Marlena. One could not walk through Eternos without seeing someone crying openly. People wore dark colors and would continue to wear them for a month, to show that they were in mourning.

Several days after the fateful battle, Prince Adam was to officially become King Adam, with Teela as Queen. Teela's replacement as Captain of the Royal Guard was a promising young man named Geldon.

The coronation took place just outside of Castle Greyskull, from where Eternia would be ruled, as it was the safest place at the moment. Adam and Teela stood at the beginning of the bridge leading to the jawbridge, their son standing next to Adam, their daughter next to Teela. King Miro held the two crowns that had once adorned the heads of his son and daughter-in-law.

"I now crown you King Adam and Queen Teela of Eternia," King Miro said solemnly as he placed the crowns on their heads. "May your rule be as good as your father's was."

A throng had assembled near Greyskull, and several even sat on the branches of the trees in the Evergreen Forest to get a look at the coronation ceremony. "Long live King Adam! Long live Queen Teela!" many chanted.

King Adam and Queen Teela held hands. Adam closed his eyes and gave a small sigh. He'd always known this day would come, but did it have to be so painful? It was fortunate that his father had sat down with him and talked to him about duties and responsibilities that Adam would have to fulfill as King.

Adam opened his eyes. The people gathered around were now his subjects, and he silently vowed to be a kind and just ruler.

The next day, Adora approached her brother. "Adam, Sea Hawk and I are going to Etheria for a few days," she said. She sighed. "We're going to take the children. We need some time to think things over."

"You mean you need time," said Adam. He placed a brotherly hand on his twin's shoulder. "This past week has been hard on all of us."

"If you need She-Ra, don't hesitate to come get me," said Adora.

"Don't worry, we can hold down the fort here," said Adam. He hugged his sister. "Say hello to our friends for me, would you?"

Adora returned the hug. "I will. I'll see you in a few days." With that, she turned and headed for another part of Greyskull, the corridor with the various portals.

Bow and Glimmer hugged Sea Hawk and Adora upon their arrival at Castle Bright Moon. Glimmer's uncle Daniel, who had been the Red Knight and who was Micah's younger brother, shook hands with Sea Hawk and hugged Adora.

"What's been going on?" asked Glimmer as her son Prince Micah went to play with Annabelle.

"It's been a pretty bad week for us," said Sea Hawk. Between him and Adora, the story of the battle came out.

"I'm so sorry," said Bow. "So now Adam is King?"

Adora nodded. "We're living in Castle Greyskull now."

Prince Micah and Princess Annabelle went to play in the garden. Annabelle was still moping a bit, due to the deaths of her maternal grandparents.

"So how are you doing, Annabelle?" asked Micah.

"All right. Hey, why does your voice sound funny? It keeps going high, then low."

"I'm becoming a man," Micah replied proudly, puffing out his chest.

"Well, I'm becoming a woman," Annabelle shot back, grinning. Then her expression grew sad. "My mother and grandmother told me all about it. But now my grandmother won't see me grown up."

"I wish your mom and dad would come back more often. I like being with you," said Micah.

"Mom decided we should come so we could get away from Eternia, 'cause of what happened to my grandparents," said Annabelle. "We'll be staying a few days."

The two children were sitting next to each other on the grass. Whispering Woods was visible from where they sat. Annabelle knew that her mother had once lived in the pastel-colored woods. "I wouldn't mind living on Etheria," Annabelle remarked. "It's a pretty world."

"You're a pretty girl," Micah blurted.

Annabelle turned her head, looked at him, and smiled prettily. He was a rather handsome boy with his brown hair and blue eyes. "Why thank you," she said.

Micah leaned over and gently kissed Annabelle on her lips. That was when they heard giggling. They pulled apart and saw Annabelle's younger sister Tamara. She was standing there grinning. "I'm gonna tell Mom!" she laughed.

"Get back here you little twerp!" Annabelle shouted, chasing after her sister.

"I'm telling Daddy too," Tamara called back as she ran.

"Ignore her," Micah called to Annabelle.

"Kids," Annabelle muttered under her breath as she came back.

"I think she's going to pester your brother now," Micah observed.

"Julian's becoming a pest himself," Annabelle said.

For the rest of the afternoon the two friends sat and talked about their lives. The two children had been friends practically from birth, and it was whispered that one day they might even be married to each other.

The next day, Adora received an urgent call from the Sorceress. "Your grandfather is dying," the image of the Sorceress in Adora's sword told Adora.

book 6 chapter 4 by Alexandra Spears

As he lay on a bed in Castle Greyskull, King Miro was surrounded by his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His time on the mortal plane was quickly coming to an end.

"We'll miss you, Grandfather," Adora said as she took the elderly man's hand. Adam held their grandfather's other hand.

Miro nodded. "I know you will. Please--no heroic attempts at saving my life. I wish to join my son in whatever afterlife there may be."

Adam's and Adora's children took turns kissing their great-grandfather goodbye. Tamara wanted so much to heal him, but her mother had told her that healing Miro would only be delaying the inevitable.

Just after the last child, Jessalyn, said her good-bye, Miro closed his eyes and died peacefully. The Sorceress gently pulled the blanket over his face. Little Jessalyn started crying, and her older brother James hugged her.

"So much tragedy," Sea Hawk murmured as he pulled Adora closer to him. He felt so sorry for his wife. She had lost her parents and grandfather all within a week's time.

Another year went by, and it was a year filled with battles with the Horde. Horde Prime had recalled the group to Horde World to retrain them. Horde Prime wanted Eternia badly, due to its magic.

The Sorceress took Teela into one of Greyskull's rooms. A mother-to-daughter talk was needed.

"My time here is coming to an end, and I believe you have mastered all I have shown you," the Sorceress told Teela; she'd been training Teela during the past year. "Upon my death, which I sense will be soon, you will be the Sorceress of Greyskull, in addition to the Queen of Eternia."

"I only just found you, Mother," said Teela.

The Sorceress hugged her only child. "I know. But you understand why I had to withhold that information from you. I've enjoyed having you and my grandchildren here with me the past year."

Teela clung to her mother, like she'd always wished she could do as a child. She was so glad that the mystery surrounding her birth was gone. Now she had some sense of identity--who she was, where her destiny lay.

Suddenly, Orko flew into the room. "Hordak's attacking!" he said excitedly.

The Sorceress and Teela followed Orko out of the room and into a tower, where they looked out the window. How many times had they seen this in the past year, a throng of Hordesmen wanting to invade Castle Greyskull? Wasn't destroying the Palace enough?

Apparently not.

"Retreat, villains!" the Sorceress called to them. She could see that He-Man and She-Ra were already defending the castle, along with Sea Hawk.

"That's not in my vocabulary, Sorceress," Hordak retorted. "Hordak never retreats!"

"No, he just runs!"

"He-Man!" Hordak shouted.

He-Man was on Battlecat, who merely stood there. "You'll have to get past me, Hordak."

"And me!" Above them, She-Ra was riding on Swift Wind. "Go back, Hordak. You know that we'll win."

"Oh yeah?" His right hand turned into a cannon. Aiming upwards, he shot at the window where the Sorceress and Teela were peering out. A lethal ray hit the Sorceress in the chest, and she fell to the floor inside, dead.

"YOU KILLED MY MOTHER!" Teela shrieked.

"Without the Sorceress, you'll be defeated!" crowed Hordak.

As if she'd done so all her life, Teela stretched her hands out, and magic shot from them. "I am the Sorceress now," she declared.

Hordak looked shocked as he watched white beams of energy erupting from Teela's hands. He knew that Teela was the Sorceress' daughter, but he had not known that Teela was to be the next Sorceress. His plan to kill the Sorceress had succeeded--but also backfired.

Hordak took aim with his arm-turned-cannon. Teela effetively blocked his shot; her mother had been taken by surprise. Teela, though, was ready.

The five children were huddled in the room that belonged to Annabelle, Tamara, and Jessalyn. "We should help our parents," said James, who was now twelve.

Annabelle, now thirteen, shook her head. "They don't want us getting hurt. They've got whatever guards that were left from the battle last year."

Julian stood up and crossed his arms and pouted. The eleven-year-old boy wanted to kick something but dared not to, as with his strength, he was liable to seriously damage something.

The children heard a shriek. "Mommy!" said seven-year- old Jessalyn. She and her ten-year-old cousin Tamara ran out of the room.

"Wait, you guys!" Annabelle called. She ran after them, and the boys followed her.

Quite a scene awaited the children. The Sorceress was lying on the floor, obviously dead. Teela was leaning out the window, firing magic at the Hordesmen.

Teela saw the five children. "Go back to your room," she told them. "It's too dangerous. Hordak's already killed my mother."

"I wanna help," Jessalyn said stubbornly. For some reason, her powers weren't latent as her mother's had been.

"Me too," Annabelle added. The two cousins stood on either side of Teela. "We can get those Hordesmen. Tammy--go see if any of the soldiers needs help. James, Julian, see if you can help Mom or Uncle Adam." Annabelle was a take-charge kind of girl, much like her mother.

Teela sighed. She could use all the help she could get, but the children had seen so much already. But then again, their innocence wouldn't last long with the Horde around. "All right. Annabelle, Jessie...."

Tamara and the two boys ran for the battlefield. Julian protected his younger sister, as always, as she went to help the wounded. James used his strength to smash several robot troopers, one of whom was sneaking up on James' Uncle Sea Hawk.

Sea Hawk turned around. "Thanks, Jimmy," he said. "By the way, what are you doing out here? Where are your sister and cousins?"

"Julian and Tamara went to help the soldiers and everyone else. Annabelle and Jessalyn are with my mother," the boy replied.

Sea Hawk looked up at the tower and saw his daughter with her aunt and cousin. It looked like they were holding their own.

Realizing that he was defeated, Hordak and his lackeys finally returned to Snake Mountain.

Right after that, something strange occurred. Just as Adam and Teela were about to lift the Sorceress' body, it just turned to ashes. A wind came out of nowhere and swept the ashes into the abyss.

"It's taking back its power and transferring it to me," Teela said with sudden, unexplained understanding. There were tears in her eyes.

Adam went over to his wife and held her. "We've just got to get the Horde off this planet, once and for all, or we'll never live in peace," he said.

end book 6

book 7 chapter 1 by Alexandra Spears

Princess Annabelle was now a beautiful sixteen-year- old girl. Her brother Julian was now fourteen, and their sister Tamara thirteen.

Their cousins, James and Jessalyn, were fifteen and ten, respectively.

King Adam and Queen Teela now had their thrones within Castle Greyskull, as well as their own bedroom. Adam's twin sister, Princess Adora, and her husband, Sea Hawk, lived within the castle as well. It was more or less the safe haven on Eternia, as the Whispering Woods had been on Etheria.

The children were not exactly crazy about spending so much of their time within the rather gloomy castle, but they knew that the Horde had become a very real threat to Eternia. Several of Eternia's kingdoms had already fallen since the Horde's return to Eternia. In a few years, it was very likely that the Horde would have control. Only He-Man and She-Ra could keep them at bay.

Etheria was now a relatively safe place, and Annabelle, being a young woman, was permitted to go there by herself, as long as she let her parents know where she was. Annabelle and Prince Micah of Bright Moon, who was the son of Bow and Princess Glimmer, were in love.

Annabelle and Micah were walking along the grounds of Castle Bright Moon one summer day. They held hands as they walked.

Micah turned to Annabelle. "How would you like to be Princess of Bright Moon?" he asked.

"What do you mean--?"

"I'd like you to marry me," Micah replied. He grinned a bit slyly. "Not only that, but then we can do a lot more than just kiss."

Annabelle giggled. Then her expression grew serious. "I say yes. But it will have to wait for a while. I'm needed on Eternia. Much like my mother was needed here long ago."

"I understand." He held out his hand, and a diamond ring appeared in it. His father could do a bit of magic, and his mother had light magic.

Annabelle smiled as he placed the ring on her finger. "I promise I will marry you as soon as I can," Annabelle told Micah.

"I know you will." He sighed. "I don't like the idea of waiting, but at least I know that you definitely will be my wife." He kissed her lips lightly. "One day you'll even be Queen of Bright Moon--and Etheria."

"That would be great. One day my cousin will rule Eternia. Our two worlds could be allies." Annabelle hugged her fiance. "They'll be a team, like you and me."

Adora was waiting up for Annabelle when the girl came back through the portal. "How was your visit?" Adora asked.

Annabelle proudly held up her left hand. "Micah and I are engaged!" she said happily.

Adora hugged her firstborn child. "Oh, how wonderful!"

"We're going to wait, though, because I'm needed here," said Annabelle.

"And what does Micah say about that?"

"He'll wait. He says at least we definitely will be married someday."

Adora was proud of her daughter. Annabelle seemed to have a maturity that exceeded her years.

Sea Hawk came down the corridor. "What's going on?" he asked.

"Our daughter is going to become Princess of Etheria," Adora told her husband. "She and Micah are engaged!"

Sea Hawk grinned. "I knew this was coming, Adora." He hugged Annabelle. "Congratulations, sweetheart. I hope you two will be as happy as your mother and I are."

"How's King Micah?" Adora asked. King Micah, Prince Micah's grandfather, had been ill for a while.

"He's not too well," Annabelle said. "Neither is Queen Angella. Bow and Glimmer expect to be King and Queen of Etheria any time now."

"What's wrong with Angella?" asked Sea Hawk.

Annabelle shrugged. "Micah says that she hasn't been well since his grandfather's been sick."

A couple of months later, King Micah died, and his wife followed him two days later, making Bow and Glimmer the new King and Queen of Etheria.

The old Rebels, as well as Adam and Adora's family, came to Etheria to pay their respects.

"I think Mother died of a broken heart," said Glimmer. "She loved Daddy so much."

Bow took her hand and squeezed it. Their son stood in front of them, holding Annabelle's hand as Micah's and Angella's coffins were lowered into the ground in a graveyard outside of Bright Moon.

Adora wiped tears from her eyes. Queen Angella had been such a good friend of hers. Sea Hawk put his arm around her shoulder.

Glimmer started to cry harder, and Adora went over and hugged her friend. "I know how hard it is to lose your parents," Adora said, the tears still streaming down her own cheeks.

Glimmer looked at Adora. Adora's parents had been killed suddenly. Glimmer's parents had died slowly, so she'd had time to prepare. But she realized that one could never really prepare for the death of a loved one.

Soon after the double funeral, a coronation ceremony was held for King Bow and Queen Glimmer. Almost all the kingdom attended. They were still mourning the deaths of the previous rulers, but were glad that Bow and Glimmer appeared to be competent.

After the ceremony, Adam and Bow shook hands. "Our two worlds can work together," said Adam.

"I know that you're having major problems with the Horde," said Glimmer. "If you want, we can send help."

"That would be much appreciated," said Adam. His world was in trouble and he could use all the help he could get.

"You've helped us, and Adora stayed rather than return to Eternia so soon," Bow pointed out. "It's the least we can do for friends."

Adam and Adora looked at each other. Now it appeared that the battle with the Horde had shifted from one world to another.

book 7 chapter 2 by Alexandra Spears

King Adam and Queen Teela of Eternia sat in a room in Castle Bright Moon with King Bow and Queen Glimmer of Etheria. The purpose for this gathering was to form an alliance between Etheria and Eternia.

Even though the Horde no longer bothered Etheria, a number of former Rebels saw the trouble Eternia was having and wanted to help. After all, how many times had He-Man come from Eternia to help out? And She-Ra, who was also from Eternia, had stayed until Etheria was free. So the former Rebels felt obligated.

Bow and Adam sat together at the head of a table, Adam to Bow's left. Teela sat to Adam's left, Glimmer to Bow's right. Their children were outside playing, since they would probably be bored to tears with this meeting.

Adora and Sea Hawk were also present at this little gathering. They sat opposite Bow and Adam, on the other end of the short table.

Bow, who seemed to have matured considerably since his marriage to Glimmer, and even more since his ascent to Bright Moon's throne, stood up and explained the terms of the alliance. Eternia would help Etheria progress scientifically and technologically, and Etheria would gladly send forces to Eternia.

"I think those terms are more than fair," Adora said.

"I agree," said Adam. "So--where do we sign?"

The children were playing by the stream adjacent to Castle Bright Moon. Annabelle and Micah sat together on a blanket on the riverbank, watching Annabelle's siblings and cousins.

Jessalyn, who was ten, had been in a swimsuit, but she'd just taken it off and was splashing about naked. "Hey, get that suit back on!" her older brother James called out.

"No way! It's warm enough out here!" she called back.

"Yeah, it is warm enough," Jessalyn's cousin Tamara agreed, as she started to take hers off.

"Tamara! You're too old!" Annabelle shouted.

"I'm thirteen! You're the one who's too old. Or are you afraid Micah will like my body better than yours?"

Tamara had a way of pestering her older sister.

"Micah hasn't even seen me naked," Annabelle pointed out. "So how can he compare?"

"Tammy, you look good with your swimsuit on," Micah said to his future sister-in-law. "Why don't you just leave it on? Annabelle's right--you're almost a young woman. Jessalyn's still a child."

"Oh, all right," said Tamara.

A little ways off, Julian and James were in a wrestling match. Both boys had strength near equal to He-Man and She-Ra, and it was an interesting sight. The two cousins were also becoming muscular.

"How do your mother and uncle manage to remain so young?" Micah asked Annabelle out of curiosity.

"I think their powers as He-Man and She-Ra have something to do with it," Annabelle replied.

"You know, this alliance that Mom and Dad want with your aunt and uncle is a good idea," said Micah.

"I know. One day you and I will be King and Queen of Etheria, and my cousin James will be King of Eternia. It's fitting somehow. And my cousin Jessalyn will be Sorceress of Greyskull after Aunt Teela." She smiled. "I have a good feeling about this. Like our troubles with the Horde will soon be over."

"That's right, you're also precognitive," said Micah.

"Yeah. I first dreamt about my grandparents' deaths when I was two," Annabelle recalled.

Suddenly, there was the sound of an air vehicle. The children stopped playing and watched as a space ship landed near Bright Moon, and the ship had a Horde symbol. "Get ready to fight," said Annabelle.

Jessalyn, caught by Tamara, put her swimsuit back on. Julian and James stood behind the girls.

The door opened, and out stepped a fairly young man with brown hair and pointed ears. "I mean you no harm, children," he said. "I am Prince Zed, son of Horde Prime, and I wish to speak with Etheria's rulers."

"My mother told me about you," said Annabelle.

"Your mother?" Zed asked.

"Princess Adora," Annabelle replied.

"Yes, I remember her. A brave young woman."

"I am Prince Micah," said Annabelle's fiance. "My parents, King Bow and Queen Glimmer, now rule Etheria."

"Bow and Glimmer," Zed mused. "Might I see them?"

"Of course," said Julian.

The group in the conference room was just wrapping things up when in came the six children, with their guest in tow. "I am Prince Zed, Horde Prime's son," he stated. "I wish to speak with you."

"Zed!" exclaimed Adora. "How have you been?"

"Quite well. I don't like the way my father is running things, and I wish to help. I'd promised long ago that I would assist you if I could. You see, my father, Horde Prime, is building another flagship, one more powerful than the one Hordak and Skeletor fought over and destroyed. I have come to give you technology so your two worlds can work together and come up with a defensive strategy."

"We have just formed an alliance," King Adam told him. "And we could sure use all the help we can get."

"I know we can trust him, Uncle," said Annabelle.

Having heard this, Adam nodded. His niece could sometimes read minds, and he trusted her judgment.

"Good," said Zed. "Let's begin right away."

Meanwhile, back on Eternia, Hordak was receiving a message from Horde Prime. "My son has turned traitor," the evil emperor said. "He is aiding the enemy. You must find him and kill him. I will not tolerate his treachery."

"Consider it done, O Great Master of the Galaxy," Hordak said smoothly.

Hordak sat back on his throne and laughed. He'd been wanting to kill his nephew Zed for some time now, and here was his opportunity.

book 7 chapter 3 by Alexandra Spears

Prince Zed was in Castle Greyskull with Adam and Teela, outlining his father's plan. "With his ship, he plans to destroy Etheria first," he said.

"Etheria can't possibly hope to win against Horde Prime like that," said Adam. "We need to do something."

"The only way to save Etheria is move it out of the Horde's way," said Teela. The idea had just...come to her, without her knowing why.

"Move Etheria...," Zed mused. "To where?"

"Here, to Eternia's solar system," said Teela. "That way, we can join together, build our own ship that will fight against Horde Prime's."

"How do you suggest we move it?" Adam asked his wife.

"We need the combined magic of myself, Annabelle, and Jessalyn, and anyone else we can enlist. Eternia and Etheria were meant to be twin worlds, guarded by a set of twins," Teela replied. Since she became the Sorceress, she'd been gaining a lot of knowledge, some of which she herself didn't quite understand yet. It was as if the castle were a parent, telling grown-up things to a child who would eventually understand them.

The next day, the twins and their families, along with Zed, travelled to Etheria and let Bow and Glimmer know what was happening. Sprit and Cringer also came. Teela and Jessalyn were also there, as, for some reason, they had powers even outside of Greyskull.

"We need to make a portal big enough for the entire planet!" Glimmer exclaimed.

Zed grinned. "I had salvaged Modulok's old dimensional gatemaker," he said. "I also found a better power source. I will work on modifying it so Etheria can fit through the gate."

"Eternia is the only planet orbiting our sun," said Adora. "Etheria will be the second one out."

"My scientist will calculate how far out it should be," said Zed. "Too far and the planet will be too cold. Too close and it will be too hot, and it can't be too close to Eternia's orbit."

Zed went back to his space ship to consult with the one scientist who followed him.

Adora, meanwhile, received a message from Light Hope through her magic sword. "He-Man and She-Ra, please come to the Crystal Castle," he said.

Adam and Adora looked at each other. Then they took out their swords and changed to He-Man and She-Ra.

He-Man, She-Ra, and Spirit stood inside the Crystal Castle. There was a tremor, and Light Hope emerged from the circular pit in the floor of the castle. "It is time," he said. "Time for Etheria to join with its sister planet."

"You mean--Etheria is supposed to be in the same solar system as Eternia?" asked She-Ra, incredulously.

"Yes. The First Ones, the founders of Etheria, were originally from Eternia. They wanted to completely break away from Eternia, so they would have no influence from the planet they left behind as they colonized a new world. So they used their magic to move Etheria elsewhere in the galaxy. But now it's time for this planet to be in its home solar system." He then explained how they would move Etheria.

She-Ra was stunned. As a baby, she'd been taken from her home, and after many years came back. She'd known that she had something of a tie to Etheria.

She shook her head. This was so strange....

"So you are wanting to help us?" asked He-Man.

"That is correct. I will magically aid Prince Zed with his gatemaker. But time grows short, as Horde Prime is on his way to Etheria even now."

"Can we trust Zed?" asked He-Man

"Your niece has already told you that. Trust in her abilities. Prince Zed is trying to break away from the Horde."

"Well, sister, let's get moving," He-Man said.

The twins thanked Light Hope for his help, and they mounted Swift Wind and flew back to Castle Bright Moon.

Near the grounds of Castle Bright Moon, Prince Zed and his scientist were setting up the gatemaker. He looked up and smiled when he saw Adam and Adora. "The gatemaker is almost ready," he said.

"You'll be getting help from Light Hope," said Adora. "He is the keeper of the Crystal Castle."

"The girls are ready," said Sea Hawk, coming up to his wife and giving her a kiss.

"Good. Let's go inside," said Adora, as she took Sea Hawk's hand. They, along with Adam, went inside the castle.

In the center of the castle were many of Etheria's magicians. Queen Castaspella had come from Mystacor to help, and Madame Razz from Whispering Woods.

They formed a circle and linked hands: Teela, Jessalyn, Annabelle, Micah, Glimmer, Castaspella, and Madame Razz.

Bow was looking out the one window. "Zed is almost ready with the gatemaker," he reported.

"Time for She-Ra to do her thing out there," said Adora. She held her sword up high. "For the honor of Greyskull...."

Magic changed her, transformed her. "I AM SHE-RA!"

"I know what I'm going to be doing," said She-Ra. "Light Hope will be helping me through my sword. Adam, you are to channel Greyskull's power through yours."

"Just as soon as I change...By the power of Greyskull... I HAVE THE POWER!"

He-Man went into the middle of the circle. "Good luck, Sis," he said.

"You too, brother." She-Ra left the room.

He-Man lifted his sword again. "By the power of Greyskull!"

The magicians began their spell. Magic flowed from He-Man into each of them, strengthening their spell that would move the planet.

Meanwhile, outside of the castle, She-Ra went over to the gatemaker and held her sword up. "For the honor of Greyskull!" Magic shot from the jewel in her sword and strengthened the gatemaker. Zed's scientist was using high-powered binoculars to observe the gate.

"It's almost wide enough, She-Ra," the scientist said. "Just a little more power."

Minutes later, the atmosphere seemed to be charged with magic. She-Ra continued to supply the gatemaker with magical energy emanating from the Crystal Castle.

Inside the castle, the magicians were giving everything they had. Sea Hawk stood with his son, younger daughter, and nephew, watching in awe. "Etheria is moving!" he exclaimed.

The light outside was so bright with magic, it was blinding. "It's working," said He-Man, still holding his sword aloft.

After what seemed to be an eternity, it stopped. The magical glow disappeared. Outside the castle, Zed was beaming. "It worked! Eternia and Etheria are now sister worlds!"

"As they once were and are meant to be," said She-Ra, a bit exhausted from her efforts.

"Now Eternia and Etheria can build ships, can join together more easily," said Zed. "And would you believe--Etheria's three moons came through too!"

She-Ra smiled. "That's how Bright Moon gets its power. They couldn't leave the moons behind."

In Snake Mountain on Eternia, Shadow Weaver came to Hordak with news. "Mighty Hordak, Etheria has been moved to this solar system!" she hissed.

"WHAT!" Hordak stood up. "Horde Prime was supposed to destroy that world. I'll bet the entire planet that Zed, that traitor, had something to do with it!"

"He is on Etheria now," said Shadow Weaver. "If you wish to deal with him...."

"I'll wait until he comes back to Eternia. Then I'll show that nephew of mine who's in charge here."

Book 7, chapter 4 by Alexandra Spears

Horde Prime was displeased. Very, very displeased. He had failed to destroy Etheria, the planet the Horde Empire had been forced to give up.

And the worst part of it was, his own son had helped engineer this latest defeat. His own offspring. Well, it was time to teach a disobedient child a lesson.

As Horde Prime went to contact Hordak, he looked back and realized that this had been inevitable, since that time when Zed had been not much more than a boy. Those Rebels had corrupted him, gave him a load of nonsense about freedom and love and what-not. Horde Prime had tried to squelch it, and he'd thought himself successful, but Zed's rebelliousness had remained buried until he had enough Hordesmen following him.

Zed had convinced the Horde's best scientist to follow him. That had angered Horde Prime considerably. Magic was all well and good, but they needed technology.

That son of his had to be eliminated. Blood relation or no, no one opposed Horde Prime and got away with it.

Horde Prime summoned his messenger. "Get me Hordak on Eternia," he ordered.

"Y-y-yes, O Great One," the messenger stammered.

Hordak sat on his throne in Snake Mountain. He was the only one in the room as he talked to Horde Prime through the crystal ball.

"I want you to capture my son and bring him back to Horde World. I will deal with him myself," Horde Prime said, his tone commanding as always.

Hordak frowned. Earlier Horde Prime had said that Hordak could kill Zed. Now Hordak was being cheated of his fun. "But I thought you said...."

"It's better that I deal with him. Knowing you, you would find a way to bungle it. I shall deal with Zed. You will merely deliver him to me alive. Is that clear, Hordak?"

"Crystal clear, Horde Prime," Hordak muttered.

The crystal ball went dark. Hordak sat back on his throne and propped his feet up on the table, next to the crystal ball. He steepled his fingers, thinking.

Hordak was furious. Kobra Khan made the mistake of bothering Hordak while the evil commander was in his bad mood, and his head was on one side of the wall, the rest of his body on the other.

A few days went by. It was night time, and Adam and Adora were standing at a window in Castle Greyskull. Etheria could be seen in the sky now.

"It feels as if it were meant to be," said Adora. "This was Etheria's home solar system, much as I was born on Eternia."

"Now our alliance will work better," said Adam. "Together we can defeat the Horde. But we must hurry. Horde Prime is wanting to bring his new flagship to Eternia."

Man-at-Arms came up behind the twins. He'd survived the blasting of the Palace and had been working on his inventions here in Castle Greyskull. "I'm working on a design for our own starship," he said. "Prince Zed and his scientist have been helping me. It's a good thing you have an ally in the right place."

"It'll take a while to build a starship, especially the one you have in mind, Duncan," said Adam. "Meanwhile, Adora and I will hold off Horde He-Man and She-Ra."

Suddenly, an object flying over Eternia blocked most of the moonlight. Man-at-Arms pulled out a pair of binoculars. "It's the Horde," he said. "It looks like you'll have to start holding them off now."

book 7 chapter 5 by Alexandra Spears

She-Ra and Swift Wind, along with her son Julian, flew to the ruins of the Royal Palace. There was something that was still there, virtually untouched by the Horde's attack on the Palace. It had been on display a safe distance from where the Palace once stood proudly on King's Hill.

"If we can't stop Horde Prime with our own ship, then we have to stop his ship," She-Ra told her teenaged son. "Your uncle, sisters, and cousins will help ward off the attack at Greyskull."

"Look! That's Grandmother's old ship from Earth, isn't it?" Julian asked, pointing.

"It is," She-Ra said as Swift Wind landed next to it. It had been virtually ignored during the Horde's attack and appeared to be in good shape.

"Mother, do you know how to operate it?"

"I'm going to have to learn quickly. Stay here, Swifty, unless there's trouble. My son and I will go up and try to stop Horde Prime."

Eternia was becoming even darker as Horde Prime's ship loomed overhead. She-Ra was reminded of the time on Etheria when Horde Prime's previous flagship, The Velvet Glove, hovered over Whispering Woods.

"Where are you going?" Bow had asked.

"To find She-Ra," Adora had replied as she'd run to find a safe place to transform.

Julian and his mother entered the cockpit of the ship. There was barely enough room for two.

She-Ra paused after she got settled in her seat. "This brought my mother here. And because of that, Adam and I were born," she said. It had all begun here.

Coming out of her reverie, She-Ra started it up. "Well, I figured that out. Now let's get up there and stop Horde Prime."

At Greyskull, He-Man and Battle Cat stood outside, keeping watch. His wife Teela stood beside them. Inside the castle, Sea Hawk kept an eye on his daughters, niece, and nephew. Zed and his scientist were working on strategies inside the castle as well.

Suddenly, Hordak and an army of Hordesmen beamed down, in front of the castle. "Surrender, golden boy," Hordak said dangerously.

"Sorry, don't know the meaning of the word," He-Man retorted.

The jawbridge opened, and Man-at-Arms and Zed stood there. "Uncle...stop this foolishness now," said Zed.

"So! Another traitor!" Hordak wasted no time changing his arm to a cannon and firing flames at Zed. Zed ducked too late, and he was on fire. Man-at-Arms tried to help him, but Hordak stunned him.

Before Teela could help him, Zed had gone too close to the edge of the jawbridge and he fell into the abyss. "You monstrous murderer!" Teela shouted. At least Zed would not have to endure days of falling.

"That's what he gets. And that's what Adora will get, too. Where is that traitorous woman?" Hordak demanded.

"That's for me to know and you not to find out," said He-Man, jumping off Battle Cat. He was angry. A valuable ally was gone.

Meanwhile, in the flagship The Conqueror, Horde Prime was viewing the death of his son at Hordak's hands. He was angry. He had wanted to bring his son home to Horde World and brainwash him. Zed had been a brilliant lad and could have helped his father tremendously.

Horde Prime pressed a control button. He was so sick and tired of Hordak. That miserable imbecile couldn't even handle a bunch of Rebels, even if one of them was super-powered and had given away what Horde secrets she knew. Hordak should have killed Adora when he had a chance, Horda Prime thought. When she first started rebelling. But no--Shadow Weaver had to go ahead and put her under another spell, only to have that meddling Sorceress help her break it later on.

On Eternia, the ground opened beneath Hordak's feet, and he fell in. "Enjoy your stay in hell," a voice thundered from above. Then the chasm closed on Hordak, crushing him and ending his pathetic life.

He-Man and Teela watched, shocked. "Now the invasion begins!" the same voice roared from the sky.

At the same time, an explosion was seen. Man-at-Arms, who had just regained consciousness, took out a pair of high-powered goggles. He could see something disturbing--pieces of an Earth ship, drifting in space.

"Your mother's ship was hit," he said to He-Man.

He-Man looked at the army of Hordesmen. They had killed his sister and nephew, and now they would pay.

Sea Hawk came out of the castle. "My son," he said.

She-Ra and her son Julian sped towards the flagship in the late Queen Marlena's spaceship. "Man-at-Arms and I came up with this. It has a transporter ray so we can get aboard Horde Prime's ship," She-Ra explained. "He came over here a couple of days ago and installed it, just in case."

"Just in case" was here, and She-Ra maneuvered her mother's ship. They watched on the viewscreen as The Conqueror came into view. "It's powering up its weapons system!" She-Ra exclaimed. "Julian, we have to transport over there now."

She pressed a button, and the woman and the boy disappeared just before the spaceship was blown to atoms. Seconds later, they found themselves on board The Conqueror.

"What now, Mother?" Julian whispered to She-Ra.

"We hijack this ship, that's what," She-Ra said, smiling a little bit. "But it's not going to be easy."

Horde Prime sat at his control console, satisfied that he'd gotten rid of Hordak. He'd been wanting to do that for a while now...a variation on the trap door.

He heard someone behind him. Turning around, he saw She-Ra with her son Julian. "She-Ra! Or should I say, ex-Force Captain Adora?"

"Hey, back off," snapped Julian. "My mother isn't like you."

"Impudent whelp!" Horde Prime started to fire a weapon at him, but She-Ra changed her sword to a shield and protected herself and her son from the blast, which ricocheted and hit a panel.

"My navigational circuit! Insolent wench!" Horde Prime howled. He then fired another ray.

She-Ra kept deflecting the rays, and the sparks coming from the various consoles were a terrific display. Finally the evil Horde ruler shot a huge ray from another weapon. She-Ra and Julian dodged this one, and it shot a hole right through the bulkhead--a hull breach.

"Decompression danger," the computer said.

She-Ra held on to her son as they were blown out. "Sword to helmet," She-Ra managed to gasp. She put it on, and caught another one blowing out. She put it over Julian's head, and as they sailed towards Eternia's atmosphere, She-Ra took off her cape and wrapped it around her son to protect him from the cold of outer space; she was invulnerable to it as She-Ra.

Horde Prime was also sucked out of the ship, and as there was no helmet available for him, he was dead within a couple of minutes.

She-Ra and Julian entered Eternia's atmosphere. She remembered the last time she'd pulled a similar stunt, and changed her sword to a shield. Julian clung to his mother as they fell through the sky in a ball of flame, and he was protected by her cape.

She-Ra changed the shield to a parachute as she'd done before, and mother and son landed in front of Castle Greyskull. "Horde Prime is dead, Father," said Julian as he rushed into Sea Hawk's arms.

The Hordesmen began to attack in an attempt to avenge Horde Prime's death. Without a leader to guide them, however, they were easily defeated.

Weeks later, Man-at-Arms and the scientist, whose name was Kodar, built a small ship. They went up into space in this ship in order to salvage the Conqueror, which was renamed the Uniter. It would belong to both Eternia and Etheria, the twin worlds.

The Horde empire fell. Its worlds had their own rebellions, and eventually those worlds became free from the Horde forever.

The skies around Castle Greyskull, which were usually dark, became a brilliant blue in celebration of its freedom from any threats. Workers expanded the castle, and made it into a sort of Palace. The Dark Side of Eternia was no longer dark, because the great evil there was gone, and it had a normal day and night cycle.

Hordak's and Skeletor's former henchmen--those who had survived the war--now wandered around Eternia, basically causing trouble. He-Man and She-Ra and their children could easily deal with them.

And soon after the fall of the Horde Empire, sixteen-year-olds Prince Micah and Princess Annabelle were married on Etheria. Annabelle was now the Princess of Etheria.

the end.