Time Out: The Series

"The Brady Bunch"
By Adam Osgood

The darkness cleared up, Adora found herself under a shady tree. Three boys and three girls came up to her with weird looks on their faces.

"Who are you?" said the shortest of the boys.

"I am Adora," she said.

The tallest of the boys stepped forward, "I'm Greg, this is Peter, and this is Bobby." Then the tallest of the girls stepped forward, "I'm Marsha, this is Jan, and this is Cindy," Marsha put her hand threw her hair. So what brings you here?"

"Yeah?" asked Peter.

"I have no idea!" Adora exclaimed. "Your planet looks very different from mine.....

"You mean you're not from Earth?" asked Jan.

"See," said Bobby, "I knew those UFO's we saw were real!"

"I'm from...Etheria...where is this?"

"This is Earth, come home and meet our parents, Carol and Mike," requested Cindy.

* * *

"So you say you are from , Etheria?" Mike asked.

"Yes, I need to get back... I have been time-traveling, and it backfired!"

"I'll go get my detective kit and we can get to the bottom of this!" Bobby ran out of the kitchen past the tacky horse statue, and up the stairs.

"I'd help, but I don't have enough personality," said Peter.

"And I'm too Ugly!" shouted Jan.

"And I'm too small!" put in Cindy.

"If only I weren't so conceited...." Marsha trailed off.

"I have a hot date - with my guitar," Greg said enthusiastically.

Bobby ran back down the stairs. "I coudn't find my detective kit, sorry ma'am," he said.

"Well," said Carol, "I have to go to the garden club..."

"And I'm working on a new building." said Mike, "But I'm sure you have learned a very valuable lesson: don't meddle with time, or time will meddle with you.

"AAAGGGHHH!" Adora screamed in frustration and with a flash of light she was gone.

"And I was going to ask tht groovy chick out, too!" Greg sighed.