The Journeys of Julian and Tamara: Starting Out
     by Alexandra Spears

Prince Julian was now eighteen years old, and his younger sister Tamara was seventeen. Julian had incredible strength like He-Man and She-Ra, as well as limited invulnerability. Tamara was a healer.

Julian had blond hair like his mother, Princess Adora, and green eyes like his father, Captain Sea Hawk. Tamara was the opposite: she had her mother's cerulean blue eyes and her father's red hair. Julian was a handsome young man and Tamara a lovely young lady.

Their older sister, Princess Annabelle, was twenty years old and already the mother of five children, including identical twin girls. Their cousin, Prince James, was nineteen and looking for a wife; he was next in line to rule Eternia. James' sister Jessalyn was fourteen, boy crazy, and destined to be the next Sorceress of Greyskull like her mother was.

Now that Julian and Tamara were pretty much grown up, they decided to journey around Eternia. Word had gotten to Greyskull that former Horde members were causing trouble in various places. He-Man and She-Ra could only be in so many places in so much time, so the two siblings decided to help their mother and uncle.

"You two be careful," Adora said, hugging her two younger children.

"I'm sure they can take care of themselves, Sis," said King Adam.

"I know they can, but I'm still their mother," Adora told him, smiling slightly. Her husband also hugged their children.

"You take care of your sister," said Sea Hawk to his only son. "And I have something for the both of you to share." He then handed Julian his photon cutlass, his impact ring, and his seven-league boots. "I'm a bit too old to be fighting. And these belonged to your grandfather--my father, and he'd given them to me."

"I'll let you have the impact ring and the boots, Tammy, since I can already do what they do," said Julian.

"Okay. You're better with a sword than I am anyway," Tamara agreed.

Adam and Teela and their two children hugged Julian and Tamara, and then the two siblings were on their way to adventure.

Julian and Tamara each had a horse. Julian's horse was a brown one with a black mane, and his name was Trotter. Tamara had a white horse with a red mane, and his name was Elvis--Tamara's late grandmother, Queen Marlena, who had been an Earth native, had been an Elvis Presley fan.

Their mother and father had given them plenty of money and supplies, enough to last several months. The young prince and princess loaded their packs onto their horses' backs and mounted up. "Well, sister, shall we begin our journey?" asked Julian.

"Of course, big brother," said Tamara. "Come on, Elvis, let's ride!"

Brother and sister rode side by side. "I feel sorry for Annabelle. All her kids have magical powers and she has to keep them in line," said Tamara.

"Daniel can't do magic yet...he's only a few months old," said Julian, referring to their youngest nephew.

"He will. Give him a few months," smirked Tamara.

They rode through the Evergreen Forest. Soon they would come upon the Endless Plains--near the site where the Royal Palace once stood. They and their elder sister had been born in the Palace, as had their mother and uncle.

"It's sure nice, now that Eternia isn't threatened anymore," said Tamara.

"It still is--which is why we're roaming around the planet," Julian reminded her. "Skeletor's lackeys and former Hordesmen are still out there, causing trouble."

"Thanks for telling me that. At least the Dark Side isn't dark anymore. That was so depressing," said Tamara.

The two siblings were silent as they headed for their first destination--Eternos, capital city of Eternia, which was undergoing reconstruction. The city had been torn apart during the Horde's attack on the Palace years back, but now it was nearly restored.

Hours later, night was falling. Julian and Tamara decided to set up camp for the night. Julian gathered wood and built a fire while Tamara set up their sleeping bags on opposite sides of the campfire.

After things were set up, Julian and Tamara lay on their sleeping bags and gazed up at the stars. They had learned their Eternian constellations fairly well. "Look, there's the hunter and the wolf," said Julian, pointing up.

"I see it. And our North Star," Tamara added. She looked over at her elder brother. "Mother said that her mother told her that Earth has a north star, and the Big and Little Dippers, and Orion."

Soon they were fast asleep. In the morning, they would continue on their way to Eternos and see what the problem was there.