The History Of Starship Eternia.

 The New Adventures Of He-man.

In the early days of Eternia, a powerful race of people known as the Zodakkians covered the land. Over time, these people built and created several wondrous forms of technology. Generations past, and soon the Zodakkian bloodline became thin. Some of these less powerful Zodakkians became known as Eternians. It was during this time that the people of Eternia reverted back to a barbaric lifestyle.

Centuries past, and with it the tales of the Zodakkians became both myth and legend. The remains of their technology soon became quite rare and very valuable. Some of their technology was found by the Eternian people. The rest was either damaged or was never found.

In time the Eternian people felt the rise and fall of the Snakemen. Then came a brief time of terror brought by the Horde. But yet, the Eternian people still faced one great evil, Skeletor. In order to defend themselves against this threat, the Eternian's called upon their greatest hero, He-man.

Years past, as both He-man and Skeletor continued to wage war against each other. Then one day, Skeletor, after continual studies of ancient Zodakkian magic, was able to create a portal of time. Skeletor then thought that if he could go into the future to the era in time in which He-man was too old to stop him, that his plan to conquer Eternia would be complete.

After ordering his technicians to assemble a spacecraft, Skeletor began to prepare his voyage into the future. Soon the day came in which Skeletor would make his plan a reality. He boarded his ship, created a portal into the future, and was off. As the Eternians discovered what Skeletor had just done, there was an eery sense that Skeletor would be successful, since the Eternian's did not have any spacecraft of their own.

But all was not lost. The guardian of Castle Grayskull, the Sorceress, revealed to the people a forgotten treasure; a starship. The starship, which became named after the Eternian planet, was an ancient vessel built by the ancient Zodakkians. As the Eternian people retrieved this, they noticed a flaw in the ship. Over time some of the ship was damaged and parts of it was salvaged by early scavengers.

The Eternian technicians worked around the clock reconstructing the Starship Eternia. They rebuilt the ship's engines, the gravitational matrix of the ship (which allowed them to have gravity while on the ship),and some of the minor repairs to the ships haul. The technicians also constructed a hypergate system, which they based from the Cosmic Key, and some of the remaining technology found on the ship. Also on the ship they found a series of technologically advanced armor.

Soon the Starship was completed. Since Skeletor left the rest of his army in the Eternian's present, King Randor and He-man both felt that it was safer that the other Eternian warriors stayed behind to defend their world. With that, He-man assembled a group of young Eternian soldiers to travel with him into the future. These new warriors were then specially trained to use some of the new armor discovered on the ship. By using the ship's computers, they were able to trace Skeletor's time portal to the point of which he arrived into the future.

He-man and his new troops then started out on their journey. Soon the Starship was in orbit. After calculating the coordinates, the brave warriors created a hypergate into the future, right up to the point in time Skeletor entered as well. He-man and his crew piloted the starship through the gate, and on into the future. Once through the gate, they were there, right behind Skeletor.

But then the troops had problems of their own. The hypergate system, which had never been previously tested, had weaken the structural shields of the Starship Eternia. Skeletor, realizing that they were vulnerable, fired back at the starship, causing severe damage. He-man and his troops were able to fire back at Skeletor, to little affect. As Skeletor sped away in his ship, He-man and his men were able to get his trajectory. As the rest of the crew was calculating were Skeletor sped off to, He- man sent a young soldier named Flipshot, who was trained to use a set of jet wings, to fly out and try to repair the ship. Flipshot then completed the repairs, and then along with He-man and the rest of the crew, set off to begin their new adventures aboard the Starship Eternia.

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