The Sorceress of Greyskull

By Teela

She looked out on Eternia, a heavy sadness in her heart. Today was the day.

"Sorceress, are you all right?" Phoenica's voice asked.

The Sorceress turned, startled. There behind her stood Phoenica, Queen of the Seers of Eternia.

"Yes, Phoenica. I'm fine," she said cheerfully. She didn't feel cheerful, but she knew that this would be hard on the young Queen and didn't wish to upset her.

The Sorceress studied the young woman for a moment. She was short and had long blue hair and blue eyes. Her legs and arms were well defined, her face delicately sculpted. She wore the uniform of a Seer--a black and white jumpsuit with a belt. The uniform was different for each Seer. Phoenica's had a white phoenix against a black background. Her black high-heeled boots were topped with white fur. She wore black wrist bands and black upper-arm bands, which had runes engraved in white on them, on her arms. Her black belt was Phoenix chasing its tail. She wore her sword on her back in its sheath and her crown was a black headdress with a Phoenix's wings rising up along either side of her head, a diamond in the band that connected them across her forehead. Her face was partially hidden by the two crossbeams that came down and met the two long pieces that covered Phoenica's cheekbones.

The Sorceress couldn't believe that this was the same woman from Village Alain that He-Man and the warriors of Eternia, along with Phoenica's brother, Taren, had had to rescue from Snake Mountain. Skeletor had taken Phoenica, thinking that he could drain her powers into his Havoc staff and to kill her. He'd used a mind probe device, which had nearly killed Phoenica. Little did he know that a Seer's power comes from within and cannot be stolen.

Phoenica had been brought to Greyskull immediately afterwards. The Sorceress could not heal her! So, she cast a spell of rebirth and Phoenica emerged as the Seer she was destined to become and her hair had taken on its color. She had been trained as a warrior already, as most Seers are, but she had no experience with magic. So, the Sorceress trained her to use her magic in conjuction with the powers she had already possessed--to foresee danger and death. The Warrior/Sorceress had taken her place on Eternia and together they had found an entire army of Seers, one of which was Muerta, Skeletor's own daughter!

Phoenica had led the final assault on Snake Mountain with He-Man and the Warriors. She'd united them all and they had won! Skeletor was now in a prison zone, where he and Evil-lyn could never return.

"It's been an incredible year, hasn't it? Princess Adora's returned with her fiancee, Sea Hawk. Prince Adam and Teela are getting married tomorrow. Skeletor's been defeated and imprisoned. My children are nearly grown...I've lost a husband. Eternia's been at peace, as has Etheria. Hordak's disappeared, the Horde's scattered. Etheria and Eternia are free...yet you're still sad. Why?"

The Sorceress walked back inside, wanting to tell her, yet holding back.

"I cannot tell you....will there be a battle today?"

"Yes, at the Palace. My army is already standing by," Phoenica told her.

"Send Teela to me when the battle begins. I cannot tell you why. Please, just send her to me," Teelana, the Sorceress, said.

"As you wish, Sorceress. I'll see you later?"

"Yes, Phoenica. Be careful."

"I will."

The Sorceress watched her go and blinked back tears. This was her last day as the Sorceress of Greyskull....

* * *

Teela woke to the urgent knocking at her door. She threw on her clothes and opened the door. Man-At-Arms, her father, stood there.

"Teela, we're under attack! I've already called the guard--let's go!" he said. Teela grabbed her quarterstaff and followed him as he ran down the hall.

"Who's attacking us, father?"


"Hordak! I thought he was on Horde World!"

"I don't know where he's been, but he's been targeting us for awhile. Look!"

At that moment, a large army of Horde troopers jumped up and surrounded the Eternian force.

"Teela!" Phoenica cried as she ran up. "You must go to Greyskull at once! I'll take over for you here."

"But, how? We're surrounded!"

"I think I know the answer to that, Teela," He-Man said as he ran up. He held aloft his sword. "Hang onto me, Teela," he said. She grabbed his arm, worried. "By the Power of Greyskull!!!" he cried.

Suddenly, they were standing outside Castle Greyskull. He-Man called down the Jawbridge and they walked inside.

"Welcome, Teela, He-Man," the Sorceress greeted. "I'm glad you made it here safely. Come, both of you," she said as she stood and walked down to them.

She led them deep into Castle Greyskull and into a secret chamber.

"It is time I told you of your mother, Teela," the Sorceress said as they came upon what looked like a gallery. Teela looked closer--the pictures were of each of the Warriors of Eternia...and, even, one of the Sorceress and of...could it be! Past Sorceresses of Greyskull! "Do you remember when you went to the Oracle of the Crystal Sea?"

"Of course. The Oracle didn't tell me much--just that my mother loved me and that, one day, I would know her," Teela replied.

The Sorceress smiled knowingly.

"It told you more than that, Teela. It told you who she was. But, since it was not yet time for you to know, she wiped your memory," the Sorceress told her.

"Who is my mother, Sorceress?" Teela asked.

"I am, Teela. I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you sooner, but it was too dangerous," the Sorceress replied.



Suddenly, the Sorceress stepped forward and hugged Teela close. Teela pulled away--


"Let me show you my story," the Sorceress said. Teela watched as she activated one of the pictures with a picture of the Sorceress on it. "I met my husband, your father, here in Greyskull," she said as a handsome youth with brown hair appeared on the screen. "I was introduced to him by Man-At-Arms, who had come for help. They were good friends. After the battle was over, your father began to come here more and more often. I fell in love with him, and he with me. We were wed on the Summer Soltice by the Priestess of the Sun."

Teela watched as an image of her mother and father stood before the Priestess before Greyskull's throne.

"Shortly after that, the Horde came to Eternia. I was already pregnant with you, so I fought from within Greyskull's walls. Your father, Serath, fought bravely. He defeated Skeletor and Hordak, but he lost his life when a boulder was dislodged from the cliff he was under and fell...After that, I couldn't be assured of your safety in Greyskull, so I went to the Crystal Sea and built a nest. Man-At-Arms came to my rescue when Merman nearly captured me. He didn't know what was in the nest, but if he had, he would've taken you to Snake Mountain. I asked Man-At-Arms to raise you as his own and, as I knew, he didn't deny me. He knew how important you were to me...and to him." An image of Man-At-Arms holding Teela as a baby appeared. "I had already named you Teela--your father thought that you should be named after me. My name is Teelana," the Sorceress told her.

Teela blinked back tears, then turned and saw her mother brushing tears from her eyes.

"I couldn't let anything happen to you. I would never have forgiven myself if anything had. I hope that you can forgive me," the Sorceress said.

Teela hugged her mother and clung to her as she had always wished to. Finally, the Sorceress pulled away.

"There's no need for forgive you, Mother. You did what you felt was right and it was...Mother, Hordak has attacked the Palace and we're in trouble...can you help?"

"Yes, Teela, but not as you expect. My time here in Greyskull is over. But, I cannot leave without finding a replacement. I offer my position as Sorceress to you," The Sorceress said. "You will never be mortal again, you will fight many battles--more than you have ever dreamed of. You will see great sadness and joy. You must protect Castle Greyskull and its secrets and, when the day of He-Man and She-Ra are over, preserve and protect the swords of power until the day that they are needed again," the Sorceress said.

Teela considered. She would have to give up her position at the Palace and she would have to live in Greyskull...permanently! As she looked into her mother's eyes, she knew it was her destiny!

"I accept," she replied. The Sorceress smiled.

"Then By the Power of Greyskull, let it be done! Enter the Pool of Power. Only the gentlest and purest of hearts can weild the Powers of Greyskull. If the Castle accepts you, you will emerge changed. Enter..."

Teela was lowered through the floor and into the Pool of Power, which was more of a Pool of Light. She felt it fill her and then, suddenly, she lifted her wings and flew!

"I'm flying!" Teela cried, realizing what had happened.

"A falcon! Just like your mother," He-Man teased.

"How do I turn back?"

"Concentrate and think 'change,'" her mother replied. Teela suddenly changed into a mirror image of her mother!

"I'm just like you," she said.

"Yes...from this day forward, you will ever be the Sorceress of Greyskull...Your friends are in need of you, Daughter. Go with He-Man and save them."

Teela nodded, then turned to go..and turned back.

"But, how will I know what to do?"

"I will guide you," the Sorceress said. Together, they changed into falcons and flew off to the Palace.

* * *

He-Man watched them go, then he ran after, trying to keep up. He found that he could keep up quite easily--even without Battle-Cat! He smiled as he ran in behind them and ambushed the enemy!

Teela transformed into her true form before them while Zoar landed on her shoulder.

"You have no place on Eternia, Hordak! I order you to leave...immediately!" Teela cried. Hordak laughed, then looked shocked as Teela sent a thunderbolt flying past his shoulder.

"Better do as the lady says, Hordak," He-Man said as he stood beside his love.

"He-Man! Horde, attack!" Hordak cried.

The Horde troopers surrounded He-Man, Teela and Zoar. Teela sent five of them off flying with a spell while He-Man punched the others into a domino effect, sending them into a nearby tree. Hordak and the other warriors did not give up, as He-Man had hoped they would.

"Need some help, Brother?" She-Ra's voice rang. He-Man looked up, smiled--

"Sis! Boy, am I glad to see you again!" he exclaimed. She smiled and leaped down from Swift Wind. They stood back-to-back, He-Man and She-Ra soon sent the other warriors running.

"I'll get you for this He-Man and She-Ra! And as for you, prepare! Greyskull will not be yours for much longer, Sorceress!" Hordak cried.

"Maybe, maybe not. But, you can't take it over, if you're not here!" Teela cried as she wove a spell. Hordak howled in rage as he vanished.

"Where'd you send him, Teela?" He-Man asked.

Teela only smiled.

* * *

Skeletor watched as a portal appeared in the prison zone that he'd been sent to. He tried to get in the portal, but was pushed out by person tumbling through it. He gasped as his oppressor stood and brushed himself off.

"Where am I?" Hordak's voice asked.

"In a prison zone, you fool!" Skeletor cried as he stood.

"Skeletor! Evil-Lyn! How'd you get here?"

"We were sent here by that infernal Queen Phoenica, you boob! How did you get here?"

"I was put here by the Sorceress of Greyskull. There was something different about her that I can't quite put my finger on...."

"That's because you have a laser canon on your arm!"

Hordak fired his laser canon at his former student, sending him sprawling and laughed. Through it all, it was still a good day!

* * *

Teelana, the former Sorceress of Greyskull, helped her daughter climb into her old wedding dress deep inside Greyskull's corridors. Adam had revealed his secret to Teela the night before and they had both pledged to keep no more secrets from each other--unless it was something that even Teela could not tell him. Teelana had witnessed this exchange of vows and had brushed tears from her eyes.

She was going to leave Greyskull....forever! But, she didn't know where she would go and she felt empty without a purpose.

Teelana no longer wore the uniform of the Sorceress of Greyskull. She now wore an outfit that was similar. She still had her cape of feathers and she still wore her blue high heeled boots. Her jumpsuit had been traded in for the same top, but with a long, slitted loin cloth with two slits, one parallel to each leg, and each slit went up to her hip. She wore a belt that had a pouch with healing herbs and powders. A small spellbook had been given to her by the Spirit of Greyskull as he reminded her that, no matter what, she would ever be the Sorceress of Greyskull.

But, now, so was Teela.

"How do I look?" Teela asked as she stood before. The Sorceress smiled.

"Even more beautiful than I did when I wore it. I'm proud of you, Teela and this wedding day makes me prouder than ever to be your Mother," Teelana told her. Teela smiled.

"Thank you, Mother. Well, are we ready?"

"We are."

"Hurry up you two!" Muerta's voice rang. Teelana turned and smiled at the Advisor to the Throne of the Seers, Lady Muerta, the new head of Snake Mountain.

Muerta stood before them in her Seer's uniform, a white skull against a black background, a skulled belt around her waist, black boots and black armbands against her blue skin. Her black hair flowed down to her waist and framed her white skull beautifully. She was the daughter of Skeletor and Evil-Lyn and had proved herself trustworthy to all of Eternia. The Sorceress remembered when Teela and He-Man had brought Muerta to her. Muerta hadn't wanted to come to Greyskull for fear that the temptation of Greyskull's power would be too great and turn her to the path of Evil. The Sorceress had trained her within these walls and, as time went on, Muerta no longer felt tempted by Greyskull's power--such power would be too dangerous!

"We're coming, Muerta," Teela said with a smile. They walked out together, Teelana carrying Teela's train. They stood outside the throne room, where they met up with Man-At-Arms. Man-At-Arms and Teelana each took one of Teela's arms and led her to the throne, where she met Adam, Muerta carrying her train. Teelana and Man-At-Arms presented her for marriage to the Prince and stepped away, brushing tears from their eyes.

Man-At-Arms stood beside Teelana and took her hand in his. They squeezed hands and watched as their daughter was wed. Suddenly, Man-At-Arms nudged Teelana and nodded towards the viewscreen.

Standing there by the viewscreen was Serath, the Sorceress' long-dead husband! He smiled and winked at her and she knew that he had come for her! But, she was immortal and couldn't cross over to him!

"No, Teelana, I am not here for you. I just came to remind you how much i love you and Teela both. I want you to be with Man-At-Arms...he loves you and I know that you love him as well. Be happy, my wife! You deserve some happiness in your life," he whispered in her mind. Invisible, he kissed her lips one last time and disappeared.

"Are you all right?" Man-At-Arms asked.

"I'm fine, Duncan, thank you," she replied. He smiled and kissed her cheek, his arm encircling hers, his hand holding hers. She looked at him, and allowed the love she felt for him flow to his mind. He smiled and winked. They would talk later!

They turned back to their daughter's wedding ceremony and cheered with the others as Adam and Teela kissed for the first time as husband and wife!

* * *

Queen Phoenica stood on the battlements of Greyskull for, what she felt, was the last time. Her dearest friend, the Sorceress, was leaving Greyskull!

She felt the tears flowing down her cheeks and didn't dare try to stop them. She had kept much bottled up over the past year, with her husband passing on and her people needing her so much! She hadn't had time to cry.

"Why so sad, Phoenica?" the Sorceress' voice rang out.

Phoenica turned, startled, then turned back to Eternia.

"I'm...I'm not's just tension," she replied.

"I know you better than that, dear heart," the Sorceress' mind echoed in her own. "You feel that, because I'm leaving Greyskull, that our friendship is over, that things will never be the same. You're right--things will never be as they were between you and me as they will be with you and Teela. But, that doesn't mean our friendship will end, nor will yours with Teela. Your relationship with her may change a bit, but she has been one of your best friends, as have I. We both hope to continue that relationship with you, Queen of the Seers."

Suddenly, Phoenica felt the Sorceress' arms come about her and she turned and cried against the Sorceress' shoulder for a time.

"I don't want you to go...I've lost so much already--"

"You are not losing me! I will be at the Palace of Eternos, near enough to come and visit every week...or every day, but knowing you, once a week will suffice," the Sorceress said with a smile.

"You can't go, Sorceress--"

"I must, Phoenica. My time here is over! Teela's time is beginning. I was not always the Sorceress of Greyskull and I have to get on with my life! Just because I'm no longer the guardian of Greyskull doesn't mean that I will vanish! I am planning to be here for a very long more tears for me. Tears for your husband are more appropriate..take time to grieve! And, I promise you, things will not be much different. From now on, please call me 'Teelana,'" the Sorceress said. Phoenica brushed away the last of her tears and nodded. She smiled, still a little upset, yet a little happier that she wouldn't lose a friend...

"Enough blubbering! Shall we go back to the party?" Phoenica asked as cheerfully as she could.

"Yes, lets."

* * *

That night, Man-At-Arms proposed to Teelana at the feast held in the bride's and groom's honor. Teelana proudly accepted and was surprised as Man-At-Arms took out a ring and placed it on her finger. The Priestess took them through their own wedding vows on the spot and Teela and Adam hugged and congratulated both of them!

"Now you really are my father!" Teela exclaimed happily. Man-At-Arms smiled.

"And I'm proud to be your father, Teela...and I'm proud to be your father-in-law, Adam!" Man-At-Arms said with a wink and a smile.

Phoenica congratulated both couples, her children at her side. The Seers vowed their loyalty and friendship to the Palace and to Greyskull for all time, which King Randor and Queen Marlena, Teela and Adam gratefully accepted. Both the Palace and Greyskull pledged their loyalty and friendship to the Seers of Eternia, whose Castle in the Mystic Mountains had finally been completed. They parted shortly afterwards, not wanting to intrude too much on the new Sorceress and her husband's privacy.

As they left that night for the Palace, Teelana looked up one last time at Castle Greyskull and remembered how a long time ago, Kodek Ugnor had told her "From this day forward, you will ever be the Sorceress of Greyskull!" It had been many years, but it only felt like a matter of minutes, in a way. It was funny how so much had happened in such a small amount of time!

"Remembering?" Duncan asked. Teelana nodded.

"Yes....I feel lost now, like I don't have a purpose anymore," she said.

"Then, I will give you one. To help our daughter to protect Castle Greyskull and to preserve the peace on Eternia," he said. She smiled.

"Thank you, Duncan. So much has happened in the past two days--yet it seems like I was standing at that Battlement only moments that so strange?"

"No...I forget that time passes differently for the Sorceress of Greyskull. Maybe that's why?"

"Perhaps...Kodek Ugnor, my predecessor, told me when I became the Sorceress that I would ever be the Sorceress of Greyskull--"

"And you are," a familiar voice said behind her. The Sorceress turned and there stood Kodek Ugnor!

"Kodek Ugnor! You're still alive?"

Kodek laughed.

"Of course, as are you! You have done well, Teelana and I am proud of you. You have done well as the Sorceress and you have chosen someone who will do well as the Sorceress. Your job now is to help preserve the legends of Greyskull. Tell your stories--as much as you can--and keep the secrets still, but keep the stories themselves alive! And help protect Greyskull. That is your purpose now. As it has been, so will it ever be that you are ever more the Sorceress of Greyskull!" Kodek said as she vanished.

Teelana smiled and took Duncan's arm.

"Let's go home...husband," she said.

"Of course, Sorceress," he said.

Together, in the darkness, they walked home, feeling their love for each other and the peace on Eternia. For Teelana, she felt something more--the power of Greyskull that had been bestowed to her would be with her always. A reminder that, as Kodek had just said, she was still the Sorceress of Greyskull....

Moral: Just because things change doesn't mean that things will be completely different or end. It just means that life takes a slightly new perspective and that one difference could add more spice to the lives we lead.