The Beginning II: Skeletor Strikes Back
    By Ryan


Adam: I am Adam, prince of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull. Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magic sword and said ?By the Power of Grayskull!?

[Adam changes to He-man]

He-man: ?I Have the Power!? I became He-man, the most powerful man in the universe. Only three others share this secret, my friends, the Sorceress, Man-at-Arms, and Orko. Together, we defend Castle Grayskull from the evil forces of Skeletor.

[Skeletor laughs]


Adam: After He-man threw Skeletor out of sight, he came back for revenge and with two allies. This is the story of Skeletor?s revenge and how my red, magician, friend, Orko, found out my secret.


Skeletor: I?ll make He-man pay for this.

[Skeletor tries to get out of a mudpile]

[A beast-like creature walks by and helps Skeletor]

Beast-Like Creature: Looks like you could use some help.

Skeletor: Yes, I could, you beast man.

Beast-Like Creature: There you go.

[The beast-like creature stands Skeletor up]

Skeletor: Ah! Since you helped me, you work for me, now!

Beast-Like Creature: What?

Skeletor: You?ll need a name. How about Beast Man? Yes, that is your new name. What are your capabilities?

Beast Man: Well, uh, I have the mind control to tame wild animals.

Skeletor: Great! I could use you. Now, I need you to help me get revenge on a muscle man who threw me in that mudpile. His name is He-man.

Beast Man: Uh, okay...what?s your name?

Skeletor: Skeletor.

Beast Man: Okay, Skeletor.

[Skeletor and Beast Man walk along and see a fish-like creature]

Skeletor: Who is that?

Beast Man: That is Merman, master of all water creatures.

Skeletor: Use your mind control and put him in my control.

[Beast Man stares at Merman]

[Merman walks up to them]

Skeletor: Hello, Merman. You work for me now. Your mastery of sea creatures could come in handy. I need you to help me get revenge on a muscle man who threw me in a mudpile. His name is He-man.

[The trio walk up to Castle Grayskull]

Skeletor: That is Castle Grayskull. It?s the most mystical place in the universe...and I want to claim it! Break in.

[Beast Man and Merman try to break into Castle Grayskull]

[Sorceress looks outside]

Sorceress: Skeletor?s back! Adam, Skeletor is back and trying to break into Castle Grayskull, but now, he has two allies. We need He-man.

[Adam and Orko are talking about a story]

Orko: And then?...

Adam: I?ll get him.

Orko: What?

Adam: Uh, nothing. You stay here. I have to get something in the other room.

[Adam goes into another room]

[King Randor runs toward a window, but is stopped by Orko]

Orko: King Randor, where are you going?

King Randor: Skeletor is trying to break into Castle Grayskull. I?m going to check it out.

[King Randor runs to the window]

Orko: Oh, no! I better warn Adam.

[Orko goes into the room where Adam is]

Orko: Adam, Skeletor is try-...

Adam: ?By the Power of Grayskull!?

[Adam changes into He-man]

He-man: ?I Have the Power!?

Orko: Adam, you are He-man?

He-man: Orko, I told you to stay in the other room.

Orko: Oh, I get it. You are going to face Skeletor.

He-man: Yes. Now that you know my secret, do not tell anyone. It could cause great damage to certain people.

Orko: Okay, my lips are sealed.

[He-man faces Skeletor]

He-man: Skeletor, you come back for more?

Skeletor: Ah. He-man, meet my new friends: Beast Man and Merman. Get him!

He-man (whispers): Sorceress, help me. Here?s the plan...

Sorceress: Okay, He-man.

He-man: Skeletor, I think you won this time.

Skeletor: I?m not falling for your trick again. I?m getting the Sorceress myself.

[Skeletor goes into Castle Grayskull]

Sorceress: I surrender, Skeletor. Take my chair.

Skeletor: I was going to, Sorceress.

[Skeletor sits in Sorceress?s chair]

[A blanket covers Skeletor]

Skeletor: Blast! I was tricked again.

[Orko and He-man grabbing Beast Man and Merman enter Castle Grayskull]

He-man: Skeletor, if something is too good to be true, then it?s not true.

Sorceress: What do we do with him?

Orko: I know! There, there, anywhere. Take Skeletor and his goons out of here.

[Skeletor, Beast Man, and Merman disappear]

He-man: Another job well done. ?Let the Power Return!?

Sorceress: He-man?

[He-man changes back into Adam]

Adam: Oh, Orko knows. He came in the room while I was transforming.

Sorceress: Orko!

Orko: I?m sorry, but I promised I won?t tell a soul.

[Sorceress smiles]

[Adam and Orko return to the palace]

King Randor: What happened to Skeletor?

Adam: He-man came and sent him away.

King Randor: Well, maybe Castle Grayskull can have peace again.

Adam: I wouldn?t be too sure, father. Skeletor could come back...and He-man will follow.

Orko: Ha, ha.

[~Return from Flashback~]

Adam: That's how Skeletor got his revenge and the beginning of when Orko knew my secret.


Adam: As you saw, Skeletor tried to get revenge on He-man, but instead he was fooled by the Sorceress and was captured. Now, many of us may get angry at others for doing things we dislike, but when you try to get revenge on those people, you?re just proving that you are as bad or worse than they are. And we all want to be better than a prankster or a trickster, don't we? In fact, sometimes, either you or the other person can get hurt. One of you could wind up losing an eye, or a limb, or maybe even your life. And nothing is worth that, is it? Thanks for watching and see you next time.