Out of the Past
- by Alexandra

Princess Adora rode her white horse, Spirit, along the road that led from Thaymor to the Whispering Woods. "It's been a bit quiet lately," Adora told Spirit. "Hordak's probably trying to think of something," Spirit suggested. "I"m sure we'll find out soon enough," Adora said. She didn't want to think about that. Right now she just wanted to ride, to feel the wind in her blonde hair. She did not know that she was being watched. Meanwhile, in the Fright Zone, Hordak, Shadow Weaver, and Imp were watching the young girl on the screen before them. "Ex-Force Captain Adora," hissed Shadow Weaver. "I'm sick of that girl. Sometimes I wish I'd never abducted her--not worth all this trouble," Hordak grumbled. "Tell our troops to surround and ambush her. Either she rejoins us or she will suffer dire consequences." "Right away, Chief," said Imp. The little blue demon-like creature flew away. "Ever since I found out that she is She-Ra she's been even more a thorn in my side," Hordak added. "Perhaps we can use her powers," Shadow Weaver hissed as Imp departed the room. "She-Ra siding with the Horde...I think I like that," said Hordak. "Imp!" he shouted. Imp poked his snout-nosed face back in the room. "Yes, boss?" "Make sure they bring her sword too." Adora and Spirit weren't too far from the safety of Whispering Woods now. "We're almost there," Adora said. "Good, I'm getting hungry," Spirit replied. Suddenly, before she knew it, something pounced, flying over Spirit's head and knocking her backwards. Adora rolled off Spirit and fell to the ground. Looking up, she saw Catra in her cat form--as well as several robot troopers. "Run, Spirit!" Adora called. Spirit managed to kick his way out and he ran for the Woods, where he could tell Adora's friends about her plight. "Never mind about the horse," Catra purred, reverting to her human form. "We have the traitor." She reached down and quickly grabbed Adora's sword. "Let's get her back to the Fright Zone." Two troopers grabbed Adora's arms and hauled her to her feet. "I can walk," Adora snapped when they tried to drag her. "Then walk," Catra ordered. Before long Catra and the troopers, with Adora as their prisoner, came upon a Horde transport. There Adora was dragged in. Catra held Adora's sword. "Without this you won't be able to become She-Ra!" she cackled with glee. Adora glared at Catra until the door was slammed shut, locking her inside. Soon the transport began moving, headed for the Fright Zone. Adora wondered what would happen to her once the transport reached its destination. Spirit ran into the main camp of the Great Rebellion, which was located in the Whispering Woods. "Adora's been captured!" the horse cried. "What?" said Bow, looking up. He stood up. "We have to rescue her. Who knows what they'll do to her!" "I'm coming with you, dearie," said Madame Razz. "'I bet they took her to the Fright Zone. Come on, Broomie!" She hopped onto Broom and they hovered in the air, waiting for Bow to mount his horse Arrow. "Let's go!" shouted Bow. He rode off on Arrow, headed towards the Fright Zone, with Madame Razz and Broom flying close by. Hordak was very pleased at Catra's success. A trooper held on to Adora as Hordak stared into her blue eyes. "Princess Adora," he drawled. "Why don't you come back and join us? You were one of the very best." "I do my best at anything I attempt," Adora said. "And speaking of that, I will help rid Etheria of your rule!" Hordak drew back his hand and hit her across the face, causing her to fall to the ground. "I'll get your brother, too. This is his fault. I wanted to get your precious twin too but failed. You know, I made you a Horde officer so I could show your father just what kind of daughter he had one day!" The trooper hauled her back to her feet. "My parents are proud of me, Hordak," Adora told him. "Enough of this," Hordak snapped. "You are going to serve us again." "NEVER!" Adora shouted. Shadow Weaver drifted over from the dark corner where she'd been standing, observing. "You want to be back with us, don't you, child?" she asked softly. "You should be grateful that we raised you." "Only because you took me from my parents," Adora retorted. "You lied to me! And if I found out one of your lies you put spells on me! No! I--I won't serve you ever again! I won't!" Shadow Weaver did not react. She merely began weaving her evil spell, the same she'd used on Adora a long time ago. Adora's body relaxed and she fell to the floor, unconscious. Hordak laughed. "And when she changes to She-Ra under that spell, she'll help us crush the Rebellion once and for all!" Bow and Madame Razz managed to sneak into the Fright Zone after disabling some troopers. They were headed towards the dungeons where they believed Adora was being held when suddenly they ran right into Hordak! And with him was Adora! "Force Captain Adora...get those Rebels!" "Yes, mighty Hordak," said Adora. "You monster! You put a spell on her again!" Bow shouted. Hordak merely laughed. "First of all, Adora, change to She-Ra. Here is your sword. Your powers will serve us well." "Oh dearie my," gasped Madame Razz. Adora looked at her sword. Something about it...something similar had happened before, and it was associated with this sword. And something told her to go ahead and change. Bow and Madame could only watch as Adora changed to She-Ra. A surprise awaited all. "The spell on me is broken, Hordak," said She-Ra. "My sword's magic must have done it." "NOOO!" howled Hordak. "Troopers! Get them!" he shouted. Troopers started appearing out of the woodwork. "I think it's time to leave," She-Ra said as she guided her friends out of the Fright Zone. Back at camp, Adora was talking to the Sorceress through her sword. She related what had happened. "You always have been a good and kind person," the Sorceress said. "Your sword magnifies the goodness within you and it can overpower any evil spell on you. Good will always triumph over evil." Bow and Madame had been watching over Adora's shoulder. "You know, Adora, your experience with the Horde...good has come out of it," said Bow. "You've told us a lot of useful things." "Which is why Hordak is after me," Adora said. "You never were really one of them, dearie," Madame Razz added. "I was always Princess Adora," Adora replied. "No matter what the Horde called me or calls me now, that's who I am. But right now the role I choose is leader of the Rebellion. And after that I can go home and be a princess." end.