The New Heros
By: Sonny Iverson(Ninjor)
Chapter 1
     As he lay in bed, Sonny felt an vacant spot next to him. It had been five months that him 
and Natalie had been married and they now had a baby on the way. She was at least four 
months along now and was now starting to show. Sonny was as happy as a school boy. He had 
a dead feeling that it would most likely be twins. He stood up and found his love by the 
balcony looking over court yard of the Palace, which was now they're permeant home. 
"Morning Baby." he said to her as he kissed her on the lips. "Morning Sweetheart." she said 
back returning his kiss. "How are you this morning?" he asked. "Actually I feel better than the 
other mornings." she said calmly. "Good." he said kissing her neck. "Don't start you." she 
warned. "Since when is it illegal for me to kiss your neck?" he asked confused. "Since you got 
me pregnant." she said like a smart ass. "Oh." he said putting on one of his many uniforms 
that the Sorceress had made for him, all of them were black. "Now where do you think you are 
going?" she asked as he put on his mask. "To Grayskull, I got to go meet Shelley." said Sonny 
grabbing his sword. "Oh no, you're not anywhere." she said as she pulled him back into bed. 
"You are staying home today, I'm feeling good and you're not going to step foot out that 
door." she said putting her foot down. "Ok, you win." he said as he picked his sword up and 
started to kiss Natalie lightly on the lips. 
     At Grayskull, "Where is Sonny?" said Adam to the Sorceress as they waited for the arrival of 
Sonny's sister Shelley from earth. "I wish I  knew." said the Sorceress about to open a portal to 
earth. "I think I know where he's at, let me go check and see." said Adora who was now married 
to Sea Hawk and 3 months pregnant. "Adam, come in." came a voice over Adam's and 
Adora's wrist communitcaters. "This is Adam, what is it?" "Hey bro, tell Shelley I'm not going 
to be able to go meet her at Grayskull cause Natalie's got me grounded." said Sonny "Oh, and 
why  is that?" "Cause, I don't spend enough time with her." "Oh man, you are going to be in 
trouble." "Hey, she'll understand." "She know's that you and Natalie are married and got a 
baby on the way?" "Well, uh, I plan to tell her." "Sonny, you are in deep trouble now, you 
know that if she finds out that she is going to tell your parents." said Natalie in the background 
"I know, I might just make up a lie." "Hey!" yelled Natalie in the background. "If she doesn't 
like it, then that's her problem." "Yea, but baby, if my parents find out, I'm dead." "Sonny, take 
her advice, if Shelley doesn't like it then oh well." "Ok, well, I got to go, Ninjor out." "Bye." 
said Adam. "Boy, sounds like Sonny's got his hands full." said Shelley stepping from behind 
the portal. "Uh oh, I think Sonny's in trouble." "You bet he is, take me to him, I heard the 
whole thing." said Shelley.
Chapter 2
     At Snake Mountain, "Skeletor, you have been cowering from He-Man and Ninjor for five 
months now, I am very displeased with you." said Horde Prime. "If you would have seen those 
suits they had and how bad they demolished mine and Hordak's suits you would be cowering 
too." said Skeletor boldly. "Then I have no choice but to remove your position in my services, 
meet your replacement." said Horde Prime. "Hello Skeletor. Remember me?" hissed a sinister 
voice. "King Hiss." said Skeletor horrified. "Yes, I have returned with my army from that time 
trap that I was put in by He-Ro." said Hiss "And now, I'm taking back over Snake Mountain." 
"Find, I know when I'm not wanted." said Skeletor. "Oh and Skeletor, I'm also taking your 
henchmen as well." said Hiss. "Find, take them, I know where I'll go." said Skeletor as he 
headed for Grayskull to talk to the Sorceress. 
     "Let's see, everything looks right." said Sonny. "Baby, you seen...OH GOD!" said Sonny as 
he saw Shelley standing there looking pissed. "Hi Shelley. You're here kinda early, aren't 
you?" said Sonny praying that she hadn't found out. "Boy, when did you plan on telling us 
that you were married and had a baby on the way?" said Shelley pissed. "Uh, when I was 21." 
said Sonny. "Well, I'm not going to tell mom and dad, so consider yourself lucky." said Shelley 
as she saw Natalie. "Is this the wife?" she asked. "Yeah." replied Sonny. "Hi Natalie, how you 
been?" "Fine. And you?" said Natalie as they started to talk about everything.
     Mean while at Grayskull, "Sorceress, I must talk with you." yelled Skeletor outside of 
Grayskull. "What about Skeletor?" replied the Sorceress. "I wish to join the forces of good. I 
have left my evil ways." said Skeletor. "I do not believe you." "I'm serious Sorceress." said 
Skeletor in a calm voice. "Then wait, I will lower the jaw-bridge and come speak with you." 
said the Sorceress as she left the castles window. "I hope she can help." said Skeletor to 
himself. As the jaw-bridge lowered, Skeletor walked up to the Sorceress and hugged her as if 
she were an old friend. "I have come. What is it that you wish to discuss?" said the Sorceress. 
"I would like for you to make me a good person again." said Skeletor. "What?!" said the 
Sorceress shocked. "Please Sorceress, you have to help me. I'm tired of being evil, not only 
that, but Horde Prime gave King Hiss my job." said Skeletor. "I well call Zodak, he is the only 
one that can help." said the Sorceress sending a telepathic message to Zodak to come to 
Grayskull. "I am here Sorceress. What is the problem?" said Zodak calmly. "I, Skeletor, wish to 
be made good again." said Skeletor "I now see why. Skeletor, the balance of good and evil 
will be even now that you wish to become good. Go, it is done." said Zodak as he bathed 
Skeletor in a white light. When the light cleared, Skeletor was changed, his evil spirit was 
gone from him, his armor was now gold, his cross-bone breast plate changed into the symbol 
of a red, equal-arm cross. "Thank you Zodak." said Skeletor as Zodak left. "Now to tell He-Man 
and Ninjor that I have changed." said Skeletor. "I can only contact He-Man, Ninjor's kinda 
busy." said the Sorceress as she sent the message to Adam at the palace. "Hey Adam, you 
look like you are hiding something from me." said Teela as she looked him in his eyes. "I'm
 not Teela." said Adam. 'Adam, He-Man is needed at Grayskull.' said the Sorceress. "Sorry 
Teela, got to run." said Adam starting to talk like Sonny. "That man." exclaim Teela in 
discus. "Cringer, we're needed at Grayskull, the Sorceress has to talk to He-Man." said Adam 
as he pulled out his sword. "By the Power of Grayskull!" he shouted. Lighting struck the sword 
and bathed Adam in a white light. It twisted his molecules and turned him into He-Man. "I 
Have the Power!" He-Man shouted as he pulled the sword to his chest with both hands. He 
then pointed the sword at Cringer and a light came out of it turning Cringer into Battle Cat. 
"Let's go Cat." exclaim He-Man mounting Battle Cat as they headed for Grayskull.  "He-Man is 
on his way." said the Sorceress to Skeletor who was looking at his Power Sword now knowing it 
was no longer evil. "Good." said Skeletor thrilled to tell his former enemy that he was now 
     "So, this is what you do on your time off, ay brother." "Basically." said Sonny drinking a 
Root Beer. "I can't believe it, you going to be a father, good Lord, where did mom and dad 
mess up?" said Shelley jokingly. "Forget you." said Sonny. "Baby, you seen the iron?" asked 
Natalie.  "I think Man-at-Arms borrowed, no telling what that crazy bastard did to it." said 
Sonny throwing away the empty can. "Ok, I guess I'll iron my dress later." said Natalie hanging 
up her silk, blue dress that Sonny liked. "Now who bought her that?" asked Shelley curiously. 
"Me. She had told me she had wanted it and I liked it cause it was silk and it looked good on 
her. It was expensive through." "How expensive?" "Like fifty gold coins, which on earth is like 
50 thousand bucks." "Got Damn, that's a lot of money." "I know, but hey, I got like 1,000,000 
gold pieces, so I'm doing pretty well." said Sonny smiling. "Actually baby, we got 5,000,000, I 
got it from the queen, she said to use it for the baby." said Natalie. "The queen gave you 
4,000,000 gold coins? Damn!" said Sonny pleased to hear the news. "So one gold coin is 
worth 1,000 bucks on earth, give me five of them." said Shelley. "Ok, here." said Sonny 
handing her five gold coins. "Thanks brother. Nanny's going to freak if she hears that you are 
a multi-millionaire." said Shelley with a grin on her face. "Don't tell her, cause then she'll 
want to borrow something like $5,000 worth of gold coins." said Sonny. "I won't tell her." said 
Shelley as she walked in the room to get her purse. "Well, let me get back, momma's got 
Amber and I got stuff to do at home. Bye boy." said as she went back to Grayskull.
     He-Man was just arriving at the castle when he saw Shelley leave through the portal 
running but not knowing why. It wasn't until he saw Skeletor that he understood why she was 
running. "Stop right there Skeleto..." He-Man's words were cut off when he saw Skeletor's new 
look and aditude. "What is the meaning of this? Is this a trick?" said He-Man shocked. "It is no 
trick He-Man. I have decided to join you in your fight to protect Castle Grayskull." said Skeletor 
offering He-Man his right hand as a sign of friendship. "Is this true Sorceress?" "Yes He-Man, it 
is." said the Sorceress. With that being said, He-Man took Skeletor's hand in friendship and 
began to talk about why he had left. 
     Back at the palace, "Sonny, what would you have done had He-Man not brought you here 
to Eternia?" asked Natalie lying in her husbands arms. "I would probably be out trying to find 
a job and not doing a damn thing, why?" said Sonny kissing her forehead. "Cause I had a 
dream last night about what would have happen had you not come when you did and 
confessed your love for me." said Natalie sadly. "Oh. And what was the outcome?" said 
Sonny. "Well, you sorta got a record deal and you also did a lot of stuff, and I stayed single 
and never dated anyone." said Natalie looking at him with her beautiful eyes. "Oh." said 
Sonny as he kissed her on the lips. 
Chapter 3
     At Snake Mountain, "Alright you little bitches, I'm here to stay till we defeat that idiot 
He-Man and his little ninja friend. Any question?" said King Hiss with his snake men army 
looking over Skeletor's goons. "I am loyal to Skeletor, Hiss, not you." said Evil-Lyn standing up 
for Skeletor. "Well, if you don't like it, then you can follow him back to the good life, cause 
that's where he's gone." "Then that's where I'm going." said Evil-Lyn as she stormed out of 
Snake Mountain for Castle Grayskull to meet up with the former Lord of Destruction.
     Back at the Palace, "Ninjor, would be as kind to leave your wife for a moment and step out 
here, there's someone who wants to meet you." said He-Man peeking his head in. "Ok, let me 
get my mask on." said Ninjor slipping his mask on and walked out the door. "Hello Ninjor." said 
Skeletor. "Oh no Bone-Brain, you aint going to get me." said Ninjor pulling out his sword on 
Skeletor. "Release He-Man from your mind control or I will do it in a messy fashion." "Oh my 
dear Ninjor, I am no longer evil, I have returned to good." "Yeah right. Release him now." 
said Ninjor holding his sword up to Skeletor's neck. "Ninjor, come see." said He-Man pulling 
him over. "Sonny, I'm not brain washed, he's telling the truth for once, you didn't notice the 
breast-plate?" whispered He-Man to Ninjor. With that Ninjor saw the red equal-arm cross on 
Skeletor's armor. "Son-of-a-bitch." said Ninjor to himself. With that he sheathed his sword and 
walked over and shook Skeletor's hand. "Sorry Skeletor, I guess I was still thinking about what 
you did to Natalie five months ago. Speaking of which, I'm still deciding on a Godfather, who 
would you recommend baby?" said Sonny to Natalie as she stepped outside and saw Sonny 
shaking Skeletor's hand and she fainted. "Oh boy." said Sonny. "Don't worry, Teela did the 
same thing."  "Well, you just received another new allie." said a female voice from behind 
them. "Evil-Lyn." said Skeletor surprised. "Yes, I'm following you Skeletor, I can't stand the 
way Hiss treats us." she said in a sweeter, kinder voice. "Well, looks like we got two new friends 
on our side." said Ninjor in surprise.
     "So, you two have finally turned to the side of good and right, huh Skeletor?" said King 
Randor. "Yes your highness, we have come to help you fight King Hiss." said Skeletor in a 
polite way. "Ninjor, have you consented to this, being that you are second in command of the 
Royal Guard and of the Heroic Warriors." asked Queen Marlania. "Yes, although I have to 
admit, it was hell trying to wake Natalie up out of her fainting spell." said Ninjor. "What do you 
say Captain Teela?" asked King Randor. "I consent with Ninjor." she said dryly. "Very well, 
Skeletor, I here by consent to having you in Heroic Warriors, if that suits you He-Man." said 
King Randor. "Looks like you have some training to go through in being heros." said He-Man 
to them. "We're ready." they said at the same time. "Oh boy, and I thought all the train was 
over for this year." said Ninjor.                             
Chapter 4
     "Ok, let's get started. I want yall to run two laps around this track, it will help you with 
your speed." said He-Man giving the new heros orders. As he had ordered, they took off pacing 
themselves around the five mile track. Ninjor was sitting down on a small bench remembering 
the time He-Man made him do all of that. "You like to make people run, you know that." said 
Ninjor to He-Man. "Hey, you are the one who makes people do 50 katas a day smart guy." said 
He-Man. "Hey, it's not my problem you have no patience for perfecting your skill." said Ninjor 
with a good laugh at He-Man's look on his face when he couldn't say anything. "I hate you" he 
finally said. "Oh you hate me huh? Well, shall we duel again, or did you forget that lesson 
too?" said Ninjor reminding him of how he beat his butt at a duel when he first got there. 
"You're despicable." said He-Man walking out. "Hey, I was just clowning." said Ninjor, but 
He-Man just kept on walking. "Hey guys, take a break till I get back!" yelled Ninjor at Skeletor 
and Evil-Lyn. As he ran aftre He-Man, Ninjor thought about how him and He-Man had never 
fought like this before. When he caught up with him, Ninjor saw the look on his face that said 
to leave him the fuck alone. "Ok, I'm sorry. Forgive me?" said Ninjor. "Alright, but no more 
wise cracks like that." said He-Man shaking Ninjor's hand. 
Chapter 5
     "Ok, it's time to attack. Everyone know's the plan?" said Hiss. "Yes your majesty." said 
Kobra Khan. "Good, load up the dimensional transporter into the Collector, it's time we sent 
He-Man and the others into another dimension." said Hiss with an evil laugh. 
     "Ok, you're ready to go." said He-Man as Skeletor and Evil-Lyn, who still hadn't thought of 
a good name for herself, finished their training. "Ninjor, come in, this is Teela." said the 
voice over Ninjor's wrist communticater. "This is Ninjor, what's wrong?" "King Hiss is attacking 
the Palace. He's already sent most of the guards, the King and Queen, Adora, and your wife 
into another dimension. Please hurry before..." the voice was cut off. "Teela?" said Ninjor 
shocked. "Seems like we all got a job to do now." said He-Man as he saw Ninjor stand there 
holding in his anger, then exploding yelling his wife's name. "Let's get that asshole." he said 
drawing out his sword. "By the Magic of Grayskull!" he shouted as lighting struck the tip of his 
sword. "I have the Power!" he yelled ending the transformation with his sword ready to kill. 
     As they reached the Palace, He-Man saw Hiss pointing the dimensional transported 
toward their way. "He's spotted us." said He-Man as he ducked the ray. "Quick, you guys battle 
his goons well I have at it with him." said Ninjor to the others. "Right." they said in response. 
As he ran towards Hiss, Ninjor thought of Natalie and hoped she was alright. "Hey Hiss, you 
really messed up now!" yelled Ninjor to Hiss who was about to fire the ray at him. "Ninjor! 
Move." said He-Man as he pushed Ninjor out the way put was too late to move. He was caught 
by the ray. "You bastard!" yelled Ninjor as he cut apart the ray. "Thanks Ninjor, now you'll 
never see your friends and family again. Retreat!" yelled Hiss as he and his army left. "NO!!!!" 
yelled Ninjor as he hit his knees. "Oh no." said Evil-Lyn. "This can't be happening." said 
Skeletor. "You guys stay here and guard the Palace. I'm no longer needed here if I can't even 
stop Hiss, if you need me, contact me. I'm going back to earth, but to talk to some old friends." 
said Ninjor heading for Grayskull. "Good Journey Ninjor." said Skeletor as Ninjor left for the 
year After Colony 195 to go talk with the Gundam Polits.