Love, Life, and Sacrifice

Written by and copyright © by Rebecca and Rachelle Stephens
The Sorceress did not often indulge in idle remembrances, but today was an exception. Her mind wandered back to when Adora was kidnapped by Hordac. She and Duncan had tried for years to discover where Hordac had taken Adora. They had failed, but during that time they had become very close. They had fallen in love.

She and Duncan had returned from yet another fruitless search for Adora. She was beginning to lose any hope of finding Adora, and, in losing that hope, she was losing faith in herself as the Sorceress. Duncan placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and her moment of self-doubt ended.

That moment had forever changed their relationship. As they continued to search for Adora, they became closer. He treated her as a person, a woman, rather than just the Sorceress of Greyskull. They began to talk. They began to drown in emotions they could not escape. Did not want to escape.

One day, he'd approached her, wrapped his arms around her, and they'd kissed. That day they completed the journey they had begun months earlier.

* * * * *

Duncan was not a man to dwell on the past, but for some reason he was unable to keep his mind from it today. It had been so many years ago. . .

He and Telina had been happy together at first. They had loved each other so much. He still loved her. He believed she still loved him.

They had fooled themselves into believing that a relationship was possible. That belief had been shattered when they discovered her pregnancy. It was impossible to raise a child in Greyskull. Duncan would have to raise the child alone. Skeletor would have done anything to capture the daughter of the Sorceress of Greyskull. He would have used her as a tool against the Sorceress. Duncan would have to distance himself from Telina so that no one would guess that his daughter was also hers. The child, Teela, would never know her mother, nor would Telina ever be able to claim her daughter. He would never be able to tell her he was her true father.

It had hurt her so much to give up Teela. It had hurt him to see her in so much pain. He had also been so afraid that he wouldn't be a good father. It was hard enough to face such a responsibility with two parents, two people to shelter and protect and raise and teach--but he alone? How could he do it? He knew nothing about being a father. Especially to a girl--a girl who would one day be the Sorceress of Greyskull.

It had been so hard to lie to Teela, to tell her he was not her true father. If that were common knowledge, someone would discover the identity of her mother. That would put her in great danger. He could not let that happen.

It had been many years. Teela was now one of the strongest people Duncan had ever met, so he must have done something right.

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