"Let the power return!" Adora was relieved, as she ever was, when she was rid of the tight, short dress, she wore as She-Ra. She put the sword back into the scabbard. Finally! Three days She-Ra, that had definitely been too much. The repairs on a dam, which had nearly destroyed a whole etherian village, had exhausted her. Critical she looked on her long legs, which were much too pale. She decided to get a swimsuit and lay down in the sun.

"Ey, Adora? How was it?" "Strenous." She hugged her brother shortly. "Where are Mom and Dad?" He made a grimace. "In an important conference. Don't dare to interrupt... You seem to be so tiny today, little sis." She was, indeed. She was on her way to the pool, so she was barefoot and a few cm shorter. Besides he was He-Man. "You go to Grayskull?" "Yes." He whistled for Battle Cat, who came along in this heat, which ruled in Eternos for days, as slowly and sluggishly as Cringer. "I think, Zoar has pregnancy depressions. It is so calm at present, I can afford to be with her for a day. Probably even Skeletor thinks, itís too hot to fight... Seeya in the evening." He mounted his tiger, who pulled himself up to a goose-trot, which would have honored a donkey. Pregnancy depressions. The word was on Adora's mind, when she relaxed. She put the deck chair back and put the headphones on (`The signī of Ace of Base). On her right side there was a glass of soda and some chocolate (at the moment she always had a craving for sweets, she couldn't explain it), on her left side there was a book (`War and Peaceī from the earth). The red bikini was nearly a little bit too tight. But the private pool of the Royal Family was so hidden behind trees and walls, that she hadnít got to be afraid of watchers. She winked, when a cheeky sunbeam blinded her and opened the book. She didnít need a sun lotion. Like most of the people on Eternia and Etheria she had a weather-resistant skin. Heat and cold didnít harm her, as less as UV-radiation. Until she got tan, that needed half an eternity. Because of this she was here. Pregnancy depressions. She couldnít concentrate on the story. She looked down on her. The many calories didnít show up. That had always been that way, she didnít put weight. But... Sighing she stared on her belly. Now it was flat, but... but what? Why didnít she got her period? Why this sleepiness, the hunger? Was she... But she had always been careful, she knew it! Had she forgotten one time... no, she preferred to believe, that the pill had failed. Or that everything was just an illusion. She began to read. The story fascinated her. Actually she had wanted to read the whole afternoon, but two minutes later she fell asleep.
"Ey, late-riser!" She didnít open her eyes, when she got kissed awake gently. "Hmm. Once more?" Bow kissed her again on the lips and jumped into the water then. She watched him through half open lids. He dived three lengths, trained swimming the crawl and freestyle. How did he manage it to coach so consequently, no matter, what he was doing? She never could have done that. No wonder, her father was so satisfied with him as Royal Guard Captain. He was perfect. And she laid here in the sun... She couldnít believe, she had become so lazy. Actually she had always been a little proud, that she didnít act like He-Man, who mostly didnít do anything but sleep, when he was his Prince Adam... She wanted to go into the water too, but she simply couldnít stand up. The next thing, she remembered, was a hearty laughing. She startled. "A little tired?" Bow smiled. "So hard the last days couldnít have been, can they?" She yawned suppressed and finally stood up. "I have to swim. To get awake." She sat down on the side of the pool and let herself slide into the pool. The water was ice-cold. Why did her parents like to freeze, before they relaxed? But at least she was really awake now. When she climbed out of the pool again, her boyfriend had sat down on her deck chair. Through deep-dark sunglasses he sized her. "You seem to be very thin, Adora. Are you eating enough?" Thin? She had the feeling to be five kilos heavier, though she looked the way, she ever did. "For sure. But... I think, I have to tell you something." She sat down on his lap and took off the glasses. She wanted to look in his eyes. "Bow, it could be..." "Adora!" Her parents came out of the palace. She sighed. "Later." Again she stood up, Bow did so too. "Your majesties..." "Greetings, Captain. Adora, I want to show you something for tomorrow. Come with me, please." "Of course, Mom." The Princess tried not to look too worked up. After all tomorrow was her celebration. But the preparations had been going on for so long... slowly she couldnít hear anything about it anymore. They went inside the house, while Randor kept standing next to Bow. The Royal Guard Captain sat down on the deck chair again. "How is she?" Adora's father asked after a minute of silence. "Better. I think, much better. Since sheís talking about, it doesnít burden her so much anymore." The King and the Queen knew now, that her daughter had been abused when she had been very young. Although they loved her more than anything, they let Bow talk to her. He knew her better and managed it to help her over it in a loving way, probably better, than they could have done. "Good." Randor didnít say more. They just stared on the calm water. And felt something ending and something new beginning.

"Oh, Mom! Itís wonderful! Thank you!" The celebrating room was decorated beautifully. "Is our birthday really so important?" "Every birthday, you and Adam celebrate together, is important. There will be a few surprises... Oh, yes, Adora, did you finish the picture, I gave you to draw?" "Yes. In our flat." The drawing showed a strange animal with long fur, four legs and trusting eyes. "So thatís the way, dogs look on earth" the Princess murmured and gave her mother the picture. "Very good, darling. Thanks." Marlena sighed. "Do you think, Sheilaís still alive?" her daughter asked. She knew, how much the dog had meant to the Queen. "Oh no! She was a Golden Retriever, they only live perhaps 20 years. And she was eighteen, when I saw her last time." "Itís a pity, they donít live here. She was very beautiful, Mom." A strange smile was in Marlena's face. "Well... back to your birthday. Did you tell your friends? Who will come?" "I... wait for a moment." She touched her forehead. `Adora, please come to Castle Grayskull immediately!ī Adam shouted. Adam? Why didn't the Sorceress call her? Adora didnít take time to think about it. "Sorry, Mom, an emergency." She ran into the stable.

She-Ra on Swift Wind landed in front of the gate. Adora always was a little bit afraid here, although nothing would have brought her to tell that anyone. She held aloft her sword. "For the honor of Grayskull, magic drawbridge, I order you: Open!" Slowly it came down. Swiftie neighed restlessly. He disliked it as much here as Adora did, above all today, when they were alone. The Princess had to take a deep breath before she pressed the heels in the sides of her steed and move forward with the hips to bring him in walk. Light Hope had always begged her in friendly. Here it was frightening quiet. The hoofs of her horse sounded much too loud on the stone floor. The throne room was empty. She-Ra tried not to land on her heels, when she dismounted. She nearly didnít dare to walk. With this boots she was audible from the moon. Where was her brother? Dark it was... damnit, now she became a goose-flesh! When she heard a noise, she frightened. But it only was Battle Cat, who came out of a room. "Come here!" he shouted. Hesitating she followed him. It seemed to be the bedroom of the Sorceress. He-Man sat on the site of a big bed. "She-Ra! Thank goddess!" He held Zoar's hand, who laid there exhausted, wearing her nightgown, and... "Oh my god!" Until yesterday the Sorceress had been pregnant in the second month. Until yesterday nothing had been visible. Now she looked like shortly before... "The babyís coming!" He-Man shouted. "Pardon? But... thatís impossible!" Adora sat down next to him. "She-Ra, you have to... you did help with a birth yet, didnít you?" Zoar asked. She was very pale. "Yes, but..." The Princess didnít end but checked her friend shortly, while Adam explained. "Pregnant Zoar didn't have all her powers. So the spirits of Grayskull want to end this time very fast." "Very fast, indeed" She-Ra murmured. "The pressing contractions have already begun. Why didnít you call a doctor?" "Because... ah!" The Sorceress took Adams hand and moaned quietly. "Because nobody is allowed to know." "Itís decided?" Adora asked. Zoar only nodded. He-Man told his sister. The child would live with him. In the palace it was safer than in Grayskull. Besides it was better for him or her to grow up as a King's child than in this lonely castle. She-Ra had to put herself together not to agree loudly. "You will split?" she asked Zoar. "No! Never! I told you before, I wonít do to my child, what my mother had to do to me. I will from the first second on be in telepathically contact with it. When it will be old enough, it will understand. Until then only Adam can be there for it, but it will feel my love. It will be able to do empathy and telepathy. That sure wonít be easy, but itís better than nothing... Blast! Blast!" Again a contraction. "It starts" She-Ra said in a calm way. "You have to push now, Zoar" "What do you actually think, Iím doing here?" her friend said angrily. Astonished the Princess looked at her. "Sorry!" she sighed. "I do, what I can!" "You do it well. At the next contraction you have to push, as hard, as you can. And how will you explain it to the people, if you suddenly have a baby, brother?" "They get manipulated. It has happened so often in the past, it doesnít matter, if it happens once more. Today it will be normal for them, that no mother is there for the child. From tomorrow on they will believe, my wife - Teela - has died while giving birth. But they wonít talk about it to take away the pain from me." He was as less enthusiastic as Adora, but meant: "We have to think about, that it could have turned out worse." "Absolutely right" Zoar agreed. "Zodak has had to fight very hard for this. He has speed up my time, so the baby got so old so fast. I havenít grown fed so quickly in a few hours before... Damnit!" Other woman yelled while giving birth. The Sorceress only cursed. That was her kind of doing. She hated pain, above all, when she was more or less responsible for it. But she pushed. Soon they heard a loud crying. "A girl!" She-Ra said excited. "A beautiful girl!" She gave the child to Zoar. Then she saw her face. "What is it?" "It isnít over yet!" "What?" Immediately Adora checked her again. "Yes, you're right. Iím sorry, but Iím afraid, you have to push once more." Again the same hard task. It didnít take long, until a second crying echoed through the room. "A boy! Again a girl and a boy! Again children of the king! Again twins! That canít be chance" the Princess said. The Sorceress nodded. "They have special destinies, like you two had." She-Ra gave her the boy too. "Theyíre beautiful." "Would you be so kind and be the godmother for the girl?" He-Man asked. "For sure!" Adoraís eyes flashed up. Zoar agreed. "And Duncan and my mother for the boy. No one else is allowed to know. Neither the King and the Queen nor Bow or anyone else." Adora promised it. "Of course I'd like to know, how the name of my godchild is." "I thought of Sunshine. Do you have a name for the boy, darling?" "Andrť." Adam didnít know, where he suddenly had that name from, but it seemed to be right. They sat there for a long time, watching the tiny humans, thinking of their hard destiny. Finally the Sorceress said: "Go. Or it will be even harder." She kissed her children lovingly on the foreheads. Glowing points stayed back for seconds. The symbol was clear. Zoar smiled with tears. "I can already feel them. They are happy. They are happy to be born in such a celebration as it will take place tomorrow. Although they donít understand that, they feel it." She turned round. "Go now." Silently and seriously they left the castle. She-Ra flew home with Sunshine, Adam took Andrť on Battle Cat. Somewhere a falcon screamed loudly.

"Somewhere out there someone needs me..." Adams strong, warm voice filled the room. Adora nearly broke out in happy tears. It was their song, he sang. The celebration had just started. All her friends had come. And now he sang their song. He looked at her asking while singing the chorus and she nodded laughing. The band began the second part and he threw the microphone to her. "I saw a stranger in my world..." How long she hadnít sung! Surprised she realized, that it was fun now. Her mother smiled at her at the words `I have the powerī. She grinned back. The King and the Queen held their grandchildren in their arms. Thanks to the spell of the Sorceress no one asked anything about the babies. It was naturally, that the future King had already children and that no mother was there. The Princess tried not to be too angry about it. The most important thing was that they were alive and healthy. The Royal Family gave each other a long hug, showed each other their love. It was a really nice party, they danced, laughed and drank. Adora didnít like alcohol, but her brother had a few hard drinks. The Princess sat down next to her mother. "Are Sun and Andrť asleep?" "Yes. And the guard is in the room, as you wished." "I do hope, Skeletor doesnít have the idea to come for them, but safe is safe" Adora mentioned. She tried the Gin Tonic, Adam had asked her to try and made a grimace. "What the hell do you like with alcohol?" "Adam seems to like it." Marlena looked at her son smiling, who sat at the bar. "I hope, he wonít be drunk too much, when your presents come." "What is it, Mom? A cloth? Something for sports?" "Well, you canít eat it" her mother laughed, when she saw, the Princess had already taken a second piece of cake. "Your talent to eat that much and stay so slim, I want to have too." "Youíll laugh, Mom, I never ate that much. Only for some days." Suddenly the Queen looked at her strangely. "Since when exactly, child?" Adora realized, that she knew something. "A week." "And... in the mornings you feel sick, donít you?" Now She-Ra was really frightened. "Why do you know that?" "Come with me."

"We could ask Duncan, but I think, with medical gadget you canít see that yet." Marlena searched in a drawer. "Where is it? Oh, here." She took out a key. "Look at the rose over there, darling." They were in the bedroom of the King and the Queen. The Princess was astonished about the secretly looking blue flower locked up safely under a dome of glass, shining a strange gleam. Her mother took away the glass. "What do you do, Mom?" "You donít really ask me that, do you, Adora? How long didnít you get your period?" She really knew it. Her daughter hung her head. "For about six weeks." Marlena nodded. "Youíre here now for exactly six weeks. Time flies... This flower is something very special, Adora. It shows your mood. Look, sheís changing, as soon, as I touch her. I got it from your father, when we heard, I was pregnant. I took it and it became for its first and up to now only time white. When you were born she became blue again." "An unusual pregnancy test" the Princess murmured. She took a deep breath and laid her hand on the rose gently. Immediately it got bright, even brighter... Now it was true! She was pregnant! "Adora!" Her mother hugged her wildly. "How beautiful! Arenít you happy?" "Yes! Of course! Itís just... You know, I'm taking the pill." Thoughtfully she put the rose back on its place. "Since when?" her mother asked. "Since Iím here. Iíve never forgotten it, surely not. I know it, because Bow and I agreed about the battle being more important for now. And we arenít married yet, too... Oh my god, how shall I tell him?" "Let him have a few drinks with your brother first." Marlena only laughed. "Youíve made love before you came here, you two, havenít you? I mean, you told me, that before you exiled Hordak you were... in his tend... You look sweet, when you blush, darling. It doesn't matter. I just donít want you to be surprised. Uncertainty can be terrible. I donít think, youíve thought of condoms in this night, have you?" "No, really not." Now her daughter could at least smile again. "We were so sure too... You canít get pregnant the first times, you have sex, can you?" "Not as eternian or etherian, thatís true. But youíre half a human, donít forget. Take that look off your face! Youíll give birth to a baby from Bow!" "Perhaps not." Suddenly a horrible thought let the Princess tremble. "Hordak!" "Definitely not. Adora, look at me!" Her mother took her on her shoulders. "Donít think something like this anymore! Your baby does feel that. Itís surely Bowís. This rose shows feelings, I told you that. If it would be, like you said, it would have become black. Your child is a child of innocence and love, so it was white. So donít think something like this anymore!" "Oh, Mom!" Adora hugged her once more. "Itís wonderful! Now Iím really looking forward to it. Shall I tell the others right now?" "Wait for a good moment. Iím sure, such a moment will come today. Letís go up there again. There's still a birthday to celebrate." With a big smile they joined the party again.

No one realized, when the Queen disappeared in the evening. A page said something to the King a few minutes later and Randor asked for silence. "Of course there's no birthday without presents. Queen Marlena has made a long journey with the help of the Sorceress..." At this very moment they heard a motor noise. The door went open and a curious vehicle came in. It had two tires and a wheel being placed far in front. Gas and brake were on this wheel. The driver wore tight, black clothes made of a foreign material and a helmet. Only when he took it off, the others realized him, no, her. It was... the Queen herself! "Mom!" Her children gasped with astonishment. "A alternative to your horse, Adam" she said to him, laughing. "A real Harley Davidson. I had one myself, when I was young. You can try it immediately. But first..." She took a case covered with a blanket and came to her daughter. "Your present. Only look at it. I hope itís right." Carefully the Princess lifted the blanket. What she saw, was first of all only a furball, which had legs suddenly, a long tail, two eyes, which at once looked up trusting to the blonde girl. "A dog, Mom?" Speechless she took it in her arms. "A bitch to be exactly. An offspring of Sheila. I never dreamed to find it." Her children hugged her wildly. "You have to thank your father too" she said. "He, the Sorceress and Man-At-Arms managed it to bring me on earth again." Randor got embraced so wildly now, that he nearly fell. "Let me live, children!" he laughed. Bow came to Adora. "I do have something for you too, Princess." Why was he suddenly so formal? "Less a present than a question. King Randor, Queen Marlena, may I ask in this festive setting for the hand of your daughter, the Princess Adora, in marriage?" The Royal Couple was surprised a little bit, but said as reverently as he had done: "You have to ask her, Captain. If sheís happy with it, we are too." Adora hadnít really got it yet... Was she dreaming? Her boyfriend turned around to her again. "So, Princess..." He took a box out of the pocket. "With the permission of your parents I want to ask you personally now..." He opened the box. A breathtaking beautiful ring was in it. "Do you want to marry me?" She looked at him as serious as he did look at her. "Yes. I want to." He put the ring on her finger. Now the formalities were over and they hugged completely informally. They found each other in a long kiss, accompanied by thunderous scene-applause. And they told each other the most beautiful words in all the universe, the words, no one could, especially on a day like this, hear too often: "I love you."

A few people sat together very long this evening. The King, the Queen, Adam and the new-engaged pair. "I should have done for long... But I never got the right opportunity" Bow explained. He held Adoraís hand. Again and again they smiled at each other. "We want to marry as soon as possible" the Princess said. She had her little bitch on her lap and caressed it incessantly. Shaka-Re, like she called it, slept already and wagged only sometimes her thin tail. "Of course. We can start with the preparations immediately, if you want" Randor nodded. Adam laughed. "Which means that the wedding is in half a year." Adora looked up frightened. In half a year she wouldnít even be able to wear a dress. And she didnít want her child to be born of a unmarried mother. She looked at Marlena, who gave her a encouraging sight. `Tell them!ī this sight meant. The Princess cleared her throat. "Aeh... Perhaps we can fasten this a little bit... One week or something like this..." The others looked at her like she would have gotten totally insane now. "Iím afraid, I have to tell you something... oh, this is so embarrassing... Okay, I am..." She looked at Bow. Did he foresee it? "I am pregnant in the second month." For a moment it was totally silent. Then the others understood and hell broke loose in the living room. Everybody congratulated cheering. After the first little shock Bow embraced her. "Iím glad" he said honestly. They kissed long, until the Queen stopped them discreetly: "Something to drink to it?" "Yes, thanks." Adora refused. "No alcohol, no cigarettes during the pregnancy." "And no fight" her fiancť added. She made a grimace but nodded. "For the child. Until itís born She-Ra has to disappear" she said so quietly, that no one else could hear it. "Except for emergencies" she added. "Extreme emergencies" Bow said. "Okay, I can live with that" she smiled. "You had a few drinks today, hadnít you? Donít you feel drunk yet?" She pointed at his Brandy. "Do I look like Iíd be?" he asked, shaking his head. "This is my first one today. It seems the other way because I sat next to Adam for a long time. Youíll have to draw a map for your brother today to make him find his bed." "For my father too... I think, we shouldnít do that too often..." "No? What a pity, I could do it immediately again..." he joked. "You`re able to do telepathy! I just thought of the same..." They stood away from the others, no one could hear them. Adora still carried Shaka-Re. "In this case weíll have to send your dog in bed." "Of course. Ey, thatís kinda contraception..." Now she had come to the subject. "Bow... Iím sorry. I didnít think at all on my terran blood in this night. It was my fault." "Stop it!" he interrupted her. "You really donít have to be sorry for that! I should have thought of it myself. Besides- planned or not, this baby is a child of love." She was happy. Her mother had said that too. "Iím looking forward to it very much, Adora." "Me too. And Iím glad, you see it that way."

"Well, the two wonít realize anything of their celebration anymore" the Queen mentioned, looking at the pair sitting behind the fireplace, cuddling. The King and Adam emptied the third bottle of Whiskey now. The two would have their first real hangover tomorrow... They seemed to understand each other really good. Hopefully they wouldnít always need alcohol for this in the future... Marlena felt a little bit useless and decided to go to her grandchildren.
Peacefully the twins laid in their beds. Marlena swallowed. The memory hurt. Only a few weeks she had been allowed to sit by her own babies, guarding their sleep. Then suddenly there had been just one cradle left. For weeks she had been totally apathetic, had cried and cried... Later she had done so too, often. She had never got over it. On Adams fourteenth birthday she had had a crack-up. She hadnít known exactly, why. Today she knew it. She had felt it, somehow, that her little girl hadnít been allowed to celebrate. All her childhood had been stolen from Adora... and from the Royal Couple too. Shakra had often told them of the Princess. `Every morning she woke up with a smile the first timeī she had said. `She was such a sweet child, your majesties.ī `And then?ī Marlena had asked. `Then Hordak let her being trained for the fight.ī The Queen cried. Shakra hadnít been able to prevent, what had happened to Adora with fourteen. She blamed herself for it much, though no one else did. No one could have prevented it. No one could right the wrongs committed by the Horde, the horror, they had done to the Princess. The Queen swore again not to let happen such a thing anymore. Adora was pregnant, Adam already had children, and no matter, how difficult it would be, this babies should have it better one day. Marlena called for the guard and left the room. She wanted to draw now. Nothing more than drawing a little bit. She had gotten the talent from her father, who had been a great artist. Last week, when she had stood at his graveyard, she had remembered all his lessons for her. She didnít have a family on earth anymore. She had been an only child and her parents had died early. Because of this she had hesitated, when her husband had offered her that short trip to the earth. She had cried, when she had been beamed there. For happiness and great sorrow. Only, when she had found Sheilaís offspring, she had felt better. She thought of herself as a young child. Of Adora, how she looked liked on Shakra's photos, with a serious face, with eyes, in which there was much too much sadness for such a young girl. She kept on drawing. Thought of Adora. Thought of herself. Thought of her father and cried. Finally she looked at the picture of her daughter, took a deep breath and put it away until the next depression would come.

"Long day today, wasnít it?" Bow yawned suppressed, when they entered their flat. "Would you prefer a battle with Skeletor?" she asked, smiling. She was tired too, but mentioned bravely: "Iíve got to have a shower." She went into the bathroom, turned around: "Do you want to come with me?" "Adora, when will you ever get grown-up?" But he grinned. "When eastern falls on Christmas..." She didnít close the door, when she put off her clothes. She knew, he would come after her. And so it happened. When she had just washed her hair, somebody closed her eyes with his hands from behind." "Guess, who I am." "Richie, Mike, Mark, Steve, Two-Hearts,..." she gave relaxed. "Listen to you." She heard him grin. "Keep on guessing." "The sweetest man on all Etheria and Eternia?" She turned round and kissed him hotly. "I was right" she murmured. "May I wish something now?" "Anything you want, Princess." He ran his lips over her wet face and bit lightly in her ear. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. "Then give me just a few minutes to dry myself before I take you here and now." "I suggest, you let me do this" he said silently. She giggled but nodded. He took a towel and dried her thoroughly, every single centimeter of her body, took the hair-dryer and undercut her record of twenty minutes to get ready with ten minutes. Then he held her up and carried her to the bed. "Thanks. And what do you get for the work?" "I take no money, darling." he answered with a deep voice and Lane-River-accent. She had to grin. As Bern Markplay he was a real laugh. But... he did look a little bit like the actor, that was true. And when he laid the chin on one hand and looked at her seductively from his fascinating eyes... "What else could I give you, Mister?" He had been the first one, she had been able to look at while speaking. He had learnt her, on Etheria, as Adora, when she had known him better. "Yourself. Only yourself, Madam Princess." That was really a name of the past now. When she had told the rebels the first time, that she was the daughter of a King and a Queen... `Well, then- letís fight. Here there are different rules than in the palace, Madam Princess.ī How disagreeable Bow had been for her once... She giggled again. "Youíre always laughing, Adora!" He started to tickle her. "No, stop!" Laughing she defended herself. They fought, until she suddenly realized that they were already making love. He was able to arouse her without her noticing it as this, making her so mad, that she only wanted him inside her from a certain moment on, although seconds before she had been more than angry with him. She thought of, how wonderful the love could be. She wasnít the shy, frightened, raped girl of a few weeks before now anymore. Nothing left from the frailest creature in the universe. Bow had helped her to let disappear this girl. She was a woman now, enjoyed the sex with her fiancť. They both had fun, that was important. But sometimes his way of starting a night of passion annoyed her... He knew what she was thinking, a wide grin was in his face. "You manage that again and again" she grumbled. "Actually I should say now that Iím pregnant and so donít feel like having sex..." "Oh, if you donít want to..." He wanted to move away from her, still smiling, knowing, she needed him, now. With his black humor he would even do it... Fast Adora crossed her legs, locked him up. "You stay, where you are, Mr." "Really? I mean, if you donít want..." She closed his lips with a long kiss. "Shut up and take me, Mister." "As you wish, Princess..." They made love until the sun rose. Somewhere between sleeping and being awake Adora exhausted laid her head on his chest. "A week" she said, sighing. "Earlier it isnít possible, Mom said. But that seems so long... I just canít wait. I mean, what shall we do till next Saturday?" He laughed. "Oh, I have a few pretty good ideas..." "For example?" "The thought of relaxing is strange for you, isnít it?" he asked, smiling lightly. "Doing nothing? The whole day? How boring... I have a better idea." "Yes?" She sat on him and kissed him again. "Let yourself be surprised..."

Though Adora didnít believe it: The week went by. Sooner than she realized it, it was Saturday afternoon. On Eternia only a member of the family of the bride was allowed to marry, mostly the oldest, most experienced one. In this case it was King Miro. He gave Bow a few last advises in the church, then it was exactly three oíclock. A beautiful music echoed through the hall. And then she came in, the Princess of Eternia. Bow shed a tear. How magnificent she was! Adam took a deep breath too. She fulfilled all expectations. Adora was supernatural pretty, since he had seen her first time it seemed to him that way. A little bit she looked like him, she had his blue eyes, his blonde hair, and much of his face. Besides Adora combined the strength of her father further with the grace and loveliness of her mother. She had a perfect figure with a waist, which could make empresses jealous. She was slim, but not too thin. Simply naturally beautiful. Probably the most beautiful girl on Etheria and Eternia. Everyone was enchanted seeing her. She had the aura of a fighter, who did everything for freedom. Freedom for Etheria she had brought. With a perfect fighter on her side she stood for the people for the freedom of Eternia as well. She was brave, hearty and helpful. A real Princess. The Princess of Power, indeed, but also the Princess of freedom, and above all today, the Princess of love. Not more beautiful than in this long white dress she could have been. It was waisted tight and had a long train. The low neckline reminded on She-Ra, how certain people knew. Her face was covered by a light veil, falling also down on her back over the hair, which was plaited several times. Though Bow couldnít see her face that way, he knew, she was looking at him, with love and trust in her sight. She hadnít seen the guests yet. Well, that would be a surprise! In the first row, next to her mother, Adam, Queen Angella and Shakra there sat someone, who had made a long journey, emotionally too, to see her today. The orchestra played the last keys, when Randor gave her daughter to her fiancť with the simple words: "Make her happy, Captain.ď ĄI will, Sir.ď Glad he took her hand. King Miro asked them friendly to sit down. ĄLove never ends...ď he began, and the pair felt the truth of these words more than ever. They had to fight for freedom very much, but the love would last forever.
"And so I now pronounce you man and wife.ď Miro smiled at Bow. ĄYou may kiss the bride now.ď Like the tradition said, the warrior put back the veil slowly. Adoraís had happy tears in her eyes. She closed them and leaned her head back, when Bow kissed her long. It was the kiss of true love. The others applauded loudly. Happily they turned round for the first congratulations. Glimmer embraced Bow without a single sight of jealousy. She had had her chance and had said no. She was glad, that her best friend had found his love now. Adora on the other side hugged her brother, without whom she probably would still fight against the rebellion. The next was her mother, of course, while Randor and Bow shook hands. A silent oath was that. ĄCongratulations, my sonď the King said. ĄDad... I think, itíll take me some time to get used to that... But it sounds good. Adora... oh! I think, you wonít get her the next minutes, Dad.ď The Princess nearly couldnít believe it, when her mother had stepped aside and had made the way free for a very special guest. ĄSea Hawk!ď Never, never she had expected him to come. Speechless she looked at him. ĄHello, Adora.ď The smoking looked good on him, as it did on Adam and Bow, though, if it was as unusual as at the others. ĄYou look wonderfulď he said quietly. ĄItís good to see you so happy.ď She knew, he mentioned it seriously. Again the happy tears broke out. He hugged her shortly, then he said to Bow: ĄEy, look at this, everyone celebrating and your wifeís crying. I wouldnít let that be, old friend!ď There had once been a time, when he hadnít even greeted the warrior, but Hawk was over that now. The whole thing took some time, but than Randor meant, it would be time to drive to Eternos. The folk wanted to congratulate too. Marlena helped her daughter fast to put away the train, so that she could move more free, when suddenly Adora laid one hand on her belly. ĄMom, it has moved! I just felt my child for the first time!ď she shouted excited. ĄNow yet? Seems to become a very wild baby...ď the Queen mentioned. ĄYou look so wonderful, dearie.ď ĄThanks, Mom. And thanks for this day. I know, how hard it was for you to organize everything so fast.ď ĄNothingís too hard for our daughter. Come on, letís go.ď In front of the church a coach was waiting. Harnessed were Spirit, Arrow, Nirvana and Teela. Without Spirits explanations the other three surely wouldnít have pulled this strange thing. The pair got in and they went into the town. On the way everywhere stood people waving to the Princess and the new Prince. They were very, very happy.

They had decided to go to their little house in Brightmoon for honeymoon. Very late in the evening, after celebrations with all the family, they finally came there. "I have to use the bathroom" Adora said, as soon as they had entered. That was typical for her. Others would have become embarrassed now or something like this because they knew exactly, what would come now, but not the Princess. She took the initiative as she ever did. Bow turned to the window. It was a wonderful night, in which no one would like to think about problems. He didnít hear her open the door and looked first back when she cleared her throat demonstratively. He whistled quietly. Adora had changed the weddingís dress to an short negligee. Her golden hair fell long to her waistline over the bare shoulders. How did she manage to look so good, no matter, what she wore? "Melancholic, father-to-be?" she smiled and stood beside him. "Thoughtfully may be the better term. I mean... Almost two months ago we still fought against Hordak and now weíre here. Married. A child is on its way. Donít you think, we are in a hurry a little bit?" "You have doubts?" she asked seriously. "Sometimes. Thatís normal, isnít it? You donít?" "Of course. But not today." "No. Not today." He took her hand and pulled her on the bed, craving in his eyes. "Come on." There was something in her face, when she kissed him, something, he knew by now. "Now you are getting melancholic, darling. Thatís what I actually didnít want" he laughed. "No, itís not... Itís just... You know, how I always enjoyed our nights. Only sometimes I thought, we should have waited for today with this." She jerked. "Well, then..." He played with one of her long curls. "We just have to do, as it would be the first night." She knew, he thought of the first time in his tent. "But this time without the battle after it, please" she said dryly. "Thatís what I promise you." He grinned and opened the negligee. "This is new, isnít it?" "No. Borrowed from Mom. She recommended me very much to wear it." Adora blushed, but he only laughed. "Well, your mother knows, that I am a sexmonster and you prefer to fight." "Donít count on this." She ran her hands over his chest and opened his belt. "Perhaps there are things of me, you donít know yet..." "What could that be?" "Youíll see..." And they got lost in a night of passion, a night, which stood for their great love and the future, which was to come.


THE END...?-