By Teela

Kodek Ugnor walked towards Castle Greyskull. She had dire need for help--her village had been struck by a terrible plague! People were dying and not even their healer could do anything for them. Since Kodek had not been exposed, she had decided to go to Greyskull, where she knew she could get help for her people.

She came upon Greyskull and gasped!

It looked even more terrible than had been told of in stories...yet, there was a friendliness to it!

"Ruler of Greyskull, I need your help! My village--there's a terrible plague!" she called.

The jawbridge slowly opened.

"Ye who seeks help, ENTER! But, be warned--you may never again be the same as you are now once you enter," a voice called.

Kodek entered, feeling apprehensive, yet knowing that her people would die if she did not help them.

"Where are you?" she called.

"In here, Child," the voice replied. She walked into what looked like a throne room and waited. A woman, dressed in a bird-like outfit, appeared on the throne. "I am Serise, Sorceress and Guardian of Castle Greyskull. I have watched you for a long time. What has brought you here at last?"

"My village has been struck by a terrible plague! I was away hunting when it struck, but if it gets beyond the village, all of Eternia may die...along with my people," she replied.

"I can give you the power you need to cure and heal your people, but you must take my place here in Greyskull," the woman replied as she stood. Kodek Ugnor saw the lines on her face, the gray feathers mixed with the white. "I have been here in Greyskull for a long time and my time is through here. But, I cannot leave without finding a replacement first. I offer you this bargain. I will give you the power you need, but you must remain here in Greyskull as its Sorceress and Guardian. As such, you must care for and preserve the swords of power until the day that they may be claimed, as well as protect the secrets of Greyskull. You will never be mortal again and you will fight many battles, see great sadness and joy," Serise said as she stepped down from her throne.

Kodek Ugnor looked down, trying to decide. Then, she knew in her heart what was right.

"I accept," she said.

"Then, By the Power of Greyskull, let it be done! Enter the Pool of Power. Only the purest of hearts can be the Sorceress and weild the power of Greyskull. If Greyskull accepts you, you will emerge changed," Serise said as Kodek was lowered down through the floor. She saw a bright light, but oh was it beautiful!

Suddenly, she lifted her wings and flew out into the air! When the light shed off of her, she was surprised to see that she was a--

"An Eagle! How beautiful," Serise said.

"I'm flying!!!!"

"Yes, Child. Would you like to turn back?"

"Yes, I supposed so."

"Concentrate and think change!" Serise told her.

Suddenly, Kodek felt her body change and when she had finished her transformation, she found that she was dressed just like Serise!

"I'm so different!" she exclaimed as she looked into a nearby mirror.

"Yes, you are. Now, I will teach you how to heal your people," Serise said as she led Kodek into her laboratory....

* * *

Kodek Ugnor flew to her village of Selin. She knew that her people would no longer recognise her...and that, she realized, was for the best.

She landed in her true form, carrying the crystal of Aminar in her pocket so that she could maintain her power and true form outside Greyskull.

Kodek walked into the city and gasped. Her people were deathly ill....no one had died...yet. So, she was just in time.

Raising her arms above her head, she wove a spell.

"La dok naaa..sher is ta na pok da.....May you be healed, children of Eternia, and be sick no more!" she cried.

There was a brief flash of light and her people were no longer grey and sick. They were well! They rose and thanked her.

"No, thank you...for believing in me. Good-bye...and good luck," she said and she walked out of sight. Once she was, she returned to her bird-form and flew back to Greyskull.

When Kodek returned, she looked for Serise...and found no one there.

"I am alone!"

"No, you aren't, Sorceress," a deep voice said.

Kodek turned and found a grey face floating behind her.

"I am the Spirit of Greyskull. It is my honor to serve and train you," he said.

"The Spirit of Greyskull....but why did you call me 'Sorceress'?"

"'Sorceress' is the title you have taken...and it is the tradition of the Sorceress of Greyskull to use that title as her identity for as long as she is the Sorceress of Greyskull. To do otherwise would be too dangerous," the Spirit replied.

"Then, since it is the tradition, I guess I'll have to follow it, too. So, what do I call you?"

"'Spirit' is acceptable."

"Well, then, Spirit, what're we waiting for?"

The Spirit of Greyskull smiled and Kodek found herself smiling back. She had found a new home...and a new purpose in life....

* * *

Many Years Later.... Kodek Ugnor fought furiously against the Womaks. They had come from the dark side of Eternia to try and conquer Greyskull. But, she wouldn't let them! She and she alone stood in their way.

Finally, the battle was over.

Kodek resumed her perch on her throne and sat there, weary. She reflected on how much she had changed since she had come to Greyskull.

She had fought more battles than she could've dreamed possible. She hadn't aged physically, but her soul was older than she could've known was possible. She had matured and had grown kinder and gentler than she was when she had first come to Greyskull.

Many refugees came in search of comfort and healing. With a cheerful smile, Kodek accommodated them all. Yet, she was terribly lonely, despite the constant visitors. She hadn't married, or had children. She felt that, to do so, wouldn't be fair to her family. She had Greyskull to care for and that took more time and energy than all the people in the world.

Yet, she knew it could be done. But, the thought of seeing someone grow old while staying young would be unbearable!

Kodek sighed and turned to the viewscreen.

"Spirit, you said you have something to show me?" she asked.

"Yes, Sorceress," the Spirit said as an image of a newborn baby girl appeared on the viewscreen. She had blue eyes and bright red hair! She was adorable.

"Who is she, Spirit?"

"Her name is Teelana. I think you should keep an eye on her--she may be very important to Greyskull in the future," the spirit replied. Kodek watched the little girl on the screen and smiled. She would pay a visit to the village where this child was born.

"Where is she?"

"In the Village of Noella."

"I think I'll pay her a visit," Kodek said. Spreading her arms, she became an Eaglel, known as Zilan to the people of Eternia. She flew off for Noella to visit this infant....

* * *

Teeli smiled as she held her newborn daughter. She had named her Teelana, for her own mother. She brushed the red hair out of her eyes and rocked the little girl to sleep.

Suddenly, she heard a rush of wings and a blue, orange and white Eagle landed on the bed and looked adoringly on the baby.

"Well, now, who are you?" Teeli asked as she reached out and stroked the eagle's head.

"I am the Sorceress of Greyskull," the eagle said as it became a woman. Teeli gasped and backed away. "It is all right--I won't harm you. I just came to see how little Teelana is doing," the woman said.

"The Sorceress of Greyskull? Here?"

"Yes, I came to see you and your daughter. May I?" the Sorceress asked. Teeli hesitated, then finally placed her daughter in the woman's arms. The Sorceress gently held the child and sang a lullabye. Teelana, Teeli saw, closed her eyes and went to sleep, content in the woman's arms. "She is a very special little girl, Teeli. You must take extra good care of her for she is very important to Eternia's future."

"What do you mean?"

"I cannot tell you, but know this. Your daughter shall have a normal life as a child. When she becomes an adult, she will face many challenges," the Sorceress said. "I do not know for sure what she will face, but I do know that she will face the hardest choice she could possibly make." the Sorceress said as she handed Teelana back to Teeli. "Now I must go. Do not tell her of what has transpired here today. I will be watching her, so do not fear. She will be safe."

And with that, the Sorceress transformed back into an Eagle and flew off....

* * *

Many years later...

Kodek Ugnor looked at herself in the Mirror of Knowledge. She had grown older in the past few years. She knew that her time was coming to an end. She had fought many more battles and, at last, peace had been won. She decided to cloak Greyskull in an illusion, making it look like an endless desert, nothing more.

She had continued to watch Teelana, who was now sixteen. She had watched her grow from a child into a young woman. She knew this woman's heart and mind and she loved her as if she was her own daughter.

Kodek knew that, soon, Morgath would appear and take away this young woman's innocence and freedom. And she knew that the girl would come to Castle Greyskull, seeking help.

"Spirit, where is Teelana now?" she asked.

"On the outskirts of Noella," the Spirit replied. Kodek spread her arms and became an eagle.

"Then to her side I will go...to see her again," she said as she flew off.

When she found her, she found that the young woman was in love for the first time.

Kodek perched herself on a tree and sat and watched...and listened.

"I know that we've known each other all our lives, Teelana. I know what I feel in my heart. Will you marry me?"

"We're so young, Tarn. I love you, but I want to wait....I can't explain it, but I know that I'm meant to do something...I'm sorry," she said.

"Yeah, well, maybe I've just wasted my time!" Tarn cried as he stalked off. Teelana's eyes filled with tears and she began to weep silently.

Kodek Ugnor turned herself into a grandmotherly woman and put her arms around the girl.

"Shh, Child. He will calm down and apologize later, I promise. For now, no more tears."

Teelana wiped the tears from her eyes and looked up at her...

"Who're you?"

"A friend," Kodek replied. "It's getting dark. You should go," she said. Teelana nodded, then turned to leave.

"By the way--" Teelana started, but it was too late. Kodek Ugnor had already disappeared. "I wonder who she was," Teelana said.

Kodek laughed inside as Teelana walked back home. She was once again perched in a tree, and she flew off for her own home, Castle Greyskull.

* * *

Finally, the day came when Teelana came to Greyskull, seeking help. Kodek removed the illusion from Greyskull and said: "You seek help, enter. But know you this: once you enter Castle Greyskull, you may never be the same as you are now."

Teelana came in, hesitantly, and entered the throne room.

"Is anyone here?"

"I am," Kodek said as she appeared. "I am Kodek Ugnor, Sorceress and Guardian of Castle Greyskull. I know who you are, Teelana. I have been watching you for some time. Now, tell me what has brought you here at last."

"An army has captured my village. If they're not stopped, they'll conquer all of Eternia," Teelana replied.

"I offer you a bargain. I will give you the power you need to help your people--"

"I accept."

"Not yet, Teelana. You have not yet heard the rest of the bargain," Kodek Ugnor said as she stood and walked down to Teelana. She led Teelana to the Swords of Power, then continued. "I have been in Castle Greyskull for a long time, but I cannot leave without finding someone to take my place. I offer that position to you. As Sorceress of Greyskull, you must protect and preserve the Swords of Power until the time that they may be claimed. You will fight many battles and you will never be mortal again. You will see great sadness and joy and comfort those in need," Kodek Ugnor told her. Teelana considered.

"I accept," she said.

"Then, By the Power of Greyskull, let it be done. Enter the Pool of Power. Only the purest and gentlest of hearts can weild the power of Greyskull. If the Castle accepts you, you will emerge changed. Enter," Kodek said as Teelana was lowered through the floor.

There was a bright light, then a bird shape rose through the floor. When the light dripped off of it, Kodek could see it was a falcon.

"A falcon! How wonderful," Kodek said with a laugh.

"I can fly! But, how do change back?"

"Concentrate. Think 'change!' That's it!" Kodek cried as Teelana transformed into her true form.

"I'm different!" Teelana cried.

"Of course. From this day forward, you shall ever be the Sorceress," Kodek said.

She spent the next few days training Teelana and finally Teelana returned to Noella to save her people.

When she was gone, Kodek Ugnor went to her own room. There, she took out a uniform similar to the one she wore. It ended in a long loin cloth and had a cloak just like the one she wore. She put on the black cloak that hung there with it and took out a large walking-stick. She also wore a belt that had a pouch of herbs and medicines around her waist and another pouch within that one had some pieces of gold and silver.

She bade farewell to the Spirit of Greyskull and set out to wander Eternia, telling her own stories of the adventures she had in Greyskull and to find a place of her own to live in harmony...

She knew she would return some day...just as sure as she knew of the power that remained inside her. A book of spells had been presented to her and, she knew, one day she might return and become one with Greyskull.

Until then, she knew, she would forever be the Sorceress of Greyskull....

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