The Journeys of Julian and Tamara: Julian's True Love
     by Alexandra Spears

Across the Endless Plains of Eternia two horses, along with their riders, trotted. One was brown with a black mane, its rider a handsome young man with a muscular build, blond hair, and green eyes. The other horse, a beautiful white one with a red mane, carried the young man's sister, whose red hair flew in the wind and whose blue eyes sparkled.

The young man and young woman were the younger two children of Princess Adora of Eternia. They had an elder sister, but she was married to an Etherian prince and had five children.

"Annabelle's so lucky," said the young man, whose name was Julian, to his sister Tamara. "She got married at sixteen. I'm eighteen and I have yet to find someone to fall in love with."

"Hey, what about me?" protested Tamara. "I'm seventeen. When Annabelle was my age she had her first child! And all my suitors I don't really care for."

"Oh, you like stringing them along," Julian laughed. "I've never really dated anyone."

"I don't see why not. If you weren't my brother, I'd probably be after you." She meant that as a compliment. And it was true, Julian was a rather good- looking young man. Right now he wore only boots and what was jokingly called fuzzy shorts, as well as gold wristbands, and a cloak.

"We should have gone for adventures in the ocean, like Father," said Julian. "These plains are rather boring sometimes." Their father was Captain Sea Hawk, a former pirate.

"Oh, hush," Tamara giggled. "And right now we're entering the Kingdom of the Eastern Plains. Maybe you'll find someone there."

"I've heard that the Princess of the Eastern Plains Kingdom is something to look at," Julian said. "Come on, Trotter!" he called to his horse.

"After them, Elvis!" Tamara called to her own horse.

The two horses galloped towards Plains City, the main city in the kingdom. There were many kingdoms on Eternia, but the entire planet was ruled by Julian and Tamara's uncle and aunt, King Adam and Queen Teela. And King Adam was Princess Adora's twin brother.

The horses made it to the city gates at the same time. They stopped, and Julian and Tamara dismounted. One of the guards was discreetly eyeing Tamara, who was dressed in a green bodysuit, boots, wrist guards, and cloak, her long red hair reaching to the middle of her back. "We are Prince Julian and Princess Tamara of Eternia," said Julian.

"Your Highnesses," said one of the two guards. "Welcome to Plains City."

"Thanks," Tamara said flirtatiously.

The prince and princess entered the city, which resembled Eternos, though not quite as big. The main square was about a mile into the city; they'd come in through the western gate. Modest-looking houses lined the rather narrow dirt road, and denizens of this pleasant city were happily strolling along.

"I'm hungry," Julian whined.

"You're always hungry. We have a mile to go before we reach the center of the town," Tamara replied.

"I'm a growing boy. That's what Mother always says," Julian said, a glint of mischief in his emerald eyes.

Tamara laughed. "You are such a card! And she hasn't said that in years."

Julian laughed along with his younger sister. Then they saw something that caused them to stop laughing.

A young woman was being chased by Trap-Jaw, one of the late Skeletor's former henchmen. Trap-Jaw was an ugly thing. His body was blue, his face green--except for a red metal lower jaw. He had a normal left arm, but where his right shoulder should have been was a stump to which he could attach all sorts of weapons and gadgets. And right now he had a laser rifle attached.

"I'll get you!" Trap-Jaw was saying to the young woman, who ran right into Julian, knocking him down.

Tamara knelt by her brother, who quickly but gently helped the young woman up. "You want a fight, metal-mouth?" he demanded.

"You! He-Man's nephew!" Trap-Jaw exclaimed.

"I guess he's not as dumb as he looks," Tamara murmured as she tended to the other girl, who'd scraped the palms of her hands on the ground. Tamara used her healing powers on the maiden.

"That's right. And do you remember this?" Julian retorted as he grabbed Trap-Jaw's laser rifle, quickly tied it into a knot, and hurled the villain onto the roof of an empty building. "I have the strength of He-Man and She-Ra!"

Trap-Jaw climbed down and scurried away, not wanting to deal with She-Ra's children. He vaguely knew that one of the girls had powerful magic but he wasn't sure which one.

"Are you all right?" Julian asked the young woman.

"I--I'm fine," the girl said.

"Who are you?" Tamara asked. "I'm Princess Tamara, and that lunkhead there is my brother Julian." Tamara flashed her brother a teasing grin.

"I am Nikkola, Princess of the Eastern Plains Kingdom," said the girl, who had beautiful, wavy black hair and midnight-blue eyes. "Thank you for helping me." She was staring up at Julian.

"Princess Nikkola," Julian said slowly.

Tamara grinned mischievously. Her brother had wanted to meet someone and she wasn't going to stand in the way. "Your father and mother are King Rikan and Queen Cassa, aren't they?" she asked Nikkola.

Nikkola nodded. So much for breaking the ice--it was already broken between her and Julian. Tamara cleared her throat and Nikkola and Julian finally broke their gaze.

"I want you two to meet my parents," Nikkola said. "Come, I will lead you to the Palace of the Eastern Plains."

King Rikan and Queen Cassa were pleased to see who their two guests were. "I have heard so much about your mother and uncle," said the dark-haired king. "You two are more than welcome."

Queen Cassa, from whom Nikkola had inherited her wonderful dark hair, smiled at Julian and Tamara. "My Nikki is only sixteen, but I think she's ready for a suitor," she said, obviously dropping a hint. Of course, no hints were really necessary, for it was apparent that the two young people had fallen in love.

"How would you like to stay for a few days, Julian, Tamara?" asked Rikan.

"We'd love to," said Julian. "Thank you."

Three days went by, and most of that time Julian and Nikkola were together. They were only together during the daytime, and at night Julian had to resist sneaking into Nikkola's bedchamber out of propriety.

On the morning of the third day, Julian took Nikkola's hand and led her to her parents' throne room. "King Rikan, Queen Cassa, I wish to have your daughter's hand in marriage if she accepts," he said, having summoned up all his courage. It didn't take nearly as much courage to fight Trap-Jaw! he was thinking.

"If my daughter accepts," said Rikan. Cassa smiled.

"I accept, Father, Mother," said Nikkola. "I want Julian to be my husband for the rest of our lives together. I wish to travel with him and my future sister-in-law."

"It is high time you got out and saw the rest of the world," Cassa said, all but giving her consent. "Perfect! The wedding will be held next week!"

Word got to Castle Greyskull, and to Castle Bright Moon on Etheria. The day before the wedding, a number of family and friends arrived in the Eastern Plains Kingdom. King Adam and Queen Teela arrived with their son, nineteen-year-old James; and their daughter, fourteen-year-old Jessalyn.

Also arriving were Julian and Tamara's parents, Princess Adora and Captain Sea Hawk, along with Princess Annabelle and her husband King Micah and their five children.

Sea Hawk got a look at his daughter-in-law. "You did almost as well as I," he said, taking his wife Adora's hand. "She's beautiful."

The day of the wedding arrived slowly yet quickly, as such days tend to arrive. At noon the betrothed couple stood in the throne room of King Rikan and Queen Cassa. "Do you take Nikkola to be your wife, Julian?" asked the King.

"I do," Julian replied.

"My daughter, do you take Julian to be your husband?" Cassa asked Nikkola.

"I do," Nikkola replied.

"We pronounce you husband and wife," the King and Queen said in unison. "You are now the Prince of the Eastern Plains Kingdom."

Julian and Nikkola kissed, and cheers went up. There were tears in some eyes, including Adora's. Two of her children were now married.

The next day, everyone but Tamara returned to their respective homes. Tamara was invited to stay in the palace for a week, until her brother and his wife got back from their honeymoon. They they could go adventuring, the three of them.