The Gang on Earth
part 2--Into a Routine
by Alexandra

School had been in session for a couple of weeks now. Adam, Adora, and Bow were
all in gym, running around the track that surrounded the football field.

"I'm so used to running in heels," Adora said as she ran alongside Adam. "This is
much better, actually."

A cute brunette ran past them, looked over her shoulder, and blew Adam a kiss.
"Hi, Megan," Adam called. He looked at his sister. "She's a junior."

Bow caught up with his girlfriend and buddy. "This is so easy, it isn't funny," he
commented. "They should teach archery. Hell, I could teach it."

Adora gave Bow a look. Lately he and Adam had been picking up on the vulgar
language and using it on a regular basis. "What?" said Bow.

Adora shook her head. "I think you've learned the lingo a bit too
well around here."

"Whoa, baby!" shouted Derek Jones as he slapped Adora's rear end and passed them
up. He'd been the one trying to tease Adora on the first day of school.

Bow raised his arm and gave Derek the finger. "Dumbass," he called.

Adam found this amusing. "Butt-munch," he tossed out. Adora could tell they'd been
watching Beavis and Butt-head way too much. She shook her head and just ran.

"Your brother is hot," Megan declared as they stepped into the showers. Adora had
just released her golden hair from its ponytail. "And I wouldn't have anything to do with
that Derek jerk. He just wants in your pants."

"Well, Adam and Bow will protect me. Adam because he's my twin, and Bow because
he's my boyfriend." Adora smiled slyly.

"Well, you seem to be pretty smart," said Megan over the sound of the running water.
"I mean, you're passing those killer classes! Maybe you're from another planet."

Adora knew she was joking, and she decided to tease back. "Maybe I am," she said.

The girls finished showering; then they dried themselves off, jerked their street clothes
out of their lockers, and got dressed. As Adora stood in front of a mirror, combing her
hair, Megan appeared beside her. "Derek can be dangerous though, so be careful."

"I can take care of myself, Megan," Adora reassured the other girl. "I learned how to
fight growing up. So if he tries anything, he will be very sorry. I'm from a rough

"Don't seem like it. You have this--I don't know--aristocratic air," said Megan.

The bell rang, and Adora went to find her brother and boyfriend so they could head to

Bow, Adam, and Adora sat down at a table together. "Hey, I just figured out how to
shoot spitwads," said Adam. He demonstrated with a piece of a straw wrapper and
a straw. He hit Bow right between the eyes.

"Ha ha. So funny I forgot to laugh," Bow grinned. "I understand spoons make great

"No you don't," said Adora. "I'd like to eat my lunch in peace, if you boys don't mind."

Bow kissed Adora's cheek. "We'll take it outside. Like after school."

"I can hardly wait until it snows," said Adam. "I'd really get you!" He grinned

After lunch was English class. "We're going to be studying Mr. Charles Dickens,"
said Mrs. Miller, the teacher. "I'll be passing out copies of Oliver Twist. Tonight you
are to read chapters one and two."

The class, except for a few in back who thought the class to be a study in naptime,
listenened intently as Mrs. Miller explained the background of the story, about orphanages
in 19th-century England.

"That sucks," Adam murmured; only Adora heard him. "Poor kids."

"What was that, Adam?" Mrs. Miller asked gently.

"My brother was commenting on how terribly those children were treated," Adora said,
speaking up for him.

"Indeed," the teacher agreed. "Yes, it did 'suck,' as Adam put it." The class laughed.

Mrs. Miller began handing out copies of the novel. "For the rest of the hour, go ahead
and read the first two chapters, and of course you're welcome to read further ahead."

After school Marlena picked up the twins while Bow walked the short distance home.
"Homework tonight?" she asked.

"Math, English, and biology," said Adam. "I don't know, Mom, you sure this school
thing is a good idea?"

"Hey, we can't get back to Eternia, so deal with it," Adora put in. "I find school

"You would."

"Well, it does give me and your father time alone together," said Marlena. She looked
in the rear view mirror at her twin children sitting in back together. She smiled a
mysterious smile.

"What is it, Mom?" asked Adora. "It's the way you're grinning."

"Well, in the spring, you're going to have a little brother or sister," Marlena said.

"At your age!" exclaimed Adam. "Mom! You're forty-two!"

"I think it's wonderful," said Adora. "You shut up, Adam."

"Hey, I'm just concerned!"

Marlena laughed. "And yes your father knows already. And just like the time I
was pregnant with you two, he's going to baby me and insist I rest."

After dinner, the twins were in their rooms, either doing homework or watching TV;
that depended on what twin you were talking about. Adora was at her computer,
typing out the questions from her biology text and typing out the answers beneath
the questions.

The last one was done. Which one next--math or English? She and Adam had gotten
copies of Cliff's Notes for Oliver Twist at the bookstore earlier. Hmmm...she might get
immersed in the book; better to do math next.

Adora could hardly concentrate on her math problems. For one thing, she was thinking
about the baby brother or sister that was on the way. For another, Adam had his stereo
playing way too loud. She'd thought he was watching television.

Adora got up and opened the door to her brother's room. He was reading his copy of
Oliver Twist, and all the while Madonna was blaring. She went over to the stereo and
turned it down. "Hey!" he protested.

Adora tossed him a set of headphones. "Try these. Then you'll be the only one going
deaf," she said. "And besides, when the baby comes, you're not going to be able to play
it that loud."

Adam rolled his eyes. "I'm trying to read." He opened his Cliff's Notes.

Adora reached over and tousled his hair. "I honestly don't see how you can stand it
with all that noise...but to each their own." She left the room, closing the door quietly.

"You're such a goody-goody, Adora," Adam called.

"Well, I'll chew gum in class tomorrow, okay?"

Adora had other things on her mind besides the new baby and her studies. It was that
Derek Jones creep. He wouldn't leave her alone. She pondered it while she did her math

He was dangerous, Megan had said. Adora had a feeling she was about to find out just
how dangerous.