Untold in the two Masters of the Universe cartoons, many peaceful Eternians refused to join the evil forces of Skeletor. For their refusal, Skeletor killed them. Among the victims were Amlam and Tento, Sy-Klone's parents.

Sy-Klone sat alone in his dwelling pondering of a plan to get his revenge on Skeletor. On his blue windowsill, an image of his deceased parents appeared. Sy-Klone's heart ran faster than the speed of Fisto's steel hand. The parents said, "Sy-Klone, there is a way you can make Skeletor pay. Go to King Randor's Palace and enlist in Duncan's army. He is their Man-At-Arms." Then his parents returned to Heaven. Sy-Klone then proceeded to that state-of-the-art palace as he wiped tears from his face.

Meanwhile, Man-At-Arms returned to Randor's Palace from an Intergalactic Conference. Attendees of the conference were Lion-O from Third Earth, Princess Allura from Planet Arus, and Optimus Prime from Cybertron. He told the King and the Queen the latest news from the meeting. As Cringer walked across the palace entrance, someone was at the door. Cringer quickly dashed behind Teela to hide from the stranger at the door. Teela opened the door and introduced herself. The stranger replied, "I am Sy-Klone. I understand that your army is at war with Skeletor. From a terrible experience I've had, I would be more than glad to enlist in Duncan's army." Teela then said "Follow me." She took Sy-Klone to Man-At-Arms. He was with Adam in his lab replenishing Roboto's circuits. Sy-Klone told the story of his parents' demise and demonstrated his ability to turn into a tornado funnel (demonstrated it outside of the palace). Man-At-Arm's mouth gaped wide open, showing that he was impressed with Sy-Klone's ability. Sy-Klone was immediately accepted into Man-At-Arm's militia.

Fisto was on Stridor's back touring the realms of Eternia that existed beyond his forest. Behind a hill, he saw a blue obstacle surmounting it. He ordered his robotic horse to get closer to the blue obstacle. As he approached it, it got larger every foot he traveled. Instead of one tower, there were three. As Fisto and Stridor approached even closer to them, Fisto's heart trembled, scared of the giant snake atop the right tower. Webstor was atop the left tower (Grayskull Tower). Knowing that Fisto was He-Man's ally, Webstor pulled out his orange rifle and stunned the woodsman. Fisto fell off of Stridor, flat on his back. The robotic horse avoided laser bolts as he scurried toward Randor's Palace for aid. Mer-Man came out from the center tower's moat to take Fisto into custody.

As Adam took Cringer for their daily walk, a mental image of the Sorceress said, "Adam, Fisto is in terrible danger at the Three Towers. Save him before he is doomed." Adam looked around to make sure that Cringer was the only one present. Then he grabbed his Power Sword and yelled, "By the power of Grayskull, I HAVE THE POWER." He became He-Man and hopped onto BattleCat. They strode toward Randor's Palace for aid. Stridor has not yet arrived at the palace. However, Man-At-Arms took the Blasterhawk, She-Ra took the Talon Fighter, Roboto and Orko took the Wind Raider, Teela took the Dragon Walker, and Stratos took himself afloat. Their common destination: The Three Towers.

Meanwhile, Fisto was chained to the wall. Viewing his punishment were Skeletor, Evil-Lynn, Stinkor, Webstor, Mer-Man, Trap Jaw, Blade, Beast-Man, Faker, Kobra Kahn, Modulok, and Clawful. They each gave Fisto a strike in the face (with their fists). He bled profusely. Then all the villains returned to their normal duties, leaving Fisto alone in the cell.

The heroic Masters of the Universe did not know the location of the newly-constructed Three Towers of Universal Village. They all followed He-Man, who was using inspired directions from the Sorceress. They were all shocked with the horrifying but magnificent look of the towers.

Meanwhile, Fisto was arranged to be fed to the giant snake on the right tower (Viper Tower).

The heroes were 50 yards from the towers. If they dared to step any closer, the giant snake would dive its fangs into them. In order to gain access, Sy-Klone spun into his funnel form and approached the Viper Tower, taking the snake into the spin. The forces of Skeletor stared at this action from inside the other two towers with awe, unmoving. The snake could not endure the intense motion sickness from the spin and died of it. Sy-Klone was proud, he destroyed the snake that once wrapped Snake Mountain. The snake meant a lot to Skeletor. Still, the heroes could not enter the center tower (Fisto's location) because of the moat in front of it. They looked for other methods of entrance while Skeletor began riding the monorail to discover what happened to the snake (and to let the rest of his army do the fighting with the heroes while he goes joyriding in the monorail). She-Ra transformed her sword to a mystic rope. She used it to enter a front window, halfway up the Center Tower. As she got in, Faker approached. She bodyslammed the blue imposter of He-Man and proceeded to look for Fisto. The other heroes were still outside. Other villains ran outside from the spiral stairway of the Grayskull Tower. Man-At-Arms, on the Blasterhawk, shot an orange disk from the vehicle's mouth. It severed Blade's body in two as it went all the way through his chest. Blade was dead. Clawful, Modulok, and Evil-Lyn destroyed the vacant Talon Fighter (since She-Ra was inside the Center Tower). While killing the giant snake was not enough to gain vengeance on Skeletor, Sy-Klone formed another funnel, scaring off Clawful, Modulok, and Evil-Lyn. Those three ran away. Roboto was victorious in a battle with Trap Jaw (Roboto used a new lance appendage on his arm). Trap Jaw survived though. He-Man saw Skeletor riding the monorail. He wanted to get Skeletor off the monorail in order to win control of the Three Towers. He hopped onto BattleCat to get on top of the Vight tower, where the now-absent giant snake once settled. As the monorail with Skeletor in it approached, He-Man stood on top of BattleCat's saddle. He-Man leaped through the front windshield of the monorail's passenger seat. Skeletor and He-Man pushed each other's hands until Skeletor did a head-butt. Then Skeletor attempted to punch He-Man in the face, only to have it blocked and sent back to his own face. He-Man then picked up Skeletor and threw him through the windshield. Plunging seventy yards, Skeletor was not harmed. He ran away. He-Man took the monorail's driver seat and was now in control of the Three Towers. He just kept riding as the ground battles dwindled.

On the ground, the villains were defeated. They retreated except for one. Stinkor was on top of the Center Tower with a chained Fisto standing next to him. Remember, Fisto was not executed since Sy-Klone killed the giant snake.

STINKOR: Teela, wanna rescue Fisto? Come and get him! Stratos picked up Teela and took her to the top of the Center Tower.

STINKOR: If you don't want Fisto thrown over the edge of this tower, you must defeat me.

TEELA: I've kicked your ass before and I wouldn't mind doing it again! Stratos stayed afloat and kicked Stinkor's face. Teela then kicked the blue shield out of Stinkor's hand.

STRATOS: This menace's stench is really repugnant. I must go back down to the ground. Good luck Teela. Seeing that Teela was focused on Stratos' words, Stinkor attempted to dodge her over the edge. At the last second, Teela saw Stinkor running toward her shoulder-first and she ducked. Stinkor went over the edge and screamed as he fell. He landed in the moat, only to get eated by the octopusses (with snake tentacles). Stinkor was dead. Stratos went back to the top of the Center Tower to bring Teela and Fisto to the ground.

All of the heroes were on the ground except for He-Man, who was still riding the monorail. He is just excited about being in control of the Three Towers. Roboto used his claw appendage to get the chains off of Fisto. He-Man then came down to congratulate his allies, especially Teela, Stratos, and Sy-Klone. The Heroic Masters of the Universe own Castle Grayskull, Randor's Palace, AND now The Three Towers. They all entered the Center Tower to begin using the towers for good purposes. Roboto, Fisto, and She-Ra are now to live at these towers.

One-thousand yards away, a third party witnessed all of the action. They are looking for control of the universe. Hordak, with Imp on his shoulder, along with Mantenna, Grizzlor, Leech, Multi-Bot, Catra, Dragstor, Mosquitor, Scorpia, Shadow Weaver, and ten Horde Troopers, boarded their ship to head back to Etheria. As neutral warriors, they were just witnesses of the battle. Step One (apprenticeship) in their new plan to conquer Eternia was over.

SUMMARY Sy-Klone joins He-Man's forces Sy-Klone kills Giant Snake (formerly the one who wrapped Snake Mountain) Man-At-Arms killed Blade Teela, Stratos, and a moat monster kill Stinkor Good guys win control of the Three Towers of Universal Village

Below: Man-At-Arms, by using the Blasterhawk, kills Blade with one of Blasterhawk's deadly disks (a scene from the above story)