The History of the Twin Planets: By Adam

Long ago, in a distant galaxy, an enormous planet took shape. After many years, it became lush and green, filled with beautiful animals and fabulous sunshine.
For many years the planet lived in harmony, until one day, a meteor hit it, striking it directly in the center. This caused it to be split in two pieces, making two small planets.
Though some may call it luck, each planet still was alive, with animals still swarming it's surface and plants entwined in the circle of life.
After many centuries, these two "twins" became the most beautiful of the entire galaxy. These planets were called Eternia and Etheria after being discovered by it's neighboring planets.
Meanwhile, another planet, filled with the most peaceful, beautiful, and intelligent people, was going to die. This planet was known as Zodak. The Zodakkians were highly intelligent and very powerful magicians too. They were most certainly a super-human race.
They used their astronomy skills to learn that an astroid would hit their wonderful, technological society. The most skilled people in all areas were boarded apon two aero dynamic ships, that would shuttle them to two planets that they had their eyes on- Eternia and Etheria.
Hours later, the ships were ready, and they took off, leaving the rest of their people to perish.
Finally, they arrived on the planets, and unloaded. For many years, the Zodakkians lived in peace with the animals and vegetation.
But one fateful day, a distant planet decided to conquer the planet Etheria. These people were the robot race known as the Horde.
When they arrived on Etheria, it was an easy victory, the Zodakkians being very peaceful, were not prepared. The Horde killed every person over the age of 15, by doing this, Etheria lost all of it's technology, and fast became a small threat to the Horde. After this massacre, the Horde left Etheria, leaving it to become a world of farmers.
Unlike Etheria, Eternia was a technological dream that was very advanced. The most powerful of the Zodakkians were crowned King and Queen. A royal palace was built in Eternos, along with another castle for emergencies in the Evergreen Forest.
That emergency fortress would be needed for any attacks, because the Zodakkians had new enemies after a group of evil Zodakkian rebels were banished to the Banshee Jungle.
After centuries, Eternia contained very little "pure" Zodakkians (especially since half of them became evil and were turned away). This was fast becoming a problem. The royal family ordered all of the true Zodakkians to live in the Evergreen Forest, surrounding the emergency fortress. Along with that, the wisest, fairest, and most powerful woman was sent to live there. From that day she would be known as the Sorceress.
The Sorceress decided that she would use her magic to protect the fortress. She cast a mighty spell on it by removing the head from a pure Zodakkian ram, making it more powerful than herself. It also made the severed ram skull very powerful too, so the Sorceress kept it in a safe place.
After many years, the Eternians prospered. The Zodakkians blood line was growing very thin though.
On a distant planet of the Snakemen, King Hiss decided he would attack the Eternians. He used his power to transport himself and other very important Snakemen to Eternia. Once on Eternia, he decided to build a fortress upon the tallest mountain on Eternia. It was than known as Snake Mountain because of the snake carved on it.
Hiss's second plan was to invade the Eternian Palace. Hiss disguised his snakily form as an Ambassador representing the Snakemen. He traveled long and far and finally reached the palace. When he got inside, he revealed his true form and fought the Eternian guard. However, the Eternians had grown a good guard over the past centuries, and they fended off the Snakemen.
For many years, the Snakemen fought the Eternians, but that would be over shortly.
One fateful day, a meteor hit Eternia, throwing it off it's orbit, causing it to stop rotating. Thus destroying the seasons. There was now just a light side (the Eternian Palace) and a dark side (Snake Mountain).
The Banshee Jungle was also on the dark side. The group of rebels had become very powerful over the centuries, and since they did not get along with the Snakemen, they decided to storm Snake Mountain.
The evil Zodakkians defeated the Snakemen, sending them all to the White Void, a place where time did not exist, only eternal suffering!
After a few decades passed, the evil Zodakkians planned an attack on the Eternians. Only one who knew of their plan opposed them, it was Skeletor, a boy of about ten.
Skeletor hated his people, they mocked him because he was weak and helpless. This was lucky for him though. The day of the attack, the evil Horde sent a ship to Etheria, it crashed on Eternia's dark side due to a shortage of fuel. They decided to attack Snake Mountain, like the evil Zodakkians had done before them.
The Horde's leader, Hordak , sent troops to Snake Mountain. They killed everyone, but when they got to Skeletor, Hordak decided to save him because Skeletor was happy to see his people die.
Hordak became Skeletor's mentor and taught him to be a great sorcerer.
One day came, when Skeletor was walking around Snake Mountain, he found a Horde girl around his age. She had long black hair and was known as Lyn.
The two evil teenagers fell in love. Skeletor decided to teach Lyn, his powers, and the two became very powerful.
On a stormy day, the Horde decided to attack the fortress belonging to the Sorceress.
While Skeletor was fighting, he found a ram's head, he held it high in the air. I t seemed to increase his power.
Meanwhile, the Horde defeated the fortress, and Hordak stayed there with Skeletor.
One night, Skeletor contacted Lyn at Snake Mountain, he told her to destroy all of the Horde troopers, and take the throne.
He took the sacred Ram's head and put it on the end of a long stick, it was then known as the Havoc Staff.
He went to Hordak's sleeping quarters and zapped Hordak with his Havoc Staff. Hordak was still powerful, he shot a beam of light at Skeletor's head, and transported himself to Horde World.
Skeletor's skin melted of leaving a hideous, yellow skull in it's place.
He and his new Queen, Evil Lyn, raised an army at Snake Mountain and returned to the fortress. He made his army rebuild the entrance to the fortress to resemble his hideous face. It was furthermore known as Castle Greyskull.
The Zodakkians attacked Castle Greyskull, and were victorious. They took over the castle and placed the Sorceress back in the throne.
Meanwhile, in Eternos, King Miro, the present king, wanted to travel around Eternia. King Miro's son, Prince Randor was made the new king.
A spaceship from earth landed on Eternia. It's passenger, Marlena, stepped out.
King Randor and Marlena fell in love and were wed.
Meanwhile in the Evergreen Forest, the Horde was attacking. One woman, Teelina, who was pregnant, was spared. She was left to suffer in the Evergreen Forest. Luckily the Sorceress rescued her and took her to Castle Greyskull.
There she taught the pregnant girl her powers.
The day came when the Sorceress withered away and died. Teelina was the new Sorceress. With the powers of the Sorceress also came a curse. If she was ever to leave the castle, she would become Zoar, the falcon.
In preparation for giving birth, she left the castle and made a nest in the Palace of Eternia.
In the Palace of Eternia, Queen Marlena was also preparing for birth. She had twins, she named them Adam and Adora.
In Zoar's nest, the Sorceress laid an egg. One of the guards, Duncan, found Zoar. She told him that he must adopt her almost born daughter, who would be named Teela. He took the egg to the nursery and put it in a crib next to Adam and Adora. Teela hatched.
As Duncan was about to leave the room, a portal appeared next to Adam and Adora's crib. The portal opened and Hordak stepped out. Duncan called the Sorceress and she came as Zoar. They tried to stop Hordak but were to late.
His orders were to steal the new- born twins. His time ran out, he reached for the one nearest to him, which happened to be Adora. He then transported to Etheria so Horde Prime, leader of Horde World, wouldn't punish him for not getting both twins.
The kingdom lived in sadness after the disappearance of Adora. The Sorceress put a spell over the kingdom to forget Adora. She was now the only one who remembered the missing child.


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