History of Snake Mountain.

Snake Mountain

In the early days of Eternia, it was inhabited by a race of people known as the Zodakkians. These Zodakkians wer extremely intelligent and rather powerful magicians. Being of an advanced civilization, the Zodakkians crowned the most powerful of themselves as the King and Queen. They, in turn, banished the evil Zodakkians to the Dark Side of Eternia, to a place called the Banshee Jungle.

Over time, the bloodline of the Zodakkians became rather thin. Soon there were very few "pure" Zodakkians left on Eternia. In time, these peoples became known as the Eternians.

Then from a distant planet, the Snakemen, led by King Hiss, attacked the planet of Eternia. Once on Eternia, Hiss and his men traveled through the Banshee Jungle. There, they decided to build a fortress on top of the highest mountain. Hiss ordered his men to carve a huge snake around the mountain containing the fort, and thus the mountain came to be known as Snake Mountain.

King Hiss led his men on several attacks on the Eternian peoples. For years the Eternians faced battle with the Snakemen. Soon the last remaining Zodakkians aided the Eternians by sending King Hiss and his men to a place called the White Void. The White Void is a dimension where time nor death exists, but only an eternity of suffering occurs. It was here that King Hiss vowed revenge on the Eternian peoples.

Decades pasted, and the threat of Snake Mountain diminished. Up until a young boy named Skeletor found it. Soon, Skeletor built up a small army by himself.

Then came the Horde. The leader of the Horde, Hordak, sent his army to Snake Mountain. The Horde was able to defeat Skeletor's small army, leaving them dead at their feet. Skeletor, the only survivor ofhis army, sought to become Hordak's pupil and was thus taught to become a powerful sorcerer. In time, Skeletor met a woman named Evil Lyn. Skeletor then taught Evil Lyn, and the two became quite powerful.

After a brief time in the Horde, Skeletor and Evil Lyn rebelled against Hordak and left the Horde. Then Skeletor and Evil Lyn returned to Snake Mountain. It was here that Skeletor decided to build another army with the help of Evil Lyn. Soon, Skeletor had a massive army, and thus he begins his conquest of ruling Eternia.

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