The History of the Crystal Castle.

Eons ago, when the ancient Zodakkians inhabited Eternia, they inhabited other such worlds as well. One such world was Eternia's neighboring planet, Etheria. Unlike the planet of Eternia, Etheria was a planet of little technology. However the ancients built a magnificent castle on top of Etheria's tallest mountain, Skydancer Mountain.

Like Castle Grayskull, the Zodakkians empowered the Crystal Castle with their magic and many secrets. To protect these secrets, and the palace itself, the ancient Zodakkians created a magical entity, hence the closest culture was that of trolls.

Over time, the last few remaining Etherian Zodakkians taught the trolls the system of government, and aided them in creating the trolls' homeland, the Kingdom of Spicot. Only the elite members of this kingdom were able to journey to the Crystal Castle. It was these elite trolls that named the entity guarding the palace. Because of the mass amount of light, and the enormous amount of hope that this entity generated, these trolls gave this entity a crude, yet meaningful name; "Light Hope".

These trolls then swore a vow with the last Zodakkian, as he left the planet of Etheria. This vow was to insure that only the selected others could find the Crystal Castle. Generations pasted, and the last descendent of the elite trolls, Aggo, became king of the trolls' homeland. It was during this time that Etheria was in peace, and the Crystal Castle fell into myth and legend.

Then came the Horde. At first, the Horde had no purpose for Etheria, but after they were forced to retreat from Eternia, they used the planet of Etheria as a military outpost. With the retreat from Eternia, they brought with them the baby princess, Adora.

The location of the Crystal Castle remained a mystery, as Adora grew up among the Horde. With the aid of He-Man, Adora divorced her life in the Horde, and became She-Ra.

One day, She-Ra and her friends had to save the Kingdom of Bright Moon from that of the Horde. Their only hope of saving Bright Moon was for She-Ra to find the legendary Crystal Castle. She-Ra then sought out Aggo in the Kingdom of Spicot, to find out the location of the Crystal Castle. King Aggo, trying to follow his vow, but yet also to give She-Ra the information tells her this riddle:

"The Castle is always where its seeker
most wants it to be.
In plain sight, yet never seen.
This is its nature."

She-Ra then finds the Crystal Castle on top of Skydancer Mountain. She then entered the castle to find Light Hope. With the aid of Light Hope, She-Ra was able to defeat the Horde, and saved the Kingdom of Bright Moon. As She-Ra returns to the Crystal Castle, Light Hope tells her that the Crystal Castle is her haven, and that she must keep the location of the Crystal Castle a secret. She-Ra agrees, and the Crystal Castle remains a legend among the Etherian peoples.


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