We both know why you're here, so let's get on with the pronounciation guide.
Ailan: (Eye-lan): one of Blackstar's etteva.
Alerwe: (Ah-lair-way): ancient Sagarese warrior king. His tomb, near Dha'Alasia, is known as The Altar. 
Ca'marrin: (Ca-mar-rin): The Eledhrin's Second, Blackstar's second-in-command. Full name: Hleru ta' Ca'marrin. And yes, he is Klone. You didn't think "Klone" was his real name, did you?
Che'vani: (Che-van-nee): a pain-in-the-ass nomadic tribe just north of Dha'Alasia. All that trouble, and they're not even working for the Overlord.
Devor: (De-vore): Sagarese village wiped out by the na'dani. Can you say armageddon? Too late.
Dha'Alasia: (Da-Al-asia): Blackstar's humble bachelor pad/armed camp/base of operations. You didn't think he actually lived with those Trobbits, did you?
Dorhain: (Dor-raine): one of the etteva.
Drinach (Drin-aack): steward of Dha'Alasia.
Ehaldon: (Eh-hal-doan): The Overlord's latest siege project. Attack thwarted by Blackstar and co.
Eil'iru (Eel-ay-roo): Elai word meaning "Ancient Ones." The Eil'iru were responsible for both the Sagar Tree and the creation of the two Swords. They left Sagar some two thousand years before, an event still remembered by many Elai, including Mara, who was a little girl at the time.
Elai (Eel-lie): blue-skinned race of people to which Mara belongs. Plural: Elai'i (Eel-lie-ee). The Elai'i enjoy a longer life-span than most Sagarese, and to them the Ancients entrusted most of their arcane knowledge. The Elai'i typically live in the western regions of Sagar, in communal strongholds. They are a matriarchal society.
Eledhrin: (El-led-drin): Blackstar's official title, meaning "Keeper of the Sword." Contrary to the Filmation canon, which suggests that Blackstar is the only one to ever hold the Starsword, there have been other Eledhrins; the last died some two hundred years before Blackstar's time.
Elfrin: physician at Dha'Alasia.
Elhanu: (El-han-nu): one of Blackstar's stewards at Dha'Alasia. Cousin of Ca'marrin.
Elrahir: one of a pair of Elai'i warriors who specialize in garga tracking.
En'cardel: one of six Elai strongholds in the Tathren region of Sagar.
Enedhar: brother of Elrahir.
este celisse: an Elai term of address meaning "great lady."
etteva: (et-tay-vah): Blackstar's bodyguard. The etteva are chosen from a pool of twenty families, though only eighteen men will serve at any one time. One peculiarity of the etteva is that they serve, usually for a period of about thirty years, even when there is no living Eledhrin. Singular: etev.
falaith: (fah-layth): a reciprocal blood or life debt owed to another.
Falas, the Well of: deep well at the underground heart of the Sagar Tree.  At the bottom is thought to be heartwood of the Tree.
falas: (fal-lass): a secretion of the Sagar Tree, used by the Harani and others to augment their power and induce visions.
Findry: (Fin-dree): one of the etteva.
Ha'endra: (Ha-en-drah): city in which the Healing Stone is kept. 
Harani: (Ha-ran-ee): Ancient Sagarese name for the Trobbits.
hedru: barbed weapon that in appearance is a cross between a quarterstaff and a Klingon bat'leth.
Ild: a servant at Dha'Alasia.
Istuli: (Iss-too-lee): slave traders who occasionally prey upon the Harani.
Ka'len Haran: (Kal-en Har-ran): The Harani (Trobbit) settlement at the foot of the Sagar Tree. You didn't honestly think the Trobbits lived in the Tree, did you? I mean, one grease fire and there goes the neighborhood....
Kemshe: (Kem-shay): village, north of Devor.
Kendric: (Kend-rick): One of Blackstar's eighteen etteva. Aka: the ugly guy with the axe.
kiel: (keel): a net of invisible energy surrounding the area around the Sagar Tree.
Mahaan: (Ma-hahn): One of the eighteen etteva.
na'dani (nah-dan-nee): energy-feeding night serpents. Plural: na'dante.
okkal: (oh-khal): a sedative.
Ral: Istuli who dies of a broken neck in the Alasian forest.
Rocha: (Row-ka): village wiped out by the na'dani.
tairu (ty-roo): Sagarese word meaning aide. The title used by Ca'marrin as the Eledhrin's Second.
Tajhaan: (tah-jahn): southern port city known for its slave market.
Tathren: region in the west of Sagar that is the ancestral homeland of the Elai.
thanna: a Sagarese painkiller.
Tharada: one of Blackstar's eighteen ettev