By Alex/Scorpia

Scene 1: Outer space. *This very brief scene shows a panning shot of outer space above Etheria. Millions of stars can be seen, as well as several planets, other than the one we are familiar with. Out of one of the planets shoots a huge ball of fire. It flies past the camera, which follows its direction, but not the actual fireball. Then, from the other side of the screen, and from a different planet, comes another object - Hordak's cruiser comes into sight and flies past the camera in the direction of the fireball.*

Scene 2: Horde World.

*Horde World, from the outside, looks like a giant meteorite, in case you are unfamiliar with its structure. The camera pans into the planet and we then get a shot of a long corridor-type room, with a raised platform coated in red carpet. The fireball shoots past and, seconds later, we see Hordak's cruiser arrive too. He and Shadow Weaver exit the ship and walk further towards the front of the room. As they get closer, we see a few Horde Troopers, different to those on Etheria. These are gold rather than silver and carry and gold lance with a red handle.*

Trooper: Horde Prime awaits! [Another trooper states with him] Hail Horde Prime!

[The huge screen in front of them flashes, indicating the arrival of the ultimate leader of the Evil Horde]

Hordak: Greetings, oh mighty and powerful Horde Prime. You said that you wanted to see me...

Horde Prime: I am dissatisfied with the progress you make on the planet of Etheria, Hordak. This 'rebellion' is proving too much for you to handle.

Hordak: I would be easily rid of that wretched rebellion if it wasn't for one small problem, your hideousness...

Horde Prime: Spare me the She-Ra speech, Hordak, I've heard it before. I am transferring you to another location until further notice. We'll see if your 'worth' is proved elsewhere.

Hordak: Elsewhere?! Where on Horde World do you expect me to go?!

Horde Prime: Not on Horde World, I am sending you to the planet Phoenicia to rule there - our former ruler has had no such problems with a pitiful group of villagers.

Shadow Weaver: Phoenicia? That's part of the black regiment, isn't it?

Hordak: Yes and if I didn't know my own brother, I'd say he's transferring me with - [The fireball swoops in from the left through Hordak and Shadow Weaver. It forms that shape of a female human being and then gradually fades to leave an actual mortal... Or so we assume. Panning up from the bottom, we see a pair of red ankle-high boots, with flame-throwers on the side of each, long tanned legs, a costume with flames coating it and a black Horde symbol, sharp red nails, an evil look and short, but thick, red hair. Her head is down, until she looks up] Inferna!

Inferna: [Her voice is very sinister and airy, much like Shadow Weaver's] Greetings Hordak - it's been a long, long time...

Hordak: Not long enough by the look of things!

Inferna: I suppose I couldn't have hoped for a better greeting, really. I hear you're not the favourite around her right now...

Hordak: You may have received the fire crystal all those years ago from Noah of Woeful Mountain but I was certainly the one to go on to bigger things!

Inferna: Like failing to a shameful group of townspeople, you mean?

Hordak: We'll see who gets the better of who, Inferna! [He transforms his arm into a cannon and is about to fire when...]

Horde Prime: Enough! I have more things to worry about than you two at each other's throats about old hatreds! Save this anger for the rebellion,

Inferna - and Hordak, you will save yours for the running of Phoenicia!

Hordak: You haven't heard the last of this Inferna... [A green ray is fired from the screen that hides Horde Prime. It surrounds Shadow Weaver and Hordak and they then vanish]

Horde Prime: Go now Inferna. Bring the respect back to Horde ranks - get rid of this rebellion...

[She raises her arms and head and reverts back into her fireball state. This then speeds out of the room and planet back into space]

Scene 3: The Fright Zone.

*There are the typical panning shots of the Fright Zone before we enter into the throne room. The chair is empty but, below it, Catra, Scorpia, Grizzlor and Mantenna are standing around talking.*

Catra: [To Scorpia] Mreow, there's no way you could force-captain a force squad, you good for nothing, worthless piece of -

Scorpia: Given the chance, I could rule the Horde and finish She-Ra. The sting in this tail [she curls it round and strokes it] has yet to meet her, but when it does -

Catra: IF it does, bug face! I can't count the times we have had to come and retrieve you from up a tree or in a nearby river after She-Ra has dealt with you -

Mantenna: [On seeing a bright flash arrive at Hordak's throne] Quiet, Hordak returns! [Catra and Scorpia look up from their argument then quickly glance back and glare at one another before ignoring the other whilst 'Hordak' arrives. The chair swivels round to reveal Inferna sitting comfortably on the throne - Catra and the others are all very shocked]

Scorpia: Who's that?!

Grizzlor: Master, I like the new image - it suits you!

Inferna: Enough with the jokes -

Mantenna: It's just the way he is...

[Inferna raises her eyebrows at him and accidentally leans on the button on the side of Hordak's throne. Mantenna screams as he plunges into the depths of the Fright Zone]

Scorpia: Who are you? Where's Hordak?

Inferna: I am Inferna. Leader of the Horde. Hordak will be needed no longer.

Catra: Mreow, not needed?

Inferna: Silence! [She fires a flame at a statue in the Fright Zone, reducing it to rubble. Scorpia and the others remain silent] That's better, now no questions - I am here for one reason and one reason alone - to do something Hordak should have done a long time ago - tear up this rebellion! With my powers over fire, these rebels will not stand a chance...

Catra: Mreow, that is all good and well but what about the rebels themselves?

Inferna: They will fall to my blaze at no difficulty - even this She-Ra person cannot fight fire the way I produce it...

Catra: What about the rebel Frosta?

Inferna: Frosta?! Frosta is here?! I couldn't have planned it better myself - Frosta and her family line will pay for all the trouble they put me through back on Phoenicia - [a flashback sequence runs and, as Inferna narrates, pictures corresponding with what she says appear in the background] Glacia, Frosta's grandmother was leader of a tribe called the Congealians and she led her people out into battle against the Horde on Phoenicia. They were so close to victory that I started a volcanic eruption - they fled from the planet before anything could happen and I couldn't stop what I had started - my kingdom and masses of Horde machinery was destroyed. Horde Prime banished me and stole my powers of fire and the only thing I could do was to go in search of the fire crystal, a stone that would give me back my fire-powers. I found it under possession of an old wizard and won it after many years. To this day, I have never had the chance for revenge on the Congealians -

Catra: They do not seem to exist any more - Frosta is with the rebellion now.

Inferna: This day just gets better and better! Do these rebels have a specific home?

Catra: Mreow, most of them live inside the Whispering Woods - but Frosta doesn't -

Inferna: No matter, if she is a reliable rebel then she'll come to their aid when they need her - I have a plan that will bring Frosta right into our clutches - and the entire rebellion too!

Grizzlor: Well, what are you gonna do?

Inferna: [Looking at Scorpia and Grizzlor] You two must be good for something - so I'll take a chance on you - you may not have the brains but I don't think even Hordak is stupid enough to employ complete fools! You! [Turning to Catra] You will watch fort while we are away - at least there is some movement in that skull of yours... [Catra turns to Scorpia and smiles. Scorpia glares back] Let us go!

Scene 4: Inside the Whispering Woods.

*Adora and Glimmer are standing together by a campfire discussing sleeping arrangements. There is a load of workers going on around them.*

Adora: Oh, we'll need more space around here soon. Don't you think it's time we expanded the camp? The conditions are so cramped in here...

Glimmer: I can't tell you how to do your job Adora, but I think you've hit the nail on the head!

Adora: When Bow gets back from his patrol, we'll begin - I think - [She is interrupted by the sound of Madame Razz and Broom]

*Madame and Broom are flying high above the tree tops with Madame listing out instructions to Broom on how to land.*

Madame: Alright, Broomy, now down we go - gently!

Broom: D'you think I'm really going to stay up here all day?!

[Broom begins to descend]

Madame: Ooh, gently does it Broom! That's it, that's it, keep goin'! [They reach ground level when Spragg appears wheel-barrowing supplies along the ground. He cannot see where he's going. Broom turns his head to Madame]

Broom: Not bad, not bad! I think it's safe for you to get off now!

[Spragg wheeling the supplies suddenly smacks into Broom and Madame goes flying. The camera reappears half-way up a tree with Madame holding onto a branch for dear life]

Madame: [Whispering] Broom, not a sound - quick, come get me - it's not too late! [Referring to the fact that she hasn't hit the ground yet]

[Broom picks up speed and then flies towards Madame. However, a second before he reaches her, the branch on which Madame is clinging snaps and she hits the ground. Broom is going too fast to stop and hits the tree square on. We don't see this, but we do hear the faithful 'crash' as they collide. We are then treated to a shot of Madame sitting on her backside and Broom with his head corked into the tree. He then falls off to meet Madame on the ground]

Broom: At least I wasn't first to hit the ground this time!

Adora: [Coming in from left] It's coming along nicely Madame...

Broom: Slowly!

Adora: I think - huh?! [She is interrupted by a drift of smoke coming from the right of the picture. The music picks up] Smoke! That can only mean one thing - [To Spragg and Sprocker, both now standing nearby] You both go and round up the rebels to safety - assure them there's nothing to worry about. [Turning to Glimmer, Madame and Broom] I think you three had better go and check it out. I'll go for help.

Glimmer: Right Adora. Let's go you two! [The three curious rebels speed off into the distance]

Adora: I think I'd better make my distress call... [She too runs off, but this time in the other direction and, when far enough, raises her sword and utters...] For the honour of Grayskull! [The theme music plays in the background as Adora transforms into the magnificent She-Ra. Bringing the sword down to our eye level, she says...] I AM SHE-RA!

Scene 5: The outskirts of Whispering Woods.

*The flames can be easily seen, as we pan across. Inferna is throwing massive fireballs at the forest, causing the blaze as she goes. Glimmer and the others pop up from behind a bush inside the woods and observe before stepping out.*

Glimmer: I don't know who you are, but you have no right to do this!

Inferna: Your threats don't scare me rebel - I have no time for interruptions. [Turning towards a group of bushes over the other side] Now! [With that, Grizzlor and Scorpia emerge and pace towards the rebels, eager for a battle. Grizzlier charges at Glimmer, but she momentarily disappears and then re-appears. We hear a 'thud' sound and then switch to a shot of Grizzlor sitting beneath a tree, the branches on which pummelling him without mercy. Scorpia approaches Madame Razz and Broom. Broom scarpers]

Madame: Oh thanks Broomy, I know where a friend is when I need him!

Scorpia: Even your little friend can't help you now rebel!

Madame: Ooh, deary my, now let's see - ah, I know! Wizzle, wuzzle woozzle wail, around your body, wrap your tail!

[Scorpia flings her tail towards Madame, at which point, she looses control of it and it keeps spinning - until it has completely coiled itself around her! Scorpia raises her eyebrows in disbelief]

Inferna: Fools! Hordak obviously IS as stupid as I thought!

She-Ra: [From outside picture] The only one stupid around here right now is you - for trespassing on our land!

Inferna: We'll see who the trespassers are by the time the day's out, She-Ra!

[She fires another blaze at the woods, setting more of it alight]

She-Ra: No time to waste - [she whistles and Sprit comes running from the left of the screen] I don't think Adora will object to this, do you Spirit? [She mounts the horse] Sword to fire extinguisher! [With that, the sword metamorphasises into the desired object] Fast as you can Spirit, let's go! [Spirit runs as fast as possible past the flames, allowing She-Ra to extinguish, eventually, the entire fire] That's that - [to Inferna] Don't' you think that's your cue to leave?

Inferna: Not so fast... [She looks down and the fire which She-Ra has just extinguished relights itself]

She-Ra: What the - ?

Inferna: [Scorpia and Grizzlor walk up to her at either side] The power of the fire crystal is too much for even you to withstand She-Ra! Only one person in the whole of Etheria could save you now - and she is nowhere near here! [She, Grizzlor and Scorpia laugh malevolently and then disappear in a ball of fire]

Madame: [She and Glimmer move up towards She-Ra] What are we going to do She-Ra?! The Whispering Woods can't stand this much longer!

She-Ra: We're going to take appropriate measures - I'm calling Frosta right away!

* End of Part One *

Scene 6: Still on the outskirts of Whispering Woods.

*An overhead shot shows that Frosta has already arrived just outside the Whispering Woods. She stands on the left of the screen with She-Ra and the others on the right and the fire blazing in the background.*

She-Ra: As you can see Frosta, we're in desperate need of your help - Frosta: I just hope I can help - I've never had to deal with something this big - but here goes nothing... [She raises her hand and a blast of cold air is emitted and, subsequently, freezes part of the blaze solid] There, now for the rest. [She does the same again, but this time the rest of the blaze freezes] That should take a good couple of hours to defrost and once it does this part of the Woods will look a little war-torn -

[Suddenly, and out of nowhere, Inferna reappears as a fireball] What in the world -

She-Ra: Oh we've had an encounter already and I intend to end this right here!

Inferna: The 'end' is certainly a word you'll be hearing soon, She-Ra, mark my words - but for now... [She sends a swirling circle of fire towards Frosta, which subsequently drags her nearer and nearer Inferna. Frosta shrieks in shock]

She-Ra: Frosta! Hang on!

Inferna: Not so fast! [She does the same in She-Ra's direction and entraps her] Farewell to you - and to your little friend here! [She laughs again, malevolently and then disappears in a similar style to before]

[She-Ra struggles and eventually breaks free]

Glimmer: She-Ra, are you alright?

She-Ra: [Moves towards Glimmer] Yes - but Frosta...

Madame: We have to go rescue her!

She-Ra: There's no telling how powerful this sorceress is and seeing as we've never seen her before, I think it's best that only I go -

Glimmer: To the Fright Zone?

She-Ra: She had a Horde emblem mounted on her body-suit so I think that should be my first port of call but even if I have to search all of Etheria to find her, I'll bring Frosta back safe and sound.

Glimmer: You'd better hurry then She-Ra -

She-Ra: Yes, and that's why I'm going to take Spirit along with me until I find Swift Wind. Four legs are better than two - even if they don't have wings... [She mounts Spirit] I'll be as quick as I can - let's go, Spirit!

Scene 7: Nomansland.

*This stretch of land is neither in the Whispering Woods or the Fright Zone. However, the Horde's fortress can be seen in the background as She-Ra and Spirit gallop along the plains of Etheria. They stop and She-Ra dismounts Spirit.*

She-Ra: I think this is far enough, don't you Spirit?

Spirit: You just say the word -

She-Ra: [As the theme music begins to play, She-Ra stands in the pose we see just before she would usually pronounce 'I AM SHE-RA!' and says...] For the honour of Grayskull! [She then points the jewel in the sword at Spirit and, in true stock footage, transforms her steed into Swift Wind, mounts him and flies off] Up Swift Wind!

Scene 8: The Fright Zone.

*The usual stock footage of the Fright Zone is used as we enter the throne room. Inferna and Frosta are in the room, Frosta being entrapped inside a prison of flames and thus preventing her from using her powers.*

Frosta: [Struggling] What do you want with me? She-Ra and the other rebels will come and save me -

Inferna: [Stepping forward] I see this as a case of killing two birds with one stone. Them becoming my prisoners as well will just be the icing on the cake -

Frosta: I don't understand -

Inferna: Let's just call this 'payback', shall we?

Frosta: Payback? I don't know what you're talking about...

Inferna: Let me refresh your memory - [She fires a flame into the air, which separates into four individual particles. These then fuse together to conjure up an image of the past. We see, inside the picture, Frosta as a young girl, Glacia, Frosta's mother and Inferna. Glacia is winning a battle and she and Frosta make off to join her tribe as they leave Phoenicia] Does this help? [We see the volcano flood the land and Inferna disappearing into the lava]

Frosta: I do remember - you monster! There's no way you'll get away with this!

Inferna: I think you'll find I'm on my way to doing that already - [Inferna turns as we hear a loud thunder clap coming from off-screen. The shots switch to reveal Hordak and Shadow Weaver who have reappeared in a puff of smoke] Hordak! What do you want here?!!

Hordak: Etheria is mine to conquer, there's no way I'm letting you have it!

Inferna: Horde Prime assigned you the job of Phoenicia, and if I were you I'd take the chance while you have it!

Hordak: You'll never take over Etheria - not with She-Ra here!

Inferna: A slime-slug could rule this measly planet! I suppose that proves you IQ...

Hordak: Phoenicia has no place with me - it's yours, if you want it - just get out of here and never show your face again -

Inferna: I'm quite content with this planet, thank you...

Hordak: You'll have to fight me for it! [She fires herself as a fireball at Hordak but just misses. She re-forms and Hordak retaliates with a laser bolt fired from his transformed arm. She dodges the blast by disappearing and then reappearing a few spaces to the left]

Inferna: This should hold you! [She points a finger at the floor near Hordak and up arises a circle of fire around he and Shadow Weaver]

[She-Ra, meanwhile, has already entered the Fright Zone and is mounted on Swift Wind on a high platform at the top of the Fright Zone throne room]

She-Ra: Well someone seems to have a small disagreement, don't they?

Swift Wind: I wonder what it's about...

She-Ra: I don't know, but it gives us the perfect chance to rescue Frosta. Come on Swifty, let's go! [Swift Wind rises, flies and then lands on the Fright Zone floor. Frosta smiles as she sees the sudden rescue attempt]

[Reverting to the battle between Hordak and Inferna, we see Hordak suddenly emerge from the smoke with his arm transformed into a hose. It drips dry]

Hordak: There - [Suddenly noticing the intruders] She-Ra!

Inferna: [Turns] No! [To Catra, Scorpia and Grizzlor who have just been watching Hordak and Inferna in astonishment] Get her, stop that woman!!! [They turn to run]

Hordak: Don't take orders from her! You take orders from me!

Catra: [Stepping back] Mreow, yes Hordak...

Hordak: GET HER!!!

[The three Hordesmen race towards She-Ra and Frosta who has, in the meantime, been freed from her prison by She-Ra]

She-Ra: Oh well, so much for our secret escape...

Catra: [Turns into her 'cat' form] Mreow, let's go!

[They continue running]

She-Ra: Quick, let's get out of here!

Frosta: Wait! Seeing as I'm the cause of this confusion, I think I'd better make worth of myself... [She freezes the floor, at which point the Hordesmen slip on it. We hear a crash coming from off-screen as She-Ra and Frosta mount Swift Wind to get away. They fly off, but the battle between Hordak and Inferna rages on...]

Hordak: This should dampen your spirits - [Hordak sprays the hose on the end of his arm in Inferna's direction. He, of course, misses] This takes too long - Shadow Weaver, strike!

Weaver: [Steps forward] See your failure, see yourself cower, as your forfeit, give up your power! [A smoke coil wraps itself round Inferna and the fire crystal falls from her bodysuit. It gradually fades as Shadow Weaver works her dark magic. Inferna reaches out for one last feast of power, then releases it. Hordak picks up the stone and Shadow Weaver halts the spell]

Hordak: [Shaking the crystal] Blast! All it's power gone! Shadow Weaver!

Weaver: I didn't know that you wanted it's power - [Hordak looks as if he is about to punish her when Catra and the others walk towards them covered in bumps and bruises]

Hordak: What happened here?!!

Catra: Mreow, She-Ra happened!

Grizzlor: She got away with the prisoner -

Hordak: No matter, she wasn't my prisoner - [Catra, Scorpia and Grizzlier all look on in astonishment] I have what I want... [He steps towards Inferna and touches her on the forehead. She looks up to reveal the formerly black Horde symbol is now red, like Hordak's] A new addition to my arsenal!

Scene 9: Back at the Whispering Woods.

*Frosta and She-Ra are back at the Whispering Woods with Swift Wind. They gather at the outside edge where the battle had taken place. Madame Razz, Broom and Glimmer come rushing out from inside the forest.*

Madame: Oh She-Ra you did it! Frosta's back!

Frosta: Well, not for long - I think I've had too much heat for one day... And besides, Castle Chill is probably missing me!

Swift Wind: [To She-Ra] What was going on back in the Fright Zone?

She-Ra: I'm still not sure and I think it's best left to the imagination...

Frosta: One day, I'll tell you all about it - let's just say that we have a history...

She-Ra: Whatever it was, it can't have been too pleasant, but then we all have our cross to bear - and we will come out the other side. The Whispering Woods for one has faced some terrible damage - damage that cannot be repaired in a day. Although we saved Frosta's life today, we have also lost part of our precious home.

Glimmer: Let's plant some new trees then - look [holding up a small brown bag] - I found these beneath some trees inside the woods -

She-Ra: [She-Ra takes the bag] The magic of the First Ones will not be upon these new shrubs, but we will still plant them - if only as a symbol - for what the Horde tears down, we will rebuild and when the Horde opposes righteousness, we will be that righteousness. They may be streaks ahead now, but when judgement day comes, the Horde will fall. [She plants one of the new seeds in the ground] But we will keep coming back -

[The episode ends with a shot of the sun setting on the Whispering Woods and each of the rebels planting new shrubs in the ground. The camera pans away and finally fades out]


Loo-Kee: Hi there - it's your friend Loo-Kee here again! Did you find me in today's story? If not, then I'll give you another chance! [The scene reverts to the original Whispering Woods scene with Loo-Kee sitting with his back to the camera, atop a tree. He spins round to face us] Here I am! You know, fire is a very dangerous thing and like many other dangerous things, it shouldn't be played with. Fire is not a toy, so don't go playing with matches or fireworks, let the grown-ups handle these things - with care! Bye now and play safely!

[End credits scroll and theme music plays in the background]