By Teela

The Sorceress of Greyskull woke with a feeling of dread. She dressed quickly and walked to the window that looked over Greyskull's front grounds.

Something just was not right! She sensed that the answer did not lay here, but at the Palace itself.

"Spirit, guard the Castle while I'm gone," she said as she transformed into the legendary falcon known only as "Zoar."

The feeling she had grew as she flew towards the Palace. It reached its crecendo as she landed in the courtyard. She transformed back into her true form and cast a spell of invisibility around herself and entered the Palace.

As she moved through the Palace, she found unspeakable horrors. Men-At-Arms laying dead in the hallways. Servants enslaved, the Royal Guard chained in the dungeon to torture devices. Her own daughter, Teela, had suffered minor wounds as a result of a sword fight! Fighting back tears, she searched for Adam.

She found him encased in a large crystal formation. He was out of sight of the others, so she used her powers...and freed him!

An alarm sounded! Skeletor stepped out of the shadows and fired a laser beam at her. Her own spell broke as she raised an invisible shield to block it.

She cried out as she was grabbed from behind!

"Well done, Fakor!" Skeletor cried. The Sorceress twisted and, sure enough, it was Fakor. Skeletor, she thought, must have used a spell to disguise Fakor's true appearance. "Now to take care of this pest permanently! Evil-Lyn, open the portal."

"With pleasure, Lord Skeletor," Evil-Lyn laughed and the gate appeared.

"Now, Fakor...throw her in!"

Fakor casually threw her into the gate and she tumbled through it!

"Noooo!" she cried, tumbling helplessly. She was out of control...unable to stop!

She finally tumbled out of it and all she saw were the leaves of strange trees. She heard a snap in her right arm and she knew no more....

* * *

Martek was makin his way through the Peaceful Hills of Axrealia when he heard a crash in the valley below. He ran towards it, afraid of what it would be, but still curious of what it was.

He came upon a beautiful woman laying amongst some broken branches. Her clothes were feathers and made her look like a bird of prey. Her face was young and beautiful...yet sad. She was unconscious.

He picked her up carefully and continued on his journey to Ammora Castle.

* * *

Ezra Coren gasped as Martek walked in. He held in his arms a strange woman. She stood and ran to his side, examining the woman. She had had strange dreams lately that had foretold this woman's coming.

"Reve, call the Defenders to the command center immediately," she said as she took the woman into her own gentle arms.

She took the woman to her lab, where she quickly set and healed the woman's broken arm. Ezra was the Sorceress and ruler of Ammora Castle and the city below. She had been here for years, before anyone lived in Ammora. She'd come here as a child on her mother's wish. Her mother, Queen Lalina, had died at the hand of Queen Vertosa when Vertosa conquered her mother's realm.

Ezra called her apprentice, Angelica, who ran in moments later. Her apprentice gapsed when she saw the woman lying there. Ezra studied her apprentice carefully. Her long brownish-red hair fell to the her waist, her green eyes sparkled, her delicate elfin features were beautifully sculpted. Ezra realized how much the girl had grown since she'd come to Ammora five years before.

Ezra flicked a lock of her own white hair out of her eyes and touched Angelica's shoulder.

"Angelica, you will wake her today. Put your hand on her forehead...Yes, there. Now concentrate on healing her," Ezra said.

Angelica closed her eyes, concentrating. A moment later, the woman's eyes fluttered open...

* * *

Teelana, the Sorceress of Greyskull, was tumbling through the portal...helpless. Suddenly, a calm voice called her...calling her back to consciousness...to duty...to...

"Teela!" she cried as she sat up.

She was not in Greyskull...not on Eternia...

A woman with a white jumpsuit and white headdress stood beside her. Her hair was long, wavy and white and her face was eternally young, like the Sorceress' own face. A young girl with brownish-red hair,elfin ears and wearing a blue jumpsuit stood beside her.

The Sorceress looked around. She was in a Castle...and one with great power. The floors and walls were made of white marble, the carved statues and ancient letter carvings were ornate and friendly. Greyskull's, she reflected, were ornate, but frightening. These people did not feel the need to make something like this castle frightening, but felt a need to make the surroundings pleasant for all who came.

"Where am I?" Teelana asked.

"In Ammora Castle. I am Ezra Coren, the Sorceress of Ammora. This is my apprentice, Angelica."

"I am the Sorceress of Greyskull...of Eternia."

"Your name?" Ezra asked.

"That is my name," Teelana replied. It was true. Her identity now, such as it was, was also her title: The Sorceress.

"Your name is strange...you call yourself by your title?"

"Yes, I took my title on as a name when I became the Sorceress of Greyskull."

"Well, Sorceress of Greyskull of Eternia, welcome to Axrealia," Ezra said. "How do you feel?"

"A little weak...but that's to be expected," the Sorceress replied. "How did I get here?"

"Martek found you in the Valley of Sorrow. He brought you here."

The Sorceress understood immediately. This Martek had found her among the trees where she originally landed and brought her to this castle for protection and help.

The Sorceress got up from the healing table she was on and grabbed it again as her head swam.

"I have to get back to Eternia," she thought.

"How did you get here?" Angelica asked suddenly.

"Skeletor, my people's enemy, captured the Palace of Eternos. When I tried to free it, he captured me and threw me into a portal. That portal brought me here," the Sorceress replied after a moment. "By now, Skeletor is attempting to take Greyskull. I must stop him!"

"You'll need help. Come, we will talk with the Defenders of Ammora and devise a plan," Ezra said as she led the Sorceress out of the room.

* * *

Adam struggled against his chains as he listened to what Skeletor had done to the Sorceress. He had to find her! Without her, he knew, all would be lost...

Teela sat nearby, nursing her wounds and trying to pick her locks.

"If only He-Man were here! He'd know what to do!" she said as she struggled with her locks.

"He-Man will come...and he'll come with the Sorceress," Man-At-Arms said as he looked to Adam. Adam nodded and he managed to get his locks off of his wrists.

"Adam, you're loose!" Teela exclaimed softly. He smiled.

"I'm going to go find He-Man...I'll be back as soon as I can," he said.

Adam touched the wall behind him and ran into the secret passage. From there, he snuck into his room and got his sword and raised it high.

"By the Power of Greyskull! I have the Powerrr!!!" he cried and he became He-Man, Master of the Universe, Champion of Eternia. "Now to get to Greyskull."

* * *

Reve, Ezra, Angelica, Seth, Glorian, Martek, Helise, Dorian and Celina sat at the round table in the command center as the Sorceress of Greyskull told her tale. Reve saw that she was sincere...and desperate to help her friends.

"We must help the Eternians to defeat this Skeletor. If this Greyskull holds as much power as Ammora, then he could conquer the Universe with it," Ezra said.

"Agreed. I want all ideas on the table now," Reve said as he stood.

"A two-pronged attack would be best," the Sorceress said. "I could go to Greyskull and defeat Skeletor and his warriors. If you could defeat his remaining warriors at the Palace and free our warriors there, Skeletor would be forced to retreat to Snake Mountain," the Sorceress said.

"She's right, Defenders," Hanoa said as she appeared. Ezra smiled--the Guardian of the Oracle of Axrealia knew when her advice was needed. "But you cannot go to Greyskull alone, Sorceress. Ezra Coren must go with you."

"I'd be proud to, Sorceress," Ezra told her. The Sorceress smiled.

"Thank you."

"Angelica, you and Talen will go with the others to free the Palace," Ezra told her. Angelica nodded.

"Very well."

"At last! A chance to smoke some bad guys!" Talen said from his perch on Angelica's shoulder. Ezra smiled at the little golden dragon with saphire-blue eyes and wide grin.

"We don't kill, Talen," Angelica reminded him.

"I can still pretend, can't I?"

"No. Besides, if you kill 'em, they'll never learn their lesson."

"When do we leave?" Glorian, a warrior with bright red hair and a serious expression, asked.

"In an hour. Be ready, Defenders," Reve said. The other stood and left. Talen flew after his mistress and Ezra reflected at how things and people were growing up before her eyes. She thought of her own child, growing inside her. When you're pregnant, she figured, you must notice such things more. She also noticed that Talen's size-changing ability had grown along with his size.

She turned her attention back to the Sorceress, who seemed to be growing weaker, and older, by the minute.

"The longer I'm away from Greyskull, the weaker I'll become," she said in reply to Ezra's thoughts.

"What will happen when you get back to Greyskull?"

"I'll revert back to my normal state," the Sorceress replied with a smile. Ezra looked at her, then decided to take her to the Council of Spirits.

"Let's get you to our Power Chamber. You can rest there until it's time to go," Ezra said as she took the Sorceress' arm. The Sorceress nodded wearily and allowed Ezra and Reve to lead her there. Once she was sleeping, Reve left to make preparations.

Ezra had a few of her own to make.

"Council of Spirits, I summon thee!" she cried.

The Council of Spirits, three spirits in all, appeared in the chamber before her.

"Ezra Coren, Sorceress of Ammora," said the first spirit.

"Daughter of Lalina, former Queen and Sorceress of Talius," said the second.

"The Council recognizes you. What do you wish of us?" asked the third.

"This woman is from a place called Eternia--"

"Teelana, Sorceress of Greyskull," said the third.

"Guardian of all that is Good," said the first.

"Daughter of the Ancients and Mother of Teela," said the second.

"Do you which of the portals leads to her world?" Ezra asked.

"It is located here, Ezra Coren."

"When you have need of it, call upon us again," said the second.

"Is there anything more?" the first asked.

"How can I help her to remain strong? She's aged so much--surely there's a way--"

"Leave that to us," said the first spirit.

Suddenly, a bright light surroudned Teelana. When it faded, she was back to her youthful and strong self.

"We have done all we can, Ezra Coren," said the first spirit.

"She must return to Eternia within the hour," said the second.

"Or all will be lost."

The Council disappeared. Ezra shook the Sorceress awake.

"Come, we must hurry!"

* * *

He-Man stood inside Greyskull, looking in the Mirror of Knowledge. He had successfully reached the Sorceress before, but it seemed, no matter how hard he tried, he could not reach her.

"The Sorceress is no longer on this world, He-Man. Neither you nor I can contact her," the Spirit said as his face appeared.

"How will we find her?"

"We cannot. We can only hope that she will find a way back to us," the Spirit said. "In the meantime, Teela must come to me. Even now, Skeletor is trying to break into Greyskull and he must be stopped."

"I can stop him--"

"But, you cannot do it alone. I have called your sister, She-Ra. She will be here in a minute," the Spirit said. "When Skeletor is gone, one of you must remain until Teela, or the Sorceress, arrives," the Spirit said.

"Did I hear you say that the Sorceress is gone?" She-Ra asked. He-Man turned and smiled.

"Sis! Boy, am I glad to see you," he said as he hugged her. She hugged him back, smiling sadly. "Skeletor captured the Sorceress when she tried to free the Palace. He threw her into some sort of portal," He-Man said as he let go of her.

"Is the Palace still under his control?"

"Unfortunately, yes."

"Then one of us should try to free it--"

"Both of you should free it...with a little help," the Sorceress' voice rang. He-Man and She-Ra turned and smiled.

"Sorceress!" they cried.

There she stood, with a few strangers and a dragon, standing at her side. Her eternal youth and beauty were as golden as ever. She smiled encouragingly at them.

"These are the Defenders of Ammora of Axrealia. They've come to help. Has Skeletor breached Greyskull?"

"No, but he's trying to," He-Man said. The Sorceress nodded.

"Let him and his warriors in as you leave. Ezra and I will deal with them. Free the Palace. We will meet you there as soon as the battle here is over," the Sorceress said.

He-Man and She-Ra nodded.

"Very well. Come on, gang. Let's get goin'!" She-Ra said as the twins led the way to the jawbridge. Ezra turned to the Sorceress.

"We're letting him in?"

"Yes...to delay him going after He-Man and the others. I've cast a short spell of invisibility around them--he'll never know they were there. Our job is to hold him here...and defeat him if possible. If we can only chase him off, then that will do. But we must do what we can to help the others fight and if holding our most dangerous foe here is all we can do,then we must do it."

* * *

Reve and the Defenders followed He-Man and She-Ra out over the Jawbridge of the castle. They saw a man with no face, but a skull in its place, with a Havoc staff in his hand standing with a woman dressed as a warrior. He-Man motioned for everyone to be silent as they passed them and headed towards the Palace....

* * *

The Sorceress watched as Skeletor and Evil-lyn walked in. Skeletor faced the throne, a smile on his face.

"You see, Witch! My plan worked! Greyskull is mine!" he cried.

"Who dares enter Castle Greyskull?" The Sorceress's voice rang out. Skeletor looked around.

"It is I, Skeletor, Master of the Universe!"

"And why have you come?"

"I have come to claim my destiny. To claim the Powers of Greyskull!"

The Sorceress and Ezra appeared before the throne, smiling.

"Then face us, Skeletor! You will not breach Greyskull so easily!"

the Sorceress cried.

Skeletor pointed a finger at the Sorceress and fired!

The Sorceress gracefully raised a hand and absorbed the blow of his blast. She smiled as Skeletor's jaw dropped in response.

"So it is you, Sorceress! How did you get here?"

"I had the help of friends, Skeletor...something that you would know nothing about," she replied.

Skeletor howled in rage and threw a large blast at the Sorceresses. The Sorceress raised her arm and an invisible shield appeared on it. She deflected the blow and returned it.

"Take care of Evil-lyn. I will take care of Skeletor," the Sorceress said over her shoulder and she ran down to meet Skeletor in battle.

* * *

Ezra Coren ran down and tackled Evil-lyn, who was preparing to engage the Sorceress. She quickly tied Evil-lyn's hands behind her back and sat on her, waiting.

"Let me go!" Evil-lyn howled.

"I don't think so, Evil-lyn. Sleep....sleep!" Ezra commanded, casting a sleeping spell on the woman. Evil-lyn gasped and passed out.

Ezra turned back to the Sorceress, who was casting every spell she knew at Skeletor. Skeletor, it seemed, was her equal and could overcome her power. Ezra quickly sent her strength to the Sorceress, praying that it helped.

It did.

Skeletor was suddenly ejected out of Greyskull by Greyskull's own walls and floor, Evil-lyn carried along with him.

"I'll get you for this, Sorceress!!!" Skeletor howled as he retreated.

"Thank goodness, it's over. Thank you," the Sorceress said as she touched Ezra's shoulder. Ezra's strength returned to her and she smiled.

"What're friends for? How does the saying go...'birds of a feather-"

"Flock together....Come, we must help He-Man and the others at the Palace."

"What about Greyskull?"

"Skeletor will not attack again tonight--he knows that I am here and will not allow him to breach Greyskull."

* * *

Celina took down another robot and smiled. They were winning! She could see Angelica and Taren up in the air, fighting alongside She-Ra and Swiftwind and Helice and Dorian, the two angelic warrior women of Cloudiana--the City of the clouds.

Celina turned and could see Teela and Glorian fighting side-by-side. Man-At-Arms and Reve were doing exceptionally well beside Fisto and Ram Man. Mossman and Orko were smashing troops together using Mossman's vines.

Suddenly, Celina heard Ezra Coren's famed warrior's cry and watched as the Sorceress of Ammora took down five robots with her fire spell. The Sorceress of Greyskull was at her side, turning the robots into golden statues.

Celina turned back and saw the remainder of Skeletor's army runnning off. The robots were destroyed and his warriors had lost their heart to fight. They ran off as the warriors cried out their victory.

It was, indeed, a good day.

"Tonight there will be a celebration! Everyone is invited to the feast!" King Randor cried from the center of the battlefield. Celina smiled and cried out her own warrior's cry in victory....

* * *

He-Man smiled as he approached the Sorceress with the medal of honor that he had been asked to bestow upon her by King Randor. She accepted it and thanked him, but he could see in her eyes that she did not consider herself worthy of a medal. She only saw it as her duty to help.

"Thank you, Defenders, He-Man, She-Ra, and Warriors. Without you, Skeletor would have breached Greyskull and taken over Eternia," she said.

"Without you, Eternia would have fallen, Sorceress," Man-At-Arms said as he embraced her warmly. He-Man found himself wondering why Man-At-Arms had never married...and realized that he had fallen in love with the Sorceress and, since she would never marry again, that he had devoted himself to his love, even though he could not have her. He-Man decided to ask Man-At-Arms about it later.

"I wonder what happened to Skeletor," Teela said.

"He has returned to Snake Mountain...he will be back," the Sorceress said. "On that note, I have decided to begin your training, Teela, as my successor...if you would like--"

"I'd like that, Sorceress," Teela replied warmly. The Sorceress smiled happily and nodded.

"It is time for us to go, Sorceress," Ezra said as she touched her shoulder.

"Yes, I have prepared a portal for you," the Sorceress said. "This way," she said as she walked out towards the hall of portals.

He-Man and She-Ra followed, along with the Defenders of Ammora. The Defenders went through, one by one, saying their good-byes to the champions of Eternia and to the Sorceress.

Ezra was the last to go.

"I have prepared a gift for you, Ezra," the Sorceress said as she handed her a blue gem. "It holds a small part of Greyskull's power...so that, whenever you wish, you can return," the Sorceress told her. Ezra took it and smiled.

"So that Ammora's power will always be with you," Ezra said as she handed a white gem to the Sorceress. The Sorceress smiled and they embraced. "I'll miss you."

"And I you, my friend."

He-Man and She-Ra watched, teas in their eyes.

"Sorceresses of a Feather...flock together," he said. Ezra and the Sorceress let go of each other and laughed with them and Greyskull no longer seemed so lonely...

The End

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