Daughter of Greyskull

Part 1

It was the middle of summer on Etheria and Adora was restless. The horde had kept strangely quiet all season, which made her feel uneasy even though there were rumours that Shadow Weaver was ill. Without his witch to advise him Adora knew Hordak’s plans suffered- she had always been the brains behind his evil schemes. It had been thought that the witch was immune to most illness but now it seemed her strength had failed. ''Perhaps'' she said to Bow, 'I could pay a visit to my family on Eternia now that everything seems safe' 'Yes, go' he answered' you haven't seen your brother for 2 seasons now. It will do you a lot of good. If there is any trouble we can send for you. ' So Adora went to the Crystal castle where the gate was opened and she stepped through into the heart of Castle Grayskull where the Sorceress was waiting. 'Adora. It is good to see you. And Adam will be here any moment to welcome you.' The door burst open and Adora ran to her brother and hugged him tight. 'Hello Sister, How are things with you?' he asked smiling 'Quiet' she grinned.' What have you been doing?' 'Skeletor has been causing lots of trouble- burning villages, sinking ships and generally making himself a nuisance.' 'Something’s never change!' she sighed. ‘Adam’ asked the Sorceress’ Whom have you brought with you? There is someone waiting outside.’ ‘Ah. That is my new Lady in Waiting –Elfia. She was the sole survivor from one of the merchant ships that Skeletor sunk. She lost everyone close to her- her Father, brothers, husband. It was terrible. So she stays at the palace now and is a great help to me.’ ‘Strange-‘ mused the sorceress ‘What is it?’ Adam asked curiously, I have seen you with that look before. ‘The power flows strong in her- I can feel it tug. Just like it runs in you both. Who is she? Who are her parents?’ ‘She’s just a woman from Silverwood, the traders on the other side of the sea. Her mother was a Silverwood housewife and her father was an Arms master I believe. What do you mean – you can feel it tug?’ asked Adam. ‘Ask her in. Be quick.’ He disappeared and reappeared with a remarkably striking woman, of about 18 years. She had curly black hair, which fell halfway down her back, swept back off her temples, and a pretty face with high cheekbones and ruby red lips. She smiled nervously and gave an awkward curtsey. ‘This is Elfia.’ Adam announced. The Sorceress swept down to the girl. ‘Welcome, daughter of Grayskull.’ She proclaimed. ‘Lady? What do you mean?’ The girl swallowed nervously. Adora interrupted. ‘Daughter of Grayskull? Surely you don’t mean she….’ She tailed off at the Sorceress stare. ‘I can see the power in you child. It is overwhelming. It frightens me.’ The girl visibly shook. ‘Lady you must be mistaken – I am only the daughter of an arms master, my late husband was a sailor- I am not like the prince or princess here.’ ‘Power of that type does not come with birth or high rank, child. Know that now. Your aura is very strong.’ She turned to Adora ‘ Do you remember when you first realised your destiny- Who you really where!’ ‘Why yes! I was in the Fright Zone and Hordak had He-man was imprisoned in the Magna Booth. I could not sleep so I went down and picked up the sword- you spoke to me. Told me ‘For the honour of Grayskull!’ It was like my life was fulfilled – I understood myself.’ ‘Exactly. Controlling the power should not automatically be taught. Those who can truly wield it, have it already, they are born with it.’ She looked at Elfia. ‘You have a destiny child, and it is woven in with the two of you’, she looked at the twins, . Providence brought you here to us. Sometimes it is known that an ancient spirit is reborn in another-years later. I feel it- I feel it stronger than ever. Are you willing to embrace it? Help us – fight for freedom in Eternia. ’ Elfia looked overwhelmed. ‘Lady, I…’ she faltered ‘It has always been my wish to help the struggle against evil. I have felt that long before Skeletor killed all those close to me. But do not place me above that which I really am.’ She finished and looked at Adam who had kept silent throughout the conversation. ‘I wondered why I took to you so well, Elfia, after you arrived. I see now. ‘ ‘Adora?’ questioned The Sorceress. ‘Elfia’ she smiled, ‘Watch this!’ and she looked at Adam. Simultaneously they reached for their sword and held them in the air. Elfia’s mouth fell open as they transformed ‘But, ‘ she squeaked, ‘She-ra! He-man!’ ‘Yes,’ said She-ra. ‘But you are trusted with a great secret. Only a few know, not even the King and Queen.’ ‘My lips are sealed.’ She breathed. Then she stood up tall for the first time and the twins looked at her and saw a glimmer of truth in what the sorceress had said. This woman was part of Eternia’s Fate and Etheria’s aswell. ‘Elfia,’ said the sorceress. ‘Look at that cushion on the bed. Concentrate on it. Hard. Try and lift it- with your mind. ‘ ‘I..’ she was interrupted by the Sorceress. ‘Try, child’ And so she stared hard at the cushion and her mind began to burn. Adora and Adam watched curiously. Then the cushion moved. Not far but it gave a small wobble and slid from the bed. ‘ ‘Good, my dear. Now go to the fire.’ Elfia’s eyes shone as she moved with a grace that before had been hidden.‘ Pick up one of the coals. It cannot burn you, if you have a strong enough will. ‘ She readied herself and then plunged her hand into the coals and pulled out one, glowing with heat. Her eyes widened and after a second or two dropped the coal which fell to the floor hissing. The sorceress smiled ‘You lost your concentration there, but at first, at first you had mastered its heat.’ ‘Yes.’ The simple word said enough. The woman’s mind was overwhelmed but opened with wonder and exhilaration passed through her. ‘That is enough for today,’ Adam, Adora, take Elfia home and watch over her. In a week’s time return together and we shall see what Fate holds for you, Elfia- daughter of Grayskull. ‘ ‘Daughter of Grayskull!’ she breathed. They rode home in silence, all three thinking deeply about what the sorceress had said. Adam thought about the time that he had seen Adora for the first time. He had not thought it was possible that the Horde Force Captain could be the one he had been sent to find. And yet later he had known it was she. When he had not let prejudice blind him it had stood out clearly. He looked at the lady-in waiting, she looked like a normal (yet very pretty) Silverwood girl but then he looked at her more deeply and there was something regal about the way she carried herself, it did not matter that she simply wore the plain tunic of a servant at the palace. ‘The Sorceress might be right’ he thought. Adora was more worried. This girl was a newcomer to the court; she knew nothing of what was happening in Etheria. Then she chided herself- Elfia knew too well the harshness of the world. Skeletor had been responsible for the death of her family. Elfia’s mind was in a whirl yet it seemed her eyes had been opened, she felt as if she understood a whole lot more about her life. ‘I was never happy married to Grey,’ she mused – this is the life I have longed for – a freedom of my own and a chance to do more than take care of my husband and bear children for him.’ Adam interrupted the others thoughts, ‘You realise that no one at the palace must realise that anything has happened out of the ordinary- Elfia you will have to remain as my Lady-in-Waiting.’ ‘Oh Prince Adam, I have no intention of doing otherwise- I am happy with my position in the castle- I enjoy serving you!’ ‘I’m glad!’ he said, obviously pleased. Adora allowed herself to smile, no matter what her brother said, he was very fond of this girl and she of him. ‘Come on,’ she said, ‘last one back into the palace has to stable all the horses.’ They all laughed together as they hurtled towards their destination, then Adam slowed up – he would let them win. Part 2 Back at Castle Grayskull the Sorceress was trying to sleep. But to no avail could she rest. Tossing and turning she thought about the woodland girl from across the sea. ‘You knew she would appear one day’ she thought. Elfia was without a doubt the third, whose coming her predecessor had hinted, come to help the people of the sister planets to a freedom that would one day be theirs. And it was known that she would come. ‘But not like this’ thought the sorceress, ‘ not untrained and unknowing.’ She heard a voice saying ‘ You will show her the way, teach her to be what she was meant to be. Get the sword. Get it and through the truth of Grayskull, use it, use it to bring another heroine into our torn land. You know who she must be- you know what blood runs in her veins.’ The Sorceress nodded, although there was no one there. She knew what to do. A week later the three rode back to castle Grayskull. Elfia was very nervous. ‘What would the Sorceress say?’ she thought to herself as they arrived and made their way through the drawbridge. The Sorceress was sitting on her throne waiting for them. ‘Elfia what was the name of your mother?’ The girl was unprepared for this straightforward question. ‘Adela. Why?’ ‘And her parentage?’ ‘I never knew. She disappeared when I was only a baby, I only knew my father’s family.’ ‘Yes. She is dead now -but your uncle…’ ‘Do you know who he was? Who are my family?’ ‘King Randor is your uncle.’ ‘What?!’ exclaimed Adam. ‘That is ridiculous.’ ‘Adam, you know I have never lied. Do you remember that King Randor had a young sister?’ ‘Of course. Her name was Adele. She ran away with a sailor when I was very young.’ ‘It was in defiance of an arranged marriage but then she was found and brought back in disgrace,’ continued Adora, ‘Where she died of a broken heart. It is a tragic story and quite heart-wrenching. ‘ ‘That is right,’ said the sorceress,’ but before she was found and brought back to the palace, just under a year passed by. Enough time for Adele, or Adela as she called herself, to have a baby.’ ‘No! It is cannot be true,’ said Elfia. ‘Child,’ the Sorceress said gently,’ was your mother blind?’ ‘Yes,’ Elfia murmured beginning to weep, ’But I never remember what she looked like. I only have a picture that my father drew. Even that sank with the wreck.’ She added sadly. ‘Why didn’t she tell them about the baby?,’ said Adora, ‘She could have brought it with her.’ ‘I expect she wished the child to have a normal life and not be forced into a marriage like she herself was.’ ‘You see you three are blood related. Elfia is your cousin.’ ‘The King and Queen should see their only niece.’ said Adam. ‘No,’ said Elfia, I am not an accepted part of your family, just as my father was not.’ ‘A cousin?’ grinned Adam. ‘We’ve never had a cousin. He embraced her and Adora followed. ‘It is like having a sister,’ she smiled, ’Now I shall discover just how lucky Adam was to find me!’ They all laughed. ‘Maybe in time, the truth will become known but not for now,’ agreed the Sorceress, ‘Elfia, I have something for you.’ She held out a bundle of beige cloth. Elfia gingerly accepted it, weighing the heavy parcel in her hands before setting it down on the table and undoing the folds of cloth. It was a sword that lay there, glinting and gleaming, pulling her towards it. She carefully picked it up, light streaming down it’s razor sharp edge. Adora pulled out her own sword and they compared the two. Both were the same shape made of a silver metal, which the Sorceress explained was White Gold strengthened with Iron. But whereas Adora’s sword had a blue pommel stone, this new sword had a white, misty, opal. Elfia took a deep breath. ‘You are part of this, Elfia,’ said the Sorceress, ‘Go on, join them both. Inherit your mother’s royal blood You know what to do.’ At first it was slow and carefully she began to lift the sword, then with a more decisive sweep she held it above her head, ‘Through the truth of Grayskull’ she cried, ‘I am Sil-va.’ There was a flash of phosphorent light and where Elfia had stood was Sil-va. This woman was as truly beautiful as Elfia had been pretty, very dark brown curly hair streamed down to her waist, and silver wings rose from her back, on her hair a circlet rested with the same milky white opal at the front. Her dress was no longer a lady-in-waiting’s tunic but a deep turquoise catsuit and flared skirt while a silver V-shaped belt and silver stiletto boots finished her ensemble. Elfia had been a shy and nervous girl but this woman stood tall and strode to the looking glass on the wall where she examined herself and with a flap of her wings soared to the ceiling. ‘Only Queen Angella, could ever actually fly,’ breathed Adora, ‘Oh and the Harpies, I suppose.’ she added. ‘You look so beautiful,’ breathed Adam, ‘ What else can you do?’ ‘I’m not sure,’ the voice was different but still had the same clear bell like quality. Watch this.’ She held her hand out and the book on the bed lifted into the air and flew to her hands. ‘And my eyesight is much clearer, I used to have very bad eyes – now I can see everything in great detail.’ ‘Yes.’ Said the Sorceress, ‘You have eyes like a hawk now, outside you will see for a very long range. I didn’t know what would happen – who I would see- when you lifted the sword. But I can see now that you are truly one of those who will lead Eternia and Etheria to peace. ‘ Your horse – Dancer- is waiting outside’ Outside they found Elfia’s pony, ‘He doesn’t look any different,’ said Elfia. The horse whinnied softly. ‘He looks the same but he will ride much faster than any other horses.’ ‘Shall we take Sil-va out for a practise?’ chuckled Adam, and he and Adora transformed. ‘Careful,’ warned the Sorceress. ‘Do not get careless- even though you are the most powerful people in the universe something could still go wrong.’ ‘I will watch out,’ said Sil-va as she flew onto Dancer’s back and took up the reins. ‘Where are we going?’ she asked She-ra. ‘Over there looks a good place to start!’ She pointed with her sword at a column of smoke on the horizon. ‘Up Swift- Wind,’ and they glided up into the sky. He-man and Cringer leapt forward and Sil-va patted Dancer and made a soft Whinny in her throat. ‘Come on Dancer, ‘ she whispered and he reared up and started after He-man at a full but graceful gallop. Part 3 Skeletor was enjoying himself. He had been having fun all morning. Mer-man had blasted the beach hut in order to attract He-man ages ago, and as he failed to appear Skeletor had been testing his new Stun Ray. The frightened villagers huddled together waiting for their fate to be decided. Either He-man would arrive and save them, or they would suffer very badly. Or alternatively, if Skeletor's dastardly plan succeeded as he hoped , He-man would join them in their doom. He congratulated himself on what he considered to be a fool-proof plan. The minute He-man appeared the rays tracker’s would lock on him and within seconds he would be frozen still. He checked to see if Mer-man was ready with the controls. ‘Ho Skeletor,’ came a voice from behind him, ’Why don’t you let those villagers go?’ He-man was leaning against a fence with exquisite casualness. ‘You’ll learn not to mock me,’ muttered Skeletor with glee as he activated the machine. Skeletor thought he would always remember the look of surprise on He-man’s face as the stun ray hit him. It was the most wonderful moment of success he had in a long time. He began to laugh evilly. ‘Come on!’ he exclaimed to his followers, ‘take him back to Snake Mountain.’ She-ra and Sil-va watched from behind the fringe of hedges. ‘Oh Brother!’ She-ra exclaimed, ‘Sil-va this is most definitely how not to proceed in future! He will be on his way to Snake Mountain now, it’s a good thing my foolish brother has us to clear up his mistakes!’ ‘Are you not worried?’ Sil-va asked concern written on her face. ‘Oh no! We are more than clever enough to outsmart Skeletor, we will ambush them on the way back to Snake Mountain, he is not nearly organised enough to beat two of us! What worries me is what He-man would have done if we weren’t here. His impulsiveness reminds me of Bow, my friend from Etheria.’ ‘Is Bow handsome?’ grinned Sil-va. ‘Some think so! Glimmer, Princess of Brightmoon has always had a soft spot for him. But Bow is not for me.’ She-ra smiled. ‘Come on. Lets see about rescuing that cousin of mine!’ said her companion, eager to help. ‘We can take a short cut and get to the canyon ahead of them,’ She-ra nodded towards the party on the beach. ‘By the time Skeletor has finished gloating we will be in our places and ready to take them by surprise.’ Together they stole away until when they could no longer be seen from the beach Sil-va mounted Dancer and She-ra climbed onto Swift-winds back. ‘Fly low Swifty, I don’t want to be seen. Battle Cat,’ she hissed, ‘Stay with us. We’ll have He-man safe as soon as we can.’ And she took off with Sil-va, Dancer and Battle-Cat close behind. Skeletor had not been concentrating as he should have been. He had to admit that to himself, but he hadn’t been able to contain his glee. He-man was his. ‘Perhaps he still would have been’ he thought to himself miserably, later that evening, ‘if I had been watching out for an ambush.’ But how could he have known that She-ra was going to be there. That had been very bad luck indeed. And as for that other woman… Skeletor cursed. At first he had thought she was She-ra. For who else had strength like that. But the afternoon had just got worse after his initial success. They had been walking through the canyon, when there was suddenly a woman dressed in green in front of them. She had appeared as if from nowhere and had smashed an enormous pile of stones over his soldiers before they had realised what was happening. ‘She-ra?’ he had asked confused (for who else could it have been?) ‘Oh Skeletor!’ had come the voice , mocking him just like He-man always did, ‘Have you forgotten me? So Soon?’ And he had turned around and there She-ra had been, the cage holding He-man smashed to pieces and his precious prisoner soon across the woman’s horse. He had howled in rage, but there had been no one to hear him, his escort was completely demolished. ‘Who was that woman in green?’ He asked himself confused. ‘Dark forbid that there was a third of these monsters, come against him to help the forces of good. As if He-man needed even She-ra, let alone another! Oh, but he had needed She-ra this afternoon. Skeletor grinned and prided himself that at least that had happened once. Even Hordak, he gloated, has never captured She-ra, so he could not count the day as a complete failure. ‘That woman with the wings,’ he mused, ‘will have to go back to Etheria with She-ra, ‘Hordak should deal with them both. I will capture He-man again another day. At least I know it is possible. And next time he will not have his friends to help him escape.’ ‘Oh Adam,’ laughed Adora, ‘You should have seen his face when we took away his prisoner! It was like that of a small child whose favourite toy has been taken away because he has been bad.’ She and Elfia fell about laughing. ‘I hope you realised,’ said Adam, perfectly seriously, ‘That I meant to get caught like that. I only did it so you could practise rescuing me.’ ‘Oh I see,’ chuckled Adora, ‘I just thought you were impulsive and showing off and trying to impress our new cousin!’ They all laughed together. The following day the three of them went to castle Grayskull; It was time for Adora to back to Etheria. ‘I’ll miss you both very much,’ she said as she hugged them. ‘Come and visit Etheria soon,’ even if it is just for a day. Everyone would love to see you and we need all the spare hands we can get when dealing with the Horde. Frosta is desperate to see you again aswell.’ Adam rolled his eyes in despair. ‘Women!,’ he exclaimed, ‘All you ever think about is matchmaking and marriages! But tell me how are things going with a certain Hawk?’ ‘Fine, thank you,’ said Adora obviously not giving anything away. ‘But I had best be gone now, Farewell.’ She gave one last smile and then led Spirit through the glowing gate. I do hope we can visit Etheria soon,’ Elfia said eagerly. ‘I have never been on another world before. Is it very different?’ ‘Well,’ said Adam, ‘I suppose Etheria is prettier than Eternia. There are more trees the whole place is brighter. ‘I wish I could see it, do you think we might be able to visit Adora?’ ‘Oh yes, and you can get some proper practise on fighting the Horde, some of them are not so easily defeated.’ ‘Really? Tell me about them?’ ‘Well, there is Shadow Weaver the witch, she is very clever and Hordaks chief aide. I’m sure he couldn’t cope without her. The Horde empire spans whole galaxies, but if all their generals were like Hordak then I’m sure their colonies would be a lot smaller. Would you like to go and practise tomorrow somewhere?’ ‘Yes, very much! I need the practise quite desperately, or I shall never be as good as my cousins!’ Part 4 The next day they rose early and slipped out of the palace unseen. Adam brought Cringer and Elfia rode on her horse, Dancer. She was quite proficient in her equestrian skills and Adam was glad that Dancer was only riding at a normal speed or else he would not have been able to keep up. They arrived at the canyon where only two days before, Adam had been freed. ‘This is as good a place as any,’ said Adam ‘to start your training.’ Elfia became Sil-va and held her sword out ready. ‘No, the sword is not the beginning of the training, it is the very last part. First you must learn to be agile and quick.’ Sil-va put her sword away with a tinge of regret. ‘Come on then, teach me how.’ ‘Catch me!’ He-man darted out of her reach. By the end of the day Sil-va was exhausted, and she hadn’t even touched her sword all day. He-man did not seem to be even out of breath. She did not doubt that her training would be a long, hard process. They started back for the palace in good time to arrive before the evening meal, for surely there would be trouble if they were not there. As Adam and Elfia entered the palace it was strangely empty, thinking it was nothing but extreme good luck they hurried upstairs to Adam’s quarters to tidy up their appearance. ‘Phew!’ exclaimed Elfia, ‘no questions or anything. That was lucky.’ ‘ADAM!’ came an angry cry from the doorway. King Randor stood there and from his face they could both see, all too clearly, that he was not pleased. ‘Adam, where have you been all day,’ he shot an angry glare at Elfia, ’The whole court was assembled in the great hall for Duncan’s birthday lunch and where is my son? There is also a notable absence of his lady-in-waiting. The court waits for several painful minutes but they still don’t appear. It was very embarrassing for the queen and I. I trust you have not been acting with any impropriety.’ By his face it was clear what he meant by that, ’Your mother is very disappointed in you and I know Teela is very upset, although she is pretending not to care. Duncan was hurt by your failure to appear for his birthday, for him to think that you, someone who he has loved since the day you were born, would rather spend the day rolling around in haystacks with his lady-in-waiting, ‘Elfia flushed with embarrassment and the king finished angrily. ’Than attend his birthday has upset him quite dreadfully.’ ‘Father! I have been rolling around in haystacks with nobody.’ exclaimed Adam in horror. ‘This lady is my…’ ‘Sire, you mistake us dreadfully,’ Elfia cut in, determined that her true lineage would not be given away. King Randor ignored her and spoke to his son, ‘Then perhaps you can explain your dishevelled appearance and why you were not to be found in the market place or the town all day. ‘ ‘I…We..’ Adam floundered helplessly ‘I am ashamed to call you my son!’ exclaimed the King in disgust. ‘You will apologise to your mother, Teela, and most importantly to Man-at-arms and I hope you can give them a better impression than you give me now.’ With this final tirade he stalked out angrily. Adam collapsed onto his bed completely deflated. Elfia sat in horror. ‘Look what trouble I have got you in. I must leave.’ ‘No. Please, I will not lose my new cousin, you are like the sister I can be with every day.’ ‘But look what they think of us, they think we are lovers!’ She blushed again at the thought. ‘Let me tell them who you really are!’ ‘No! I am not welcome here. I do not wish to be embraced into your family in anger. None of them trust or like me at the moment, I am nothing but a,’ she spat our the last word in disgust, ‘whore.’ Adam put his arms around her and comforted her as she sobbed. ‘What are we to do? Don’t leave me, I don’t care what they think.’ He said in defiance. ‘Yes you do!’ They sat and held each other neither knowing what to do. Adam looked up at Teela standing in the doorway, ‘I won’t disturb you,’ she snarled and flounced out, obviously trying to make it look like she didn’t care what he was doing. ‘Teela, wait!’ cried Adam disentangling him self from his cousin, but she was gone. ‘It gets worse,’ he exclaimed in despair. ‘I’ll go and talk to her,’ said Elfia, ‘ Let me undo some of the mess I have got you into.’ And she hurried out into the corridor. There was no sign of Teela any where, so she hurried along the landing and searched in all the adjoining rooms, Teela was still nowhere to be found. She went up the stair to the attics and was about to give up when she heard a sobbing coming from a doorway. Opening it she saw Teela sitting on the stone window seat, crying with her face in her hands. ‘Go away.’ came the muffled voice. ‘Teela, you have got it all wrong, Adam doesn’t love me!’ ‘Really?,’ she looked up and sneered in disbelief. ‘Then where have you been all day and why has he not spent a minute in anyone else’s company since you arrived? No don’t tell me. I don’t want to talk to you.’ She spat the words out venomously. ‘Teela please, listen to me..’ ‘I said go away.’ ‘But you don’t have to go through all this grief, it isn’t necessary.’ ‘Isn’t necessary!’ she exclaimed. ‘The two men who mean the most to me are both with other woman. You have stolen Adam and even He-man has been seen with some dark-haired beauty! I have nothing! I have never had anything. I never even had a mother.’ ‘I didn’t have a mother either,’ Elfia said sadly sitting on the seat beside her. ‘Really?,’ said Teela finally with a touch of compassion. ‘No. She disappeared when I was just a baby.’ ‘Did you have a father, any brothers or sisters?’ asked Teela suddenly interested. ‘My father was always busy but he cared for me as best he could. He is dead now though, Skeletor killed him, and I have no-one in the world except two cousins.’ ‘Oh,’ said Teela now feeling a little guilty, ‘but now you have Adam aswell,’ she added bitterly. ‘How can I prove to you that Adam doesn’t love me, what am I to do?’ Elfia looked into Teela’s eyes and saw the pain there. ‘Go and stay with your cousins, please. Please, just for a week or two. Let me speak to Adam alone. ‘ ‘Okay, if that is what you want. If that is what it will take to earn your trust. We need not be enemies, Teela, we can be kin.’ And with that last statement, which baffled Teela more than anything Elfia swept out of the room, her mind a whirl. She would go to Etheria and see Adora and give Adam a chance with Teela. Knowing her blustering cousin he would probably still not have sorted everything out but it was worth a try. If he couldn’t do it now then he never would without someone else’s help. She crept out to the back of the stables and lead Dancer out of the palace grounds. By the time she was at Grayskull, Adam would not even know she was missing. She felt very guilty leaving so sneakily but it was for the best. ‘Welcome, child.’ said the Sorceress as she entered the castle. ‘You chose wisely, do not worry about Adam, he will tell Teela the truth. I will make sure he knows you are safe. Come daughter, let me show you the way to Etheria, Adora will be waiting for you as you arrive. ‘ Elfia followed the Sorceress deep into the castle her mind at rest, the gate blazed ahead of her, and she suddenly felt very alone. The sorceress kissed her forehead, ‘When you want to come back just search for me in the sword.’ She looked at the gate. ‘Go ahead, this is your destiny, my daughter of Grayskull.’ And Elfia took a deep breath and stepped through the gate.