A Conference.


Act 1, Scene 1

We are taken into a panning shot of Ethos, flags are flying and we see ships flying in and more travelers on foot. But all these travelers are finely dressed and are arriving in with an escort. We see Teela and Adam staring out of a window.


Adam in a very bored voice

The annual ďwho is the better ruler and can be the biggest bullyĒ conference. Who needs it?



Adam, thatís not true, it is the one time of year when the rulers can get together to discuss peace treaties and trade. I think its wonderful that people from all over the place, not just from Eternia, can get together to deal with each other civilly. Adam snorts.

You ought to be there!


Adam yawning

Forget it, there are much better things I can be doing.



Like fishing?

They notices a lone rider on horseback, she looks about the same age but is dressed up in fine clothes, there is something oddly familiar about her but she is too far away to see.

Poor girl, sheíll probably get torn to pieces by all the bickering oldÖ


Man At Arms walks in. He is not wearing his usual uniform but the one he saves for special occasions.



Adam, have you checked the list? We have a few new people this year, your father invited them especially.



Yer, yer, yer.


Duncan gives a knowing smile and walks out again.



You havenít, have you?



I doubt itís anyone interesting.


Teela giving him a ďwhat am I going to do with you lookĒ

We still need to get ready for the grand dinner tonight.


Teela suddenly spot someone who she doesnít particularly want to see


Teela in a hiss

What Amanda doing here?



Her fathers a King remember.



Iím trying not to!


Amanda has found her way to Teela and Adam


Amanda trying to flirt with Adam

Teela! Adam, how wonderful to see you to again, I do hope you are well.


Teela very sarcastically

As fine as weíll ever be with Skeletor on our backs, now if youíll excuse me, I have other business to attend to.


She walks away leaving Adam to deal with Amanda.


Scene 2

At a huge banquet. Rulers from everywhere are still talking about deals they made in the first day. Amanda goes over to where Adam and Teela are talking. They are all in their best things. Unknown to them, the girl who was on the horse looks over to them before her attention is drawn to man who begins speaking to her.


Adam groaning

Oh boy, here we go again.


Amanda is walking over to them



First, my father drags me along to this wretched conference to try and get me more involved in politics and to now, to make me feel worse, he is going on about this dratted alien princess.



What alien princess?


Amanda she shrugs

I donít know. Father says that she is replacing her mother who is very busy. He says that she appears to be very quiet and immature but sheís a devil for bargaining with. She caused quite a stir earlier on. A highly skilled negotiator, very sly sand quite sharp. Your father invited herÖ

Indicating to Adam.

And she certainly surprised him.


Teela rather suspicious

Who is she?



Like I said, I donít know and I donít particularly want to find out either, my fatherís been trying to get me to meet her all day and my little brother is head over heals in love with her, she probably a complete drag, but you got to feel sorry for her, what cruel sadist person would send her daughter to an event like this?


Amanda has been completely unaware of her father sneaking up on her during the last sentence.


Amandaís father

She came of her own accord to learn more about how to rule wisely, which is something you ought to be doing; you too Adam. Come, Iíll introduce you to her.


Just then the dinner gong goes off, Amanda lets an expression of relief go to her face to Adam and Teela, she drags the two to the far end of the table to avoid having to speak to any of the officials. The three watch the rest take their places and they catch a glimpse of Amandaís father taking a seat next to the horse rider.



I assume that that is the mysterious Princess.


The three sit talking. One the top of the table, Randor looks angrily upon his son. Marlanna senses her husbandís anger and tries to calm him.


Marlanna in a very low whisper (so not to draw attention to themselves)

Randor? Whats wrong?


Randor In the same whisper but very angry

He hasnít even looked at the list!



Donít tell him, let him find out for himself and learn from his mistakes.



Itís embarrassing!


Marlanna she sighs

Let it be.


Randor looking across the table

What am I going to tell her?



Nothing. Adam will find out, if need be, we tell him before she goes. Let him explain himself to her.


Randor thinks about this.



I think I might drop a few hints though; I donít want him wriggling out of his duties.


Scene 3


The next day, the officials are taking a guided tour around Ethos. Just when everything seemed so quite, Skeletor launches an attack. Panic and chaos seize the tour group but Duncan has the palace guards assembled already and they are fighting the attack. He-Man appears on the scene and a fight between the two old rivals begin. When some robots go charging over to Amandaís father, the alien princess takes hold of him and uses some strange powers to make them invisible and translucent for a short while but long enough to be out of danger. Teela notices the princessís strange powers. She also notes how quick she was to respond to danger and how eager she is to fight. Her suspensions grow. The other officials congratulate the strange girl.

The attackers are driven back.


Teela to He Man who has joined her.

There is something not quite right with her. When the tour has finished, Iím going to pay this mysterious princess a visit.


Unaware to Teela, Evil Lyn was also watching the alien princess. We can see that an idea is already forming in her head.


Skeletor who has been trying to talk to her

Eternia to Evil Lyn, do you hear me?


Evil Lyn

Yes, Yes, I hear you.



Youíre up to something again. Tell me, what is it this time?


Evil Lyn

That one

She points to the princess

Her powers interest me.


Skeletor sarcastically

Anyoneís powers interest you!


Evil Lyn throwing a dirty looks at Skeletor

She uses light powers; Greyskull defense canít fight powers that are not evil.



I know that! So what whatís so special this time?


Evil Lyn holding up a ring and collar

This! My latest creation. When this collar goes around someoneís neck, I wear the ring and can use his or her powers without using any of mine. The collar wearer cannot use their powers unless I wear the ring and canít use his or her powers against me.

All we need to do is wait for her to leave for home and then we capture her and attack Greyskull.



And the sorceress wonít know whose powers it really is and so the defense will be down, and, because it is after the conference, we wonít have He-Man looking for her because heíll have believed that she would have already gone home. What excellent idea. It might just work!


The two start laughing as villains do when the hatch a particularly evil plan.


Scene 4

In the evening. We see Teela making her way through the place, curtsying to various nobles as they pass. She comes to a door and knocks. The door opens. The princess sees Teela and lets the fake smiles pass with a look of sheer relief.



Teela! Come in come in.

Teela goes in smiling.

I canít tell you what a relief it is to see someone my own age or someone that isnít going to bore me out of my mind. My cheeks hurt from having to smiling so much.

She slumps gracelessly into a big chair and sit back.


Teela laughing slightly

Rather you then me! Glimmer, What are you doing here, how do you get dragged into this?



Randor invited my mother but she had another engagement, some things to sort out with Froster, Casta and couple of other back on Etheria, so I offered to go instead. Its about time I took on some responsibility.

Glimmer seems a little sad at this last comment.


I wish someone else, who shall remain nameless, took that same attitude.



Where is Adam?


Teela realizing what has happened

Heís erÖ busy but Iím sure heíll join us soon.


She quickly changes the subject



I understand that youíre causing quite a stir.


Glimmer blushing a little

Erm, yes. I was really nervous about negotiating deals, but then I really got into it.


Another knock is heard on the door, Glimmer groans and tidies her self up but Amanda and her mother come in before she can finish.


Amandaís Mother

Donít worry about that dear, believe me, I know what itís like having to put on your best smiles and be nice to everyone, sit down and relax, youíve been on your feet all day. Anyway this is my daughter Amanda, Amanda this is princess Glimmer of Brightmoon, a good friend of Randorís daughter Adora.


She departs leaving Amanda behind.


Amanda noticing Teela

I assume the two of you have met before. Why didnít you tell me you knew her?


Glimmer slumps back into the chair and the three girls start chatting.


In another part of the palace, Randor, Adam and Diax (Amandaís little brother who is about five) are walking. Diax is pretending he is He Man and fighting Skeletor. When he has ďdefeatedĒ Skeletor, he then starts fighting another imaginary foe.



Who are you fighting now?



Hordak! Iím driving him far away.

He resumes fighting an imaginary ďHordakĒ


Adam very puzzled



Randor arches an eye, half expecting the outcome.


Diax who has yet another ďvictoryĒ under his belt not really paying any attention to Adam

And now my lady, you are free, he will never bother you again, and if he does, Iíll be waiting.

Diax turns to Adam and changes the subject.







Why donít you go out with Glimmer. I prefer her to Teela, Teelaís so bossy.


Adam who is now very confused but has a funny feeling he is going to be in big trouble.

How do you know Glimmer?



She came yesterday. Sheís so much fun.


Adam knows whatís coming next.



She was on the list.


Adam finds himself staring at the floor. There is an awkward silence which is broken by Amandaís father.


Amandaís Father

Hello, whatís going on here?


Diax playfully

Adamís in trouble!


Amandaís father




For not doing his homework.


He takes Adam to one side. Adam is still very embarrassed.



What is so hard about reading list? Iím not going to explain to this Glimmer, you are.


Randor walks away leaving his son to think things over


Scene 5

The next morning, the conference is over and everyone is going home. Glimmer has changed back into her normal clothing and her horse is all packed.



I am really am so sorry Glimmer. Are you sure youíll be all right getting to Greyskull on your own?



Donít worry about it Adam, Iíve done exactly the same thing myself. Iíll be fine getting to Greyskull, they is no need to come with me.


She set out home unaware that Korbra Khan is watching her. Some time down the road, she hear a muffled cry from her saddle bags, she opens them up andÖ



Diax? What are you doing?



I wanted to go with you



I had better take you back.


She lifts him out of the saddlebag when Kobra Khan steps in and sends them both to sleep.

Later on in Snake Mountain. Glimmer recovers from the sleep gas. She sees Diax who is also waking up. He appears very afraid. She goes over to him and gives him a reassuring hug when Evil Lyn walks in.


Evil Lyn

How sentimental!



What do you want with us?


Evil Lyn

Itís you Iím interested in, but the brat may have his uses as well.


Glimmer puts herself between Evil Lyn and Diax and tries to use her powers but she canít release them. Evil Lyn laughs.


Evil Lyn

Iím not going to hurt him, not yet anyway. As for your powers, I have a control collar on you; it is programmed so you canít take it off. You can only use your powers when I wear this ring and then, it is I who uses them, not you.


She puts the ring on and demonstrates by using Glimmer magic to make herself invisible which weakens Glimmer a little. Satisfied, she then leaves.


Evil Lyn to Skeletor who is outside.

I think we are already to attack Greyskull now.




Meanwhile, back at Ethos.


Amandaís Father to Teela, Amanda and Adam

Have you seen Diax? I canít find him anywhere.



I thought he was with you!


Amandaís father

No he isnít, I havenít seen him since this morning.


Suddenly, Adam is contacted telepathically by the sorceress.



Adam, you must come to Greyskull, bring Teela and who ever else you can find.



Whatís happened?



Skeletor and Evil Lyn have attacked castle Greyskull, but the magic theyíre using is not evil, I donít know how there are doing it but the castles defenses wonít operate properly. You must hurry.



Adam? What was all that about?



The Sorceress needs our help, fast.


Scene 7

Glimmer is lying on the floor exhausted. Evil Lyn has quite clearly used up most her powers. Diax is sitting beside her trying to get her up.



Come on, get up.



I canít



But youíve got to! I know how we can escape. I can hear the guards coming and we need to hide behind the door and run out of here when they come!


He helps Glimmer to her feet and the get behind the door. Beastman appears with some food.



Eh, where have they gone?


Glimmer and Diax crawl out behind Beastman who spots them but spots them too late. He is lock up in the cell. Diax grabs Glimmer hand and drags her away.


We see Diax and Glimmer later on in the wasteland resting. Glimmer has regained some of her strength back but Diax is very tired. Diax is trying to pick the lock of the collar around glimmers neck, eventually is comes off.



Did it!



I wonít ask where you learnt to do that.


Glimmer gets up ready to go.



Canít we stay a little longer? Iím so tired.



No, I afraid they might find us. Here.


She goes over to some rocks. Diax climbs up on to her shoulders and holds on to her hair. They continue walking.


Further on, they notice some robots and that they are at castle Greyskull which is under attack. She can see Adam, Teela, Amanda, her father and Duncan trying to keep Skeletor and Evil Lyn back. They crawl closer; Glimmer reaches the back of the castle and begins to climb up the walls. As they pass a window, Diax notices that the Sorceress has been knocked unconscious by fallen debris. Diax goes in to help her. Glimmer continues up the wall to the roof. Once on the roof, she sees the fierce battle going on. She notices that Evil Lyn and Skeletor are preparing for an assault, so she uses her powers to protect Greyskull until the Sorceress has come to.

Down below,



Teela, look out!


Teela Seeing Trap Jaw attacking them from above

Donít worry, Iíve got him.


The shot on Trap Jaw is not a good one and the ship, comes down on top of their heads before anyone can do anything. Teela, Amandaís father and Adam duck expecting I upon them. They suddenly relies that it has been stopped two inches from their heads. The ship, with Trap Jaw inside, then goes flying off into the sunset. Teela turns around.



She-Ra? What are you doing her?



Looking for Glimmer

She turns to the castle

And its looks like Iíve found her.


By this time, Glimmer (who is now on her knees) has collapsed. But the sorceress has recovered and the villains are being fought back.


Scene 8

Glimmer opens her eye and finds herself back in the room she was in for the conference. Amandaís father is sitting beside her bed.


Amandaís father

How are you feeling?



Fine, a little weak, but Iíll be up no time.


He smiles and leaves the room He meets up with Randor and the two kings take stroll outside.



How is she?


Amandaís father

Right as rain. If thatís the daughter, then the mother must be quite impressive. Still, Glimmerís a brave girl with a lot of life to her.


He smiles to himself. He looks at Randor.


Amandaís father then looking over to where Adam is playing with Cringer

It makes you wish you were Adamís age.