She-ra: The Battle for Etheria
   by: Adam

Scene One: Adora, Bow, Glimmer and Kowl are in Glimmer's tent, talking over a round table, with a map of Etheria and radio on it.

Adora: We have to do something about the Horde!!!

Bow: Yes, I am getting tired of rescuing you!

Glimmer: Seriously, you two. Adora is right, we have to stop them, once and for all....but how, their troops outnumber the Great Rebellion three to one!

Adora: And when they run out of troops, Horde World just sends more!

Kowl: This is quite a predicament!

Bow: There must be some way of defeating them!

Kowl: Everything has a weakness...

Glimmer: That is true. But what could their weakness be? Brightmoon has been fighting the Horde, as long as I can remember, and never have they once shown us their weakness.

Bow: I feel the same way. No matter how hard you fight, the battle is never over...

Adora: Well, there has to be some way to defeat them.

Kowl: What about Hordak---if he is gone, the Horde won't have a leader.

Adora: Horde Prime would fill that job easily enough. We have to think of something better. Something we've overlooked! (looks at the map)

Glimmer: But what?

-the radio begins to transmit something-

radio: Glimmer??? Are you there? Princess Glimmer?

Glimmer: What is the matter? (worried)

radio: It is Kingdom Brightmoon...we're under attack...the Horde has taken your mother, Queen Angella...

Glimmer: No, not again...this is a joke...right? (in tears)

radio: I'm sorry...please send some troops immediately, there isn't much of us left...

-Bow begins to pace, and Kowl flaps his wings excitedly-

radio: Hurry...out...

-the radio stops-

Glimmer: We must take act-

-the radio gets another message, and begins to crackle-

radio: Help...Mystacor...Horde...

Adora: (walks up to the radio) The Horde?

radio: Yes...they have captured Queen Castaspella...

Bow: Those...they must have been planning this for years!

Adora: (to radio) We'll send some troops right away.

radio: ...out...

-the radio stops once more)

Glimmer: What shall we do? There are barely enough troops to fight at Mystacor and Brightmoon!

-the radio receives another transmission-

radio: Princess Glimmer??? Help!!! Empress Frosta has been abducted by the Horde! Help...

Glimmer: (looking down) Yes, troops will be there shortly...

radio: Thank you princess ...out...

-the radio stops yet again-

Adora: We will have to split up. I will find She-ra, and send her to Brightmoon. (puts finger on her lips, trying to think) Glimmer- round up all the Twiggets. Take them to the Kingdom of Snows, and save Empress Frosta.

Glimmer: But how shall I get there?

Adora: I will call Enchanta, Seaharp, and Butterflyer. They should be able to fly all of you there. You can meet them outside the Whispering Woods.

Glimmer: I'll be on my way! (leaves the tent confidently)

Adora: Bow and Kowl- round up as many townsfolk in Thaymor as you can. Take them to Mystacor.

Bow: Sounds like a plan! (leaves tent with Kowl) voice over: Arrow? Come here boy! (hear him riding off on Arrow in the distance)

Adora: (picks up radio, and presses a button) Enchanta and Butterflyer: the Rebellion needs you! Please fly to the edge of the Whispering Woods. Glimmer will meet you there with instructions. (presses the button again) Seaharp? Please meet Glimmer, and a band of Twiggets by the shore near Brightmoon. Thank you, the Great Rebellion appreciates your help. (presses the button again, and puts the radio down) Now, to find She-ra! (leaves the tent) Spirit???

Spirit: (whinny)

-Adora finds Spirit-

Adora: There you are. We have work to do! (holds up sword) For the Honor, of Grayskull! (music starts) I AM SHE-RA!

Swift Wind: (whinny)

<scene changes with She-ra's sword making a 90 degree turn, and flashing> Scene Two: Glimmer walks thru the Whispering Woods

Glimmer: (cups her hands on her mouth) Hello? I need help. Are there any Twiggets??

-Twiggets start coming from all directions, encircling Glimmer-

Spragg: Yes? What is it?

Glimmer: The Great Rebellion needs your help!

Spritina: What for?

Glimmer: The Horde has captured three Etherian kingdoms...I need your help, journey with me to the Kingdom of Snows, help me battle the evil Hordesman!

Twiggets: Yeah! (cheer)

Glimmer: Are you ready?

-A loud noise fills the air, everyone looks up, and sees Butterflyer and Enchanta gliding thru the air-

Glimmer: It looks like we have found our rides!

Twiggets: (cheer)

-the two creatures circle and land-

Enchanta: Princess Glimmer, what do we owe this honor?

Butterflyer: Yes, Glimmer?

Glimmer: The Twiggets and-

Twiggets: (cheer)

Glimmer: -and I need your help. Would you please fly us to the shore near Brightmoon, the Singing River?

Butterflyer: Of course!

Enchanta: Hop on!

-The Twiggets begin to "load the two creatures, Glimmer takes the front, right hand seat on Butterflyer-

Enchanta: And off we go!

-the two creatures fly over Etheria, beautiful landscapes are shown, then, they see Castle Brightmoon, and the Singing River, the creatures land-

Glimmer: Thank you, Enchanta and Butterflyer, your help is greatly appreciated.

Enchanta and Butterflyer: Your welcome! (turn and look at each other, then flap their wings, and take off) Now, Seaharp...

Spritina: Look! (points to the river)

Spragg: Yes, there he is!

-a harp begins to play, shots of Sweet Bee, Perfuma, Peekablue, Mermista, Netossa, and Flutterina are shown, with the character hearing the music, then looking up, and running off-

Glimmer: (to Twiggets) Seaharp has just warned the rest of the Rebellion, they will now be on look out!

Twiggets: (cheer)

-The Seaharp hits the shore-

Seaharp: Princess Glimmer, what can I do for you?

Glimmer: I need you to ferry the Twiggets and I to the Kingdom of Snows.

Seaharp: The Great Rebellion? Sure!

-the Twiggets and Glimmer begin to "board" Seaharp, he plays his harp more, when they are all on, he sets sail-

-shots of the sea are shown, they finally hit rock-

Glimmer: Frosta--here we come! (raises her arm in the air with her staff, the jewel shines)

Twiggets: (cheer)

Glimmer: Goodbye Seaharp!

-Glimmer and the Twiggets walk thru the polar cap, strange noises echo off the rocks of ice-

Spragg: Who-or what- is that?

Spritina: It sounds like it is coming from behind that rock!

Glimmer: We shall see. This shall be a test of your bravery!

-they walk toward a rock, and go behind it, camera does not follow, a splash of water and a small scream is heard-

-camera shoots behind the rock, a wonderful waterfall of ice is shown, Mermista lays in the hot springs, and Glimmer laughs, after being gently splashed-

Mermista: So what brings you to my happy home?

Glimmer: (stops laughing) The Horde has abducted My mother, Frosta, and Castaspella! We are her to rescue our dear friend Frosta---would you like to join us?

Spragg: Yes, please help!

Sprocker: Please!

Mermista: Of course! (climbs out of the water, and fin mystically become legs)

Glimmer: Great!

-shots are shown of the large group going forward, Castle Chill looms in the distance-

-finally they approach the castle-

Glimmer: (motions to knock the door, but it opens itself, turns head toward the others)

Sprocker: Go on!

Twiggets: Go on!!!

Glimmer: (walks in the castle side by side to Mermista, an evil laugh is heard, the Twiggets follow)

Spritina: Who wads that?

Mermista: Whoever it is shall pay the wrath of The Great Rebellion!

-a sound is heard, like someone running-

Glimmer: someone is coming.

-the footsteps get louder, and Empress Frosta comes into view-

Glimmer: Frosta???

Frosta: (out of breath) You have come---I escaped, but not for long!

Mermista: Escaped? From who?

Frosta: (as she talks, her voice slowly deepens) Why, from me, of course! (white sparkles appear around Frosta, and she turns into Evil Lyn!)

Twiggets: (scream)

Mermista: (puts her hand to her mouth)

Glimmer: Oh yeah? (points her staff towards Evil Lyn) Eat this hag! (a white ray bursts from her staff, Evil Lyn is barely harmed)

Evil Lyn: Funny, very FUNNY!!! So you think you can defeat me??? You wish!

-a flash of light bursts around the castle, when it fades, everyone is gone, and Evil Lyn's evil laugh is heard-

<scene changes with She-ra's sword making a 90 degree turn, and flashing>

Scene Three: Bow is shown riding out of the Whispering Woods on his blue horse, Arrow. Flying near is Kowl.

Bow: All we need is a little adventure...

Kowl: I know just how you feel.

Bow: Well, at least the orders came from Adora.

Arrow: (whinny)

-Arrow's whinny is interrupted by a young girl's shrill cry-

Kowl: Who is that?

Bow: Whoever it is-

Kowl: -We had better save her.

-Bow hops of Arrow, and begins searching thru the woods-

Bow: Hello? Who is there?

Voice: I'm here, my name is quiver- help me, I've fallen into one of Hordak's traps!

Bow: I'll be there in a jiffy.. (Bow searches for the trap

Quiver: Are you there?

Bow: I'm still looking...(has his head towards the sky, looking thru the trees. stumbles, and looks down, to find the trap)

Bow: That was a close one!

-Kowl come flying thru the woods-

Kowl: How do you plan on getting her out?

Bow: I think I could reach... (gets on his hands and knees, and puts his hand in the pit)

Quiver: A little farther...

Bow: (grunt)

Quiver: I got it! (Bow pulls an attractive young women out of the pit)

Quiver: (brushes herself off) Well...thank you?

Bow: The name is Bow.

Quiver: Bow.

Bow: How did you fall in there?

Quiver: I was being chased by a Horde Trooper. After he found out that I fell in there, he left.

Bow: Why was he chasing you?

Quiver: The Horde had captured the town I live in, Eldiron, they didn't want anyone to escape, and warn the Rebellion... anyway, I'm lucky you came along...

Kowl: You most certainly are...

Bow: Would you like to join us? We are journeying to Thaymor.

Kowl: The Great Rebellion could use all the help it can get!

Quiver: Anything for the Rebellion. I always dreamed of joining the Rebellion.

Bow: That is just great. Lets be on our way.

-Bow and Quiver are shown riding Arrow, Kowl is behind; this is an hour or so later (shown by the sky's color change)-

Quiver: So how did all of this happen?

Bow: Kowl and I were in Princess Glimmer's tent, discussing the Horde, when three distress calls came in.

Quiver: What happened?

Kowl: Queen Angella, Castaspella, and Empress Frosta were seized by the Horde.

Bow: We are going to Thaymor so we can round up men so we can raid Mystacor and free Castaspella.

Quiver: Well, I'm glad to help!

-the foursome (Arrow) enter Thaymor, villagers are crowding around, as Arrow jumps about-

Bow: Arrow, down..

Arrow: (whinny)

Bow: (gets off Arrow, and raises his hands as a signal to hush the townsfolk) People of Thaymor, journey with me, and my friends, and help free Queen Castaspella from the Hordes wrath!

crowd: (cheer)

Bow: If you are in, you have ten minutes. Go to your houses, and find any weapons you could use to fight! Hurry, Queen Castaspella awaits!

crowd: (cheers again, then scatters)

-the villagers, with swords, and make-shift weapons raised, follow Bow, Quiver and Kowl; some are on horse back, others are on foot-

-another shot is shown with them all in Mystacor (the distinctive pathways floating in the air)-

Bow: (stops, the villagers follow; gets off Arrow again) Villagers, once we enter the Kingdom, you will be fighting for your lives, and the welfare of Queen Castaspella. Good Luck!

crowd: (cheer)

-Bow gets back on Arrow, and the crowd follows him into Mystacor-

Bow: (to Quiver and Kowl) Good luck...

Kowl: We'll need it!

Quiver: I'm ready!

-Bow and Quiver hop off Arrow, and begin fighting the Horde Troopers; the villagers are fighting in the background-

Quiver: (pulls an arrow out of her boot, and a bow out of the other; shoots it, and hits a trooper on target) Yeah!!!

Bow: Bow and Arrows? (stunned; shoots a trooper with his bow and arrow, and hits perfectly)

-an unannounced contest begins between Bow and Quiver, as they both begin to destroy troopers one after another, trying to prove themselves better than the other, however they both have the same skill level-

Bow: Your pretty good... (flirting)

Quiver: You too... (returning the favor)

-a few more shots are shown, the background changes colors to show progression in time-

-villager walks up to Bow-

Villager: Bow, one trooper is is yours.

Bow: Quiver?

-at the same exact time, Bow and Quiver shoot the Horde Trooper, knocking it down-

crowd: (cheer)

-a whistling sound fills the air, the villagers look up, as a ship crashes down and a poof of smoke fills the air, Catra gracefully walks out-

Catra: fools!!! You cannot defeat the Horde...Mrow!!

Bow: You will be defeated!

Catra: Rrrarr...never!!! (slips down her mask, and becomes a panther; jumps around, and frightens the villagers off)

Kowl: (to Bow) Know what?

Bow: I don't know. (turns to Quiver)

Quiver: I've got it! (pulls an arrow out of her quiver, and points it at Catra)

Catra: (jumps away)

Quiver: (points it at Catra ,again, then, quickly points it beside her, and shoots)

Catra: (think the arrow is coming at, she jumps to dodge, But only becomes a target; the arrow hits her mask off, and ricochets, Catra's mask comes off, and falls into the "pit" under which the pathways are floating above; becomes human again) Rrrarr!!! You can't do that!!! Mrow!!!

Bow: She just did, good work Quiver!

Catra: (runs away) This won't be the last of me!

-Catra runs off, and Bow, Quiver, Kowl, and Arrow walk towards the Castle. Castaspella sits, tied up, next to the throne-

Bow: (runs towards Castaspella, and removes an arrow from his quiver, then, cuts Castaspella free)

Castaspella: Thank you!

Bow: Don't thank me, thank Quiver, she is the one that defeated Catra. (pints towards the doorway, where Quiver and Kowl are standing)

Castaspella: Come, Quiver, you deserve a medal. (gestures her to come forward)

Quiver: (walks forward)

Castaspella: (wiggles her fingers at Quiver, and a medal appears around her neck)

Quiver: Thank you!

Bow: You deserve it!

Kowl: It isn't often bravery is found in such large doses!

-Castaspella sits on the throne-

Castaspella: Quiver...Mystacor would love for you to stay here, and help battle the evils...

Quiver: I would love to!

<scene changes with She-ra's sword making a 90 degree turn, and flashing> Scene Four: She-ra sits upon Swiftwind outside the Whispering Woods.

She-ra: I feel something---strange.

Swift Wind: What is it?

She-ra (feels a pain in her head, and clenches her teeth) I hear something!

Glimmer: (voice over) She-ra---help! Evil Lyn has captured us all!

She-ra: Evil Lyn???

Glimmer: Please help! (voice fades out with "helps")

Swift Wind: What has happened?

She-ra: Glimmer, I heard her voice. She said that Evil Lyn captured her.

Swift Wind: Maybe you should call He-man?

She-ra: Good idea --- we can use the help. (looks down at the gem in her sword) Sorceress --- come in Sorceress.

-Sorceresses's face appears in the gem-

Sorceress: She-ra, what is it?

She-ra: Etheria faces great peril, I need He-man's help.

Sorceress: I understand --- he will be there soon, in the usual spot.

She-ra: Thank you.

-after a few minutes, the portal opens, Battle Cat and He-man come out-

He-man: Here I am, sis.

She-ra: Boy am I glad that you are here. Etheria faces grave danger, not just by the Horde, Evil Lyn has captured Glimmer in the Kingdom of Snows, you will have to journey there to rescue her.

He-man: Sure thing, but how shall I get there?

Battle Cat: Rrrarr!

He-man: I mean (looks at his companion) across the sea?

She-ra: If you just ride up to the shore, Sea Harp should be over there, he can cross you.

He-man: I'll be on my way!

-He-man rides Battlecat into the distance-

She-ra: Lets go, Swiftwind!

Swiftwind: (flaps wings, and begins to fly)

-they are shown riding for a period, then, a greta castle shimmers in the distance, as they near it, Swiftwind lands-

She-ra: Good Flying, Swifty!

-She-ra rides Swiftwind into Brightmoon, no people are out of their homes, it seems abandoned, then dismounts Swiftwind, and enters Castle Brightmoon; inside, Horde Troopers battle Brightmoon guards, much like in 'Mystacor-

She-ra: (pulls out her sword, and kicks some Horde butt, battle scenes shown....Mantenna comes out)

Mantenna: S-o-o, She-e-e-ra-a, wha-a-a-t ar-r-r-e yo-u-u do-o-oing he-e-r-e?

She-ra: Mantenna, free Angella!

Mantenna: You-u-u wi-i-ish! (eyes pop out, rays go toward She-ra, crowd of Brightmoonian guards gasp)

She-ra: Not that easily!!! (swings sword, and the ray reflect, hitting Mantenna)

Mantenna: A-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-a-a- (collapses)

-Brightmoonian guards cheer-

She-ra: People of Brightmoon, where have they taken Angella?

--guards gasp-

She-ra: (turns around, and puts her hand to her face, and gasps) Mantenna?

-Mantenna is now standing, looking more powerful than ever-

Mantenna: Yo-u-u-u thought you c-o-ould def-e-e-eat me-e-e-e? (zaps She-ra again, encasing her in a block of ice)

-the guards run toward Mantenna with their swords drawn, but get zapped-

Mantenna: Ha-ha-hh-a-a-h-a-a!

-the door opens suddenly, in pours Sweet Bee (flying) Peekablue, Flutterina (flying) Perfuma, and Netossa; Mantenna takes a zap at Flutterina, but she dodges-

Flutterina: The Rebellion shall win, Mantenna!!!

Mantenna: No-o-t i-f-f- I-i-i- ca-a-n he-elp it! (shoots a ray at Peekablue)

Peekablue: Not on your life!

-a caption appears above Peekablue's head, showing were the ray will hit-

Peekablue: (dodges)

Sweet Bee: Good work!

-as Mantenna is about to zap Sweet Bee, Netossa pops up from behind, and throws a net over him, reacting with his rays to give him a shock each time he shoots thru his eyes-

Flutterina: Way to go Netossa!

Netossa: I believe it is your turn, Perfuma!

Perfuma: I believe it is!!! (points her hand towards Mantenna, a green smoke comes from it, Mantenna stares in terror, when it hits him, he falls unconscious)

-the fume starts to make an unexpected reaction, melting the ice cubes that all of the guards, and She-ra are trapped in; She-ra stands up, and the newly freed guard cheers-

She-ra: Thank you, for freeing me, and stopping Mantenna. But, how did you know I was in danger?

Netossa: We heard Seaharp's harp playing, and met...

Peekablue: ...then, I used my power to see into the future, and saw you in the ice block...

Flutterina: we came here...

Sweet Bee: ...and showed the Horde what the Great Rebellion is made of!!!

She-ra: Well, I think Angella has waited long enough!

-the group walks thru a few corridors, finding Angella tied up on the floor-

Angella: (tries to talk, but her mouth is bound with a cloth) Emrrme....

Sweet Bee: (flies toward Angella, and unties the ropes) Your majesty...

Angella: Thank you...I assumed that I would never see any of you again, I am so happy I was wrong...

She-ra: It only matters that you are safe!!!

<scene changes with She-ra's sword making a 90 degree turn, and flashing> Scene Five: He-man rides Battle Cat a short distance up to the shore, Seaharp is seen in the distance.

He-man: Seaharp!!!

-Seaharp begins to move toward the shore-

He-man: (leans on his sword impatiently)

-Seaharp finally hits the shore-

Seaharp: The Rebellion??? Hop on!

He-man: Thanks! (he and Battlecat board Seaharp) Glimmer, and all of the Twiggets\ have been trapped, we are here to rescue them!

Seaharp: I hope they are all right, Princess Glimmer sure has gone thru a lot...

-shots of the sea are shown, they hit the polar cap-

He-man: Thank you, Seaharp!

Battlecat: Thanks!

Seaharp: Good luck!

-He-man hops upon Battlecat, and rides up to Castle Chill; He-man gets off-

He-man: Get ready! (opens the door, there is no sound, walks in with Battlecat)

Battlecat: For what?

He-man: Evil Lyn must be around here somewhere.

-Evil Lyn's body appears on all of the shimmering walls-

Evil Lyn: (all of her bodies' reflections take turns talking, each will be dignified as a different number, as each talks, the view spins towards them)

#1: Right...


#3: ...are!!!

#4: (cackles)

#5: Kind of makes you head spin...

#1: ..huh???

#2: (cackles)

He-man: (gets frustrated, and races toward #3 with his sword raised over his head, and breaks the image as if shattering a mirror) Evil Lyn --- you can't hide forever!

Battlecat: (lurches toward #6, and breaks the wall, to the same effect as previously)

#5: He-man, tsk tsk!!!

#2: Why, that...

#4: seven years bad...

#5: ..luck!!!

#1: (cackles)

-all of the images seem to "step" out of the walls, and walk in toward He-man-

He-man: (slashes sword, but blade goes thru them) Holograms!!!

Battlecat: By now, she is probably gone!

He-man: She is in here, some where.

-the duo walk thru the halls of glistening ice, and stop, a portal stands before them, ready to close-

Battlecat: (looks at He-man as if to ask a question)

He-man: Yep, they can't have gone too far...

-the two jump thru the portal-

<scene changes with She-ra's sword making a 90 degree turn, and flashing>

Scene Six: She-ra and Bow, with the rest of the Rebellion meet back at Glimmer's hut in the Whispering Woods.

Bow: Where is Glimmer???

She-ra: Apparently the Kingdom of Snows was Skeletor's dirty work, I found He-man and sent him to go find everyone I just pray to the Sorceress that they are alright!

Bow: This is Quiver. (points towards Quiver)

She-ra: Nice to meet you, the Rebellion can use all the help they can get!

Quiver: I'm glad to be able to help.

<scene changes with She-ra's sword making a 90 degree turn, and flashing> Scene Seven: He-man is in Eternia, in the Vine Jungle, face to face with Evil Lyn.

Evil Lyn: He-man, so you found me!!! (holds out her hand, and her purple staff appears in it; she points it at Battlecat) And first, to get rid of you!!! (the ray hits Battlecat, and reflects off his armor)

Battlecat: You'll have to do better than that!

Evil Lyn: I always like a challenge!

He-man: You want one, you got one!!! (grabs a vine, and rips it from it's connection, he whips it at Evil Lyn, and it wraps around her)

Evil Lyn: NO!!! THAT WAS TOO EASY!!!

He-man: Where did you put the Glimmer?

Evil Lyn: You shall not know!

Battlecat: (walks behind the vines, and returns) He-man...

-He-man and Battlecat go behind the vine, Frosta, Glimmer, Mermista, and all of the Twiggets are locked up in a huge cage-

Sprocker: He-man, help!

Glimmer: He-man?

Frosta: He-man!

Mermista: Our savior!

Frosta: (gives Mermista a look that could kill)

He-man: How to open the cage?

Battlecat: How about brute strength?

He-man: Fine with me! (bends the bars enough so that everyone can fit thru them)

Spritina: How are we going to get back to Etheria?

He-man: There is only one way, thru the man-eating plant but be warned, we will return inside the Fright Zone!!!

Glimmer: They will surely capture us!

Battlecat: He-man is right, there is no other way.

Spragg: We are brave, we can do it!

He-man: Follow me!

-He-man leads the group and they find what appears to be a humongous venus-fly-trap-

Mermista: Are you sure about this?

He-man: If I wasn't, would I do this? (He-man walks within 3 feet of the plant, and is immediately swallowed, the others follow)

<scene changes with She-ra's sword making a 90 degree turn, and flashing>

Scene Eight: The group is now in the Fright Zone; Hordak sits on his throne, while Shadow Weaver, Skeletor and 10 or so Troopers stand near.

Hordak: Surprise, surprise!

Shadow Weaver: Mighty Hordak, shall I?

Hordak: No, Skeletor still has to redeem himself. (looks at Skeletor)

He-man: What do you want with us?

Skeletor: To see you rot!!! (points the Havoc Staff at the rebels, and they disappear)

<scene changes with She-ra's sword making a 90 degree turn, and flashing> Scene Nine: She-ra, Bow and the rest of them are still inside of the hut.

She-ra: Something is wrong, I can feel it.

Peekablue: (caption appears above her head, it shows He-man, Glimmer, Mermista, and the Twiggets in the Horde Prison) I know where they are---the Fright Zone.

She-ra: It looks as if Hordak may have a little surprise in store for him!

<scene changes with She-ra's sword making a 90 degree turn, and flashing>

Scene Ten: She-ra riding Swiftwind, and the gang enter the pollution filled area known as the Fright Zone.

Peekablue: Where do we go now?

She-ra: Let's try this door!!

-the huge group enters thru a door with the Horde emblem on it, inside, Hordak sits on his throne, in the same scene as was when He-man was there-

Skeletor: The female He-man!

Hordak: She-ra...I thought you might come!

Shadow Weaver: Demon Mist and black of night, Give these rebels a horrible fright!

-a huge bat condenses of thin air, and flies towards She-ra; Netossa throws her net to Sweet Bee and Flutterina; they throw it over the bat, and it vanishes-

She-ra: Good work!

Skeletor: They're to good for us, AAAGGGHHHH!!! (bangs his Havoc Staff, and disappears)

Hordak: You wimp! (Gets out of his throne, and his hand turns into a cannon, which he points at She-ra) Now, to take care of you, She-ra, once and for all!

She-ra: Really? (looking very confident)

Hordak: REALLY!

-the trap door opens, and Hordak falls in, the view turns towards the throne, Bow sits in it, with his hand on the trap door button-

Shadow Weaver: No, NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! This can't be happening!

She-ra: Oh, but it is.

Shadow Weaver: (waves her hands around, and disappears)

-The Horde Troopers start t run out of the throne room, everyone cheers-

Peekablue: Hordak is finally gone!

She-ra: Let's go rescue He-man and Glimmer!

<scene changes with She-ra's sword making a 90 degree turn, and flashing>

Scene Eleven: Everyone (All main characters and the Twiggets) are standing around Princess Adora in the Whispering Woods. A "We'll Miss You" sign is hanging off two trees.

Adora: You are the best friends I could ever have!

Angella: We are just sorry to see you go.

Adora: Well, now that Etheria is free, I have to go back to my family in Eternia. I hope that you will visit!

Bow: You can count on that!!!

Kowl: And how!

Everyone: Goodbye, goodbye!

-a portal opens up, Prince Adam comes out-

Adam: Are you ready, sis?

Adora: I won't ever be ready, but it is time to go. Goodbye --- ?I'll miss you all!

-Adora and Adam step into the portal, and it disappears-

<scene changes with She-ra's sword making a 90 degree turn, and flashing> Scene Twelve: Loo Kee stands in the Whispering Woods.

Loo Kee: In today's lesson, He-man and She-ra were in trouble, (a caption appears above his head, first showing She-ra in the ice block, then He-man in the prison) but their friends were there to lend a helping hand! (picture in caption changes into Sweet Bee, Perfuma, Peekablue, Flutterina, and Netossa storming Castle Brightmoon) When someone you know needs help, you, should help them. Huh huh! Bye now!

-fades out to credits and plays She-ra's Ending Theme-