Back to Eternia By: Sonny Iverson(Ninjor) Chapter 1 The light of the moon shown through the window of Sonny's room as he worked at his lab-top. It was at least about midnight and he was getting bored reading the files that Heero had gave him to read. His roommate, Duo Maxwell, had agreed with him that it was boring. Sonny had at least eight cups of coffee to keep him awake and they were not working for him. They had chose to be roommates cause they shared almost the same interest. The only bad thing about Duo was that he didn't know how to shut up. "So, how about them Saints?" chimed Sonny trying to make conversation. "They stink." said Duo. "I heard that Trowa tried out for the 49er's." said Sonny turning off the lap-top. "That boy has no talent for football and look at him, trying out for the 49er's." said Duo in a displeasing voice. "Yeah, well, that's Trowa for you." said Sonny grabbing his sword to sharpen it. "Hey, where's Quatre?" said Duo looking around for him. "I think he went back to his dorm." said Sonny sharpening his sword. He had a look on his face that said that he missed his wife. "Hey, it's ok. You tried to save them, but you are only one person." said Duo who read Sonny like a book. "I know. One day Duo, I'm going back to Eternia and I'm going to find them." "That's the Sonny I know." said Heero ease-dropping. Sonny gave him a slight glance and then invited him in. "You know something, I say we go back today and find them, where ever they are." said Heero giving Sonny a reassuring look. "Alright, we'll do it." said Sonny opening a secret compartment in the closet where he kept his uniform and wrist communicator. He slipped on his uniform and activated his communicator. "Ninjor calling the Palace of Eternos, come in please." "Please state security pass code." came a male voice. "Pass code, Alfa 4368 Nin." he said waiting for an answer. "Good to hear your voice again Ninjor." said a voice, it was Skeletor. "Any luck finding Natalie and the others?" asked Ninjor. "We haven't found a trace." said Skeletor. "Skeletor, I need a portal to the mobile suit hanger, I'm coming back with the Gundam Pilots." he said walking out to his Ninja-Zord. "I'll have it ready in an hour. Round up the pilots and then contact me with your coordinates. Skeletor out." As he found all the Gundam Pilots and got them all ready for the trip back to Eternia, a thought came to his mind, 'What if the others were killed?'. Then he figured that it couldn't happen. "Skeletor, I'm transmitting the coordinates through my suits computer, here that are." he said pressing a button that transmitted their position. With in a second, a portal opened and they went through, coming out in the mobile suit hanger at the palace. They hooped out their suits and made their way to the palace control room. When we reached the room, a palace guard stopped them. "No body is allowed in here." said the guard. "Boy, don't tell me you don't remember this?" said Ninjor unsheathing his sword. "Ninjor?" he said shocked. "Is it really you?" "Yes." "Thank the Sorceress, you're back." he said excitedly. "Where is Skeletor?" "I'm here. Come my friend, we have business at Grayskull." said Skeletor guiding them to Grayskull. By the time they reached the castle, Ninjor was almost sleep-walking. "Ninjor, is that you?" said Evil-Lyn who was now helping the Sorceress "Yes, and I brought some friends." he said waiting for the Jaw- Bridge to lower. As it came down, he saw the Sorceress holding two babies. 'Whose children?' thought Ninjor. "Sorceress, whose children are they??" he asked shocked. "They're your children, someone brought them back to you and Natalie's room and put them in Adam and Adora's old cribs." said the Sorceress. "So that means that a portal was open, but who could have opened it and not stay in this dimension?" said Ninjor shocked. "I did." said a voice. "Orko!" said Ninjor running up to him and giving him a hug. "How's Natalie? Is she safe?" "She's fine, I only had enough magic to open one portal that only I and someone else could fit through. He-Man said he would stay and so did Natalie, but she told me to bring your kids, also, Adora is about to give birth as well, which means we have to hurry up and get them out of there." said Orko. "Well, I say we take the suits and go raid Snake Mountain till we find Hiss and get him to give up the coordinates to that dimension." said Duo mad that Sonny's wife was still there, after all, he was at the wedding and she and him became good friends, even though he was messed up out of his mine from the beer and wine they had. "No, that's to obvious, we need to sneak up on him." said Heero. "Look Mr. Anti-Social..." "You two shut up, we haven't got time for this." said Ninjor pulling out his sword. "We are going to follow Heero's plan, cause it is the best one." he said as he lifted the sword. "Now to business, By the Magic of Grayskull!" he said as a bolt of lighting struck the tip of his sword. "Oh man, I wish I had that." said Duo. "I Have the Power!" he said as he brought it down to the usual fighting position. "Now, let's go back to the Palace and get a Wind Raider and four Sky Sleds." said Ninjor as they left Grayskull. Chapter 2 At Snake Mountain, King Hiss's army was still partying. "Hiss, I got to hand it to you, if you wouldn't have made Ninjor so mad to destroy the dimensional transporter we would not be partying today. All hail the King! All hail Hiss!" shouted Beast-Man. "Thank you Beast-Man. And now for a new plan, we are going to attack Grayskull tonight." said Hiss as everyone cheered. "And now that we don't have to worry about He-Man and his friends, we can easily take Eternia for ourselves." said Kobra Khan. "Yes Khan, that we shall. Suit up everyone, we've got a world to take over." said Hiss with great joy. Little did Hiss know, he was about to have company, for on they way to Snake Mountain was Ninjor and the others. "Hold fast everyone, this is as far as we can go without being spotted, now we must go on foot." said Skeletor who knew the path all to well. "Good, let's go, quickly." said Ninjor as he took off running with all his might. When they reached Snake Mountain, they found no guards at the secret entrance. "Hmm, he hasn't been expecting any attacks since He-Man and the others have been gone huh?" asked Ninjor. "No, every time I check this area, he always has guards. He must be attacking somewhere." said Skeletor. "Grayskull!" said Quatre. "Quatre, you, Trowa, and Wufei go back to Grayskull and help protect it, Heero, Duo, Skeletor, and Orko will stay with me to look for the coordinates to the dimension He-Man and the others are in." said Ninjor as they split up. As they reached the thrown room, Skeletor walked over to the control panel looking for the button that would open the portal to He-Man and the others. "Orko, we are going to send you through first so you can tell us if that is the place." said Skeletor pressing a button that open the portal. "Right, I'll be right back." said Orko going through the portal. 'I hope we find them.' thought Ninjor as he waited for Orko. Suddenly, Orko appeared with He-Man's sword. "The Sword of Power! That's the place, let's go." said Skeletor running through the portal. "You go ahead, I'm going to contact the Sorceress to tell her we found the portal and to follow me on the communicator." said Ninjor as Heero and Duo went through the portal. Meanwhile at Grayskull, "Sire, the army is ready and waiting for your command." said Kobra Khan to Hiss. "Attack!" yelled Hiss as the attack of Grayskull started. "Oh no!" said Evil Lyn as she ran to the window. "Sorceress, tell Ninjor to hurry, we are underattack." "That's why we're here." said Trowa as he, Quatre, and Wufei fired at the army for their gundams. "Alright, we have an advantage." said Evil Lyn firing lighting at the army from Grayskull's window. "Whoa, this place looks like earth." said Ninjor walking through the portal. "Yes, it does. Now to find the others." said Heero as he went ahead of the group. "Hey Heero, wait for me." yelled Duo. "Orko, you go with them, me and Skeletor will look for my wife." said Ninjor. "Right." said Orko following the others. "Natalie! Baby! Where are you!?" yelled Ninjor looking in the crumbling buildings." "Ninjor, wait. I know this place." said Skeletor. "Where are we then?" said Ninjor. "In the last place you would have expected." said a voice from behind them. "Loin-O?" said Ninjor. "Ninjor, good to see you, they are alright, welcome to Third Earth." said Loin-O, Lord of the Thundercats. "Where are they?" asked Skeletor. "Somewhere where you won't hurt them Skeletor, I remember what you tried to do last time we met." said Lion-O drawing the Sword of Omens. "Relax Lion-O, he's on our side now." said Ninjor. "Oh." said Loin-O placing the sword back in the Claw Shield. "Come, they are at Cats Layer." said Loin-O. "We'll be right there old friend, first we have to tell the others." said Ninjor activating the communicator. "Orko, return to where we parted, we've found them." said Ninjor then he switched frequencies to tell the Sorceress. "Good, I'll have a portal ready to pick you up when you contact us again." said the Sorceress. Meanwhile, in a dark part of Third Earth, "Hmm, my dark power has told me that more visitors have come to Third Earth, but these are not looking for the Thundercats, but for their friends who are being protected by the Thundercats. Wait, I also detect the power of a trator to me, the great Mumm-Ra. It is Skeletor, and now he works for his enemies. This is just perfect, except for that ninja." said Mumm-Ra, the eternal evil of Third Earth. As Lion-O led Ninjor, Skeletor, Orko, and the gundam pilots to Cats Layer, the other Thundercats were tending to the others. "Here we are." said Lion-O as they entered Cats Layer. "Wow, this is huge." said Duo. "Natalie!" yelled Ninjor. "What the..." said Natalie laying in bed hearing the voice of her husband. "Natalie!" he yelled again. "It's me, Ninjor, your husband!" "Ninjor!" she yelled back running down the hall into his arms as they embraced in each others arms and started to cry. "Oh baby, I'm glad to see that you are safe." said Sonny removing his mask to kiss her. "Oh Sonny, I love you." she said kissing him back. "Well, if this isn't a sight." said a strong voice. "He-Man!" yelled Sonny running to his friend giving him a hug. "How is everyone on Eternia?" he asked. "You tell him, Skeletor, I have to business to discuss with my wife." said Sonny as he walked away from the others. "I've missed you these 5 months." she said kissing him. "Well, I know how you felt." he said. "Did Orko bring the children back safely?" "Yes, they are with the Sorceress." he said kissing her. Chapter 3 "Is everybody ready to go?" ask Ninjor ready to send the Sorceress the coordinates for the portal. "Yes!" yelled everyone. "Ok, let's go." said Ninjor as he pressed a button on his communicator sending the Sorceress the coordinates. But Ninjor, the Eterniains, Heero, Duo, and the Thundercats weren't the only ones going back to Eternia, but Mumm-Ra was opening a dimensional gate as well. After opening the gate, Mum-Ra walked through it as Mumm-ra, the ever living. When everyone arrived at Grayskull, the saw the battle going on outside. "Hey Heero, you and Duo go back to the palace and get your gundams, we will do what we can." said Ninjor. "I think you will need this He-Man." said the Sorceress handing He-Man the Sword of Power. "Alright, let's go Ninjor." said He-Man leading the attack. "Master, we are now in control being that the gundams can no longer fight." said Beast- Man. "Guess again fur-face." said an all to familiar voice. "Oh no, not you." said Hiss in shock. "Yes Hiss, I'm back." said He-Man attacking him with his sword in hand. "Warriors, to battle." said Hiss fighting He-Man. "Well, Well, if it isn't old Ninjor the punk, let's see how you fight now boy." said Jitsu. "Oh come on Jitsu, haven't you learned anything after I beat your punk friend?" said Ninjor attacking Jitsu with his sword. The fight went on for hours, it was mobile suit against beam canons and warrior against warrior. "Give it up Hiss, you're not going to win." said He-Man battling a very weak Hiss. "Never!" yelled Hiss. "Then battle me." said Skeletor who had just got done mopping the floor with Beast-Man. "You're on." said Hiss charging Skeletor who just simply opened a portal and sent him back to Snake Mountain along with his warriors. "Quick thinking Skeletor." said Ninjor out of breath. "Naturally." said Skeletor. "I think we better get back to the palace and put everything back in order." said a very happy Adora who had a little girl. "Awe, she looks like her mother." said Ninjor looking at the adorable girl in Adora's arms. "What are you going to name her?" asked Quatre. "Well, I was thinking of naming her after your female friend Relena, Quatre." At the sound of her name, Heero jumped and thought she was around. "Relax Heero, she wasn't at the battle, she's safe in A.C. 198 at the Sanc Kingdom." said a re-a-suring Duo, who knew that she and Heero had finially faced up and were dating. "Well, as long as she's safe." said Heero with a smirk. "Heero, I swear ever since you started dating Relena, you've gone from 'The Perfect Solider' to 'The Perfect Lover', you're worse than me." said Ninjor holding his wife in his arms. "So sue me, let's get going." said Heero. At Snake Mountain, "If you don't leave here now I will personally send you back to the desert where you come from." said Hiss to a stranger in his palace. "But I want to help you destroy He-Man, Ninjor, Skeletor, the Gundam Polits, and the Thundercats." said the stranger. "No deal Mumm-Ra, if that is your name, the last time I heard you struck a deal, you wounded up lossing terribly." said Hiss to Mumm-Ra. "Yes, but we are the greatest evil to ever walk the universe Hiss, it won't fail." said Mumm-Ra. "We'll try it." said Hiss with a evil laugh. "Ah, home sweet home, wouldn't you say so Sonny." said Heero relaxing in the palace garden. "Yep, I would say so, oh I heard the Sorceress was bringing Relena here, apparently she was ease dropping and sent Natalie to go get her, being that Relena was one of the brides-maids at the wedding and her and Natalie are friends, I just hope doesn't mention that time we all went to the club and I kinda got a little personal with that chick." said Sonny relaxing with a pair of jeans, a black Adidas shirt, and some sun glasses. "Sonny, you're in trouble." said Duo in a voice that said haul ass or loose your dick. "Oh shit." said Heero as he saw Natalie with Sonny's sword in her hand and Relena right behind her. "Omae o korosu Relena." said Sonny. "What is this I hear about you sleeping with another woman?" asked Natalie pissed. "Baby, I was drunk, what do you expect, plus Duo put the pressure on me cause I didn't have a girl that night and that I look so lonely that he decided to get me laid, ask Heero, he'll tell you the truth." said Sonny who was trying his best not to hurt Relena. "Well, is he telling the truth Heero?" asked Natalie holding the sword to his neck. "Yes." said Heero as Natalie looked at Sonny and said, "Oh, you owe Relena an apology, she wasn't the one who told me." she said as she left leaving Relena with them. "I'm sorry Relena, I wasn't thinking." "It's ok, at least you do like Heero and never keep that promise." said Relena starting to kiss Heero. "So, who told her?" asked Sonny. Before Relena could tell him he heard, "SONNY! GET YOUR CRAZY WIFE AWAY FROM ME!" "DUO! OMAE O KOROSU!" yelled Natalie chasing after him. "GEEZ LADY , YOU BEEN HANGING AROUND HEERO TOO!" yelled Duo as he ran behind Sonny for protection. "Oh, you done ran behind the wrong mother fucker to hide behind now Duo Maxwell." said Sonny grabbing Duo by the throat and picking him up. "Why did you tell me wife that, you said that if I fucked that girl that you would keep you mouth shut." said Sonny holding his roommate by the throat. "I'm...sorry..." said Duo gasping for air. "Good." and Sonny dropped him flat on his butt. Chapter 4 "Well, I should sleep good tonight." said a very tired Relena. "Yea, I'm glad you came to Eternia." said Heero kissing her on the lips. "How long are we going to be here?" ask Relena. "Oh I don't know, a couple of years maybe." said Heero. "Sounds good, cause I quit my job as Vice-Foreign Minister." "You did what?" "I quit my job." said Relena kissing her boyfriends head. "Uh, am I inturrupting something." asked Sonny walking in with his party clothes on. "You already went back and got your stuff?" asked Heero. "Yea, I figured I aint going back to earth for a while. Anyway, we are leaving the kids with the King and Queen and were wondering if yall wanted to come out with us tonight to the local party club around here?" ask Sonny. "Why not, I need to see more of Eternia." said Relena. "Ok, well hurry up and get ready you two love birds." said Duo behind Sonny. "Shut up Duo." said Sonny slapping him. At the club, "Hey Prince Adam, nice to see you here, it's been a while." said the bar tender. "Yea I know, I was with my cousin's on earth, had a blast." said Adam making up the fib. "Alright, what you want." yelled the bartender over the load music. "What's the hell is this song?" asked Relena. "It's Dreams by Van Halen. It's a song from the time I come from, remember?" said Sonny. "Oh yea." "Hey, I'm going get the D.J. to play something better than this." said Natalie as she walked over to the D.J. booth. "Hey Sonny, was up?" said a very shocked Teela. "Girl, what the hell are doing here, you better get back to the palace and watch for Hiss." said Sonny. "I know, but I had the night off, so I said fuck it, I'm going get drunk." said Teela. "Hey let's dance baby." said Natalie taking Sonny as their song came on, it was "Forever." by Westlife. "Oh Heero, this is my favorite song, let's dance." said Relena as she pulled Heero on the dance floor. After the song, they went back to the bar and finished their drinks. They got back to the palace at about 1:00A.M. and went straight to sleep. The next morning, "Oh fuck my head." said Relena waking up with a headache. "I know what you mean." said Natalie. They were on the balcony in Sonny's and Natalie's room. "He's still sleeping, got damn." said Relena looking at Sonny's sleeping form. "Hey, he was fucked up last night, when we got in he fell asleep with his clothes on." said Natalie. "Well, when you going get the kids?" asked Relena. "As soon as he wakes up." said Natalie. "Well, I'll go with you and help you take care of them in the nursery." "Thanks Relena." said Natalie with a smile. At Snake Mountain, "Are you sure this is going to work?" asked Hiss. "Oh it will, trust me, it will." said Mumm-Ra. "But what if they don't fall for it?" "Hiss, have a little faith in my skill, the ninja won't know what hit him." said Mumm-Ra with an evil laugh. Chapter 5 In another part of Eternia, "Help! King Hiss is attacking the dock." scream a girl as she ran from Beast-Man. "He-Man, come in." said a voice over the communicator on Adam's wrist. "Oh no, this is bad." said Adam as he changed into He-Man. "This is He-Man, what is it Fisto?" "Hiss is attacking a town just north of the Ever Green Forest. We need you to get in touch with He-Man and Ninjor and send them over here." said Fisto. "Right." said Adam cutting off the link. "Ninjor, we're needed." said Adam over Ninjor's line. "I'm sleeping." "Too bad, get up." said Adam as he pulled his sword from it's hiding place. "Alright I'm coming." said Sonny as he grabbed his sword and went to Adam's room. "By the Power of Grayksull!" yelled Adam as a bolt of lighting struck his sword and changed him into He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. "I Have the Power!" he yelled as he brought the sword to his chest with both hands and then pointed it at Cringer turning him into Battle-Cat. "Come on Ninjor, get a move on." said He-Man as Sonny came stumbling. "By the Magic of Grayskull!" yelled Sonny and the same lighting bolt struck his sword changing him into his ninja outfit and buliding up his strength and speed. "I Have the Power!" "Let's go He-Man." said Ninjor heading for the stables. "Let's go Cat." said He-Man he mounted Battle-Cat. "Here we go again Stridor." said Ninjor as he got in the mechanical horse. "Is the trap ready." asked Hiss. "Yes Your Highness, everything is ready." said Khan with an evil hiss. "Good." said Hiss and Ninjor and He-Man came into the town. "Well He-Man, how do you like my new partner?" asked Hiss with an evil laugh as Mumm-Ra flew down in his perfect form. "Mumm-Ra, I should have known it was you Fisto was talking about when he said a guy that looked like the devil." said He-Man as he charged Mumm-Ra. "Yes He-Man, and now revenge." said Mumm-Ra as he and He-Man locked up. "I get all of you, how sweet." said Ninjor as he launched an attack on the army of Snake Mountain, who were just beating him to a pulp. "Give it up Ninjor, your no match for all of us." said Tri-Clops. "No, but he is." said Ninjor as Fisto knock out everyone in the army out with his iron fist. "Thanks old friend." said Ninjor. "Anytime, but go get Hiss, he's got a trap for He-Man." said Fisto. "Right." said Ninjor rushing Hiss. "Get off me you human." said Hiss. "I don't think so." said Ninjor as he grabbed a remote control bow from Hiss. "So this is your plan, you got to be kidding me." said Ninjor as he sliced the box in half. "Good, you just put my plan into action, now the town is going to blow." said Hiss as he ran from Ninjor laughing. "Oh no. He-Man! The towns going to blow!" yelled Ninjor as He-Man threw Mumm-Ra on the ground. "Can't help you now bro, you're going to have to handle it." said He-Man as Mumm-Ra punched him. 'Oh great, where's a metal detector when you need it. Wait, my sword. Maybe it can locate the bombs.' thought Ninjor as he grabbed his sword. 'I hope this works' thought Ninjor as he threw his sword up in the air. 'Come on, please.' Sure enough the sword pointed to one set of bombs. "He-Man! Give me your sword!" yelled Ninjor as he caught He-Man's sword and threw it up in the air, sure enough, it did like Ninjor's. As the sword's fell, Ninjor ran and caught them along with the explosives and threw them in the lake. "He-Man, catch!" yelled Ninjor as he threw He-Man his sword. "Now, behold your own evil Mumm-Ra." said He-Man as he caught the sword and held it so Mumm-Ra could see his reflection. "No!" yelled Mumm-Ra as he flew back to Third Earth. "So much for him." said Ninjor. "Curse you He-Man, next time, you will not win!" said Hiss as he went back to Snake Mountain with his army. At Castle Grayskull, "You sure yall don't want to stay here Heero?" asked Sonny. "No, we have to get back to our time." said Heero as he and Sonny shook hands as he, Relena, and the other gundam poilts left with their gundams. "I hope they'll be alright without you." said He-Man who was standing by Sonny's side. "They will." said Sonny as he head back to the palace to be with his family.