An Alternate to Secret of the Sword

-by Alexandra

Prince Adam and Princess Adora of Eternia were six-year-old twins. They had loving parents, King Randor and Queen Marlena, and they enjoyed playing by themselves or with their friend Teela, who was also six. Adam and Adora were cute children and looked quite a bit a like, the both of them having blond hair and blue eyes--except Adora's hair, obviously, was longer and was often tied back with a ribbon. The twins felt secure in their home, and they wanted for nothing. That was about to change, however. Adam, Adora, and Teela were in their playroom, playing with their toys. The twins' mother was watching over them, and she seemed worried. The children knew why. The twins' father as well as Teela's father Man-at-Arms were in battle, fighting off a group known as the Horde. The Horde was trying to take over Eternia. Teela wanted to play house. "Adam's the daddy, Adora the mommy, and I'm the beautiful lady next door," she said. "Now you have to invite me in for some tea." Marlena, who was looking out the window, looked briefly at the children and smiled. She was worried about her husband at the moment. The battle had been going on for quite some time. "They're retreating," Marlena whispered, tears of joy in her eyes. Her joy was short-lived, for the children started screaming. Marlena whirled around and saw Hordak and Skeletor standing in the doorway. "Get those children!" Hordak rumbled. Teela, who was quick, shot past them and out the door. She began looking for her father...he could help. "Never mind about that's the twins we want," said Hordak. Adora went over to her mother and clung on to her skirts. Adam began throwing toys at the villains to keep them at bay. "You get the girl, Hordak-- I'll get the boy," said Skeletor. Hordak went over to Marlena and shoved her aside and grabbed Adora. Marlena took hold of Adora's hand. "Not my children1" she shrieked. Meamwhile, Skeletor was having a hard time catching Adam. "You get lost!" said Adam. Hordak succeeded in tearing Adora from her mother's arms. "Get the boy and let's go," said Hordak, as he flew out the window with Adora. "Mommy!" Adora screamed. Skeletor had finally got hold of Adam when Man-at-Arms and Teela came in. Man-at-Arms fired a weapon at Skeletor, stunning him and causing him to let go of Adam. "Hordak has Adora," Marlena sobbed. "I tried to hold on to her...I wasn't strong enough...what will happen to her?" Ten years passed. Adora was now a beautiful sixteen-year-old girl. For the past ten years, Adora had put up with physical and mental abuse from Hordak. She was a Horde force captain, though she didn't want to be. From the time Adora was six, Hordak constantly threatened her, saying that even if she did break the spells Shadow Weaver put on her, he'd be able to find her and she'd suffer dire consequences. The spells Shadow Weaver put on Adora compelled the young girl to obey, but they couldn't erase Adora's memories of a happy childhood on Eternia, of her loving parents, of a twin brother who adored her. Adora did not dare to run away, as she was afraid that Hordak would find her. And he'd told her that the Whispering Woods would not let her in because she was a member of the Horde, so there was nowhere for her to run. Adora did not know that he'd lied about her not being able to enter Whispering Woods. She'd thought about trying to escape, go to the Woods, but she wasn't sure if they'd let her in. Besides, she was closely watched by Shadow Weaver. One night, Adora sat at the window in her room, which was in a tower. Behind her were only a thin mattress, a single pillow, and a thin blanket. She looked out over the land the Fright Zone occupied. Beyond that was the Whispering Woods, with its pastel-colored trees. She knew why Hordak had made her a force captain. It was to make it look like she was a voluntary member of the Horde. In a way it was a kind of mental torture, when she really thought about it. She wasn't wanted by the Horde and she probably was looked down upon by the Rebellion. She was alone. Adora rested her elbows on the sill and propped her chin up in her hands. Oh, how she wished she were back on Eternia, with her parents and brother and friends! There were rumors going around that Hordak was going to use her to bear children so they could be raised as Hordesmen. Adora didn't want that at all. She didn't want any child of hers taken from her as she was taken from her mother, and she certainly didn't want any of those Hordesmen near her. Enough of them had been eyeing her but so far hadn't tried anything with her. I have to get out of here. But how? she thought. It was time for bed. She'd have to get up before the crack of dawn tomorrow. Adora went over to the mattress and lay down on it. Fortunately it was a warm night and she didn't really need the blanket. Adora cried herself to sleep as she did many nights. How she wished her mother and father were there to comfort her when she woke up frightened because of a bad dream. Sometimes when she had a nightmare her brother would come in and sit down with her. She and Adam were so close and she missed him terribly. She could sense that he missed her as well. Adora felt so alone, so cut off from everything. Finally, she drifted off to sleep. Then she began to dream. In the dream there was a being of light, and it was talking to her. "Do not despair, Adora," said the light. "Good will come of this. You do not see it now but you will see it at a future time." "Who are you?" Adora asked. For so long she'd had this dream, and now this was the first time she'd be able to remember it clearly. Somehow it had kept her from believing a lot of lies Hordak told her. "You will come to know me in time," the being replied. "Adora, remember--you are a good and kind person. In the end good will triumph over evil." Adora woke up, wondering about the dream. Somehow it gave her hope. Prince Adam had been summoned to Castle Greyskull by the Sorceress. The minute he entered he asked, "Has there been anything about Adora yet?" "There may be," said the Sorceress. "A dream instructed me to open this one door." She led him to a lower level of the castle. There was a corridor, and it had doors on either side. One of them was open. "I don't want to tell Mother and Father that I'm going. They've had so many disappointments," said Adam. "They're starting to lose hope." As Adam entered the portal, the Sorceress said, "Good luck, Prince Adam." Adam's cowardly pet tiger Cringer was with him. "We'll need it," he whined. Adam came out of the portal and around him were pastel-colored trees. He was on a cobblestone path, and he followed it straight into the strange-looking forest. Soon Adam came to what looked like a camp. Several people looked up and stared at him, obviously wondering who he was. "Umm...hello," he said tentatively. A pink-haired girl with a purple headdress, dressed in purple, pink, and blue, came up to him. "I'm Glimmer, Princess of Bright Moon. What is your name?" she asked. "My name is Adam. What is this world? I came here to find someone." "This is Etheria," said a man with light red hair and a mustache. He had on dark blue leggings and a red cape. "I'm Bow. Who are you looking for?" "My twin sister Adora. She's sixteen, has blonde hair and blue eyes, and she was kidnapped by the Horde when we were six." "Adora? We know of one girl named Adora, and she's a Horde force captain," said Glimmer. "That's got to be her," said Adam. "And I'm sure my sister wouldn't be a member of the Horde." Just then, a frumpy old woman came riding in on a broom. They proceeded to crash into a tree. The old woman, who had purple skin and white hair, was half Adam's height and wore a red blouse and purple pants that had green patches. The brim of her red hat covered her face down to her cheeks and she peered through holes cut into the brim. A pinwheel adorned the top of the hat. "Madame Razz...are you all right?" asked Glimmer. "Oh dearie my yes. I was in such a hurry...the Horde is sending their force squad to enslave the entire village of Thaymor! They're not getting enough taxes out of the villagers." "Well, now you'll get to meet Force Captain Adora," said Bow to Adam. "I've heard tell that Adora has a streak of good in her. I don't know what that girl is doing with them," said Madame Razz. "I know. I'm her twin brother," said Adam. "She was kidnapped by the Horde when we were six, and I have to get her out of there." "You're her brother?" asked Madame Razz. "You sure look like her." "Well, let's go to Thaymor," said Glimmer. Adora didn't want to do this. She didn't want to enslave people, didn't want to be viewed as a cruel, heartless person. Her force squad was wanting to burn down the village to have fun. But they knew that she wouldn't let them do it. However, they were getting pretty close to mutiny. They were tired of her acting good. But Hordak for some reason had put her in charge. Adora, meanwhile, wished this were over with. She had to go through with it or she would be severely punished and she saw no way out. "Look! Rebels!" said Scorpia, pointing with one of her pincers. She seemed to be half-woman half-scorpion, was made that way by Horde science. Adora looked to her left. And she could not believe her eyes. Among them was a young man with blond hair and blue eyes. The blond man came closer. "Adora!" he called. "Who is he?' asked Scorpia. "Never you mind. You go with the others and round up the villagers. I'll deal with him myself," Adora replied. Scorpia obeyed. Adora ran towards the young man. "Adam!" she cried. She ran into her brother's arms. At last someone had come for her, to take her from the hell her life had been. "This is my twin sister," Adam said to the Rebels. "Adora, what are you doing with those guys?" "Oh, Adam, Hordak forces me to obey. Shadow Weaver puts spells on me, and Hordak beats me. I haven't been able to escape until now. I wanted to join the Rebellion and try to find a way home." Adora hugged her brother again. "We--we didn't know," Bow stammered. "It's all right," Adora said. "I'm on your side now. I actually managed to break away from them." Just then, shots came from stun beams. "We've been spotted!" said Glimmer. Confident now that Hordak wouldn't find her, Adora took her stun gun from the holster she was wearing and fired back, hitting the members of the force squad. They were caught off-guard as they certainly hadn't expected Adora to do that. "Now to free the slaves," Adora said. "Who's with me?" With the help of her brother and her new friends, Adora freed the villagers. "I was a slave myself," she said as she worked the controls inside the transport, Bow and Adam behind her. "Now I'm free, my mind is free. And I want to go home to Eternia. Adam, do Mother and Father miss me?" "Very much so," said Adam. "And I've missed you too." After the adventure in Thaymor, Adora went into the Whispering Woods with her brother and the Rebels. She could sense that she was welcome there. Adora sat down at the campfire and proceeded to tell her brother, as well as their new friends, what had happened over the past ten years. "I wanted so badly to escape," she concluded. "And there's always been this dream that I couldn't remember. Last night I was able to remember it. And today I found my brother again." She looked at Adam. "Do you think Mother and Father will still want me, after what I've done?" "Of course they will. You were forced to do Hordak's bidding, remember, and even if you weren't forced they'd still love you." "Adam, I want to go home now," said Adora. Hours later, Adora was in the throne room of the Palace of Eternia, happily running into her parents' arms. "Oh, my little girl!" Queen Marlena exclaimed. "We thought we'd never see you again!" "We're so glad you're all right," King Randor added as he hugged his daughter. "They were so mean to me," Adora told her parents, sounding almost like a child of six. "I wanted so badly to get away but I couldn't. They forced me to obey them." "Well, that's all over now and you're home with us," said Randor. Adora was so happy to be home. Her parents were as kind and understanding as she remembered them to be. One day when she was seventeen, she went out exploring with Orko, a Trollan who lived in the Palace. The Trollan looked like nothing more than a floating long-sleeved shirt. Yellow eyes peered out over a purple scarf; the rest of his face was obscured by the brim of a red hat, through which blue ears protruded. "Adam's told me so much about you," said Orko, who'd told how he'd rescued Adam from the Tar Swamps shortly after Adora's abduction. "I know he has. I missed him so when I was away," Adora replied. "Hey... look over there, that tall grass." Adora parted the grass and there lay a wounded white horse with a red mane. "Orko...go get Man-at-Arms," said Adora. "," said the horse, who was obviously a talking horse. Adora wasn't that much surprised, since Cringer could speak. "I am. Orko's going for help. My name is Adora." She went over, knelt down, and cradled the horse's head in her lap. The horse had a wound in his side that was bleeding. Adora stroked his head, comforting him. After about an hour, Man-at-Arms and Orko came in the Attak Trak. Man- at-Arms came out and looked at the horse's wound. "I think he'll be all right, we just need to get him to the Palace," he said. "I'll get him in the Attak Trak," said Orko, who used a levitating spell on the horse. For once his magic was working, and the horse drifted into the back of the vehicle. The horse took about two weeks to recover. Every day Adora came out to the stable to see him and talk to him. She eventually named him Spirit. When Spirit had recovered, he decided to stay with Adora, so grateful was he that she'd taken the time to help him. "I think we were made for each other," Adora said, though she wondered why she knew it to be true. A few days after the twins' eighteenth birthday, they were both summoned to Castle Greyskull, along with Man-at-Arms and Orko. Cringer and Spirit also came along. There the twins were given magic swords that would change them to He-Man and She-Ra. Adora decided to return to Etheria to help free that world from the Horde. She wanted to see justice done. And it goes from there... end.