Alliance of Three

by Teela

Queen Angella looked out on Etheria one last time and took a deep breath. Today was the day that she was to go to Eternia to visit King Randor and Queen Marlena and create an alliance between the free kingdoms of Etheria and the free planet of Eternia.

Her husband, King Mica, was going to stay at Brightmoon and spend some time with their daughter, Glimmer. She'd be on her own this time.

"Nervous?" Mica's voice asked behind her.

"Yes, but we need this alliance. With Eternia's help, we could drive out the Horde from the remaining kingdoms of Etheria. And with the two worlds united, the Horde wouldn't dare to bother either of our worlds again," Angella said. "Besides, this will give me a chance to meet the Sorceress of Grayskull and that in itself will be a real treat on this mission."

She turned back to her husband with a sad smile and hugged him, feeling as though she may never see him again.

"Don't worry. Glimmer and I need a chance to spend some time alone, and we'll be together again soon," he said.

"I know. You missed so much of her life already and I wouldn't dream of denying the rest of it to you. Come as soon as you can," she said.

"Are you ready, Queen Angella?" She-Ra's voice asked. Queen Angella turned to her and nodded, brushing away her tears.

"Yes, She-Ra. Farewell, Glimmer, Mica," she said as they took off together, She-Ra on Swift-Wind and Angella on her own large wings.

* * *

They landed in the middle of the plains and there She-Ra took out her sword and looked into the jewel.

"Sorceress, we are ready to come home," she said.

A woman appeared in the jewel and smiled. "Greetings, She-Ra and to you, Queen Angella. I'm opening the portal...now," she said as she disappeared. Before them, a dimensional gate opened and Angella walked into it, followed by She-Ra and Swift-Wind.

They walked out into a mysterious and rather spooky corridor. Angella knew immediately from She-Ra's descriptions that she stood within the walls of Castle Greyskull itself.

"Welcome home, She-Ra. And Welcome to Eternia, Queen Angella," the woman greeted. Angella looked her over carefully, admiring her uniform. It looked like real feathers and the Sorceress' cape created what looked like wings. Her face was framed by a falcon's stern eyes and beak and two feather-like structures covered her high cheekbones. She was a beautiful woman.

"Thank you, Sorceress. I am glad to meet you at last," she said. "And I you. When you are finished with your negotiations and treaty, I would like to spend some time with you. She-Ra and He-Man have told me much, but I would like to get to know you for myself," the Sorceress said with a smile. Angella smiled and nodded.

"And I have heard much of you. And I agree; it is always best to get to know a person with that person than from what you hear of them," Angella replied.

"Are you ready to go to the palace, your highness?" She-Ra asked. Angella nodded.

"Yes, She-Ra. Duty calls."

"I will accompany you to the Palace. I would also like to forge a treaty between this Castle and your own," the Sorceress said as she spread her arms. Together, they were teleported to the Court Yard of the Palace.

"Thank you, Sorceress! I would be honored--"

"As would I, Sorceress of Grayskull," a masculine voice rang out and She-Ra's sword floated out of its sheath and floated above them.

"Light Hope!" She-Ra exclaimed.

"Yes, it is only fitting that the two castles of power be part of an alliance between the two worlds," Light Hope replied.

"Then it shall be," the Sorceress said with a smile. They walked into the throne room and bowed together to King Randor and Queen Marlena.

"Queen Angella, Sorceress! This is a rare honor--"

"For us both, King Randor. It has been a long time since I was in the throne room of Eternia. The last time was when your father, King Miro, sat on the throne. I have come to help forge an alliance between Castle Grayskull, the Crystal Castle and Etheria," she said.

"Then let us convene to the negotiation chamber to forge our alliance," King Randor said as he and Marlena rose as one. They all followed, She-Ra with her sword out as Light Hope's emissary, Angella as the repesentation of Etheria's free kingdoms and the Sorceress as the representative of Castle Grayskull.

* * *

Skeletor watched with Hordak as the Sorceress, Queen Angella, She-Ra and King Randor and Queen Marlena walked out of the throne room.

"So, they're forging an alliance, huh? Well, I'll put a stop to that!" Hordak cried as he vanished from Horde Prime's chamber.

"And while that fool's doing that, I'm going to Grayskull. With the Sorceress away, I should be able to take it over easily," Skeletor laughed as he teleported himself back to Snake Mountain. "Beastman! Evil-Lyn, Trap Jaw, Kobra Khan! Mereman, Clawful! Come to the throne room at once!"

A moment later, all of his warriors assembled around the table in his throne room.

"What's going on, Skeletor?" Evil-Lyn asked.

"We're going to Castle Grayskull. It seems the Sorceress is away at the Palace so we are going to take advantage of that! To the Collector!"

* * *

Hordak walked out of the dimensional gate to find himself inside the Royal Palace of Eternia. He smiled as Shadow Weaver, Catra, Scorpia and Mantenna and Leach walked out after him.

"Remember, capture that Sorceress and Angella! I have no interest in She-Ra and the Eternian Royals; they won't serve our purpose. With Angella and the Sorceress of Grayskull in our hands, we'll be able to use their magic, and the magic of Grayskull, to take over the rest of Etheria and destroy the Rebellion," he said softly with a laugh. "Now, spread out!"

* * *

Three hours later, the treaty between Eternia and Etheria, and between Castle Greyskull, Etheria and the Crystal Castle was forged and signed. Light Hope sent a flash of lightning through the sword, which signed the treaty for him.

"There, it is done. We will send the necessary technology and engineers to help bring Etheria back up to our level of technology. When there is trouble, we will help," Queen Marlena said.

"As will I," the Sorceress said. "With the power of Castle Grayskull--"

"And the Crystal Castle," Light Hope volunteered.

"And the Crystal Castle to back up Etheria and the Rebellion, the Horde will be quite outmatched," the Sorceress said with a smile.

"And we'll be free. And what of Skeletor?"

"Skeletor will be outmatched by Castle Grayskull, the Crystal Castle and He-Man and She-Ra. He is persistant, but even that will wear thin when he sees what he has to face," the Sorceress said.

"I don't think so, Sorceress!" Hordak's voice cried.

"Hordak! How did you get here?" She-Ra asked as she took a hold of her sword.

"Guess. Take them!" he cried.

"I don't think so, Hordak!" He-Man cried as he came up on Hordak from behind. She-Ra tackled Catra and Scorpia. Angella trapped Leach and Mantenna in an energy field.

Suddenly, the Sorceress reeled!

"Sorceress, you must return to Grayskull at once! Skeletor is attacking the Castle!" the Spirit of Grayskull's voice rang in her mind. She gasped, feeling helpless. She was needed here as well!

"Sorceress, what's wrong?" Randor asked.

"Skeletor is attacking Castle Grayskull! I am needed--"

"Then go, Sorceress," Queen Marlena said.

"But, what of you?"

Queen Marlena smiled as Hordak and his crew was thrown back into a portal created by Angella.

"I think we're all finished here," she said.

"I'll go with you, Sorceress," Queen Angella said.

"As will we," She-Ra said as she and He-Man walked over together.

"Then we must go," the Sorceress said, spreading her arms. Again, they transported together to Castle Grayskull.

This time, they appeared outside it. The Sorceress was thankful that she had thought to bring the Crystal of Amenah with her. With it, she could retain her strength and her true form, along with her powers, outside of Castle Grayskull.

"We must get inside!" the Sorceress whispered to Angella. "There, I will be strongest."

"Then we must stand together. And, with Light Hope and the others--"

"It will not be enough! I have sent for Queen Castaspella as well as Queen Elmora. With all of you together, you will be able to defeat Skeletor and the others. They are inside already. Come quickly," the Spirit of Grayskull said in their minds.

"Did you hear that, Sorceress?" Queen Angella asked. The Sorceress nodded.

"It was the Spirit of Grayskull. He-Man, She-Ra, I need a diversion!" The Sorceress said telepathically.

"You've got one!" He-Man replied. He and She-Ra stood before Skeletor and his minions. "Hey, Skull-face! I think you forgot something," He-Man taunted. The Sorceress drew Angella into the background and made them invisible to the others. Angella flew off towards the castle while the Sorceress changed into Zoar the falcon and followed suit.

The Sorceress barely made it inside as the Crystal of Amenah's power wore off. A small blast singed her tailfeathers, but did not truly harm her. She changed inside and ran into the throne room, where Queen Elmora, Queen Castaspella, and Queen Angella awaited her.

Suddenly, the viewscreen showed Light Hope's image.

"I am linked to your Castle, Sorceress. What do we need to do?" he asked.

"We must raise an energy shield that Skeletor cannot penetrate. Then, we must attack with all we have to drive him into another dimension," she said. "Preferably, a prison zone."

"Then let's link together," Castaspella said and the four women joined hands. Light Hope sent a ray towards the Sorceress, linking with her directly and becoming part of the circle.

Together, they joined their powers and before they knew it, the Castle was protected.

"I will sustain the shield, Sorceress. You and the others must attack," Light Hope said.

"Thank you, Light Hope. Well, shall we?" the Sorceress asked.

* * *

She-Ra dodged a laser blast from Trap Jaw and sent Clawful flying into a nearby tree.

"Watch out for that first step!" she laughed.

"Laugh now, Warrior woman!" Evil-Lyn's voice rang as a long magic rope twisted around her. A moment later, the rope broke from around her.

Just then, Queen Angella, Castaspella and Queen Elmora came out of Castle Grayskull. They walked out of the protective shield and held up one hand while reaching it out towards the warriors. The Sorceress stood on the jawbridge and held out her hands towards Elmora and Angella, while looking directly at Castaspella.

"Ancients of Eternia, with this charge, I give to thee, all the evil warriors of this place and as we will, so mote it be!" she cried.

A blast of light hit Skeletor and his warriors and they disappeared with that flash of light. The protective shield around Grayskull disappeared and the Sorceress sank to the ground, Angella and the others following suit. She-Ra turned to He-Man and gave him a startled look.

"They'll need rest. Let's get them inside."

* * *

Two days later, He-Man and She-Ra embraced for a last time by the portal. Castaspella and Angella were giving their respects to the Sorceress and Elmora and they gave the twins their privacy as they said their good-byes.

"I only have a little cleaning up to do, Sis, but with the Sorceress' help, it'll be over soon. Then, I'll join you on Etheria for as long as Father can do without me. Teela, I'm sure, will be glad to come, too, for a while," he whispered. She nodded.

"Then I'll have a tent ready for each of you. If we can get all of the good sorcerers and rulers to unite on Etheria in one last battle, we'll overrun the Fright Zone and send Hordak and his kind away from Etheria," she told him.

"Then we will," he said.

She-Ra looked over to where the Sorceress and the others stood and smiled.

"It's amazing how they've forged a three-way alliance between Brightmoon, the Crystal Castle and Grayskull...and between Mystacore and Brightmoon and Phantos. It was always there, but now it's official. I wonder why they decided to do it now."

"Because they knew they needed it to get their people to help each other on an official level," he replied. "And because they understand each other's situation, I suppose."

"So, it's an Alliance of three times three times three," She-Ra said with a giggle. "And long overdue, I'm sure."

He-Man didn't say anything, but merely smiled and nodded. She followed his gaze and saw the four sorceresses standing together, forming a circle, a coven...a friendship. He looked back to her and she to him and he winked. With a smile, she winked back.