ADAM'S DESTINY writen by Divinia

Singing birds filled the Eternian sky as the sun hung high over the Palace. Gentle breezes swayed the leaves of trees. It was always a beautiful day on Eternia. Every one was doing their normal every day chores, Orko casting spells and making the King and Queen laugh. Teela was training with the Palace Guards out in the courtyard. Man-At-Arms was busy working on a new invention. For a long time now, Eternia was free of evil. But someday would return. For Adam this was no normal day, little did he know what lay ahead for him would change his life forever. The Prince of Eternia turns nineteen today. Adam wasn’t too excited about this birthday, it would be like another other birthday before. It was just like any other day. He got out of bed, took a shower and cleaned his room. Adam skimmed through a list of chores to be done. “Hmmm there are sky sleds that need charging, have to give Cringer a bath,...” “Bath?!” Cringer perked up. “Sorry ol’ pal but I have to!” Adam shrugged. “Ohhhno, anything but that.” he whined. Adam laughed and pat Cringer. “Common Cring, if you do this for me you can have my piece of birthday cake!” Adam hinted.

For Adam this was no normal day, little did he know what lay ahead for him would change his life forever. The Prince of Eternia turns nineteen today. Adam wasn’t too excited about this birthday, it would be like another other birthday before. It was just like any other day. He got out of bed, took a shower and cleaned his room. Adam skimmed through a list of chores to be done. “Hmmm there are sky sleds that need charging, have to give Cringer a bath,...” “Bath?!” Cringer perked up. “Sorry ol’ pal but I have to!” Adam shrugged. “Ohhhno, anything but that.” he whined. Adam laughed and pat Cringer. “Common Cring, if you do this for me you can have my piece of birthday cake!” Adam hinted.Oh oh oh CAKE!? Here I come!!” Cringer’s yellow eyes widened “Ohhh no!” Adam raised his hands up he knew when Cringer gets excited he pounces on Adam. Cringer playfully knocked Adam into the bathtub. “Well there’s my second bathing for the day!” Adam chuckled. “You two having a good time?” Teela giggled at the spectacle. Adam tried to get out of the tub but slipped on the way out, Teela couldn’t help but laugh. He fell at her feet and looked up at her with a silly grin. She just shoke her head laughing hysterically and left the room. Adam peeled off his wet shirt exposing his muscular body and changed into a dry one. “Sorry Adam.” Cringer lowered his head. Adam blushed bright red, “I can’t imagine what Teela is thinking of me right now.” “Oh Adam, she’s known you a long time, you always acted clumsy.” “I know Cringer, it’s just today is my birthday I was hoping I could mature a little more.” Adam sighed resting his chin on his hand.

“Adam, it’s still early in the day, remember it won’t happen over night.” “But I want it to happen now, Cringer.” “It will, my friend. It will.” Cringer reassured him. “I guess your’e right Cringer, thanks I appreciate it. Common we have to go charge the sleds and we’ll go take a walk out in the Forest, it’s a gorgeous day!” All these years, Adam felt a sense of emptiness and a bit of sadness inside. He felt a hole in heart but he didn’t know what it was and it tore him apart. He covered it up ever since he was a boy, and never told a soul how he felt. Even though he was the Prince of Eternia, he never felt like he was a prince, he just wanted to be treated like any one else. Questions and confusion swarmed Adam’s head searching for answers. “Who can I turn to?” he thought. “Can’t turn to my parents they’ll never understand what I’m going through. All my life I’ve been a goof ball, I could never help out when a town has been invaded. I want to help but nothing but a failure.” Adam tried to fight back the tears. Cringer looked up at Adam in deep contemplation, and saw his friend was very unhappy. “Adam, what’s wrong?” Cringer was worried. “I uhh had something in my eye Cringer it’s nothing.” Adam turned away from Cringer. The wise cat knew his friend better than that. “Hmmm no it’s not Adam, I’ve sensed you’ve been very unhappy for quite some time, please tell me?” Adam sighed and slumped to the forest floor. “Cringer, I don’t think you’d understand.” he rested his head on Cringer’s belly. “Try me.” he said. Adam rubbed his forehead and sighed. “Well Cringer I feel as if I have nothing to look forward too. What’s my purpose here? I want to be the Prince my father wants me to be but his ways aren’t mine. I want to be someone on this planet. You know what I mean Cringer?” “But you are Adam, your’e the Prince.” “But Cringer comon how can I carry on the Palace? I’m clumsy,a goof and immature.” “Adam listen to me, don’t be so down on yourself you have much to live for and much to give, trust me, it’ll come when you least expect it to.” the wise cat said. “I guess your’e right again Cringer.” Adam said as he drifted off to sleep. Cringer is Adam’s cowardly yet extremely intelligent pet tiger. The two are inseperable, he never left Adam’s side for a second and always offered advice to Adam. Here’s the story of how Cringer came to be.

Adam found Cringer when he was a baby. One day in the forest Adam was playing tag with Teela and his friends and he heard a wimpering cry from an animal. Adam combed through the lush forest and stumbled on an animal trap. The poor animal was a cute little green and yellowed striped tiger with his paw caught in the trap. Adam’s heart went out to the baby tiger. The abandoned creature looked up at Adam with his big helpless yellow eyes. Adam looked around to find his mother but there was no one in sight. Adam knelt down besides the tiger, figuring out what he could do to free him with out hurting him more than he was. He reached out his hands out to press the release lever on the trap then the animal cringed back and shoke in fear. “Easy, easy, you don’t want to hurt yourself more do you? I won’t hurt you, now let’s get you out of this.” Adam opened the trap and picked up the trembling tiger. He gratefully licked Adam’s face. “Hey cut that out!” Adam laughed. “I think I found a friend, hmmm what should I name you? Well I can’t think of anything now let’s get back to the Palace!” “Man-At-Arms, Man-At-Arms!!” Adam ran excitedly into Duncan’s workroom. “ Look what I found! He’s hurt though we have to help him!” Man-At-Arms looked up from his new invention he was working on.”Adam, easy lad calm down what’s wrong with him?” “Look!” Adam pointed at the tiger’s paw.”His paw was caught in a trap is he going to be okay? I looked for his mother but I think he was abandoned.” Adam said sadly. “I think he’ll be okay it’s just a flesh wound, hand me some medicine and bandages from my first aid kit. Well I don’t know about keeping him, what will your parents say?” “Oh they’ll let me I know they will besides he’s just a baby.” Orko curiously flew in “Hey! who’s that? Uh where did you get the tiger from Adam?! “ Startled at the sound of Orko’s voice, the tiger buried his head into Adam’s shirt. “Heey it’s okay little one! That’s Orko he won’t hurt you!” Adam comforted him. “O-O-O-Orko? He’s scary!” The tiger whimpered and covered his eyes with his big paws. “You? You can,..speak?!” Adam was surprised. “Doesn’t everybody?” he said. “Hmmph! Scared of me?!” grumbled Orko and poofed out of sight. “T-t-thanks for helping me!” he licked Adam’s face again. “My pleasure my friend. Are you still in pain?” “A-a-a little bit.” he quavered. “What’s going on in here, Duncan?” Randor and Marlena walked in. “Well your son found a tiger that was caught in a animal trap sire, we were just dressing his wounds.” “Ohh what a beautiful tiger Adam?” Marlena admired and bent down to pet the creature. “There were never any tigers like him on Earth!” “Can I keep him mother please father can I?” Adam pleaded. “Absolutely not Adam!” Randor put his foot down. “Randor, why not? Adam’s been asking for a pet for a while why not let him keep the tiger?” Marlena asked. “Pleeeaase!?” Adam and the tiger both begged together. Randor was shocked. “Ummm Adam the tiger talks?!” “I know father please can I? I’ll take care of him!” “Oh very well son. What’s his name anyway?” Just then the kids ran in like a stampede scared the daylights out of the tiger he hid his way inside Adam’s shirt again. “Hey Adam how is that that tiger you rescued?!” Adam stuttered “Umm er well umm,..” as he looked down at the frightened tiger. “Hee hee! Wow what a scaredy cat! Some tiger Adam!” the kids taunted. “Cringer, cringer, cringer fraidy cat fraidy cat!!!” They chanted. Adam frowned at the children. “I don’t care I’m keeping him.” “CHILDREN, stop it this instant! I will not tolerate such behavior!” The King boomed. “Sorry your Highness,....” the children bowed their heads and left the room, Teela stayed behind with her father Man-At-Arms. Randor put his hand on Adam’s shoulder. “It’s okay son. You can keep him, why don’t you call him Cringer?” “Cringer? But,..but we were only kidding? Teela laughed at Adam. “That’s no name for a tiger Adam! I don’t understand why you would want to keep a scaredy cat of a tiger!?” Adam ignored the children and Teela’s rantings, the cat purred happily as Adam walked out of the room. “I will call him Cringer.” Adam said. From then on the two were inseparable. Cringer always slept in Adam’s room, sat by Adam’s feet at the dinning table. Little did they both know how important they are to each other. Even at the sound of thunder frightened Cringer out of his wits. But Adam didn’t care, it was Cringer’s loyalty and friendship was all he really cared about. As two grew up, their bond grew stronger like any animal to human relationship. This event surpassed them all.

Just then, an out of breath Adam ran into Man-At-Arms workshop to avoid confrontation from his parents for being late. “Adam, Happy Birthday lad! Why are you out of breath?” Cringer answered for him. “Adam seemed to forget it was his birthday.” he taunted. Duncan chuckled “Hee hee! It happens Cringer!” “Thanks Duncan we over slept in the forest.” Adam said. “I was just thinking that my birthday will be just like every other birthday I’ve had. Just as boring as the next. How will I run the Kingdom when my father steps down? I feel as if I’m not ready, Duncan I’m a clutz how could I?” “Well Adam I can’t tell you much now but it will all change, I promise you. We must make a journey later on tonight.” Where are we going? Adam asked curiously yet slightly uninterested playing with one of Duncan’s gadgets. “It involves you, me and Orko. That’s all I can say now, but I promise you Adam, all your questions will be answered.” Duncan nudged Adam’s leg that the King was standing right behind him. Adam’s eyes widened “Hee heey Dad! What’s up?!” Adam cracked a shamefaced smile. “Adam, where have you been the guests are arriving now!” Randor crossed his arms and gritted his teeth at Adam’s indolent behavior. “Gee,..I um,..well me and Cringer were,...” Adam stammered. “Adam please! Spare me the details, remember who you are! The Prince of Eternia and aire to the throne. I wish you’d act more like a Prince.” Adam stood up straight like a soldier.“ Son, relax. I’m sorry I just worry for you sometimes. This is your day you enjoy it to the fullest!” Randor patted Adam’s shoulder. “Happy Birthday son! Comon let’s go it’s going to be a great birthday for you!” Cringer followed Adam and Randor as Man-At-Arms lead them into the Banquet Hall. The Hall was elegantly decorated with balloons and streamers, all of Adam’s child-hood friends were there. Cringer took one look at all the people and shrieked with terror, and hid behind Adam’s legs. All the girls huddled up to gawk at the handsome hunky prince. “He’s sooo cute,” one whispered. “I wonder if he has a girlfriend?” another murmured. “And look at that body!” another sighed. Adam overheard what the girls were saying about him, he blushed bright red. He was about to turn away but he thought what the heck! “Hello ladies!” The girls turned around frazzled at the sound of Adam’s voice. “Ohhh your Highness!” they bowed. “Please ladies please there’s no need for that. Thanks for coming, shall we chat later?” he asked coyly. The girls bubbled with laughter “Yes your Highness of course and Happy Birthday!” they all said together. Teela peaked out from behind the curtain “Hmmph!” the jealous beauty stormed off to get a drink. “One day, Adam. Just one day.” she sighed.He has indeed grew very charming and goodness, what a physique she thought to herself. Adam is modest, very sweet, caring yet irresponsible and immature at times. He could never be a warrior like she was. The female captian of the Royal Guard, very skilled, resourceful and responsible. Something Adam never could be because of his carelessness and child like attitude toward his royal life. They had grown up like brother and sister. But Adam couldn’t see Teela as more than a friend, she was too much like the sister he never had to even consider it. “Addddaam!” Orko nearly knocked down Adam. He was another one of Adam’s buddies, long time ago Orko saved Adam and Cringer’s lives when they were little. Ever since then he was welcomed into the Royal family. “Orko!” Adam yelled. Orko gave Adam a high five and a neck hug. “So how old are you now?! Geesh seems like it was only yesterday since I came here from Trolla! Happy Birthday my friend! Heey! Those are very pretty girls falling at your feet there Adam!” Orko winked. “Hee hee! Thanks Orko, yes they are indeed pretty.” he fidgited his feet together. “Orko I have to talk to you it’s important.” Adam was serious. “Kay Adam I’m going to get some food I’m starving! Comon Cringer!” Cringer licked his lips.”Mmmmm Wait for me Orko!” Marlena walked over to Adam.” Happy birthday my son! So how does it feel to be 19? Goodness how did you have grow up to be such a attractive young man. The girls are swarming at you!” Adam chuckled ”Yes I know mother but I’m shy when it come to women. It’s hard for me to talk to them.” “Trust me son, you’ll know when the time is right.” she reassured him. “Indeed you will my son, you are a fine prince, you just have to learn to keep track of time.” Randor teased. “Come let us celebrate!!” “Excuse us your Highness, I need to talk to Adam for a moment?” said Man-At-Arms. “Course Duncan course! Come my dear Marlena let’s feast!” “Adam, it’s time.” he placed his hand on Adam’s shoulder. “Duncan, where are we going?” Adam shivered with tingles down his back. He had no idea what to expect but he had a feeling it was to change his life. “It’s time to fulfill your destiny.” “Destiny what kind of destiny?!” Adam was confused “Adam please ask no questions until we get there. Get the Wind Raider ready.”

The full moon rose high above the Summer night sky. Adam was in mere suspense “Are we almost there Duncan?” he asked eagerly. Adam looked over the side of the Wind Raider as they passed through the Evergreen Forest. Wind blew through his blonde hair, whiping about his face. “There it is, Castle Grayskull.” Duncan announced. “Castle Grayskull? What is this place?” Adam’s eyes widened curiously. Lightning lit up the night sky illuminating the frightening skull face. Orko gaped at the horrific castle. “Wow what a strange castle!I’ve never felt such power! It’s unlike any I’ve ever felt!” as he gazed in amazement down the dark abyss humming with imense power. They landed the Raider before the profound castle. Adam glared in awe, for he knew not what was going to happen tonight. He felt a strange beckoning towards the castle that left him bewildered. Suddenly the drawbridge magically opened. Duncan led Adam with Orko close by his side. He was enthralled by the mystical castle, his eyes wandered the corridor and up towards the magnificient ceilings. Adam felt a sense of comfort and security, that this place was his personal haven. A place to escape. “Welcome Prince Adam.” a soft and gentle female voice came out of no where. Adam turned around in all directions. “Duncan? Who is that?!” But Man-At-Arms would not answer him. Orko just stood in astonishment for he did not know what was going on either. Suddenly a orange and blue feathered falcon appeared before them transforming into the radiant Soceress. “I am the Soceress, the mystic Guardian of Castle Grayskull.” “Pleased to meet you Soceress. But why am I here?” Adam was astonished, he stood speechless before this Goddesslike woman. The Soceress began. “Long ago a child was born to the King and Queen of Eternia who was to fulfill a very special destiny. It was written by the Council of Elders that on this day of your 19th birthday you were to recieve this sword. Evil has swarmed Eternia looking for the one, the champion, the hero who is to defend and protect the innocent of this planet from the grip of evils, and to uphold that which is right. You Adam, are that Champion.” Magically with a simple gesture a magnificient sword appeared to them. “ME?! A champion? A hero?” Adam pointed to himself. “But, but ,but I’m a goof! What can I do to protect Eternia? The Soceress progressed. ”But Adam listen to me, that is to be to your advantage. I will tell you why in a moment. This is the Sword of Power, hold it and you will intuitively have all the knowledge and wisdom by power of Grayskull. Guard this sword with your life, it is the source of your strength as is Castle Grayskull.” The Sword floated over to Adam, as soon as he touched it a gush of tonicity jetted through every vein in his body. His body jolted, his hands tingled with excitement as he grabbed the sword with both hands. He studied the magnificient sword, he swung it around as if he was a child with a new toy. He ran his hand along, studying every curve of the sword. The Power Sword seemed to whisper to him although Adam could not make out what the small voice was saying. He strained to hear them, in a strange way the words comforted him and guided him. “By the Power of Grayskull, Adam.” it whispered. “You are the One, the Chosen One.” Orko, Duncan and the Soceress looked on. He raised the Power Sword high over his head and for the first time, Adam was never so sure of anything in his life and shouted out the words that changed his life forever. “By the Power of Grayskull!” Adam’s voice echoed through the Castle as the marvelous transformation took place. Lightning surged from the tip of the sword and engulfed Adam’s body. Deafening thunder roared about as Orko and Duncan clasped their hands over their ears. The Soceress smiled and continued to look on. A mystical white light danced around his transformed body, he was now He-Man. He grasped the sword with both hands and shouted out. ”I have the Power!!! and held it to his chest. Proudly the Soceress announced. “You are He-Man Champion of Eternia and the most powerful man in the Universe, you possess a strength no other living mortal will ever have.” Adam looked at himself as He-Man for the first time. He still felt like Adam on the inside and even had Adam’s thoughts yet he felt more confident and stronger. The soft whispers that he heard before were now more audible and clearer. “Soceress, these voices? What are they? Who are they?” “The spirit of the Power Sword, He-Man it will guide you and supply you with all the knowledge you need and I as well.” His body was tan and beautifully scuplted. After the transformation his muscles grew to hulk like size. He stood in awe gazing at his half naked body, only wearing his furry underwear which now turned brown, with a orange belt around his waist. He crossed his arms over his bare chest and sheepishly grinned at the beautiful woman that stood before him. Adam went from fully clothed to barely any clothes! “That’s it! All the women of Eternia will flock at your feet now Adam!” Orko cracked. He-Man just chuckled as he studied the magnificient sword. “Soceress, I feel so different and these words of wisdom pass through me like a pane of glass!” “You have just recieved the limitless knowledge and wisdom of Grayskull, it will help you with the fight against evil. And now for the Vow of Virtues, He-Man do you promise to protect the weak, the innocent and to defend Eternia from all evil. To sustain all that is right and good. Do you vow to respect all life, even the lives of the evil ones?” For the first time Adam was given a responsibility that at last he could handle, a capitol duty to serve and protect Eternia. This gift he recieved is indeed an honor he will not take for granted. “I will Soceress, I promise. This is the most wonderful gift I have ever recieved Soceress I am honored.” he kneeled and bowed his head before the Soceress. “You are quite welcome He-Man, all along this was your destiny, your birth-right, the Power Sword is rightfully yours.” The Soceress waived the Power Sword over He-Man’s head then all of the sudden a grey harness with a equal armed cross appeared on his chest. “I have another gift for you He-Man. This will help add to your strength and power, it’s made of coridite the most powerful element on Eternia.” she continued. He-Man slowly rose to his feet, his eyes meet the Soceress’s deep eyes. She smiled and put her hand on his shoulder. “ You will make us all proud Adam, I’m very glad you were the chosen one.” “Thank you again Soceress for a life worth fulfilling.” “Now go home and rest, it has been a long night for you.” “How do you feel?” asked Duncan. “Awesome but since this is all so new to me, still feels weird to be like this! To have an alter ego. Can I tell my parents or Teela about this?” “That’s what we need to talk about, no one but Duncan, Orko and I should know this secret, and that is why you must act like a fun loving care free prince that you always were, this will guard your alter ego. That’s why I summoned you as well Orko.” interupted the Soceress. “But, but why me Soceress?” Orko asked. “Orko, because you are one of Adam’s best friends and to be quite honest, the less people know, the better. It can endanger Adam’s life as well as others if Skeletor were to find out.” forboded the Soceress. “Skeletor?! Who is that?” He-Man stood on guard. “An evil demon who is to arrive here very soon. You will know him when you see him, and he you. He will not be an easy foe to defeat, he is very crafty and devious. But that is why your friends are here to help you as will all future friends. I will forwarn you telepathically of any danger that comes to Eternia. And I must warn you again it can be anytime of the night He-Man, also you will encounter great joys and great saddness. The life of a hero is never a easy one, He-Man and that is why we are all here for you. You will never be alone.” “That’s okay Soceress, I understand, if I’m needed, I’m needed. I will do anything to defend Eternia and Grayskull at anytime.” Orko clapped his hands ”Yeahooo! I will always be by your side He-Man, nobody will mess with us!” He threw air punches. “What a day eh?” Duncan smiled and placed his hand on Adam’s muscular shoulder. “Hee hee yes it was, my friend.” his eyes began to droop. “Soceress how can I change back?” “All you have to do is say-Let the power return and you will transform back to Adam. Or just concentrate on changing back and you magically transform. He unsheathed the sword and said “Let the Power Return!” Instantaneously he was Adam again. For the first time in his life Adam felt a sense of maturity, confidence he never had before. The milestone that was laid before him changed him forever. He saw things in a new and different light. “Then go my friend, get some rest you have much to think about, and be well!” “Thank you Soceress, until we meet again!” Adam waved. “Good-bye my friends and come visit me often!” “Count on that Soceress!” Orko winked at the beautiful woman.

It was late when the three returned to the Palace, everyone was asleep. The Palace was dark with the exception of the dim candle light that illuminated the hallways. Duncan escorted Adam to his room, Orko bowed, “Good night my prince.” he bowed and floated to his room. “ ‘Night Orko.” smiled Adam. “Boy I sure do have alot to think about, I’m way to excited and I won’t be able to sleep! You knew all along what was going to happen to me tonight didn’t you Duncan?” “The Soceress and I both knew, I promised her I’d never say a word about it, until this day. You’ve grown up to be a fine young prince Adam, I’m very proud of you too and remember He-Man is apart of you now and always will be. But like the Soceress said you must act like you were before, or else every will figure it out, and that can be very dangerous to you as well as your parents. Take it slowly, it’ll take some time to get used to to have such incredible power.” “I know Duncan.” Adam yawned, his eyes hung heavy. “Get some rest lad, I’ll see you in the morning.” Adam hugged his friend and then entered his room, illuminating moon light softly lit his inviting bed. Cringer was fast asleep spawled across the rug. He knelt beside the tiger and scratched behind his ears. Cringer stired and stretched, “What happen to you tonight? Where did you take off to?” “Oh I’m sorry Cringer, I didn’t mean to wake you.” Adam whispered. “Something amazing my friend. I cannot tell you know though go back to sleep.” Adam magically unsheathed the power sword from his back and placed in behind the book shelf. He quitely crept into bed, laid down on his back and put his hands behind his pillow as thoughts ran through his head. Adam stared up at the ceiling, thinking about Skeletor, where and when he would strike. It only put Adam more on guard. He struggled to keep his eyes open but his tiredness defeated him as he drifted off to sleep. Then suddenly he heard a sinister laughing of a gruesome demon with a face of a skeleton and cold blue skin appeared before him. Adam jumped up, his heart pounded. It was Skeletor, but it was only a dream at last he knew who he was. The early morning light shown through the window, he rubbed his eyes and fell back onto the bed and covered the sheets over him. Adam curled up in a ball and tried to go back to sleep but the morning light pierced through the sheets. Cringer remained unaffected by the light, “Looks like you had more sleep than I did my friend,..” Adam leaned over his bed and petted Cringer. He leaned his head on his hand with the other arm over the side of the bed.

Just as he finally started to fall asleep, there was a knock at the door. “Adam!? You up?!” a female voice called. It was Teela. “Why now!?” he snarled to himself. He ignored her knocking as she continued. “ADAM!!??” she opened the door and stood crossed armed. Her eyes wandered down every inch of the young Prince, who was practically naked, wearing only furry underwear. She blinked her eyes in amazement. “Uhmmm, rough night huh?” she shoke her head from the daze she was in. Adam could feel her glance over his body, he was too sleepy to care what she did. “Ohh there’s no use in faking sleeping.” he mumbled. “I must of drank too much,...” he muttered rubbing his head languidly looking up at her. “I have a headache.” “I’ll say Adam, you were drinking shot after shot after shot with your friends! Not to mention you walked off with that girl.” she joked. Adam sneered at her then turned over to the other side of his bed covering his head with a pillow. “Comon Teela lemme sleep my head hurts,..” he fibbed. “Adam there is much to do today,...I,..” she made excuses to stay in the room with him. Adam interupted her, “Teela, who are you? My mother? Leave please!” He commanded her to leave his room. Only when he was extremely grouchy he dismissed Teela the way he did. She stormed angerly out of Adam’s room, and went to go talk to her father in his work room. Duncan was working on a new sensor device to alert the guards of any danger. “Morning Teela, what’s wrong? Oh had me that wrench?” “Father, it’s Adam, he’s not up yet.” Duncan couldn’t help but to chortle. “ What are you laughing at father? Did you see Adam last night making a spectacle of himself!” Duncan grinned. “Hee hee Teela relax, it was his birthday, I’m sure you’d would have done the same. Leave him be he’s had a long night, he’ll get up when he’s sobered up.” “But he has chores to do today?!” Teela nagged. “Teela I’m sure his parents will forgive him, beside you can help me out with this sensor and help me around the work room today.” “Very well father, where should I start?”

Adam's Destiny-continued

Meanwhile Adam finally got up, still very overwhelmed by last night and very much sleepy. He stumbled out of bed nearly tripping over Cringer. “Sorry pal.” “Watch where ya going Adam!” he growled. He took a shower, got dressed and headed over to Duncan’s work room. He placed the sword on his back and it magically disappeared from sight. Hoping he wouldn’t run into his parents, he tip-toed cautiously to Duncan’s work room. “Hey Duncan.” Adam said in a low voice, rubbing his tired eyes. “Morning Adam, how did you sleep last night?” “Not good, I had,...” “Adam, so good to see you up!” Teela marched around the corner. “Umm Teela could you excuse Adam and I for a moment?” “Yes father, I’m gonna go practice my manuevers out in the courtyard and Adam we have training to do.” Adam rolled his eyes. Teela left the room. “So son, you had a what?” Duncan continued. “I had a strange vision, it was Skeletor!’ What did he do in this vision?” “Nothing, I just heard an evil erie laugh and he appeared right before me, then disappered as fast as he came! I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.” “Hmm perhaps we should go see the Soceress again? She will know what’s going on.” “My feelings exactly!” Adam exclaimed.”But first I have to go see my parents, they thought I was a little wasted last night! Hee hee!” Adam walked down the long adorned hall to the throne room where his mother and father were sitting. “Hello mother, father. “Hello my son, your’e just in time to help out with the problems in Colkna!” Randor said. Adam perked up. “Problems? What kind of problems?” He thought of the Soceress’s warning of Skeletor. Randor nearly fainted, he never knew that he took such interest before in the problems of towns. “Adam, since when did you acquire an interest in the problems of Eternia? Well since you asked it’s just the usual fighting over acres of farm land and such.” “Father, I figured since I am the Prince that I could help out in anyway I could.” “Uh ohh.” Adam bit his lip. He remembered the Soceress’s warning to act like his usual self. “Umm I uh just remembered I have to go practice with Teela! I’ll uhh see you later!” as he ran out of the room. Randor slouched disgustedly in his throne, “What is the matter with that boy, Marlena?! One minute he’s interested and the next!” “Now now dear he’s had quite a night of partying, don’t who remember when you were 18?” “Well of course I do dear, I just want him to mature a little.” Randor lowered his voice. “I just want him follow in my foot steps.” “Randor I know Adam has great respect for you, but it’s hard for him to talk to you because you’re hard on him sometimes. You have to loosen up a bit, be less strict with him. Try to be interested in what he’s interested in, you’ll see that things will be different.” “Perhaps your right dear.” Randor said calmly. “I know I’m right Randor. A mother always is, and she knows her children. I sense he feels a little lonesome inside, I worry about Adam growing up without his sister. “Our little girl.” she sobbed. “Remember our little girl?” A tear swelled in Randor’s eye. “How could I not? She was an absolutely beautiful baby, her and Adam, our two bundles of joy, we couldn’t have been more blessed.” Then Randor had rage in his eyes. “But until those monsters Hordak and Skeletor came and took her away. Who knows what became of her.” “I think about her every day Randor. Wondering what could of been if they’d both grown up together, sharing that comon bond that twins do. Recently every time I look into Adam’s eyes I see an eternal sadness. He will never know what it’s like, Randor. I can not bare to tell him what has happened to his sister. Yet he will be upset that we never told him.” wept Marlena. “It is for the best right now, Marlena. It’s best he doesn’t know it’ll only upset him more. We must have faith that she will return someday.” “I hope so dear...I hope so.” Randor hugged Marlena. In the meantime at Grayskull, “Adam so good to see you again! Is some thing wrong?” greeted the Soceress. “ Hello Soceress, I...I, had a terrible vision,...” Adam began. “Adam, I know, it was Skeletor, he’s back on Eternia.” “He is?! Wait a sec?! He was here on Eternia before?! When? How?” Adam clenched his fists. “Where is he now?!” “Adam you were just a baby when Skeletor was here long ago, but your father and the magic of Grayskull drove him away.” “Easy lad.” Duncan calmed Adam down. “He rains in a dark place called Snake Mountion in far off Eternia.” warned the Soceress. Suddenly she grasped her head as if she was in pain. “What is it Soceress?!” Adam rushed to her side. “I have just recieved a strong sense of danger coming from the Palace!! Skeletor is there!” terror echoed threw her voice. Without another word Adam raised the sword high over his head. “BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!” Adam’s voice boomed. Bolts of lightning radiated from the tip of the sword, glistening through Adam’s body. In a piercing bright white light he was He-Man, “I HAVE THE POWER!!” he cried holding the magnificient sword to his chest. “Cringer! I have to find Cringer! Soceress where is he?!” The Soceress winced in pain. “In the Jungle where you first found him, hurry He-Man! He will help you with Skeletor.” He-Man ran swiftly to the woods where Cringer wandered off. “Cringer!! Cringer where are you?!” He cut through the lush green forest. Cringer was close by and heard a voice that wasn’t Adam, started to whimper. He-Man smiled when he heard him. “Cringer, it’s only me.” He-Man walked through the bush. “Huh?!” Cringer’s eyes bulged and traced over Adam’s transformed body. “A,A,Adam?!” He-Man bent down to pet the tiger, “No time to explain, hold still.” he unsheathed his sword and pointed at the jittery tiger. “Trust me Cringer this won’t hurt a bit. We’re needed.” he assured him. For the first time Cringer was transfomed into the mighty BattleCat. The once aprehensive cat grew to a mammoth size with razor sharp claws that would tear a tree to shreads. He wore a oversized red spiked helmet and saddle. “Cat, you look great! Hee hee!” He-Man joked. BattleCat let out a piercing roar as He-Man jumped on his back. “Not so bad yourself!” he growled. “Common Cat let’s go introduce ourselves.”

Meanwhile at the Palace, Skeletor was making himself known. Neither the guards, Duncan or Teela could fight him. Randor and Marlena were tied up and put in the Dungeon below. Adam was no where to be found. “I am Skeletor future King of Eternia.” he boosted. “Not today you aren’t!” announced He-Man. “Would you care to fight over it steroid head?!” Skeletor hissed as he pushed Teela to the ground. He-Man rushed to her side, no one pushes his best friend around. “Teela you alright?” she looked into He-Man dark eyes, there was something familier about him. Nahh it couldn’t be she said to herself. “I’m, uh fine umm.” she stuttered. He helped her up and grabed Skeletor by the throat and lifted him up. “If I ever see your ugly mug around here again, you’ll be facing me!” He-Man growled. “Heehheeeheehaaa! Very well He-Man, but next time you won’t be so lucky!” he poofed out of sight. “Phew thanks He-Man.” Duncan said. “You got here in the nick of time.” “Welcome my friend, you know I’ll always be here!” he winked.”My parents!” he whispered. “Skeletor has them in the dungeon, let’s go get them.” Teela walked over fixing herself. “Who are you?” she asked curiously. “I’m called He-Man. I was sent here from far off Eternia, I’ll always be around when I’m needed Teela you can count on that.” Teela just stood in awe as eyes explored the handsome man before her. “He-Man, the King and Queen are locked in the dungeon!” Duncan said. “Comon let’s move!” he said. The two ran down to the dungeon where his parents were. He was careful not to call them mother and father. “King Randor Queen Marlena are you alright?” he asked worriedly. “Who are you?” Randor’s eyes widened. “I’m He-Man your majesty I’m here to help defend Eternia.” He opened the gate. “Well young man I’m certainly glad to see you!” Randor shoke He-Man’s hand. “Is Skeletor gone?” “For a short while I’m sure. But he’ll be back and I’ll be here to face him. I have to go now your majesties but I’ll be around when I’m needed.” he assured them and sighed a relief that his parents were okay. “Common Cat!” “What a magnificent man!” Marlena watched He-Man walk away. “Indeed yes Marlena praise the Soceress for such a champion to be on our side! Now, where’s Adam?” as they walked up the stairs to the throne room Adam peeked down on them from the top of the stairs.”Mother, father what are you doing down there?” Randor and Marlena looked at each other. “Adam where were you through this whole fiasco?” “I was helping out with the problems in Colmay, father. Why? What happened here?” Adam played dumb. “You missed Eternia’s new Champion, He-Man. He drove Skeletor out of the Palace!” “Wow! How exciting! Wish I was there to see it!” fibbed Adam, smiling at Duncan.

After his first battle with Skeletor, Adam needed to rest. “Boy, being a hero sure is tough work! But I enjoy it, Cringer. It’s changed my life!” “And mine too.” Cringer growled. “You could of told me first before you transformed me into that brute BattleCat! I wasn’t myself, I turned into this monsterous beast ripping things to shreds!” Adam laughed. “I’m sorry ol’ pal but we were needed, I had no time to explain to you. Now I can. Well, remember yeasterday I was talking about an emptiness I was feeling inside. Hoping my 19th birthday would bring a change in my life.” Adam grinned. “You seem happier than you normally were, yeah and,..?” “Cringer, came!” “What do you mean, Adam?” Cringer asked. “I’ve been given a wonderful destiny, Cringer and you too, it’s changed me dramatically!” Adam’s eyes sparkled. “I’m a hero now, Cringer! Can you believe it?! Me. The Champion of Eternia, and you my friend are my partner in battling evil!” “I’m proud to be by your side Adam, but, but I hate becoming that dreadful BattleCat, I get all wild like.” Cringer whined. “Cringer, you have to admit you like it though!” Adam patted him on the head. “Well,..I guess I’d have to get used to it, Adam.” “Me too, pal. Me too.”