He-Man: In today's show we saw that Skeletor tried to...

<Skeletor busts in>

Skeletor: Hey, how come I never get to do one of these things?

He-Man: That's because you're the villain. Only heroes are allowed to tell the moral. Besides, what kind of moral would you tell anyway?

<Skeletor thinks for a moment>

Skeletor: Well, for example, I could tell them that today I got my ass kicked because I was a EVIL DICKWEED! So if you don't want to get your ass whooped on a daily basis then don't be an EVIL DICKWEED!

He-Man: Hmmmm, well I guess I could let you do one then. Ok, go for it.

Skeletor: Today's moral doesn't come from today's episode. Like He-Man's don't get carried away with sweets moral, or Ram-Man's don't ram your head into things moral. No, today's moral comes from another story. You see there was once this shepherd who was tending his sheep. He was bored so to get a little excitement he started to scream wolf. All the villagers ran to his aid but when they got there of course, there was no wolf. He kept this up for a couple of days and finally one day there really was a wolf. He cried wolf as loud as he could but no one came. Then, the wolf ate him. So you see children the moral of this story is while it's ok to lie, never tell the same lie twice.

He-Man: That's good adv*, wait a minute, what kind of moral is that? Skeletor: It's my moral, a moral of evil.

He-Man: Oh yea? I got your moral right here!

<He-Man jumps Skeletor aand delivers massive rights and lefts to his boney skull>

<After wailing away on Skeletor for a minute He-Man realises they are still on camera>

He-Man: Ok kids, sorry about that. The moral of this moral is never trust someone who is evil.

== Stirb, du Schweinehund von einem Rebellen! Lord Hordak