The Genealogy of the Royal Family.

                     King Miro  +  ???
          =                                            =
      King Randor  +  Queen Marlena                ? Keldor?
         =                     =
    Prince Adam        Princess Adora

King Miro was the ruling king when Randor was a prince. The name of his wife remains unknown. Also not much is mentioned of Miro in the cartoon.

Randor is the son of King Miro. Randor is known as the King of Eternia, and is also a brave warrior. Randor is often shown in the cartoon, but usually he is busy ruling his kingdom.

Originally from Earth, Marlena Glen, (probably designed to be a descendent of astronaut John Glenn), crashed landed her spaceship on the planet of Eternia. There she met and fell in love with King Randor. After becoming Queen, she gave birth to Adam and Adora. In the cartoon, she is often seen with Prince Adam or with King Randor.

Rumors have it that King Randor had a brother during his youth. Randor's brother, Keldor, is stated that he use to study magic until it overpowered him and destroyed him. Rumors also have it that Keldor went over in to the Dark Lands to achieve this magic. Several rumors indicate that Keldor is actually Skeletor. In the mini-comic called "The Search For Keldor", Randor and the sorceress looks for Keldor and Skeletor states that "they're close...too close...for that kind of power could destroy me". Whether or not Skeletor is Keldor, it is still unclear of who Keldor actually was.

The young Prince of Eternia, Adam is actually a hybrid of an Eternian and an Earthling. Adam, although a prince, enjoys much of his time either sleeping or fishing, that is when he is not He-man. At the age of 19, the Sorceress gave Prince Adam the Sword of Power, which allowed Adam to become He-man. Adam's Girlfriend could be either Teela or Glimmer (from the She-ra series). Teela always seemed to have some type of relationship with Adam, but yet when ever Adam visits Ethernia, Glimmer is there flirting around with Adam.

Like her twin brother, Adam, Adora is also a hybrid Eternian/Earthling. Adora, however, was kidnapped by the Horde when she was a baby. After growing up in the Horde on Ethernia, He-man ventured there and convinced her of leaving the Horde. She then received the Sword of Proction, which made he become She-ra. Adora then joined the Rebellion against the Horde on Ethernia, to make amends for her past. In the cartoon, Adora had a relationship with a warrior named Bow. She also had a brief relationship with a guy named Sea Hawk.

O.K., most people are like "What the !?! Who in the heck is Jeremy? Jeremy was in fact Adam's and Adora's cousin. Jeremy was shown about once or twice in the cartoon and that was about it. It is possible that Jeremy is from Marlena's side of the family, (making his name Jeremy Glenn). He was shown as a young boy in a similar attire as Man-at-Arms, (a green suit with a orange chestplate), but acted too much like an idiot to be a successful character in the cartoon.

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