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Creatures from the Tar Swamp

This episode reveals how Orko came to Eternia, and how without him, there would be no He-Man or Battle Cat! When he arrived on Eternia, he managed to save Prince Adam and Cringer from the depths of the tar swamp!

Battle Cat

This episode is all about the origin of Battle Cat- how Adam first found Cringer and when Cringer first became Battle Cat.

Dawn of Dragoon

Orko meets Dree Elle for the first time when she is transported to Eternia by Orko's magic pyramid. She calls him to Trolla to defeat the monster called Dragoon, which is threatening the Trollans. We learn that back on his homeworld, Orko's magic works much better and he is known as "Orko the Great" and is idolised by all Trollans! We also see Orko's strange world for the first time- everything there is backwards! When He-Man arrives, he has changed back to Prince Adam after coming out of the portal. He finds he can only change to He-Man by saying "Grayskull of Power the By!" This episode also very nearly shows Orko without his hat and mask... we see him in shadow, anyway!


In this episode, when a villain called Evilseed threatens Eternia, He-Man and Skeletor must work together to stop him! This is a very important episode as we actually get to see He-Man and Skeletor working together to stop a villain!

To save Skeletor

In this episode, Skeletor has been imprisoned in ice by a villain called Shagora, and He-Man has no choice but to save him and work with the evil warriors to stop Shagora from conquering Eternia! Of course, this theme's been borrowed from "Evilseed" but it's still just as important to see good and bad guys working together!

Hunt for He-Man

This episode is unique because He-Man is badly injured and is left weak and helpless, and is even too weak to stand! It also contains some great scenes between He-Man and Cringer.

Origin of the Sorceress

The Sorceress tells He-Man that before she became the Sorceress, she was a normal girl called Teela-Na, who went to Grayskull in the hope of using its power to protect her village. She was granted its powers by Kodak Ungor, the previous Sorceress! This episode is also unique because it is the only He-Man episode which contains reference to She-Ra (we see She-Ra's Sword of Protection, and some old Horde Troopers) and also the only episode to feature Stridor!

Prince Adam no more

In this episode, Prince Adam wants to give up being He-Man because he is sick of everyone thinking he is weak and cowardly. He is fed up with King Randor not taking him seriously. But when Randor is captured by Beast Man, and Adam, as usual, rescues him as He-Man, he learns a lot more about his father's true feelings for him- and even finds that Randor is a pretty good fighter and enjoys 'a good scrap'! The end is particularly good, when Adam deliberately hints to Randor that he is He-Man, and for a moment Randor almost suspects! This is a great episode for character development, and is also the strongest episode for King Randor and Beast Man.

The search

In this episode, He-Man is sent to retrieve the star seed, an amazing chunk of cosmic matter from the big bang, with the power to make its holders thoughts come true. And of course, Skeletor wants to get hold of it too! This episode contains lots of important facts about Eternia, and lots of character development when He-Man feels he is being tested to see whether or not he is worthy of being He-Man!

Search for the past

This episode features He-Man finding King Randor's long-lost father, King Miro, and is very important for learning about the Royal Family's past! King Miro later appeared in the She-Ra episode "King Miro's Journey".

The taking of Grayskull

This episode is very important because it features Skeletor coming his closest ever to capturing Grayskull when he steals it and transports it to another dimension, with the Sorceress held captive!

Teela's Triumph

When The Sorceress is accidentally sent into another dimension by one of Skeletor's rays, Teela must take over with guarding Grayskull and must wear the Sorceress' falcon outfit herself! This episode is in some ways a sequel to "Teela's Quest" as it explores the link between Teela and The Sorceress. We even get to see the spirit of Grayskull!

Trouble in Trolla

In this episode we see loads of different Trollans... Dree Elle, Uncle Montork and loads more, and it is also a very important episode for Whiplash!

Visitors form Earth

This is a unique episode in which two astronauts from Earth land on Eternia, caught in the same space warp that brought Marlena to the planet! They are shocked to see that Marlena Glenn is alive and well in this strange world! We also learn that Earth is in nearly as much danger as Eternia, as the astronauts are on a mission to destroy an enormous magnetic meteor about to collide with Earth. They had a missile to destroy it, but Skeletor steals the missile, intending to use it to blow up Castle Grayskull! After the missile has been retrieved, He-Man pilots the ship to Earth's galaxy and blows up the meteor- so He-Man has saved not Eternia, but EARTH! He-Man is thrilled to see his mother's world, and at the end, King Randor is planning for future Eternian expeditions to Earth. This would have made a great theme for an episode, but unfortunately no follow-up episodes were made.

The witch and the warrior

When Evil-Lyn's magic is wiped away by the wizard Kothos, and she and Teela are stranded in the desert, they must form an uneasy alliance..... and they actually end up working rather well together! This episode is important for character development- we learn a lot about Evil-Lyn, such as why she is working for Skeletor (so she can despatch him from the throne when he wins) and we even get to see her without her helmet!

Teela´s Quest

One of the most touching episodes ever! In this episode we learn that Zoar, the Sorceress of Grayskull is Teela´s mother. Teela herself isn´t allowed to know that yet and after Zoar has told her this, she deletes her memory, shedding a tear, telling He-Man: "When she wakes up she will remember nothing but that her mother was a woman who loved her very much." She asks He-Man not to tell anyone about this, until the day comes when Teela will take her place as the Sorceress of Grayskull.

The Rainbow Warrior

Amazing! In the end of this great episode (one of my personal favourites) Marlena tells Adam: "A mother always knows her own son." She acts as if she knows, he´s He-Man!

The Problem with Power

In this episode episode He-Man faces the problems of his own power when he thinks, he has killed someone. He gives up his powers and throws his sword into the bottomless abyss. When he knows, the whole story was a trick of Skeletor, he has to prove himself as Prince Adam to get his sword back. A great episode! Finally we even see He-Man and Teela flirting once more...


Into Etheria

Prince Adam is sent to another planet by the Sorceress to give a magic sword to someone with a very special destiny. He doesn´t know who this person is and is surprised that it seems to be Force Captain Adora, a leader of the tyrant Hordak and the Evil Horde, which rules and enslaves the whole planet!

Beast Island

We get to know Adora better. We realize, that she´s under a spell of a witch called Shadow Weaver, because of this she serves the Horde. Besides the Great Rebellion, which Adam has joined by now, introduces itself in this part of `The Sword of She-Ra´.

She-Ra unchained

The episode, which changes the whole He-Man-universe! He-Man gets captured by the Horde and is trapped in a dangerous machine called the magnabeam, which takes all his power from him. Force Captain Adora is called by the Sorceress through the sword, He-Man has brought to Etheria. Shocked Adora (and we) hear, that the Force Captain was kidnapped as a child and has lived her whole life with a lie. And the Zoar tells her the unbelievable secret: "But you also had a- twin brother!" He-Man is Adora´s brother! The shock and the adrenaline overpower Adora, for the first time in her life she takes the sword, the magic Sword of Protection, holds it aloft and shouts: "For the honor of Grayskull!" And she knows: "I am She-Ra!" She helps her brother and they escape. Spirit, Adora´s horse, is changed to a flying unicorn, the Pegacorn Swift Wind. He-Man thanks She-Ra and she answers: "What are sisters for, anyway?" The episode ends with her dry sentence: "He-Man, I think, we have a lot to talk about..."


The Sorceress tells us the story, how Hordak has stolen Adora as an infant, with the help of Skeletor. Adora proves herself to the rebellion with freeing Queen Angella, Glimmer´s mother, from the harpies, some evil munsters. Then the Princess returns to Eternia with Adam to have a touching reunion with her parents. She doesn´t know Hordak has followed her and makes a plan with Skeletor to get his Force Captain back...

Battle for Brightmoon

Hordak and Skeletor kidnap Adora for a second time. She manages it to free herself as She-Ra, but she realizes that she has to go back to Etheria to free it from the Horde. She says a sad farewell with her brother and flies aways on Swift Wind then. He-Man shouts to her: "Farewell, She-Ra, Princess of Power!" This name she should always have in the series. Then He-Man sheds a tear for he will miss his sister deeply...

The Crystal Castle

While She-Ra has to protect Brightmoon from the Horde, she finds the Crystal Castle, and with it her destiny. Light Hope, the spirit of Crystal Castle, becomes within the series her nearest adviser and seems always to be like a father to her.

The Sea Hawk

Sea Hawk, a pirate Captain, makes some trouble in turning Adora over to the Horde. Within the episode he changes his mind and comes to rescue her. In the end She-Ra convinces him to join the Rebellion.

Return of the Sea Hawk

In the beginning Adora talks to Madam Razz about Sea Hawk, revealing that she has fallen in love with him. She thinks, that he likes She-Ra more than her. Razz advises her to tell him, how Adora feels. In a battle with Catra she meets him again. In the end he tells her, that "She-Ra is fun to fight beside but I´d rather spend time with you.", and we know, a romance begins...

Anchors Aloft

Sea Hawk once more! Finally we see him kissing Adora (she seems to be not so pleased with it as he is *g*) in this cliffhanger. In a battle with Admiral Scurvey Sea Hawk only barely escapes a certain death. Adora and his crew are captured by Scurvey, while Sea Hawk meets the Falcon, his long-lost father. With the weapons, the Falcon gives him, Hawk frees his men and Adora and captures Scurvey. He kisses Adora once more- unfortunately for the last time in the series. Although Hawk makes another appearance in `The Locket´ this ep is the most important one in his relationship with Adora.

The Price of Freedom

The war between the Rebellion and the Horde is worse than ever. A whole village gives up all their posessions for their freedom and join the rebellion. We see touching moments when He-Man is nearly killed and She-Ra saves him. In the end Adam tells Orko: "Sometimes you have to fight hard for freedom, but it´s certainly worth it."

The Caregiver

In this episode we get to know Shakra, the person who took care of Adora, when she was a baby. Shakra joins the rebellion and after a few problems, she is accepted.

Swiftie´s baby

Swift Wind brings She-Ra to Unicorn Island to let her meet his mate Star Wind. Adora is told that soon her horse is going to be a father. Unfortunately Hordak attacks the island and captures Star Wind. She-Ra manages it to free her but before this the foal is born. It isn´t born on Unicorn Island so it isn´t a pegacorn. Star and Swiftie are sad about this but they accept their son. With the magic of her sword She-Ra gives the little horse wings and a horn. Swift Wind and Star thank her happily.

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